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Title: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
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It had been a good week. The city was decorated for the dozen different holidays that were celebrated by different cultures and ethnicities and Arc, Yelena, Feathers and Raven had been invited to a Howler Bash that evening. Feathers had put in a brief appearance and had been happily swept away by Merlin, Blue and Tiny and citing his recent experiences with the club drugs he'd managed to stay away from most of the alcohol and the Howler women. Raven had sent a keg and a message that she was out of state and had more than one toast in her honor. Arc had invited Subaru, Tuskaloosa, and Marco and had offered to pick everyone up and drive them. Tusks bike wasn't quite finished, but Arr-Arr-Arr had scrounged a few more parts and Hrock had even scored a tailpipe and fairing that were perfect. She and Arc were certain that they'd be able to order the rest of the parts, including a couple of upgrades that had developed since her better half had been built.
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Jed thought back over the party at Arc's garage last night as he ate breakfast.  Marco's behavior had been strange.  But it looked like a solid team was headed to Poland.  Hopefully they were a team. 

Pulling up Mike in his AR view, he shot a message off.  Mike, I'm about to be out of pocket, any parties left that I haven't missed already?
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@ Jed  >>Hey buddy, Joe's got a bash this evening. He and his wife just split and he's celebrating. Just show up, he's already started drinking.<<
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Marco was radically transformed during the last few days, formally he was spending all his days studying magic. However, he cut his entire hair and spent all his days praying silently, mumbling, crying and whispering like mad man - a man in great distress and despair.  He only left church at evenings, and then at home kept his poker face.
Something changed about him, the fabrics he wore were simpler and not in line with latest fashion, he stopped working and notified his clients that he was on indefinite vacation. Marco showered less, and brushed his teeth less and spent what was left of his time giving away his possessions to charities. 

Marco allowed all his gang to believe that there was no point in keeping these behind. That it was okay, but he planted some subtle messages that things were very wrong. That he was in great distress. Marco knew, that such a radical decent to despair would raise all the red flags at the Vatican - but he did not care. In fact, he was planning for that.  It was all clear to him, his monitor is the local priest, the one that kept offering him confessions. Normal people just go to confess - without a priest actively offering them.  It was the warning of a good man that works for bad people. Thought Marco.  At least this is how Marco understood the priest's behavior now that he had clarity.
After a several days of odd behavior, and giving away everything he owned.  Marco received a phone call from a person that despite years of training had no last name. A person who formally did not even exist - father Gabriel. How could the priest not report such a radical change in his behavior? A change that seemed genuine as Marco said his goodbyes to everyone that he knew. Donated his entire fortune and gave away his most beloved furniture, music collection and clothes.

- "What is the matter dear? Why are you so sad? I was praying for you"
Marco replied "I am beginning to realize the errors of my ways and my sins are too many and too numerous to count. I have no hope of redemption so ethereal damnation is my fate.

I lost everything, my family, my identity, my soul - I live in exile in a culture that is foreign to me, whose values I do not share. I lost my way and I sin all the time. I cannot stop it, the passion is stronger than me. I work in the most profane of profession, in the oldest profession in the book I am a whore.

I... I...  must  be stopped before I sin again.  Goodbye old friend, you were my only ray of light in the monastery - but you ended up betraying me just like the rest of them. I forgive you for everything, you did the best you can. "
Marco did not let Gabriel say a word, he simply jumped from the building he was standing on. 

He jumped, the long seconds passed on Marco as he was wondering how it felt  to actually die. Blake was a professional, the height and the impact area were carefully calculated to bring Marco close to death without actually killing him. High tech physics at its purest form, it was one of the most believable suicides ever. Should the church dig up, they would discover that Marco participated in a violent run - a run where people lost their life. Given his pacifism they are likely to assume that the poor mage was not ready to take life. He struggled for a while,  but then gave up.


When Marco wakes up he is at a remote medical facility, his wounds are magically healed but the phantom pain of breaking bones is still there. That moment where he stood on a tall building and just allowed himself to fall down without casting a spell to break his fall.  That moment forever changed Marco.
It broke his bones and caused tremendous pain to all his friends.

Marco was unsure how long he was out, his body was still connected to all sort of medical equipment, needles and fluids. His friends and loved one, are likely to receive the bad news. To them Marco was replaced by a black urn of ash mad from Marco's own tissues. To fool forensic exploration, should the Vatican were connected enough to take a sample.  It was a brilliant plan, Blake and the rest of the team were truly professionals.

Marco planned to begin his new life with Nikolai, without a single contact.
 No friends, no family no nothing, at the fringe of society as a 'guest' of a diabolical Bratva that mocks everything that he is. For the first time in his life, Marco felt as a Shadow-runner. He was free - but was it worth the sacrifice?
Part of Marco hoped never to meet Yelena, that the scary lady would find forgiveness and mercy in her heart and would not pursue vengeance. The other part just wanted to see her again.

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[spoiler]@gilga:  With the given week or so jump between DN and now, I will readily admit it feels like the events described in this post are--forgive the pun--quite a leap.  It feels like a lot of assumptions seem to be made along with a lot of unexpected information to react to.  And I admit I'm at a loss on how to respond to it with Arc, particularly under the OP's impression that Marco was still "alive and well" at the time of the Howler's new year bash.

With that in mind, I'm going to go ahead with my intended post and keep things fairly neutral in regards to that event, and let other players and GM response direct me on how to approach it.  Thank you in advance for the understanding[/spoiler]

After the air was cleared with the team proper, Arc felt a wash of relief over her.  Good.  We can pull this off.  That stresser gone, the mechanic kept herself busy as usual with Tuskaloosa in the garage...Yelena occasionally pitching in a hand, and Firefly helping when a particular schematic was proving difficult to find on the 'Trix.  The work went smoothly, and all jobs that weren't internal to the group itself were completed by Christmas.  Even Jed's bike was restored in a matter of a couple days!

In the time leading up to the prior departure date, Arc had busied her personal time between training (not quite as urgent) and spending her time with those she wouldn't be seeing for a while.  Her nieces-in-Vruk were delighted by the gifts Jaime had picked out for them, and they enjoyed a pleasant holiday evening as an eth...a family.  The word echoed in Arc's mind as she realized that she had a family now...two of them...these people at home with the feeling of normalcy, and the crew she acquired that she has and likely will again go on the line to protect.  Never thought I'd be here...

As New Years Eve hit, it was Merlin that contacted Arc with the invites to the Howler Bash.  Waking up, the short human girl yawned, tapping her tusks with a finger as she forced herself awake.  Quickly performing her morning rituals and dealing with the post-sleep nausea, she washed her face and deftly responded.

<<@Merlin:  Hoi, I'll be comin', and bringing some plus ones.  Will be there>>  Glancing off to the side, she gazed upon the go bag she had already packed for herself.  Yelena had stressed that the call to leave could come at any point, so she figured she would need to be ready at any time....and the bag was either with her or in the van.  The conversation with Jaime to let him know a sudden departure was likely...was passionate, and part of her felt a bit guilty for it....but he was as supportive as she could hope for, and each night together was held closer, and each kiss lingering just a bit longer.

Her mind a whirl, she realized that Jaime had to leave for work early that day anyway, leaving her alone with her thoughts wonderings as she bit her lip, dressing herself, eyes roaming to the mirror as she sent out the invites and got going with her day....

Later towards the evening saw Arc seated in the van.  Not all of her intended upgrades were in place yet..but importantly, the seating had been established: each person in the group had their own seat, molded to their dimensions (within tolerance) complete with belts and even roll harnesses should the need arise.  Honking the horn once at each leg, she went to pick everyone up with a lingering smile on her tusked face, and before long, everyone was piled in and heading to the shindig.  The radio was working, playing an old classic ( as the rig rolled to the curb of the place, the bustle of the party heard from outside as the evening set in...
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Yelena pauses as she approaches Marco that night.  The evening should have been perfect.  Candles, dinner, mind-blowing sex.  Instead...................................instead it was something else.  The expression on his face is troubling, tugging at her memory.  And then she knew it.  Disgust.................disgust and horror.  Marco is looking at her with disgust and horror.  And a bit of fear.  When he turns his head away to avoid looking at her, she goes cold inside.  Yelena stands still for a minute, then two, then five, willing him to change, to look back at her.  He does not.  Without saying a word, she removes the negligee he had bought her and dresses in her own well-worn clothes.  She takes her cases from the closet and packs her clothes, quite glad that she does not own much.  Her sax and guns are already in their cases. 

Marco has not moved an inch in this time and neither has his expression softened.  No regret.  No sign of love.  Just revulsion and disgust.  Yelena slings her sax case over her shoulder and picks up her suitcase and weapons case and heads for the door from the bedroom.  She stops at the door and without turning around, she quietly says, "Yelena leaving.  Marco can change mind right now.  Once Yelena leave, Yelena leave.  Marco giving up love.  Marco lie Yelena about love.  About everything.  Yelena say goodbye."  When he does not reply in any fashion, Yelena leaves the bedroom and the apartment.  She realizes that she should feel something, but knows that if she allows herself to feel she will probably collapse. 

On the way down to the garage, Yelena comes to the conclusion that for her love is the great betrayer.  She packs her things on her bike and rides away from the apartment building, setting the destination in the autopilot so she does not have to drive.  Arriving at Arc's garage, she finds that Arc has left for the day, as expected, but that Firefly is in, also expected.  Yelena finds the girl on the couch playing some sort of game on the trideo.  She waits for a break in the game and interrupts her.  "Marco not love Yelena.  Send Yelena away.  Love was lies.  Yelena go away for day, maybe two.  Decker mage want come?" 

While she waits for Firefly to process the information and consider her offer, Yelena sends a note to Arc.  >>Srui.  Is Yelena.  Marco break Yelena heart.  Love was lies.  Yelena is thrown from apartment.  May I return garage home?  Yelena go away for day, maybe two.  Maybe take Firefly.  Srui tell rigger man Yelena chop off many small parts and feed to something horrible if he hurt you.<<
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I never exactly trusted the elf, but where'd this come from?  Still, Yelena's distress over it was clear, even if her way of showing it wasn't exactly normal for a woman in love.  I'd worked with enough professionals in my short time to recognise this method of processing.

I also know my first inclination, to give the woman a hug, likely wasn't the way to go.

"Sure.  I'll go.  Not like I have anything planned until we go to Europe.  And here I'd started to almost warm to the priest again.  I suppose I shouldn't ignore my instincts like that, should I Yelena-sensei?"
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Yelena shakes her head.  "Is not Marco.  Is Yelena.  Yelena think Marco new mojo skill let see Yelena soul.  PI man see soul and maybe used to such as Yelena, but Marco only suspect.  Yelena thinks he is now able see Yelena.  Marco disgusted by sight.  Not even look Yelena in eye.  Face of horror and disgust.  Yelena....................Yelena...............frag.  Yelena had hope Marco different.  Not different.  Yelena is killer and soul dark with deaths of innocents.  Much innocents.  Now Marco see and not like Yelena.  Marco not love enough forgive Yelena.'

"So Yelena move on.  Love was lies.  Marco love not real, just pretend.  Frag Marco.  Pack light if decker mage come Yelena.  Leave five minutes.  Drive Shadow bar."
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"Soul?  He means astral sight?  Seriously?!  That boy needs to grow up.  Yeah, you're dark.  But after all the shit that's happened to you, no wonder."

Maybe it's for the best if that's how he acts when he gets a new power.  I came to my astral sight only a few years ago and I didn't freak out like this even after I got a good look at some of the bastards on my team.  Sheesh...

"I don't have much anyway, Yelena-sensei.  Let  me grab my jumpsuit and other deck and I'll be ready."

I run into the sleeping room to grab my stuff.  I'd taken to lounging around the garage without my abaya.  I'm in sweats right now.  I look at the neatly folded fabric, shake my head, and leave with just my jumpsuit and new deck in a bag.

