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D&D Online Ebberon Unlimited

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Hand Amputation:
Just installed the client. Wanted to play something without having to pay a monthly fee.

Anyone else play this?

Chaotic Insane:
*raises hand*

Chrysoberyl Argent, Khyber Server. I think I'm either a lvl 3 or 5 ranger. Just got off the starter island. I'd have to re-install it, but I play it.

I'm also more than happy to make a new character on your server if you've already started if you're willing to wait for me to catch up. I kinda want to play a mage but since I solo'd more often than not that just isn't happening. I want them to MAKE DAMN DRUIDS ALREADY. T_T

Usda Beph:
Need a meat shield? ;D

Chaotic Insane:
OH! And if you don't mind paying an initial cost, Guild Wars also has no monthly sub, and you can pick up all three expansions off Steam for like... 25, 30 bucks. I also have characters on Prophecies (Warrior, Silvanus Anamak) and Nightfall (ForgotWhat/Warrior, Eabha Osuliobhan). Don't ask me levels because I have no clue.

Hand Amputation:
I rolled a human fighter on Ghallanda, just kinda playin around.. I wanted to roll a caster but I wasn't really sure, so I went with the ol' standard.

Thinking about rolling another character. If anyone wants to recommend a server, and would possibly meet up with me in game I would start over.

All in all, seems like a pretty legit game though, especially for free. Didn't really play WoW enough to warrant $14 a month.


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