Mechwarrior: Living Legends proudly presents: DUNCAN FISHER!

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Professor Farnsworth:"Good News everybody! I have invented a Machine that will make you hear this post you are reading read in my very own voice!"

Do you remember Love? < = Good Movie, watch it.
Do you remember your Love for Solaris VII?
The World where Warfare is business as usual.
Where Gladiators fight like they did in Rome.
Where you had your greatest Triumphs in MW4 Mercenaries?
Which were commented by DUNCAN FISHER, the VOICE OF WAR?

Yes, that is, indeed, Solaris VII.
Yes, that is, indeed, Duncan Fisher(George Ledoux)
Yes, that is, indeed, Version 0.5.0 of the MWLL Mod.

Not only is one of the Devs of MW(301)5 active on MWLL, but the Voice of War himself is too!
"In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it." - Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
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