"I'm ready, sensei."
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Yelena smiles wanly.  "Yes, Marco need grow up.  Yelena never hide evil inside from him.  But now he sees it and hates it.  Hates Yelena.  Marco love not enough to see past evil.  So Yelena fault for being evil.  Marco just react like most would.  Yelena sent note tell Arc we leaving for day or two.  Can put deck in box on side.  Yelena not need guns or much clothes where going."

Yelena has taken her suitcase and weapons case off the bike and stored her things under one of the work benches so Firefly can put her things in one of the side bins.  She wheels the bike out of the garage and waits for Firefly to climb on behind her before roaring away into the night.
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I know enough about Yelena by now to know that "Where're we going?" is';t a good thing to ask.  She wouldn't get angry at me, of course.  It would just "break the mood".  She has somewhere...or mind.  Wherever we're going, it's not the point.  This is about Yelena working through her grief.  I'm honored that she wanted me along for the process.  I think I'll just stay quiet and see where things end up.

I climb onto the bike and settle in comfortable against Yelena's back.  My Mi-Az deck is loaded in the bike's pack and my trusty, reliable Erica is in the protected pocket inside the jumpsuit wearing.  It's wired into me, but I intend to access it sparingly with very limited AR.  This is about Yelena, not tech.  Still, I'll have tech and magic available immediately should the need arise.

"Lead on, MacDuff..."
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Yelena smiles into the night as she roars away from the garage.  She keeps to the speed limit until she gets to the highway then opens the throttle.  Miles and miles pass by as they move through the darkness.  Yelena likes the feel of Firefly's arms around her, but misses the scent and feel of Marco.  Marco was to have been the one, damn him.  He had convinced Yelena to give love a second chance after the betrayal of the sax man.  Now another betrayal.  He could not even look her in the eyes and tell her.  His love had not even been at least that strong.  All lies.  All fragging lies.

Miles stretched behind them back to Seattle as Yelena kept going.  Then the bike pulls off the road to park on a wide gravel pullout.  Yelena parks and motions for Firefly to dismount then follows her.  Stretching, she walks about then grabs a canteen from the side bin and offers the decker mage a swig before taking one.  She draws her silver cigar case from a pocket and removes one of her cigars, offering one to Firefly.  Smiling, she lights her cigar and gives it a couple of pulls.  "Firefly hear?  The music?  No?  Then Yelena wait with decker mage until hear.  Let soul go.  Open it to shadow.  Is start to new life.  To life with get justice for family.  Shadow help, but Firefly must be strong.  Grab shadow.  Demand shadow.  Shadow protect.  Keep warm.  Expand soul and feel shadow.  Decker mage can do this.  Tell Yelena when hear music."
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When Yelena lets go on the open road, I firm my hold on the driver just to be sure I stay where I belong.  I'd ridden as a passenger on a bike before, sure.  But never at this speed.  Singapore just doesn't have the open space for it and my missions outside the city-state had been in cities as well.  Still, I trust Yelena and feel confident that, if I don't fall off, I'll be fine.

With the wind sailing past, I'm also glad I don;t have the abaya.  My hair is under the helmet, but I can just imagine what the fluttering fabric would have been like.  As much as I'm finding myself compromising more and more each day, even Allah understands reality.

Still, when Yelena stops and offers me the canteen, I sniff it cautiously to ensure it isn't alcohol.  That's one line I never intend to cross.  When my nose confirms it to be water, or something equally non-fragrant, I take a deep drink.  The lukewarm liquid feels good going down in the crisp winter night air.  I'm doubly glad I switched into my jumpsuit and jacket for the warmth.
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Yelena leans calmly against the bike and forces the shadow to her, wrapping herself in its warmth as she watches Firefly.  She finishes her first cigar and lights another.  "Is important decker mage.  Is two kinds of shadow.  One common, one much hard to find.  Common shadow is just darkness.  Lack of sun because something in way.  This is shadow for most people.  Some call self shadowrunner and move in darkness.  Stay close to light, but always just a bit away.  This is Firefly.  New shadowrunner.  Much good with running shadows."

Yelena pauses to smoke a bit and let Firefly take in what she has said.  "But is not real shadow.  Real shadow like different world.  Has substance.  Real shadow feeds on fear and strength and life.  And death.  Much life and death.  Most people never know real shadow exist.  Most much content to live in light or in darkness, but not know real shadow.  Decker mage have opportunity not taken by many.  Reach out and seek shadow.  Use strength to grab shadow and make yours.  Shadow respect strength.  Shadow feed on strength.  Then shadow give back what needed.  Yelena hear loud music from shadow bar.  Can see open door and people inside.  Firefly not see until accept by shadow.  Firefly must want badly.  Must show strength and take shadow.  Yelena not good at explain.  Yelena only certain inside.  Hard talk about.  Try get decker mage open inner being to see shadow.  Going to shadow help firefly in search justice.  But not go shadow if not want much badly."

Once again, Yelena stops talking to see if Firefly is understanding any of what she is saying.
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@ Marco  A fight breaks out in the shelter across the room from Marco. Two men fighting when one accuses the other of stealing his lighter. In this environment where ones possessions are so few, even the smallest one is precious. The fight awakens Marco in time to see both men thrown out of the shelter for it. Now, they will have to find some other spot to sleep for the night, greed consigning them both to the cold and the dangers of the street once again.
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[Dec. 31, 2075, Afternoon]

The drive to pick everyone up for the Howler's shindig was...unsurprisingly slow and long.  With it being New Years Eve, it seemed more people were out on the road, on their way to the various festivities and gatherings planned.  Usually not so bad, but when the mechanic got a bout of queasiness come up, sitting at a red light did not seem pleasant at all.   So, thankful for modern tech, Arc flipped on the van's autopilot and eased her seat back, laying back and shutting her eyes to rest.

All the while, she thought back to the previous few days...first thinking of that unfortunate text she got from Yelena....

>>Srui.  Is Yelena.  Marco break Yelena heart.  Love was lies.  Yelena is thrown from apartment.  May I return garage home?  Yelena go away for day, maybe two.  Maybe take Firefly.  Srui tell rigger man Yelena chop off many small parts and feed to something horrible if he hurt you.<<

Biting her lip, she pulled up her reply.  A pang of guilt crossed her mind as she reread what she wrote, but reassured herself it was the best response to give.

{Sent: 21:17 12-27-2075}<<Srui'ken kal...I can't imagine this is easy to go through.  I'm so sorry.  You deserve better than that.  Of course you may come back to the garage, you know that.  You do what you need to do for yourself...just promise me you'll come back, okay?  We'll talk then.  I have some...I feel like it would do some good.  And I will tell Jaime, no worries. safe, Srui.  Please.>>

Yeah....I think that worked well...I know she's back, hope she's doing a bit better  Feeling a little better, she remained eased back, just punching in her pickup routes and letting GridGuideTM be her friend in this case.  Closing her eyes, the short tusked girl let her mind wander back to the day after that text...and her lesson in teaching someone how to ride a bike...

[Dec. 28, 2075, Morning]

"Hoi hoi, ease up ease up.  Tha shift switch be a shtep, it ain't needa be pumped like a kick drum, omae!"

Arc was realizing really quick that things needed to be taken easy when teaching someone to drive...particularly a grown man of some seasoned years.  She was glad that she updated the electronics of the dirtbike to modern standards: the instruction on using the autopilot took little more than an hour of getting used to the concept of "sit down, hold on, relax arms."  But now, it was the more refined art of piloting the two-wheeled transport...

It seemed to be a bit more to it.  Brake level, throttle acceleration, gear shift on one of the pedals, and then the concept of turning...good thing she set up the autopilot to take over before a collision, but she let him take a few let her work out the nausea she was kicking off from a breakfast burrito that disagreed with her. 

", hop on behind me, I'll show you the motionsh for a bit.."  Stretching her shoulders, the mechanic zipped up her jacket against the cold and slid onto the bike, letting the PI sit behind her, his height providing easy view of what she was doing to operate the bike.   "we take it slow...just shift when it getsh to loud, yeah?"  Pulling on the throttle, the bike thrummed to life as they pulled forward, the parking lot a good playground to practice.

During this time, she opted to send a message to her garage partner in crime, Tuskaloosa, to see what she was up to.

<<@Tuskaloosa: Hoi omae.  Giving Jed a biking lesson, 2 blocks west of the mall on 78th.  Been an interesting rough coupla days, wanna blow off some steam.  Your babe's ride ready, wanna join us?>>

She kept her drive slow, working through a couple of turns, braking, and accelerating through a few gear the idea of shifting up gears before the engine got too fast or loud.  A little while later, she pulled up to a complete stop, leg kicking out to steady the bike as she turned her hair back.  "Queshtionsh?"
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@ Marco  The men turn to Marco and one of them, the man whose lighter had been stolen said "Go to hell! Bible thumper!" looking at Marco angrily. He takes the lipstick Marco throws but doesn't give it back.
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Dec. 31st, 2075  22:12

@ Yelena It cuts through everything Yelena is doing. A call,  >>Tsina находится в движении. Go план. Знакомьтесь обуви Союз-Хилл, пять колоколов. Погладить собаку. Один час.<<

[spoiler]>>Tsina is in motion. Go plan. Meet shoe Union Hill, five bells. Pat the dog. One hour.<<[/spoiler]
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Tuesday   31 December 2075 

Without questioning her former mentor and lover, Yelena leaves the garage on her bike, headed for Union Hill.  She would figure out the rest of the message once she got there.  On the way, she sends out a message to everyone still going.  For a moment, her heart almost stops as she remembers that Marco took his own life and would not be coming.  Poor, confused Marco.  >>Team.  Is Yelena.  Have message from Nikolai.  Yelena go meeting then call with information.<<

Once in the Union Hill neighborhood, Yelena slows down to look for something to do with shoes, bells, and a dog.
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Dec 31st  22:15
@ Yelena  It's dark on Union Hill. The city had given up trying to light the area long ago, after all, Union Hill's denizens did not want light on any part of their business. Only the light from passing vehicles illuminated the graffiti filled walls, flickering briefly on each scene.
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December 31, Afternoon

Jed pulled up in front of Mike's office and parked the old bike.  It was too fucking cold for a motorcycle.  Maybe he should have taken the bus anyway.  When he hit that pothole he had thought it was all over.  Thank the spirits for Arc's lessons.  At least he wasn't hitting the throttle every time he made a corner anymore.  He'd done a lot of learning over the last few weeks.  At the thought of the time with Marco, sadness welled up.  It had been so sudden, so unexpected.  He had broken up with Yelena, and then he was gone.  Jed hadn't even seen the body before it was gone.  He'd toasted Marco in Irish fashion, but no proper funeral...It was unreal.

Stepping into the office, he saw Mike was on a call.  Helping himself to some of Mike's home brewed beer, he kicked back and waited.  Mike wasn't going to be thrilled with his trip.  Hell, he wasn't incredibly thrilled with it, but he really wanted to make sure Yelena and Arc came home.  The work they did together bringing down the club was good for the community and provided Jed with more scratch than he'd had in a long time.  Legitimate PI work didn't pay half as well. 

As Mike grabbed a beer for himself, Jed saw him swipe the call closed.  Mike plopped down, washed down 4 ibuprofen with a swig of cold suds.  "Client wanted me to follow her husband, and now she is mad at what I found.  Crazy bat is accusing me of doctoring the images.  As if I care.  Anyway, you ready for some R&R tonight."

