Call of Cthulhu

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Anyone played it? How was your experience?


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Zero replies to this in two months?  Yikes.

Anyway, it's a great game.  It's really easy to get into and the rules are simple.  If you stick with modern setting (or a historical setting the players are familiar with), it's even great for new players.

One weird thing is that the characters can (will?) go insane.  Most players are okay with losing a character to physical harm, but mental harm can be an issue.

While not weird, players used to rapid stat increases and focused on how powerful their characters can get may be turned off by the slower, flatter advancement curves.  You're usually in it for the story if you're playing Cthulhu.
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I gamemaster CoC regulary.


It is tons of fun !!!

The % system is very foolproof, even people how have never rpged before get it right away.

The rules are simple and do not get in the way

It does mundane detective stories very well

The rules have hardly changed in seven editions, you can easily use older adventures for 7ed.


Character creation is time consuming

Your characters are expected to go insane and/or die. Running from the monster is usually a good idea ( think the alien movies).
Make shure your players know this beforehad....not everyone is okay with this type of game.

the cthulhu mythos is very well known...often it is better to invent your own monsters...otherwise the players will not be afraid and instead go...oh its a ghoul, gotcha.

Rule 1 with CoC...never describe the monster compleatly, never mention its stats !!

Instead of saying: "you see a xenomorph at the end of a hall "  say something like. " you hear an inhuman you look up you see a huge shadow moving in the darkness...

..your players will always asume the worst and freak themselves out great  8)

Cheers Seras
I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(