Fantasy Setting with shadowrun rule set

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« on: <03-30-19/1455:15> »
I am really tired of level based character progression.  I like the way Shadowrun handles skill progression.  It feels more granular and makes more sense to me. It also makes more sense that you can pick and choose what skills to focus on as opposed to everything arbitrarily getting better all at once when a new plateau has been reached.

With all that said is there any RPG system out there that has a Shadowrun style of character advancement and mechanics but has a fantasy "D&D" style of setting?


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« Reply #1 on: <03-30-19/1524:03> »
I was planning something similar...

We miss playing heroquest, but as the GM I cannot really be botherd with learnig yet another complicated rules system. So...

...I just use the shadowrun rules with magic. No Matrix, bodytech or guns. In the basic rulebook and Run and gun there are pletty of rules for mellee weapons, shields and armour. The one rule change I did implement, was that while mundane chracters cannot create enchanted items, but may use them. So you can get a magic sword that can hurt magical threats....

Then we go dungeon crawling.

I suggest you try that with your player group, and see how it goes. There are plenty of RPG Fantasy setting books. Just pick one that you like  ;)
Try that with your players group and see how it works out.

I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(


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« Reply #2 on: <03-30-19/1852:59> »

My GM was trying to find a way to do the exact opposite.

Use some other system for ShadowRun based games to avoid a lot of the issues w/ SR Rules complexity.

I don't know of a "Fantasy" based game that isn't level based but the other Fasa/Catalyst RPG games (Battletech RPG/Mechwarrior-1-2-3) all worked like Shadowrun does where you create a character & then advance skills/attributes 1 at a time & slowly.

I googled  & found a few.

Savage Worlds
The One Ring


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« Reply #3 on: <03-30-19/1952:44> »
You might also want to check out Earthdawn.


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« Reply #4 on: <03-31-19/1217:50> »
Thanks for the great suggestions.  I have read about Earthdawn as it is or has been connected to Shadowrun in the past.  I like the idea of just using SR rules for a fantasy setting.  I was going back and forth about that because it seems like SR has suppressive fire and other modern things built in to the system for balance and those don't really exist in medieval tech level settings but maybe it could work.

Now I am excited about some of the possibilities and I have some great suggestions about how to move forward.  Thanks again guys.


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« Reply #5 on: <04-01-19/1409:50> »
About two years ago, someone posted about "The Black Book of Heretical Shadows," a fantasy RPG based on SR5 rules. I remember thinking it looked very impressive.


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« Reply #6 on: <04-05-19/1732:12> »
We took a break from Shadowrun and played the newest version of Earthdawn for about a year and a half. While itís an nice system itís still level based but it has some interesting mechanics
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