Jed nodded as he drains his own glass.  I'm ready, but I'm not staying all night.  Gonna be too crowded for me."  Jed fidgeted a second.  Plus, I did a ritual and formed a watcher spirit today, so I'm a little tired.  I'm  a little disappointed.  My research on the spell suggested they were hella useful, but I had to create a pretty weak one just to succeed.  This was my fourth try.  Its kinda creepy that it looks so much like me.  Gazing at Mike he tried to gauge his mood.  Other than expressing annoyance with the client, the holiday seemed to have him in a good mood. I'm traveling to Poland with Yelena and a mechanic named Arc.  I need to have a backup plan to get everyone home.  A safe house,  and a coyote.  I don't know anyone with contacts in Poland.  I think they said we'd be in Poznan.  Any chance you can put me in touch with someone?
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@ Jed  Mike looks at him for several long seconds and then says flatly, "You have fucking gone insane. You've gone potty over a woman and it's destroyed the last three brain cells you had keeping you safe." He waits a long minute for Jed to deny his accusation, and when he doesn't he sighs and shakes his head. Then calling up his contacts he sends Jed a name. "Victor Petrenko. PKL31K-2257L-NN75V. He knows me by the name of Mikahail Nedhoffer. Good man, he'll get you out."
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Yelena cruises Union Hill, looking for a dog to pat.  She expects that the shoe will show up once he is convinced that she is following the instructions given to her by Nikolai.  She looks at the pictures on the walls she drives past as well.  After all, the dog might be on the wall instead of being real.
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Jed holds Mike's gaze steadily.  There is no point in denying the statement.  While it is slightly off the mark, the reality is close enough not to matter.  I know it doesn't make sense.  But these kids need someone watching their backs.  My plan is to stay in the background and keep an eye on things.  By the way, rent is due in a couple of weeks.  I'll either manage to pay it before I go, or wire some money.  I've set it up so that my important notices are copied to you.  If something happens and I lose the place, grab my stuff, will ya?  Anyway, lets go socialize.  I promise I'll try to make conversation with people.

As Mike locks up, Jed drops a quick message to Escher.  Hey buddy, just dropping you a quick line.  I'm headed to Poland soon.  We have our own Trix support, but if I need back up, can I give you a call?

Jed climbs in the passenger seat of Mike's second hand police cruiser cast off.  He tries to recount to Mike the people he's met at this party and relevant facts about them.  Its so hard to remember when you don't really care...
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@ Jed  Eschar calls him back immediately, >>Poland huh! Don't get into any strange cafe's there. And if you do call me! No worries about me getting you out of trouble. After all, who's better than me?<< Mike is in the mood to socialize, for Mike that means an extra beer and talking to a couple of contacts at the bar before playing darts. He's in a foul mood and that means he's an even better aim and soon has a tidy sum in bets in his pockets. Jed sees a couple of guys he knows and receives a half-hearted invite to a card game later.

@ Yelena  As Yelena drives around Union Hill she spots it. Graffiti on the wall. A Russian cathedral with five of the distinct onion domes and bells stacked in windows. She's almost got it's twin on her.
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Yelena gives a wolfish grin as she sees the graffiti.  The picture is a pretty close match to one on her chest and she almost checks to see if the tag on the wall is the same before remembering that the artist who had inked it on her is now long dead.  Parking the bike, she goes to look at the small mural, admiring the artistry.  She puts out a hand to touch the wall and a few tears rise in her eyes.  It is the Russian state she has problems with, not Russia and not most of its people.  Despite all that was done to her in the name of the state, she will always be Russian and there will never be another place that she can really call home, even though she has not been back in years.

Wiping her eyes, Yelena looks closely at the mural for a dog, then at the area around her, including the nearby alley.
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@ Yelena  A man steps out of a shadow. He's huge, human, he's large enough to give many orcs a run for their money in a fair fight. But, nothing about him says the fight would be fair. His bald hair has metal spike implants, as do his knuckles, Yelena notes as he advances on her. His heavy leather garments are reminiscent of armor and he wears weapons openly on it, sporting both pistols and knives in various places on his body. His neck has a large studded collar with a heavy chain that extends down past his knee and is connected to his wrist. In a fight Yelena well knows it can be used quickly and efficiently to choke a victim. HIs voice when he speaks is a deep bass rumble, "Stupid does not deserve to live long. But, is good you bring me bike as payment for ending miserable life." A knife is in his hand as if placed there by magic as he advances on her.
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Yelena is a predator and recognizes that the large man is one as well.  He may also be her contact as he could easily be considered the dog guarding this part of the street.  Wary of the knife, Yelena uncoils the whip from her finger and lets the lash fall to the ground, almost certainly invisible to the man approaching her.  "Николай направил мне найти башмака. Вы моего руководства?"  She repeats her words in English.  "Nikolai send.  Are you guide for shoe.?"

[spoiler]Nikolai sent me to find the shoe.  Are you my guide?
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@ Telena  The man pauses and his demeanor changes very subtly, no less dangerous and no less wary of her, his circle of protection now includes her as he looks to see if she's been followed. "Da."
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Yelena retracts the whip back into her finger, glad that she has not had to fight the man.  "Where Yelena go?  Need take bike."
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@ Yelena  "Нет места для велосипедов. Просто оружие. Транспорт уходит 40 минут. Приходите, мы спешим." He steps to the side and points to the shadow he stepped out of.

[spoiler]No room for bicycles. Just weapon. Transport runs 40 minutes. Come, we are in a hurry.[/spoiler]
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Yelena looks at the man and says, "Что вы имеете в виду транспорта работает 40 минут? Вы что она примет 40 минут для меня, чтобы получить доступ к башмак или что мы оставим для Польши в 40 минут? Я группа для транспорта и они не готовы. Мне нужно будет сказать им прибыть сюда и они будут в ван. У вас есть место для парковки фургона и моя мотоцикла?"

[spoiler]What do you mean transport runs 40 minutes?  Are you saying it will take 40 minutes for me to get to the shoe or that we leave for Poland in 40 minutes?  I have a team to transport and they are not ready.  I will need to tell them to come here and they will be in a van.  Do you have a place to park the van and my motorcycle?

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[Dec. 31, 2075, Evening, SE Redmond]

FInally some traffic clearing up...  Arc yawned as she raised her seat back up, taking a look at the passing traffic as her van zoomed down the road.  She was about to pull up to get her passengers when the text came in from Yelena.  She had been preparing for this...she knew it would happen, but the potential of leaving still made her blood run cold and mouth dry.  Recollecting herself, the mechanic put up a quick reply....

<<@Yelena: Copy that Srui.  Will be ready>>

<<@Tuskaloosa, Firefly: grab what gear you need.  Got a feeling we may need it.  I'm still en route>>

<<@Jed: Hoi, did you get Yelena's message?  I'm on the road right now, so if I need to pick you up, just hit me a locale, eh?>>

Sending those off, Arc retook manual control of the wheel, feeling her heart race a bit.  The feel of the helped her calm down as she continued on her route...with new purpose, but she had to hold herself was beginning....
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@ Yelena  Dog looks at her steadily, a frown crossing his face. "Обувь здесь. Транспорт здесь. Оставьте сорок минут или окно теряется в течение сорока восьми часов. Николай сказал, что вы были готовы. Возьмите велосипед и ван дополнительные деньги. Оставьте Я буду держать здесь." It was always like this, once orders to go finally arrived they were immediate. There was less chance of being followed or of notifying a contact of your whereabouts if you yourself had only been notified. But, more than that it had always been an attitude that you belonged to your bratva and they had the right to order you anywhere at any moment.

[spoiler]"Shoes here. Transport here. Leave forty minutes or a window is lost for forty-eight hours. Nicholas said that you were ready. Take a bike and van extra money. Leave I will keep here."[/spoiler]
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Yelena grimaces and sends a message to Arc and the rest of the team.  >>Team.  Is Yelena.  Man ready move us Poland now.  Come my location as soon as possible.  Man will watch bike and van.  Can come?  Srui bring Yelena weapons case if can.<<
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"Son of a slitch!"

The text, while not unexpected, still set Arc's adrenaline to where she nearly lost control of her vehicle.  But that was momentary.  Then her focus kicked in.  Gripping the wheel, she veered off the current street, heading to her garage, replying to the whole team.

<<Copy that, Srui.  I'll have it.  Everyone else, I'll be coming in hot, so ping me locations.  We will be there>>

It was moments before she came rolling up to her place, the parking brake barely set before she bounded out of the van.  Barely registering her companions, she flashed a smile and a Time to go, omaes!" before dashing inside.  Loading herself up with her gear and go bag, she threw the lot in the back of the van alongside Yelena's weapons case.

Just as quickly did she pile out was she back on the road, most of the team in tow...she remained pretty quiet, white knuckled in some anxiety as she tore down.  A quick pickup of their mage PI and then it was just a matter of arriving..if Yelena'a GPS ping held true...
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Yelena looks at the large man.  "Team come soon.  You watch motorcycle and van."  She goes to the bike and removes any personal items from the storage bins that she wishes to take, which includes her emergency change of clothes and some toiletry articles in a small bag.  She leaves the rest and locks the bins before giving the keys to the man.  Done, she places a hand on the mural again then leans against the wall to wait.  The time gives her a moment to consider how much she would have liked to have taken Marco to Moscow some day.  She shakes her head; she had tried to help him but he was too far gone and now she will be alone again.
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Jed was sitting at a table playing Hold Em with Jim (or was it James?) Hector, and...what's-his-name when the call from Yelena came through.  Well, I'm only breaking even anyway.

Jed folded his cards and got up from the table to the protest of the other players.  It's past my bedtime boys

He walked over to Mike who was in earnest conversation with a Troll.  As he approached, Mike waved him off.  About that time, Arcs message came through.  Jed threw a salute and a smile at Mike and headed for the front door. Sending the address to Arc, he leaned against the building in the dark, and pulled up his AR feed.  He'd been thinking about picking up a Polish tutorsoft to work through on the trip.  Polish 101, Traveler's Guide to Polish, Polish for the Conversationalist...Here we go, "All the Polish Your Grandmother Didn't Teach You" by Anja Nowak.  This looks good..  He downloaded the text to his comm and closed his AR. 

Taking stock of his gear, he realized that they won't have time to head all the way back to Renton.  He always kept his micro cameras and bugs on him, but he won't have his other PI gear.  Oh well, he's unlikely to have anyone to process forensics stuff anyway.  All of his cash was already on a stick.  He fired a message off to Mike as he got ready to leave.  A friend is picking me up.  I'm headed to that stakeout I told you about.  I'll see you when it's over.

He buttoned his trench up to his chin, he shifted back and forth trying to stay warm while he waited for Arc.  He double checked the time as he hopped in and nodded at the team.  Looks like we'll barely make it.  Marco's absence felt so strange.  No one was is a talking mood apparently. 
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The pickup at the garage was fairly seamless.  A clap on Firefly's shoulder snapped her out of her reverie, and a deadlocked wrist-clasp between Tuska and Arc confirmed to the little mechanic that everything was set.  In the van, the back was filled with an assortment of gear...all their collective tech and weaponry as she drove with an even keel, taking some turns with the troll to let her get a feel for the van.

It wasn't far to get to Jed, and once there, she lay on the horn for a second to notify him before sliding open the side door.  "Glad you could make it.  Frag, thish ish gonna be close..."  Helping him in, the PI could tell Arc was on a bit of an edge...maybe apprehensive about the job, or leaving town?

Either way, speeding off towards the rendezvous point, Arc had one last order of business...opening her messenger, she pulled up her Vruk's code...

