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Street Legends Supplemental now out--ten more characters to play with!

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It isn't that they left the dwarves out on purpose, but with the troll in the picture, they were just too short to be in frame.

A good number of the characters I've played thru all the editions have been dwarves.
Come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever played an elf........ Humans, Trolls, Orcs, Hobgobilns, Minotaurs sure; but no, not an elf.... Maybe I'll make that my next missions character.

And I don't really see a problem here.
There are tons of shadow posters that we don't know the race of, pick one and write them up as a dwarf. So what if there isn't that many in the big political arena. These books are "Street Legends" not "Congressional Legends". They needed to concentrate more on runners or people that are on the level of runners(fixers and such). Having the stats for Lofwyr is kinda cool, but it's not like anyone will ever be able to use them...... These books should be a resource for helping expand the personalities of different locals. They need to be full of people players can regularly interact with or even use as contacts. With the stats added to take ambiguity out of what they could actually do for the runners. (the GM can always tweak any of the numbers they want)

*Translation* DarkLloyd will NOT accept the run to assasinate Lofwyr :)


--- Quote from: Shadowjack on ---*Translation* DarkLloyd will NOT accept the run to assasinate Lofwyr :)

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But I'll gladly sit back and watch while you guys go try.... Where's my Popcorn? Canray!! What'd you do with it!


--- Quote from: DarkLloyd on ---Where's my Popcorn? Canray!! What'd you do with it!
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