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dresden files RPG: I'm going to hell and i dont care

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was in the comic store this afternoon and ran across something that is sure to ensure my trip south of the angel/demon line, two game books for an RPG based in Jim butcher's "Harry Dresden" universe. I havent looked deep into the rules and i will be sure to before i buy the books but....

ok, i'm a fanboy, you do the math

Well, they sold very well in Q3 (It bumped Shadowrun from the top 5).

We're several sessions into our campaign so far, and it's really an excellent set of game books.  I'm not familiar with the Dresdenverse, myself (despite, or perhaps because of, so many people telling me they're right up my alley), but my wife is a rabid fan and she loves the sourcebooks.  About half our gaming group has read at least a few Dresden books, and they were all quite smitten with the "feel" of the RPG material.

Speaking of it solely as a gamer, though, I was still very impressed.  The core mechanic is the FATE system (which has been used in a few other games, apparently), and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.  It's a very narrative-driven, creative-thinking, sort of game -- not just dealing out HP worth of damage and calling it a day -- but it still isn't what I'd call rules light.  It's just rules different, and very story oriented.

Character and setting creation themselves are part of game play, with our whole group having a blast over a matter of hours, working together to flesh out our setting (Opal, Oklahoma, and the nearby Cherokee reservation), even as we started to weave our characters' backstories together, figure out how we knew each other, what we'd worked on together before, etc.  It's actually a lot of fun for these things to be group activities, in my opinion, instead of having it be the industry standard of "okay, I take the books off to a dark corner for a while and make my guy, then hand the books over to someone else" school of creation.

While we're all going to be tackling the mundane corruption and politics and crime of the burgeoning reservation casino, we'll also be dealing with supernatural threats that are drawn to the area due to a ley-line convergence and the fading of an old, old, No-See-'Em spell.  The increase in everyday traffic, tourism, and attention is making the spell weaker and weaker, and drawing in magical threats -- and the whole setting, from those broad strokes of it down to the name of the diner several of us eat breakfast at most mornings, all came from us with only minor nudges from the GM. 

Overall, we're all very much enjoying the game.  The folks who are fans of Butcher's books are having fun with the in-character nature of the rulebooks (and the detailed universe book, in particular), but even those of us who are new to the whole place are enjoying a well-made product with some great artwork and interesting rules.

I think you're in for a treat.

Caine Hazen:
I'm still waiting for a group to get together (damnit I run more than enough, someone else can run it) but I love the ruleset.  They made some good improvements on FATE that really fit the universe well.  The cooperative worldbuilding and storytelling are top notch.  And for fans of the series, its worth it to just get the books and read the side notes the run throught.  Can't wait until I'm playing this!

Ok, I just finished Changes about two months ago and Im still letting the mental adreneline rush calm down before I look for any more Dresden stuff. The last book was so mind-blowing and hard core, it is what propelled Jim Butcher to the status of "My Favorite Author".

That being said, then I hear about this newest gamer crack game, I instantly worry that it will suck and ruin the fragile perceptions of the Dresden-verse I hold dear. Guess I have nothing to worry about, eh?

But I do have a question or six, are there any "classes" or is it like SR and you can literally cobble togeather anything as long as you have the "points" (or whatever they use) for it? Also, are there other things to play other than Wizards, or wizard variants?


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