<<@Jaime:  Hey babe, it's me.  Listen, it was kind of last moment, but my Srui'ken's flight was moved up to tonight.  I'm about to head there now, didn't have time to meet up with you.  I'm sorry for that, but we did suspect it may be this way.  I promise i'll be safe, and come home to you.  Hell, I'll even contact you as soon as I can.  I mean, I love you, don't I?  Stay out of trouble,'ll see me again before you know it>>

Letting out a sigh, she sent the message off before leaning back into her seat, rubbing her eyes.  The sending was good timing they rounded off the street, she saw the white-haired elf assassin waving them down.  Perfect...
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Yelena sees the van come around the corner and turns to the man.  "Is Yelena's team.  Have gear inside.  Can drive to plane to load?"
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@ Yelena  Dog looks at her, "Нет, остановить фургон здесь. Выгрузка. Я несу. Оставьте отсюда." He points to the shadowed corner he'd stepped out from.
No, stop the van here. Unloading. I carry. Leave here.[/spoiler]

Yelena complies with his instructions and points Arc to the corner and soon the gear is inloaded. Dog bends down and in a few quick motions has all the gear and stepping into the says, "открыто" Suddenly the graffitteed, pock marked wall slides aside and Dog motions with his head for them to precede him. Once they are inside there is light and a wide set of stairs leading to a landing. He points them down the stairs and once they are on the landing he flips a switch and the stairs change to a ramp. "Drive bike & van to here. They stay." A petite woman steps out of a small side room and looking at Dog says, "Good dog. Load train. Then Stay." She looks the group over and Yelena notes edges and corners of Russian prison tats on every visible inch of skin. She motions the group over and says, "Quickly. Must make window for launch or to much delay." She points down two flights of stairs and hurries down. When they get downstairs a sleek bullet train is waiting on a set of rails. Inside the accommodations border on the luxurious and there are sleeper cars as well as a kitchen car with a well stocked bar. "Strap in now. We leave." In moments Dog has the luggage loaded and they launch with a  burst of speed. Soon the train reaches it's max speed and the shoe says, "Ok to move now." And going to the restaurant car she pours herself a Vodka.
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I'd been making sure I was ready to jump at a moment's notice, so when Arc announced the balloon had gone up I was able to grab everything I'd collected for the trip within five minutes. 

Jacket - check.  Jumpsuit - check.  Electronics - check.  Wool socks and thermal boots - check. 

Abaya and hajib...

Abaya and hajib...

Poland wasn't a Muslim country, nor was anything around it.  I knew - I'd grown up in Berlin.  If we somehow survived this and I was able to visit Constantinople, then...well who knew what the future would bring.  I'd cross that bridge when I came to it.  Without a look back, I left the marks of my faith hanging from a  hook above the bed Arc had loaned me.

I wonder who will be the girl who returns to this place after this is all over...
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Yelena waits to say much more than short answers to any questions tossed her way until the team is allowed to move about.  She walks to the restaurant car and moves to where the shoe stands, motioning for the bottle of vodka.  She looks at the woman's exposed tats and nods as she recognizes several.  She opens the top of her shirt to expose the ink on her upper chest.  "Могу ли я? Мой Личный ад был Krasnoyan. Чуть более десяти лет, а затем в ходе беспорядков в '45.

[spoiler]May I?  My personal hell was Krasnoyan.  Just over ten years then out during a riot in '45. 
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The whole exchange happened so fast that Arc wasn't sure how to respond.  The speed and urgency of it all...her mouth firmly closed, she entered a focused mode.  Just get through the next few moments, and then she could relax.  Pulling open the side door, she started funneling all the packed gear to this "Dog", surprised a bit at his capacity for carrying it all, but saying little.  Guiding the vehicles into the drop off point, she was in the back of the procession down the flights of steps.  She felt apprehension rising in her throat as she saw the speedy train, the whole prospect of the unknown of what lay ahead gripping at her.  No...Srui needs me on this.  I won't slitch out now...  Strapping in, she caught a glance towards the rest of the team as the train took off.

She felt her stomach slam into her side from the inertial pull, making her eyes flutter from the feeling.  Need to focus..on something...hoi...  She caught a glance out the window, her mind looking at the patterns in the lights flashing in the tunnel.  "Hmm..." If it's uniform spacing like at the entry, then those are 20m gaps in the lights...going at this speed, it's looking like about 100 or more lights a second...holy drek, 450km and hour...that means...  It hit her.  She's left Seattle.  The only world's she's ever known.   Her eyes bugging out, she felt her hands white-knuckling the straps holding her in until "Shoe" gave them the clearance to get up.

And get up she did.  Practically bursting from the straps, she barked out a quick "Shcuze me" and darted to the lavatory, not emerging for several moments...
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The trip had taken almost eleven hours and the Shoe, whose name they'd learned was RoadRunner, had done a gut wrenching hard stop at the end that they'd had to be lying down for in order to make it on time for their next connection. They'd never even seen their bags. She'd said, "Bags will be loaded. Go with DevilDog." DevilDog had proven to be a slight human with a velociraptor skull tattooed on his face, a pair of horns sprouting from his forehead, and a dead pair of eyes that measured each of them quickly. His English was almost unintelligible his accent was so thick, and he'd confined himself to one word instructions, "Come. Hurry. Go." had been the extent of his vocabulary. And in a few moments he'd had them loaded onto a small van that had Tusks bent almost double and Firefly sitting on Yelena's lap. He'd taken the trip at breakneck speed bouncing them around tight corners and poor roads in the dark. And when they'd gotten there, wherever there was, they'd been loaded onto a suborbital stealth jet and three seats were sitting on the tarmac beside it. A man, stepped forward. "I am pilot." He'd been all business as he'd directed them into the vessel. "We are cleared for launch in fifteen. We must make window."
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In the train, Yelena goes to hug Arc when her friend emerges from the lav, giving her a glass of water to drink.  "Is stronger if Srui want, but this best for now.  Arc think fast train new, then wait for airplane ride."  She leans over and places her forehead against the shorter human's and just leaves it there for a few seconds  without saying anything.

The ride in the van is certainly not as comfortable as the train had been and Yelena grimaces for not having asked for another vodka before detraining.  Yelena is impressed at the organization it has to take to make this sort of transport happen and is even more impressed by the sub-orbital they are put on next.  She smiles at the joke about peanuts and climbs aboard when instructed, sitting in the chair indicated.  She looks at her companions, realizing that this is the first time away from Seattle for some.  "Plane is OK.  Yelena fly some before.  Is strange when take off from ground.  Treat as new adventure."  As the plane rockets into the night, Yelena turns her thoughts to Poland and Nikolai.  And Tsina.  Unbidden, her mind brings up a memory of the sight of the woman laughing as she tossed the match that incinerated several of the still living members of the Bratva.  Flashing forward, her next memory is of the woman sneering at her as two hard men held Yelena up on the edge of the river.  "Вы приняли все I. Вы взяли мой мужчина и моя позиция здесь. Что еще хуже, вы были члены моей семьи, нашей семьи, смотрят на меня за спиной. Моя власть пошла. Поэтому я нашел новую семью. Скоро во всех этих людей будет меньше воспоминания, забыли, но Tsina Molavna не будут забыты. Я хотел бы создать новую из пепла старой и моя семья будет сильным. Ваша жизнь заканчивается здесь сегодня вечером, Елена вор. Rot в ад."  Yelena's next sight had been blossoms of fire from the end of Tsina's gun as three rounds tear into her chest.  The pain was almost instantly overtaken by the icy cold of the river she had been tossed into.  But Yelena had lived because the shadow had not been through with her yet and now she was going back to Europe to get justice for the dead.

She shakes her head as she remembers how Marco could never understand the difference between revenge and justice.  It would be revenge if Yelena was going back for herself, but it is justice because she is going back for the members of her Bratva family that had been slaughtered.  There is a difference.  Revenge is passion and hate while justice is cold and determined, and Yelena is definitely cold and determined.  She breaks from her memories and looks around at her companions, smiling to try to show them that the flight is nothing to be afraid of, but making sure that Arc knows where the air sickness bags are.

[spoiler]"You took all I had.  You took my man and my position here.  Worse, you had the members of my family, our family, laughing at me behind my back.  My authority was gone.  So I found a new family.  Soon all of these people will be less than memories, forgotten by everyone, but Tsina Molavna will not be forgotten.  I will create new from the ashes of the old and my family will be strong.  Your life ends here tonight, Yelena the thief.  Rot in hell."
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I'd been on international flights before, even suborbital ones.  But one look at the jury rigged contraption we were taking half way around the globe and I suddenly had my doubts we'd ever make it to Europe.  When the pilot cracked off about the troll's weight, I initially believed him and blanched before a look at Yelena indicated he was trying unsuccessfully to make a joke.  My feelings of stupidity didn't last long since movement took my next glance toward Arc to see the troll providing an arm to steady the human rigger.  I think without that tree-trunk to support her that she'd be on the ground right now.

What have we gotten ourselves into...

I kept my cool mostly because I didn't want to break before the troll did.  I still have some standards!
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Arc emerged a number of moments later from the lav, looking a bit haggard as Yelena approached her.  Taki MG TN e water, she downed it with a little bit of a gasp, relieved for the hydration.  As the elf touched foreheads to her, the risked mechanic closed her eyes, willing her emotions to flow through their connection...if that even worked.

"..thabks, Shrui.  Jusht...need to adjusht yeah?  I'll deal...and just water...shouldn't have shtronger..."  she offered a smile, letting the elf go as she meandered around the train. was a long ride, and at that speed had to have covered quite a deal.  Arc did the best she could...making a couple or so trips to the restaurant car to eat, and even managing to slip into her regulated coma-sleep for her needed 3 hours.  She didn't get sick much until they were warned their stop was approaching...

And then things moved.  She felt shepherded, pushed along as she crammed into the truck next to Tuskaloosa.  The ride was bumping, and more than a few outcries and curses, both in English and Or'Zet, came out of her mouth before they were through.

And then the plane...this one she may be less shaky about.  But with seats torn and needing to be strapped to the wall?  It was too much...feeling the color drain from her face, she was about to droo...but something kept her from doing so.  Her mouth dry, she nodded as they were pushed inside into their assigned seats, thanking Yelena for the air sickness bags.

Looking at her team, Arc could see how everyone else seemed to be in a state of discomfort as well.  Well at least I ain't alone in this drek...huu...
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Yelena is concerned for her friend and lends her arm to support Arc.  She notes that Jedediah seems to be handling everything with a calm exterior and smiles at him to show her appreciation.  Yelena makes sure that everyone is on board the plane then takes the seat next to the rigger and holds her hand for the flight.
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Arc was in a bit of a stupor as she was ushered into the plane, taking a seat and strapping in.  She recalled doing her simulations, the hotsim allowing her to even experience some sense of g-forces.  Licking her dry lips, she strapped in, looking up to see the elf buckling in next to her.  They had a few scant minutes before take-off...enough time for Arc to get her head around things.  There was no going back now for sure...who knows where they were now, but she imagined somewhere deep in the eastern UCAS if not anywhere else.  Her mind thought of home..her home...resolving that she would make sure they went home after this...but what if something went wrong..would she see it again?

Her thoughts were cut off as she felt her left hand...her real hand, real nerves..was grabbed, seeing Yelena trying to steady her.  She looked up, her green cybereyes locking with the elf as she softened, gripping tight as she took a breath.  "Huu...thanks, Srui.." She said softly, keeping her voice just loud enough to be heard.  Her heart panged, feeling a bit of guilt.  "I..."  She opened her mouth to say something, then paused.  "..I'm here.  I'm in this...."  She averted her gaze, looking ahead as she set her jaw, trying to steel herself.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screams Marco and attempts to break free... he is tied up, to a bed.

What? Where ? Why ? 

There is a Van Gogh on the wall, a tray of untouched cold food near the bed, an empty chair... and five minor spirits looking over him.

"You stayed with me?! why are you so nice to me?"

So he remembers binding spirits and there was no denying in the pain and agony. Something is terribly broken, he remembered that too. Some fundamental things were missing, - What he did to get into that situation - where he was and why did he just do whatever he did.  Being suddenly aware of these memory gaps Marco thought:

 it is strange that I do not know these things... almost like...

No, it cannot be?

Is it possible that I can alter my own memories?

Is it possible that I do not know that I can do so?

Did I really go crazy?!

A good looking nurse arrived, due to the scream, she looked so tired - yet her aura was the most beautiful Marco has ever seen.
To be honest, Marco have not actually sensed many aura before, but that particular one felt familiar.

"Are you an angel ? " Asked Marco, with genuine awe.

