Mission - Dragon fight?

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« on: <04-11-20/0711:58> »
Our group tried this mission for first time and we are a bit puzzled if we played it right.

We think action sequence is this:

1. Place dragon to last player.
2. Draw 3 easy obstacles, one for each player other that player facing dragon
3. Play four turns, when at and of fourth turn dragon attacks, it discard one card to player facing him and moves to other player.
4. After completing round, draw 3 easy obstacles, angain no for player facing dragon (starting round 2, so still no crossfire) and continue round 2...
after second round, we draw first crossfire, but if we kill all obstacles before end of round, we put it under crossfire deck (not to discard), heal one wound and buy from blackmarket.

Is this sequence right or are we playing something wrong?
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