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Title: [SR5] Character Generation: Step 7
Post by: Nacho on <07-27-13/0132:51>
Something to correct, on the table on page 98, the last line says "Registering Spirits" -- that should be "Registering Sprites", right?  I spent about 10 minutes combing through the book trying to figure out how / why you register a spirit, when I then realized what I believe is the error.

A suggestion... for the table on page 98... would you please consider including a column which points the read to the page to read more about said item(s).  Sure, I can look in the index, but it's a lot of page flipping around - a simple column that says where to read more would be helpful.  You did a nice sidebar with page references on page 94 for gear.  Simply looking for same same sort of reference.  In that table on page 98 would fit.

Title: Re: [SR5] Character Generation: Step 7
Post by: Nacho on <07-27-13/0146:18>
I'd like to add the idea of segmenting this chart (page 98) into 'General', 'Mage' and 'Technomancer' ... or a column which shows who can do these additional purchases.  This way, people don't focus on things which don't pertain to their character.

Also, the table should have the info on Karma Costs to improve Attributes and Skills.  Sure, if I read through the examples, I can reverse engineer the rules - except attributes.  However, adding this info to the table would be great.  EDIT:  I see the tables now on page 107.  Perhaps simply tell people that they can see these on 107 in the Step 7 part of character creation?