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Title: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: Kylen on <08-10-13/0254:55>
As I'm not seeing my favorite modifiable bike on the list (Though I believe it's listed as a similar) woudl one assume, as I'm personally seeing the stats on the bikes to be pretty similar to last edition, that I could bring a bike practically straight over from 4E, baring modification rules added in the eventual next Arsenal style book?
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: shinryu on <08-10-13/0637:20>
i certainly think this works well. basically, you just find the top speed and assign the speed ranking that it falls under on the top speed table in the combat section, add three to the SR4 handling to get the handling, and kind of guess for acceleration (seems to be 2 for most vehicles, 3 for speeds over 5 as best i can tell). incidentally, this seems to imply the shin-hyung and westwind 2000 are statted a point too high on speed, which i agree with; a top speed of 400+ miles an hour even for a westwind seems like a stretch to me, as does the shin-hyung doing 200+ mph at top speed.

most of the guns from 4th seem to lift over easily as well. have to guess a bit for accuracy, but damage seems to be about 2/3rds higher, so your heavy autocannon does 18P or so, and a GM heavy cannon would end up doing 28P damage. AP seems the same overall. figure supermachineguns fire six rounds in a simple action and 12 on a complex one and miniguns work the same, and that's about it.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: farothel on <08-10-13/0739:43>
Speeds in Shadowrun are in Kph, not Mph.  So 200+ is not a problem at all.  400 is quite a lot, but still within the possibilities (the Bugatti Veyron can do 407, although at that speed it goes through a set of tires in 15 minutes and a fuel tank in 12).
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: Michael Chandra on <08-10-13/1702:22>
Westwind topspeed is near-800 kph, in mph it's at 480.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: shinryu on <08-10-13/1826:35>
yeah, and that's insane, unless the westwind looks like the red bull prototype from gran turismo. contrast with the 240 meters per combat turn top speed of the westwind in 4th edition, which translates to a much saner 280 kph/180 mph* top speed and an effective 5th edition speed attribute of (assuming you round up) 6. same math for the shin hyung gives it a 5th edition speed of 5.

*this seems low compared to modern exotics, but we are talking about acheivable, controllable top speed here. i wouldn't be surprised if the westwind could do 250 or 300 mph, sure, which is part of the reason rounding up makes sense to me.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: Michael Chandra on <08-11-13/0640:54>
It's what you get from the game going fully exponential while the car has the higher speed than anything it deserves. Me, I'd have gone with 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, 240, 320 as speeds, so basically rounded up to 50 kph, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400. Those are running rates so -2 penalties to vehicle tess apply. That'd put a supersonic airplane at speed 11. And you wouldn't have a speed 3 car being unable to handle the highways, since they'd be at 100 kph (still slower than the 120 limit) rather than 50. And a speed 4 would actually be able to reach that legal speed limit of 120 thanks to a max of 150 kph, rather than being stuck under it at 100 kph.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: shinryu on <08-11-13/1551:52>
unless, of course, you add a rigger adaptation and have a rating 3 control rig, in which case your sad little jackrabbit is totally able to race with a (sanely statted) westwind, and your rigged banshee can achieve escape velocity too!

errata for the vehicle rules is going to be... highly desirable, yes. i think that is the polite term.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: Michael Chandra on <08-11-13/1727:18>
Control Rig only increases LIMITS. So a Speed Chase will not have [Speed] as limit but instead [Speed+ControlRigRating]. The Speed of the vehicle, however, does NOT change.

Page 452 needs to be errata'd, yes. Page 266 should by all reasonability be the correct one.
Title: Re: SR4 -> SR5: Bike Questions
Post by: shinryu on <08-12-13/1205:43>
i know. page 463 is just funny... i actually didn't do the math on the jackrabbit before you pointed that out, nice catch. that's hilarious, though i suppose there are cars that are damn near that bad in real life. i think the accel rating maybe needs to take some of these hits; it seems like it might be better to decouple top speed from the limit to speed-environment hits and move that over to accel; possibly half of worse of the accel/top speed rating becomes the number of range bands you can move in a round. seems like a wasted attribute in some ways, especially when it's really far more important in many situations than the top speed. e.g., a road-tuned version of a grand touring car often has a higher top speed than the racing version, but the racing version is geared and tuned such that it'll see its top speed in seconds. meanwhile, the road car is barely even starting to catch up.