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dresden files RPG: I'm going to hell and i dont care

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--- Quote from: Caine Hazen on ---... and decided for the most part, I hate gamers.
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Hehehe. It's not gamers that annoy me, it's annoying gamers. Unfortunately, I haven't found a good group that gets together at a time that works for me (Sunday gaming sucks when that's the only day can I spend with my fiance). I think good groups are insular to keep the riff-raff out.


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--- Quote from: Doc Chaos on ---Well, thanks a lot. Now I bought it. Both books. Digging through the core book now. And I haven't even started on the first novel... goddamn peer preasure...
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Same advice I give anybody starting the series: the first three novels Butcher ever wrote...are the first three Dresden novels. They are tough to get though, his style/prose/storytelling improve as the series progresses. Don't give up on the series based on those three, they do get better as things move along.

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The best thing about the Dresden Files: YES, they keep getting BETTER. Most series get good, then plateau, or go downhill, then back up, etc. Not good old Harry D. With each book the storytelling, characters, depth, and twists get better. By the time the lastest book Changes comes about, the series is at a fever pitch, and then BAM, it all comes apart in a cornocopia of awsomeness with an ending that leaves you shaking and wanting more.

Nah, I didnt REEEEEEEALY like it, did I?


oh yeah, that twist at the end of "Changes" was wicked.

Peter, see if you can get your girl into gaming, if she's, pardon the pun, game, then gaming with someone else as the GM becomes a bonding experience. All i can say is never be the GM when she's playing though, some relationships cant handle, or seperate the two.

and doc, think of things this way, I was brought into gaming pretty much the same way as you just got initiated into dresden. Welcome to the clan


--- Quote from: Wolfboy on ---Peter, see if you can get your girl into gaming...
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Wedding first, higher-level gaming second. She's an anime girl, and party/casual games are very popular in her circle of friends. Annoyingly so, I invited a bunch of them to watch the Super Bowl earlier this year. One of them asked who was going to bring which games. I had to remind him that it was a football watching and food eating evening, and that there wouldn't be a good place to set up a game without disturbing people who didn't want to play.


--- Quote from: PeterSmith on ---Don't give up on the series based on those three, they do get better as things move along.

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Yes they do, going from good to awesome.
Also this is the only book series that i recommend to get as audio books, James Masters reading is awesome and his voice is perfect for Dresden IMHO. 


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