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The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by FastJack on <06-13-24/0756:24> »
The only thing I can think of that may be related is the old Spider totem. Especially Spider from the Secrets of Power Trilogy. She was toxic/insect in the book, but was operating very different from the Chicago/UB bugs.
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by Beta on <06-12-24/1949:20> »
I was more wondering if there was something old on it (4e or something).
The Secret History / Re: The Web
« Last post by FastJack on <06-12-24/1521:19> »
I haven't seen anything new on it.
The Secret History / The Web
« Last post by Beta on <06-12-24/1256:02> »
Anyone know if there is more about The Hive beyond what is in Astral Ways?

Astral Ways briefly talks about The Web, and its queen.  It is a metaplane near The Hive (home of the Invae), and possibly one of the reasons that The Hive has not expanded farther.  But the information on the Web is pretty short.  I have an upcoming opportunity to send a character there, and am wondering if there is more written about it anywhere else?  I don't recall anything about it from the 5e books but I might have forgotten something. 

Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: The Needle's Eye is out
« Last post by Beta on <06-10-24/1302:42> »
Having read through it now, yah, about half the pages are for the four cities covered (Lisbon, Prague, London, Paris).  Each of those has varying degrees of focus on what the tour cares about vs general background and locations (mostly it was more general with just some tour notes). 

The rest of this post gets pretty subjective.

About 16 adventure ideas, two of them having some length (6 and 8 pages), the rest mostly just one or two pages.
  • Unfortunately the first long one (also first of the adventures, 6 pages long) confused me (honestly I don't understand what happens at the end, but also on where characters are supposed to be influencing anything).  Seriously, if you understand the ending of that one, could you message me?
    The second long one (last of the adventures, 8 pages) I have mixed feelings about.  The basic concept is pretty good, but stage managing the plot in such a way as to arrive at the rather scripted finale sounds more challenging.  And what happens in that finale felt a bit forced to me, given all the 6e technology available.  I feel like it would have helped to have a few lines about an alternate way for the world to get to the same plot point, should the players find ways to thwart fate (players are good at that!)

Overall I'd say the grand tour background and outlines of some of the key figures on the tour are great if you are interested in the tour, the locations are good if you are interested in those cities, and the adventures are OK, but nothing so special as to say 'force it into your game' if they don't come naturally.  I have no regrets about buying the book, and I'll make use of it for sure, but I would consider it a bit more niche in who it will appeal to.

(and about that first adventure, the one with the Wuxing tie in, I'm serious, if you understand, talk to me please!  I'm running a game where entirely coincidentally, just before this book dropped I created a great set-up for adapting that adventure, but I'm not sure of the intended plot outcome at the end, and have a player who will dig to understand, so I have to understand).
Rules and such / Re: Gun-Fu street samurai quality path question
« Last post by FastJack on <06-10-24/0834:55> »
It was intended. Quality Paths have different number of step (and even choices in some cases).
Rules and such / Gun-Fu street samurai quality path question
« Last post by anatolewilson on <06-10-24/0257:08> »
I just read through the newly released Shadow Cast. I happen to notice that the quality path under Gun-Fu Street Samurai only has two steps while the other similar street samurai prototypes have three-step quality path. I am just curious whether that is intended or am I missing something?
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: The Needle's Eye is out
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <06-03-24/0623:43> »
At least on pdf, on drivethrurpg.  I haven't looked for hard copy yet.  No preview page on strong yet

It is another campaign book, like Third Parallel or Whisper Nets.
They sold a significant bunch of hard copies at the UK Games Expo this past week. Technically it's not a campaign book, Final Bets will be. It explains the Grand Tour, has sections on Prague, Lisbon, London, and Paris, explains the various rich arses folks that are part of the Grand Tour, and then has a section on many different plots you could use with your players, involving these multi-billionaires their ongoing stories.
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: The Needle's Eye is out
« Last post by FastJack on <05-31-24/0702:08> »
Hrm... Let me do some checking. I have Acrobat installed, so I was able to save and reduce the file size of Needle's Eye from 187 to 86, I'll check and see if there's something to be done.
My guess is that it is related to the size of the images. If they are optimized for print, they do have a large resolution, leading to large PDFs. When you optimize the PDF for screen reading, the image quality is lowered and you get smaller PDFs. But I am not familiar with the Adobe InDesign (I guess) export options, so this was just me guessing.

It really is an issue if you are using Commlink to link PDFs - the internal PDF viewer requires a significant amount of time to display a page, especially if the PDF is loaded for the first time that session.
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