DC Adventures game upcoming. Need hero/villain ideas!

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« on: <04-27-13/2124:49> »
Hey guys. I hope you can help me. I'm running a DC Adventures game, and I don't want to over saturate with canon characters, but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas. I need rough frameworks for as many heroes as you can throw at me. Backstory, power ideas, pictures... anything you've got that I can try to work with. Thank you!
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Hero Name: John Smith
Real Name: John Smith
Power: Nullification(immune to powers, disease, etc.)
Born in a small city in Indiana, John Smith lived a normal life.  He was an average student, he played sports with some small talent, and he married his high school sweetheart.  Tragedy struck when his wife was killed by a falling meteorite.  The space rock imbued John with pure power, which manifested by enhancing his already incredible normalcy.
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