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Tuesday, December 31-Wednesday January 1

Jed remained quiet and relaxed through the whole ordeal.  Surreptitiously taking photos of individuals through his buttonhole camera, before they boarded the plane, he loaded programs to overcome static and increase his firewall as he sent images to Escher.   If i disappear, give these images to Mike, in case he wants to follow up

Jed tried to appear as though he were sleeping, ankles crossed over his cane, hands folded over the knob on his chest, and hat pulled over his eyes.  He actually slept some, but when we was awake, he was watching in his AR through his camera.  They entered the new year sometime during the night.  Looking at the time, it appeared he'd slept through it.  It was ok.  He hadn't kissed anyone on New Years in decades.  His summoned spirit and watcher were gone. Towards the middle of the trip, He sat up and started practicing pronunciation on the Polish that he was learning.  After a total of about 4 hours, he felt that he had a pretty decent command of basic Polish including street slang.  He wouldn't be holding his own in the boardroom, but that wasn't really his shtick anyway.  Afterward, he spent some time perusing through photos on social media out of Poland, getting a feel for the culture, styles of clothing, and general layout of the country and major cities.  There was no way he was going to convince anyone he was Polish, but he picked up enough to blend in visually a bit.  His plan when they arrived was to head to a thrift store and trade in his current clothes and armor jacket for a few sets of used clothing and shoes in a more European cut, plus a lined trench coat.  The armored jacket would stand out on the street, and long coats seemed to be more common for the region.  Jed's plan was to fade into the background.  He wanted to be nearby, but not seen.  He wasn't likely to survive direct confrontation.   He needed to affect the outcome indirectly, be ready to swoop in if things went to shit. 

Jed needed to make sure the group understood his plan without laying it out for outsiders.  Dropping a quick message to the group, he expressed his intentions to stay in the background.
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@ Marco  The nurse looks at Marco with a smile and says, "No, I'm your nurse. And I'm glad you're finally doing better. I've got some lunch here. It's applesauce and miso soup. If you can hold that down then for dinner you can have something a bit more substantial." She smiles encouragingly at Marco. "With you still in casts I'll need to feed you. But, don't worry, the casts will come off in time for tomorrows dinner. They used quite a bit of magical healing on you so your healing time is dramatically reduced. But, you're still going to need some time to recover as you were very nearly dead when you came in and I overheard one of the casters say that you were a bit resistant to the healing." She smiles brightly and encouragingly at Marco, "Still, you're doing better now and it's time to eat." With that last sentence she presses the buttons so that the bed begins moving Marco up and into a seated position. She feeds Marco quickly and he finds that the small meal fills him  up.

@ Jed  Escher responds quickly, >>Will do buddy. And be careful.<<
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Marco sighs "You are too modest" He says and eats what ever she feeds him - he still feels a bit confused. Looking at the room again, something does not adds up.
"What is this place?" He asks, and eats whatever. The rest of the time  he spends looking at the Van Gogh painting until finally concluding, it is upside down - why would someone hang it that way, Marco has no idea.
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During the flight, Yelena leaves her seat and walks to everyone to make sure that they are doing well.  Stopping at Jed, she puts a hand on his shoulder.  Yelena thank PI man come.  Is long way from home.  Yelena bring back when done.  Yelena much thank Jedediah for come.  Is good friend."

She goes to see how Arc is doing.  "Srui doing well?  Send message rigger man.  Tell him much love.  Arc go home soon.  Maybe have much babies.  Yelena is good auntie.  Spoil all then bring home to Srui and rigger man.  Here is extra bag for sick if need."

After checking on everyone, Yelena returns to her seat and begins thinking of the long road it has been to get here.  She falls asleep in the middle of the memories.
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@ Marco  The nurse smiles at him as he eats and says, "Good job! As long as your able to keep that down I'll let the doctor know you're ready for something a bit more substantial this evening." When he asks where he is she adds, "You are at a treatment center. Don't worry, it's top secret and you are here under an alias as a witness. Once you're better you'll leave under protection. It'll be in a fully enclosed car so you won't be seen. You also won't be able to identify any part of it to return. I do have it on your file that you're set for discharge in five days so we need to work hard to get you better quickly and as soon as the casts come off your set for Physical Therapy as well as Speech Therapy to make sure that there's no residual damage from the fall. You've had a busy afternoon, do you need anything for the pain?" She says examining him with her eyes.

@ Yelena, Arc, & Jedediah  The landing is rough as they hit an extended bit of turbulance and when they debark the craft, they come out onto a tarmac in heavy snowfall mixed with sleet. The wind cuts through their clothing like a knife and the waiting van is parked far enough away that they almost missed seeing it in the dark, finally spotting it from it's dimmed out parking lights.
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When it was fully clear that the whole "strapping someone to the wall of the plane" wasn't a joke, Arc was about to volunteer herself...but was privately grateful Jed best her to it.  In a show of her thanks, the human made a point to check his and Tuska's harnesses, to make sure they were both secure.  She heaved only once...shortly after going up, the feeling of her inards pulled to the ground a new and alien experience for the mechanic.

Seated with her companions, Arc tried her best not to focus on the fact that they were miles above the ground...instead focusing on the sound of the machine works...the humming, the jets, etc.  In fact, she jumped a little when Yelena spoke to her..and her face reddened at the words.

"Tch...I will...heh."  she looked her Srui in the eyes, nodding her head.  "I'll hold you to that.  Let's get home first then we can worry about spoiling any kids, eh?"  giving a nervous chuckle, she gripped the bag.

The turbulence...Arc seriously thought they were going down.  White knuckling the seat arms, she was breathing hard, eyes bugging out and looking to either side...but eventually, it was over.  Helping Tuska out of her harnessing, she followed the group outside to the van...gasping again as the cold bit into her...   shouldn't have left the cold suits in the luggage...fraaag all...
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It has been a long time since Yelena has been outside in the bitter cold of an Eastern European winter.  Seattle is relatively mild compared to the landing strip, and there is little to block out the wind and sleet.  Still, it is a walk on a summer day compared to some of the winters she experienced in Russian Siberia.  She makes sure that her companions are safe and out of the plane before grabbing some of the gear and walking towards the waiting van.  She shifts the gear a bit as she closes on the vehicle, prepared to drop the gear in her hands and grab for her pistol if necessary.
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Marco said "Top secret ? You don't say, so you are like a super spy nurse? This is nova."  Continuing to look at the drawing he finally said "Pain?
The thing that would ease my pain the most is if you make sure that the painting is hanged properly...
That drawing freaks me out. I can appreciate the artistic taste, but  to place a masterpiece like that upside down is too bold for my blood.
It makes me feel like all the rules were tossed out of the window and there is no right and wrong anymore... Completely terrifying. "   

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The cold.  Like a knife, the cold cut through Jed straight to his bones.  Jed tried to keep from shivering, but it was no use.  One of the first things we'll need is some new clothes.  Yelena and Arc didn't seem as bothered as he was.  Must be his age.  Layers.   We  need layers.
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@ Yelena, Arc, Jedediah  Nicolai turns to greet them from the front passenger seat saying, "Welcome to Poland. Drive is only few hours. I have rooms for all. Tsina arrives one hour. She has not spent a moment without eyes on her in past year. She will not escape us." The car is warm and the drive in the dark is on good roads until the last few miles. The driver was obviously skilled in these conditions as the car rarely lost traction even on what looked to Arc to be icy roads.
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Yelena helps the others load their gear into the van, grabbing out their warm coats.  She greets Nicolai with a nod and  makes sure that Arc and Jedediah are OK and smiles at both of them.  "Srui and PI man try sleep.  Better than plane."   Yelena settles into her seat, enjoying the warmth and the smooth ride.
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The nurse smiled "Well that is Rorshach Jones, he is famous for this kind of thing. He is more impressive in AR though, here have a look." She said and handed Marco the glass, putting them on the Man's face started spinning, Marco returned the nurse's glasses and said...  "I did not realize... an AR artist with a provocative exterior - that is brilliant."

"I am glad you like it" said the nurse, "I'll be back in a few hours, try and get some rest in the meanwhile."

Marco has spent these hours hearing the astral, he could still sense the path that linked him to his comb. All magical things are permenently connected to their maker, that comb was Marco's way of finding Yelena, If she decided to take it with her, that is. At any case, the comb was intact and was still a piece of him. Still a power focus, Marco looked forward to following his path of bread crumbs.

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Eventually Marco finds it. His comb is with his scary lady, and she is obviously with the dark vortex that is Nicolai, Arc's aura bright in comparison. And Jed is with them, his assistance in helping Marco makes him instantly recognizable to Marco. Then dinner comes and the nurse is as good as her word. The meal is more substantial than before, and does not contain any soy counterfeits but is instead fresh and simply prepared. When she is done feeding him the nurse tells him, "Your casts come off in the morning. And you leave for the next leg in your journey after breakfast."

The next morning is a flurry of activity as the casts come off and Marco has a meal that he is able to feed himself and then finds that he is given an expensive suit and his hair is trimmed. oonce dressed placed in the back of a panel van with an armed guard, and when he arrives at his destination a few hours later Blake is there, dressed as a courier for a local chain. "All your bags are here sir. And your office sent this over. It just made it in time." He gestures to several expensive looking bags and hands Marco a data pad. as well as a small packet. The pad has his new ID's, as well as confirmation for a suborbital flight to Poland and the package is a credstick with all the monies Blake had originally offered him. Soon, he is landing in Poland. A free man who is no longer Marco Bianchi.
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Marco is comforted to know that the path is laid, there is hope. He recovers and quickly, the memories  also begins to return. "So I actually jumped from a tall building?" he thinks, impressed with the discipline he'd showed. Food also feels good, better than it felt in a long while. Marco seems just content to have roof over his head, food to eat and a place to sleep. The next morning he feels better, with his arms and legs free, medicine is incredible, miraculous even.  He wears his suit, and enters the car that takes him back into civilization. The car drops Marco at the airport where he enters looking for his flight... but first a cup of cappuccino.
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Once in the van, Arc had busied herself with digging into their bags, fishing out a set of coats for the three of them.  "Here, thish outta..."  She trailed off as the cold stare of Nicolai met her gaze.  Her eyes narrowed as he seemed to be peering directly at her for some reason, but she shook it off.  Strapping into one of the back seats, her head turned from the elf on her left to the older human on her right, then out the window towards the icy roadscape.

  "Srui and PI man try sleep.  Better than plane."

Tilting her head, she looked up at Yelena, who seemed to be staring outside as well (What time is it, anyways...frag all...), her hands in her pockets as if playing with some bauble.  Her own look softening, she planted a hand on her Srui's arm, giving a nod.  "I'm good..if I'm out now i'm out for three hoursh, you know that.." She tapped the back of her head to prove her point, instead focusing on the drive...and an impressive one at that, these conditions are total drek!
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The driver takes them to a small, rundown  farmhouse and drives the car into a small barn that houses a broken tractor whose parts are strewn around it. But, instead of stopping he keeps driving, they go down a ramp that drops quickly, and rises behind them just as quickly. They continue down into a tunnel and within minutes are pulling into a spacious spot beside several cars that are identical to the one they're in, right down to the license plate and scuffs. Nicolai gets out and leads them forward, past what is obviously a surveillance center with men watching over a dozen different monitors. Yelena recognizes the tats on the men, many of which are twins to her own, and Nicolai stops long enough to nod towards one screen. Tsina. He looks at her and says one word, "Скоро." He then motions to a young man and says, "Show guests to rooms." The youth nods and leads the way through what appears to be a small bunker complex to a few small rooms. He turns to them an says, "I am speak English. Name is DreamMaker." They enter small, furnished rooms and DreamMaker says, "Everything here. You need. I get/"
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The coffee place at the airport was Italian... Well not Italian but they called themselves Italian and their lack of attention to details have made me at unease. I got myself the desired cup of cappuccino at an hour that I would never have it in Italy. Yet, it has been a while since I had some actual coffee.  The coffee of the morning to start my new chapter in life. Even though it is later afternoon, time to drink espresso in order to keep focused... I feel that rules and traditions no longer apply to me.

