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Title: Abusing RFID Sensors? [SR4]
Post by: Tassyr on <09-24-13/1545:05>
So a few questions were tossed around the group I'm with that we can't figure out an answer to, particularly in abusing sensors.

The idea was raised of adding a Motion Sensor (Req. Capacity 1) to an RFID Sensor (Capacity 1) and slapping it on a door we're doing something behind, and having it 'alert' one or all of us over our comms when someone walks by.

Is this how this works? Cos if so we're going to end up blowing several hundred nuyen in little sensors...
Title: Re: Abusing RFID Sensors? [SR4]
Post by: Emil_Barr on <09-24-13/1620:51>
You can do that, but I believe if the tags dont also have some form of stealth on them, anyone will be able to see that they are there.

Unless they can be in hidden mode?
Title: Re: Abusing RFID Sensors? [SR4]
Post by: Tassyr on <09-24-13/1724:02>
Hmm, that's another question I'll need answered, then... >.<

Can I use the Stealth RFID tags as sensor tags. Hm.
Title: Re: Abusing RFID Sensors? [SR4]
Post by: witchdoctor on <09-25-13/2024:13>
I doubt it as there is an item that is called a sensor tag.
Title: Re: Abusing RFID Sensors? [SR4]
Post by: Reaver on <10-02-13/2322:06>
remember what RFID stands for
(Radio Frequency Idenification)

Basically, all they do usually is broadcast something (like a price, or brand name, etc...)

All an RFID sensor does is sense and READ these tags. End of story. (usually a 2 meter range if I remember right)

So putting in a motion sensor onto an RFID sensor would create a RFID sensor that tuned on when someone came with the set range... and read any RFIDs on them.

which would still do what you want it to.... Kinda. Everytime someone walked past the door, you would get spammed with advertisements from the RFIDs on the person ("Ask me how much I love my Carbucks Soykaf!"... "As you can see, only REAL men wear Stanfields." ..... "Have smooth and sexy legs forever with Renraku's new Hair-be-gone lotion! use only once a month for sexy, silky legs for 30 days!")

Conversely, use the motion sensor could be set up to send a tone to your commlink that would alert you to the presence of someone near the door. Just Keep in mind, these sensors are not invisible. Small, yes... tiny even... but they can still be noticed. (based of the reduction in size of motionsensers I have seen in the industrial field.... by 2070 they are probably 2cmX2cmX3cm.....about the size of quarter... and as tall as 8 quarters stacked.... so small)