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Title: Sprawl Wilds errata
Post by: Michael Chandra on <08-06-13/0446:51>
In Ashes, the reward summary at the end lists a higher nuyen amount than the test itself.

p47: 1.600 + 400 x (<=3 nh) for the first negotiation.
p56: 3.200 + 400 x (<=3 nh) for the first negotiation.

Given the intensity of that part of the run, I'll assume the 3.200 is intended. On the other hand, at one point it is said B pays somewhat more than A.

There's multiple typos and even heavy confusion on a named KE Rigger and an unnamed KE Security Rigger and the game not being clear on which of the two is meant at what point and if they're even meant to be different, though they got different stats, but I'll get into more detail on those later.
Title: Re: Sprawl Wilds errata
Post by: coyote6 on <10-21-13/1906:31>
I went with Volcano Woman just giving them twice the she originally promised, in thanks for saving the Underground.

I also assumed there was one rigger at the start - Capiendo, sergeant in charge of the responding CBRN squad - and the additional rigger stats are for the reinforcements that show to make the barricade, in case the PCs start a fight with KE.