Around me, there is a family of privileged people, the children are very loud, and their little boy is asking all sort of odd questions to people. He has no fear or a sense of social awareness and he is already six or so, he should have them.

"He has recently awakened... " A voice whispers to me, "poor soul, his family must think that he has gone insane" That insight gives me some basic understanding of the situation - the little boy sees things that nobody else sees. I look at his parents, they seem accepting but that little voice whispers to me that they go out of their way to appear like that. They are afraid and confused.

Poor boy, he can see all that - I think and continue with my coffee... Still have some time to kill until flight, and still minding my own business.
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Yelena is impressed with the organization and assets of Nicolai's Bratva.  She stops at the monitor he indicates and looks for a moment on the face of Tsina Molovna and smiles.  Justice is coming to the traitor, the betrayer.  Yelena does not feel the need to be the one to pull the trigger to end the woman's life, but it would be poetic if she is.  She follows the man naked DreamMaker to the small rooms provided for her and the others.  At the door to her room, Yelena pauses and looks at the guide.  "Can walk around?  Is meeting soon or rest first and eat?"
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Coffee is great, and then I proceed to the digital book shop. I pick up a copy of 'wildlife and vegetation of eastern Europe, and read it as I wait for my flight. The book has tourist attractions but I am more interested in the animals that would bland in at that environment - new world new common sense, new life...

It is not long before it is time to board, business class - no less - much better than my previous suborbital at tourist class - these had no legroom, and the guy next to me was such a bible pusher. He went on and on about Jesus, not knowing that I was a priest myself. I guess going to Italy for some spirituality does that to a man.  This time I seat with a workaholic business woman that seems barely aware to her environment and her arm candy assistant that that is probably half her age and gorgeous. Hack, I would totally do him myself. The dude seems a bit bored as his master is engaged in some business call. He looks around nervously, trying to figure when the plane would take off.

"First time?" I ask trying to break the ice.


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@ Marco  The young man is slightly startled when Marco addresses him, "No, I just really don't like flying. But my manager got me a job with a new company." He says nodding towards the woman. "It's a real break for me, not just a lot more money but if I go viral as the new . . " "Ger! Non-disclosure!" the woman interrupts him sharply. The young man, "Ger" evidently, swallows and stammers out, "I wasn't going to say the company Tina." She gives him a quelling look. "No, nothing. That's the only thing that's safe. You never know when something you say will jog with another fact and let someone put together the pieces. And you don't want this deal to fall through for something stupid just as you're about to get your big break." She says looking at him sternly. He swallow and looks down, "N, N, No. I, I won't say anything. I'm sorry." He looks back up at Marco, "I, I just hate flying." he manages to say. And then looks down miserably at his hands. The rest of the flight is uneventful, and not even business class can make the inflight meal good, but, it was definitely better than tourist class and he was able to get a decent wine with it. When he lands in Poland he finds that a car has been rented for in his name and is waiting for him, complete with autopilot.
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@ Yelena  DreamMaker looks at Yelena and says, "Da. Have free room. But, better if not leave. Will leave when Tsina goes to safe home."
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Yelena nods and goes into her room to take her winter clothing from the bag and stacks it within easy reach.  Grabbing her weapons case, she opens it and begins cleaning the various weapons to remove anything they might have picked up getting here, making sure to examine every round before reloading them into the magazines.  When done, Yelena lays down on the bed and rests, waiting for the call to action or to eat..
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Upon arriving to their "waiting area", Arc had remained oddly silent, focusing on carrying her brunt of the luggage and then some.  She avoided eye contact with Nikolai, and gave a nod and nothing more to Dreammaker.  Sighing, she placed her bags in the main room and shut the door behind her.

The sounds must have been muffled between rooms or so she hoped as a but of homesickness left her retching for a little while.  Washing her face out, she looked herself in the mirror.  Need to focus on something...fraaag...  going to her bags, she pulled out her set of drones, using her arm tools to tune them, double checking connections and her mods so they wouldn't fail in the important moment....she hopes..

..even still, that task did not take nearly enough time to wait to move forward.  So, pacing, the tusked mechanic tried her best to keep calm...but with the silence pervading, she felt she would soon go mad.

...a few minutes later, a knock on Yelena's door would be heard, revealing a dressed down Arc snacking off a bag of chips, eyes darting left and right.  "can't prep no more, can't wait no more, think I'm gonna go inshane jusht in my head anymo.  To the point I'm forgetting jusht what we be doing exactly."  she walked in, plopping herself on a bare patch of bed and munching away.  "you sure thish guy ain't ahcrewing ush?  Becausewe Goin home when we done...ain't no way round it, yannow?"
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At the knock, Yelena rises and goes to the door, opening it it to let Arc in.  She watches closely as her Srui goes to sit on the bed and pulls up a chair so as to sit looking at her.  She carefully puts out a hand and puts it on her friend's leg.  "Srui, is hard, yes?  Waiting and prepping but not doing.  But is time for focus.  Focus on mission.  Focus on target.  Focus on go home when done.  You are in Yelena world now.  Is strange for Arc, yes?  But is important to remain calm and focused or go crazy.  Yelena has seen other maybe assassins fail waiting part.  Too hurried.  Too fast.  Now dead.  Yelena do this much years.  Much practice so know what Srui feel.  Just try calm.  Can lay down on bed here.  Try rest.  Think of rigger man.  Think of rigger man family.  Then think of giving rigger man and Arc family of own.  Aunt Yelena spoil like crazy mad.  Unless rigger man want Yelena stay away."
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Marco smiles and say "This is as much flying as sailing in a ship is swimming... but I hear you" and indeed there was not much in common between the spending few hours trapped in a plane with very little personal space and being as free as a bird. People fantasize about the latter kind of flying - but nobody fantasized about the former. Well - never say nobody, but Marco have not yet met the client that fantasized on being on a suborbital - either because they did not exist or because they did not need Marco to satisfy that particular desire.

The rest of the flight is indeed uneventful, usually Marco would have spent it charming the assistant just in case he would need some leverage in the future - he once had that kind ambition. However this time Marco has so much to process that he decides to close his eyes and pretend to be sleeping. His faithful spirit the beautiful Velenkoradi has already traced the comb all the way to Poland. All there is left is to figure out is how to approach the fortified complex without being blown to pieces by violent murderers that had no morality at all - in fact these people seemed to treat any form of morality as a weakness to be eradicated. That much Marco has picked up from Nikolai.

Marco loads his equipment into the car, this is not much just a bag with necessities he will have to find some automatic rifle if he is to be participating in these atrocities - but for the meanwhile, some sets of clothes an armored jacket and glasses do the trick. One of the odd things about the aviation industry in 2076 is that they still require one to turn off all wireless devices upon takeoff and landing. Therefore, to prevent confusions and unnecessary questions about 'did you turn off your glasses' Marco has placed them in the bag. Another thing he did not forget where crackers,  Velenkoradi seemed to be addicted to them. Marco explaining him that this brand was the absolutely worst one, or buying him expensive crackers instead did not convince the peacock spirit. It knew what it liked and did not seem concerned about the fact that these crackers were so cheap they were handed to homeless people, and even them were not so eager to consume them. "The habits spirits pick up at homeless shelters are truly odd... I should write a book about it sometime." Thought Marco. Still since Marco liked Velenkoradi, most of the space in his bag was dedicated to the crackers Velenkoradi liked, Marco felt that it was wise to keep his peacock happy.

Velenkoradi, that seemed to prefer being materialized than hanging around in the astral materialized in the 'passenger' seat. Technically speaking, both seats were for passengers but the one that was traditionally dedicated to a driver had some knobs and buttons in order to configure the autopilot. Knobs and buttons few people used since the AR revolution - but Marco was happier to manipulate them instead of operating the car from  AR.

With Velenkoardi's instructions, Marco has extrapolated GPS coordinates that should be somewhere close to the fortified complex. "I will figure it out once I am there" Marco thought as the car closed its distance toward the complex.One thing Marco was certain:   there was no point in taking advice from a spirit about the proper etiquette and the social difficulty of raising from the dead, so shortly after your own funeral and cremation. That thing a certain Dragon has already taught Marco with her overly convoluted plan that relied too heavily on mojo.  "The last time I followed the plan of a Dragon, my minibar ended up in the yard... I am lucky nobody was hurt"  He thought - and despite the pain of losing the minibar - there was some nostalgia in that emotion. How different was the Marco that tried to deal with the loss of the minibar to the person that is now seating in this car accompanied by a peacock spirit.
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At the knock, Yelena rises and goes to the door, opening it it to let Arc in.  She watches closely as her Srui goes to sit on the bed and pulls up a chair so as to sit looking at her.  She carefully puts out a hand and puts it on her friend's leg.  "Srui, is hard, yes?  Waiting and prepping but not doing.  But is time for focus.  Focus on mission.  Focus on target.  Focus on go home when done.  You are in Yelena world now.  Is strange for Arc, yes?  But is important to remain calm and focused or go crazy.  Yelena has seen other maybe assassins fail waiting part.  Too hurried.  Too fast.  Now dead.  Yelena do this much years.  Much practice so know what Srui feel.  Just try calm.  Can lay down on bed here.  Try rest.  Think of rigger man.  Think of rigger man family.  Then think of giving rigger man and Arc family of own.  Aunt Yelena spoil like crazy mad.  Unless rigger man want Yelena stay away."

Arc stopped eating when Yelena touched her leg, the human drinking in the words with a set jaw and a fairly grim expression.  The words echoed in her head, but they made sense.  Just like those Howler jobs where I had to wait...I hated it then too.  Heh.  Guess some things never change..  About halfway through the elf's piece, Arc averted her gaze, chewing on her lip a bit as she focused in on her breathing.  At the end though, the tusked mechanic snapped her head forward, a hand reaching out to touch her friend's gently.

"Whateva gave you th'dea that Jaime don't want you around, you get rid of it, aight?  He knowsh the bond we got, and doeshn't think you're the drek you may feel shometimes.  You cool."  She shook her head, slumping back on the bed and sighing.  "You right, thish ish yo world, not mine.  But I shigned on for thish, so I'm sheeing it through, no worrying bout that, eh?  I'll be ready.."

She trailed off, mulling the thoughts in her head and feeling a tightening in her chest.  Taking a deep breath, she focused herself. Gonna happen sooner or time as any  Letting the breath out, she closed her eyes, hands cradling the back of her head as she lay.  "Ash for spoiling my family...well, I don't think I'm gonna have to think too hard on it soon enough."
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Yelena looks closely at her friend.  "Srui is pregnant?  Is why sick so much?"
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Reopening her eyes, Arc felt her cheeks grow hot under the elf's scrutinizing gaze and direct question.  Her breath caught, the human unsure of how to form the words before letting it out in a little sigh, propping herself up on her elbows.

"Partly.  Thought it was shurgery issues, but...they didn't go away.  I've known for boutta week..."  she looked away, tightening her fists a bit.  "haven't told no one either.  Didn't want you to keep me home.  I'm still good to help, Srui.  Don't tell me I can't help.  But now you get why I'm gonna make sure we get home.  All of us..."
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Yelena nods.  "Yelena was wondering.  And Srui right.  Yelena not let come if know sooner.  Srui should go home anyway.  Yelena glad Arc want come, but want Arc stay safe.  Does rigger man know?"  Yelena is quiet for a minute then adds, "And Yelena want Arc make sure about rigger man.  Sometimes is OK to be Arc friend and another to be friend of children.  Does he know I am assassin or just a runner friend?"
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Arc's face was directly facing Yelena in this exchange, her expression one of deep.contemplation and mild worry as she shook her head.  "I...I haven't told him.  But part of me thinksh I don't needa.  Way he been acting, wonderin if he knew before I did.  But either way, I'm not going anywhere."  She tapped her head a few times, allowing a smile to flit in.  "you know how I work.  I've learned shome things, I'll make shure to be safe eh?"

"As for you..."
  she swung her legs up, sitting on the bed, face inches away from Yelena.  "He trushts me to pick who I have for my eth.  You keep calling yaself asshasshin, Srui.  That's what you do, but I don't think it's who ya are.  You are more than a weapon, and that's why you're coming home with me when all is done, k?"
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Yelena laughs.  "Srui not worry.  Yelena go home to see niece or nephew..  Job here is justice needed.  Much needed.  Yelena go home after.  Not sure if stay Seattle.  Marco die and leave Yelena.  Yelena think go kill evil priests.  Not justice..................just fragging vengeance for what did to Marco and others.  Maybe just go back work for fixer.  Go somewhere.  Come back for visit Srui and family."  She shrugs her shoulders and her voice is almost a whisper as she add,  "Yelena lost, Srui.  No direction after kill Tsina Molovna.  Darkness pull Yelena somewhere.  But then lose what Yelena was.  What Yelena might be.  Shadow is calling.  Yelena not know what to do, Srui.  First time in ever not know.  Yelena try be strong, but..................."  The Keep assassin stops talking as tears flow down her face. 
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Jed tells DreamMaker what he needs. It's hard talking to the young man, it's not just the language difficulties, but more a sense of feeling like his requests are trivial to the young man. Still, Jed was hit with the message that it was go time while he was at a party. And he needed what he needed dammit! And he was to old to worry about what some kid thought about him. At least that's what he told himself. So he gave DreamMaker his list of requirements, it wasn't long. Jed pared it down to the absolute minimum. And when he was done DreamMaker had looked at him with those flat, dead eyes and said, "Da. can get. Good price." He'd left then and less than an hour later a skinny kid with to many piercings and to much cyber had delivered his items.

@ Marco  Marco finally arrived at the coordinates, the roads were bad and the car had spun and had to recover several times. But, he'd arrived in one piece. Wherever here was. There seemed to be an old abandoned farmhouse and a small barn. Velenkoradi had preened and said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
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Arc felt her own eyes widen as her friend, her sister, started to break down before her very eyes.  Looks like I'm not the only one needing support.. the human thought as she darted quickly, scooting  to the edge of the bed and darting her right cyber hand out.  It was quick...quick as Yelena now... as it grabbed the keeb by the back of the head, driving her to lock foreheads with the human.

"Now let'sh get shomething fraggin clear.  You are Srui'Ken kal.  If you know anything in the culture I know, yannow that ish not a title jusht handed out.  You are not alone.  In the darkesht pitsh, when nothing else fails, so long as your eth, your family, draws breath, you are never lost."  arc recalled the day that Marco had jumped, and how Yelena had responded.  How both she and Jaime were there for her.  She wanted to punch that fragger for doing this to her blood.

"there is never a place without a hope, an option.  You have a home.  That won't change, srui.  Maybe...maybe this job is quick.  Maybe I help you get that biz done.  Cuz if that's what it takesh to get a future Tary'Ken back home with me, sho be it"  she flashed a little grin, still holding her there, shedding some tears of her own.  "now howsh that shound?"
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Yelena freely cries.  Frustration, grief, anger, and despair all war inside her against the small spark that is the hope provided by Arc.  Inside herself, she knows that she can never take Arc into battle against a priesthood of killers, not now.  She has to do everything she can to make sure her Srui gets home to the rigger man.  The thought steels something in her and she raises her hand to wipe at her tears.  Nodding, she says, "Yes, Srui.  Family is always.  Yelena has family.  Keep family safe."
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Arc's lips curl into a little as she nodded, closing her eyes as she held the embrace.  "Exactly.  That's what we do, keep each other shafe. It's why I'm here for you now, why Jed ish here for you now.  So we can all go home"  She sighed, finally letting go without pulling away.

"maybe when this ish over we can go back and see about your idea bout picking up the club, yeah?  Would keep you near family at leasht.."  She shrugged, sitting up straight and rolling her shoulders to stretch as she wiped her face.
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Yelena nods.  "Club is maybe.  Need find out who owns.  Maybe buy if get reward for Tsina."  She puts her hands on either side of Arc's stomach and lowers her head.  "Hey, in there.  Whatever you are.  Aunt Yelena make sure you get home and born."  Standing, Yelena smiles at Arc and lays down on one side of the bed.  "Yelena thank Srui.  Arc remind Yelena of things to do.  Arc true friend."
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Marco stops the car near the farm house and say to Velenkoradi, "Indeed... it is, look my beutiful friend - I suggest you keep in the astral as it may get dangerous".
With his famous cool resolve and self confidence he approaches the farm house, to make sure that he is unarmed Marco leaves his coat in the car, it seems like a reasonable move as Marco is actually unarmed. With broken Russian he says "YA prishel iz mogily, chtoby pomoch' Yelene dobit'sya spravedlivosti" That means something like "I came from the grave to help Yelena get justice"

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@ Marco  Marco hears a match being struck behind him and to his right. And when he turns to face the sound he sees Nicolai's lean form drawing his first long breath of one of those obnoxious cigarettes Yelena favors. "Is hard to come from grave. But, vengeance is certain for those that return."
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"Ach...ah..."  the mechanic instinctively lifted her arms up when Yelena touched her, freezing in place and growing hot in the cheek from the motion. that gonna be common down the road or something?  letting it a chuckle, she tapped Yelena on the side of the head gently before getting up, grabbing her chips as the elf lay down.

"course.  Yannow I'm here, Srui.  I'm gonna go check on Jed, make sure he hasn't wandered off or shummat."  giving a casual salute, she stepped out of the room, slowly shutting the door before heading to the other occupied room.  "Hoi, omae, you in there?  Got shome toys you might wanna take a peek at..."  He did mention wanting eyes with us...wonder if my drones will do the trick...

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Jed shook out the clothes brought by the young man.  He had stuck to Russian as much as possible once they arrived, using his newfound knowledge of Polish when able.  After taking off his armored jacket, and putting on the ballistic vest, he felt almost naked.  You don't roll in the Barrens without a full jacket.  It just isn't safe.  Jed finished dressing in the older clothes, putting on the sturdy pair of leather shoes, and exchanging his summer fedora for the grey wool flat cap.  Wow, actual wool, not soy fibers.  He'd be taking this home with him.  Jed quickly pocketed the laser microphone, bug scanner and plastic restraints.  Turning on the two burner phones to make sure they worked.   He spent a moment wishing Firefly had joined them.  Matrix support would have been nice, making sure the phones weren't rigged. 

Jed quickly attempted to summon his daily spirit of man.  His first couple of attempts ended in failure.  Shit. Was the mana flowing differently here?  It didn't seem like it.   Finally, he narrowly succeeded in summoning and negotiating with a spirit.  It was essentially only going to be able to cast the necessary spell.  After the next task it would be released.  As his first task, Jed directed it to cast  a spell to expand his awareness and instincts and sustain it until sundown.  He then cast a low powered version of a spell to compensate for his aging reflexes, sustaining it with the focus that he and Marco created.  He felt a tinge of sadness at the thought of Marco's sudden down spiral and abrupt end.Can't think about that right now

Jed stretched himself out on the bed, and prepared to scout their digs.  First he would project himself astrally to check for anything unusual on the astral, then cast his Clairvoyance spell so that he could scout the place physically without Nicolai observing.  Just as he laid down, he heard a tap at the door.  "Hoi, omae, you in there?  Got shome toys you might wanna take a peek at...". 

 Come in Ms. Arc, I was just laying down.  Please invite Yelena in.  We should talk about a couple of things first.

Jed propped himself up on pillows.  They needed to discuss the plan.

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Marco smiles extends his hand and say  "It is harder to quit these poison sticks... our mutual friend had done the former three times and yet failed to do the latter. " Marco is still amazed how unnaturally stealthy that man is, one thing he got to hand him, with this kind of stealth Nikolai is probably very good at his profession.
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Arc didn't open the door right away, but gave a nod to the response.  "Aight, give me a shec..."  the short human turned around, stepping back to Yelena's door and peeking her head in.  "Srui, Jed wanna chat for a bit bout our shitch.   Hish room when you ready."  nodding in affirmation she returned to the older man's room, letting herself in before eloping on a chair.

"Nice threadsh.  Like outta the old tridsh, hehe"  grinning, Arc leaned forward, snacking as she got comfy.  "I know you was working with Firefly on some surveillance drek.  Think I can help with that..."  holding out her cyberarm, she opened up some of the paneling, releasing a couple of her Fly-Spys into the air.  "Wash workin on flight patterns, and the cameras work well.  I can give you the feed and camera control null shweat...think itll help give ya eyes on the op?"  she smiled confidently, inwardly hoping it would.
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Yelena nods and gets off the bed.  She walks to Jed's room and enters, standing against the wall near the door and watching.
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Nicolai uses a DNA scanner to verify Marco's identity. And then leads him into the barn and down into a trapdoor, past the surveillance and to a room with Arc standing outside of it. He hears her say, "Srui, Jed wanna chat for a bit bout our shitch.   Hish room when you ready."
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Uncertain how to approach Arc Marco stares a bit. He is uncertain just how to approach Arc. Yet, in he way he sees her now for the first time - her music... the poor girl have distorted it. Yet, Arc sounds like some tribal drums constantly beating. She is like a call for people to assemble to come and seat by the fire. She seem to be longing to belong, to be part of...  So close and yet so far - how can you tell someone this kind of message? Jed will identify him in a heart bit, Marco is not yet experienced enough to mask the hints he gives people in the world of emotions. 

He finally say "Hello Arc, how was your flight?"  In a friendly manner, yet somewhat distant. Marco does not feel very friendly recently, if any he feels completely alone, alienated from life itself. He is truly long way from home - and where is home? Seattle was home - but it now feels like nothing more than an illusion. A mirage that was difficult to let go - at the end of the day people die alone.  No matter how friendly and how charismatic they are, when death comes it is every man for himself.

Marco was alone - even Agrat did not seem to talk to him anymore. His methods were too cold and too extreme for her. She left him, perhaps for good. The one constant voice in his mind has grown silent.  There were so many new voices in his head and yet none of them was as wonderful as hers.

Marco watched Arc, trying to mask her surprise and struggle to place him. Figuring out that there was no 'good' way to drop that bomb he simply says.  "I was once Marco, but I call myself Blackbird now.". Saying his own name is painful - and Marco nee to force himself to say it.
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As Arc was going over the specs of her bugs, how they would be providing basic overwatch for their little team, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, her street instincts warning her of a presence approaching.  She trailed off about the basic range she'd be able to pull with her drones when she heard a gentle, masculine voice coming from the doorway.

"Hello Arc, how was your flight?"

Her cyberhand snapped to her lower back where her pistol lay, weight shifting on her hip as she turned side-view to the man, green cybereyes narrowed in scrutiny of the subject.  He knows my name...where do I know this fragger..why is he here...what...  She flitted a momentary glance to Yelena in the corner, out of view, indicating to wait in case this was bad news.  Straightening up, she huffed and pulled some red locks from her face.

"Flight wash good, tch.  What'sh it to yeh..."  Her eyes looked him up and down....nope, complete stranger...she was focusing so hard that she barely registered his next words...

"I was once Marco, but I call myself Blackbird now."

She froze, eyes going wide at the realization.  Of course...fragging mojo covering his hoop up.  What...  Her shock was apparent as her mouth formed the words of his name, silenty uttering them as she felt her body tense.  The past two weeks flashed before her eyes...the struggle that Yelena and he were having..then his suicide, the anguish, the grief, the pain...all that had been wrought on her blood sister, and herself as a proxy...for that incident hurt those she cared for, and her in the process. the next move she made was one of all those feelings she had worked through, buried for the sake of supporting Yelena, coming out at once.  Her mind had put it all together in seconds, how it was even possible that he got here.  And when the short mechanic darted forward, tears were welling in her eyes as her right fist came up to his cheek in an alarmingly swift right cross.  "An act?  You fraggin' put ush through all that ash an ACT?!?!"  What the frag were you thinking, if at all?!"

As quick as the action came, she did not persist, her eyes full of emotion and passion as she waited for the reaction....
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Yelena is leaning against the wall and out of direct sight of anyone standing just outside the room.  To her it is not unusual that others here would know Arc's name, but the tone of voice is not what she would expect.  And there is no hint of Russian, or any other eastern European tongue, in the words.  Her surprise at the interruption is compounded by the next words the stranger speaks.  Calling himself Marco is a brilliant stroke.  It leads to a momentary confusion that could allow an assassin to get closer to his target, a technique similar to ones she has used in the past.  But as quick as her hand is in drawing and spinning up her large sidearm, Arc is quicker.  The short human is on the stranger before Yelena has the pistol completely free of its holster, the resulting punch loud enough to be heard several feet away.

Yelena steps around the open door with her pistol held ready but pointed at the floor.  She reaches out a hand to restrain Arc.  "Calm, Srui.  Marco dead.  Not trust friends.  Not trust lover.  Marco gone."  She calls over her shoulder to Jed.  "Jedediah.  Can PI man tell who this is?  See through mojo?"  Yelena senses that the stranger might be considering saying something so she holds up her hand.  "Stranger tell Yelena and friends why here.  Not want hear other things."
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Marco embraces the pain, in a way it comforts him. He feels alive. There is nothing he could possibly say to her, no justification. He did what he needed to do, and it was painful, like ripping a bandage. He took the hard decision and paid for it in Blood. He wipes down the blood from his upper lip and nose and smiles.

His heart races when Yelena enters the room, gun or not - at least  she is still breathing.

"Marco had a problematic past and powerful masters and he could not leave Seattle. It was not an act, it was real, he really did commit suicide and in a way he really is dead. It was real to him and it was real to you, it was the only way.  You guys are not very good in lying, you do not control your emotions, your body language and your thoughts. Even if you did, Marco did not even trust himself to be able to keep his own secret. Facing an adversary that can read minds, the only way to lie is with truths. "

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Yelena shakes her head as she forces her hand to return the weapon to its holster.  She is a bit concerned that she might really want to use it on the man in front of her.  "No.  Was only way in Marco mind and Marco so smart he did not think others might have another way.  Was selfish way.  Suicide caused bad things.  Hurt friends.  Hurt woman who loved him.  Showed lack of trust and faith.  Is true Yelena not lie well.  Yelena not need lie.  He made decision by self for self.  No thoughts for others.  No thoughts for Yelena, Arc, Jedediah, Firefly, Tuskaloosa.  No thoughts for other boys.  Just selfish.  Yelena loved Marco.  Would have dared anything.  Dared anyone.  Marco kill love."
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Marco listens, he is quiet and patient. When Yelena is done giving him justification to his choice to keep her in the dark about his plan. He say softly, with a balanced voice - not to happy and not to sad. There is no anger, in that voice just a hint of compassion.

 "Indeed, that stunt was done for me and indeed it was selfish, survival always is selifh. How do you think Firefly felt once she reached seattle? She was alone and had all her family and friends ripped away from her like a bandage. This is where I am now, I do not know why you mention Tuska and Firefly with the same sentence as you and Arc. I only met these two a couple of times and there was not much love there.

I had many people I cared about in my life, friends, a community, contacts and even clients. I had hopes, dreams and ambitions, I had a life and I ripped it all apart like a bandage. You lost one person, a lover, but I lost everything there was, everything that Marco was. Indeed, I did so to earn my freedom and I did so only for myself. I deserve to be free and I paid for it with my own blood, and the with the blood of the people we dropped into the river. As a mean to an end, because extracting a sociopath genius mage was more important than their life.

It is your choice who you love, all I have to say is that I am here. I am here since your justice was Marco's last will - the last will of a dead man. A man that wanted you safe despite reason, despite the horrible body count you leave behind you.  A man that loved you, and a man that still does. A strong man that would do anything to be live free.

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Yelena carefully examines her feelings and realizes that she and the man in front of her are so very different from each other.  Love had been the glue that had bound two such disparate people together and now that love is gone.  She realizes that she will probably never be able to see his justification and that he will never accept her arguments and that there is really no point to continuing to argue about them.  She moves aside and motions for him to enter the room.
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Marco enters the room and takes a seat, he still tries to make sense of his own body. It is still handsome, but it is simply not himself. He remains quiet, and nods at Jed as he enters.

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Nicolai frowns as he enters the room and then looks back and forth between Yelena and Marco and then says, "Is Marco, DNA confirmation, or I take him and he would be screaming all truths, all secrets, all lies he knows and beg me for death. He would not step foot as free man here. But, if you do not want him here he will not be here. This is our justice for our blood, no one else's."
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As Jed began to prepare for laying out his thoughts to the girls, the unimaginable events play out before him.  Even before Arc asks for him to verify the man's identity, Jed has his astral eyes on target. 

He appears to be Marco, but that can be faked too.  Yelena, do you still have the comb he gave you?  It's a magical focus for him.  If he can activate the comb, it's Marco.  If he can't, kill him

As Jed continues to examine Marco's aura, he sees that it is indeed Marco, but there are changes.  Recognizing an aura is like looking at an intricate fingerprint.  The color, shading and intensity of the aura can change, but the swirls and whorls remain.  This is Marco, but as he says, in a way, its not.
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Yelena nods at both Jed and Nicolai.  She pulls out the comb from a pocket and hands it to the man who has said his name used to be Marco.  "Here.  Make work so PI man can tell is Marco."  SHe turns to gaze directly at her mentor.  "Yes.  If not Marco Yelena lets you kill him.  If is Marco Yelena lets him stay to help.  He has come long way to help, but you knew he was coming.  Why not tell Yelena?" 

Without waiting for an answer from Nicolai, which she might not believe anyway, she turns back to the man in the chair as he takes the comb.
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Marco takes the comb, observes it with detail and plays with it. After a bit of playing he says  "I am not going to use my mojo just to prove a point. Go ahead, kill and torture me - I no longer fear death and I no longer fear pain. I looked into the abyss and I took a step forward, I was diciplined enough to allow my body to crush on concrete and then was diciplined enough to allow my blood to flow out of my body, without even trying the healing spell. None of that was as painful as watching the woman I love looking at me like a stranger after I travelled half the world and tracked down a dangerous Bratva for her justice.

If it makes you less violent toward me I will tell you a different story, how I managed to track you all the way from Seattle. Perhaps Nikolai can speed up his game with regards to security. "
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Yelena steps between Nicolai and Blackbird.  "Blackbird not think right.  Say wrong things.  Team not sure trust Blackbird after Seattle.  Blackbird should work for build trust, not say wrong things.  Blackbird try show bravado by smart ass answer and then challenge dangerous man in own house.  Your words of love are only for you to hear.  Where was love when Yelena on roof begging for Marco.  Yelena loved much.  Yelena loved enough challenge unholy men.  Go anywhere Marco go.  Work together Marco bring down priests.  Marco only want use Yelena for own purpose.  Marco lie Yelena.  Marco hurt Yelena.  Much hurt.  Is not love.  Not love when lie and hurt on purpose.  Is wrong when tell yourself was for love.  More wrong when tell Yelena was for love."

Yelena stops talking for a moment.  She looks into her heart for what love might be left for this man and finds......................nothing.  The anguish and pain caused by his actions have driven that emotion away.  She looks back at Blackbird and adds, "So how Blackbird find us?"
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Marco said calmly, he was upset but his words were well measured "I am not spilling
anymore secrets before I drink some Vodka - or torture if you are out of Vodka that is."

There was so much he had to say, how he would have never made it out of Seattle otherwise, how he remained true to his word. He gave up his entire social network, his own body just to become a ghost. He was finally invisible enough to try and stop the unholy priests that created him.

Marco's friends seemed to compete with each other about killing and torturing. "I made a mistake coming here, I risked my secret for nothing - these people are not friends. They would not help me get my kind of justice."  To be honest, Marco did not feel threatened by death and torture, at his emotional state - death was a release. He was already in hell, so what was the difference? Perhaps if they kill him now he will not have to see his former friends murder people.
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A ghost of a smile crosses Nicolai's lips and he says, "Он молод. Он глуп. Настолько глуп, что он не будет жить до старости." Nicolai shrugs, "Мужчины, которые думают, что готовы умереть за любовь являются полезными инструментами. Я не учил вас, чтобы выбросить инструмент не использовался.

[spoiler]"He's young. He is stupid. So stupid, that he would not live to be old." . . . . . . .
        "Men who think they are ready to die for love are useful tools. I do not teach you to throw the tool away not used."[/spoiler]
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Arc felt Yelena's hand before she felt it stop her, the feelings she had coursing through her veins as her cybernetic eyes hid them away.  A quiet snarl formed on her lips as she stopped herself, pushing bodily against the elf's hand before she relaxed.  Her mind started to process things, seeing the other persoectives, what was happening.

All she knew was that this dude was not lying, and there was a reason he came here into the den of a bratwurst...or whatever the Russians called it.

Arc could feel the tensions rise as the forces of will clashed in the air between them, and her mood shifted.  She picked up the sounds from the words and cracked a little smile, this time tapping Yelena on the arm.  "Lotta Lotta big words n drek.  Some things I guess ya can't change, heh..."

Sighing, she turned her gaze on Nikolai, pushing out her jaw as she lifted her chin.  "we got it from here, thanksh"  once alone, the human stepped casually, shutting the door behind them to close them off.  "I think some explaining is in order...shet shtraight what all happened and figure out where to go...but I get the vibe we ain't exactly got the time to do that jushtice.  So...quick version?  How we gonna go from here?"
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Marco saw Velenkoradi enter the room and settle on Arc's shoulder, "Passion is the only truth you have ever known. Why do you deny yoursrlf and close the only door that is wholly and completely honest?"
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"Finally that murderous asshole is gone" thought Marco and then said "No alcohol, I guess we choose torture, fine. Yelena, when I gave you the comb I told you that it contains a piece of my soul. It is part for me and connected to me and as long as you carry it I can always find you. This is why I insisted that you take it with you. "

Then Velenkoradi materialize and floats near Arcs shoulder.

Marco laughs "Meet Velenkoradi, he owes me like a dozen services but I see him more as a friend than a bound spirit. I carry with me four more spirits - but these tend to stick to the astral."

With a grin on his face, Marco told Velenkoradi "Passion is currently the furthest thing in my mind right now, perhaps I am still grieving my loss. I still have too many things to figure out, lets discuss it again once I feel better."

To everyone he said  "Velenkoradi was the one to find Yelena, what he did was to track the magical lines that connect me to this comb.  He did so all the way from Seattle, right before my flight.
It is incredible how he can travel faster than airplanes and is completely free.  He is a brilliant spirit seriously"

With a devious smile he said - "But as a tribute to Velenkoradi's idea"...  Marco focused his mind on passion and granted the entire room few moments of intense pleasure. "Usually people atleast buy me a drink before I start serving them - I guess I m losing my edge"  
Oppium Den ( 15d6t5 3 F3
Oppium Den drain ( 11d6t5 4

Marco seat in the corner of the room -  "I did everything that you wanted and I am unarmed and pacifist. Your threats are ridiculous - they are like a spider that threatens a fly. You have the guns, the offensive magic and a Bratva of dangerous criminals that would enjoy getting rid of me. I showed trust coming here, you better figure out your shit - you are only here for a short time and already became so violent, in speech and in action.  I can barely recognize you... " 
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Yelena shudders at what Blackbird is saying, barely controlling her rage and pain.  She pulls the shadow to her and calms down.  Then Blackbird introduces the spirit and casts a spell that is apparently designed to bring pleasure and manipulate the mood of those in the room.  She can almost see the rows of bunk beds and smell the scented aroma of opium and other drugs waft through the dimly lit den.  It is almost as if she is back in Li Pat's, an opium parlor in London's East End that caters, or used to cater, to those who could find it.  Yelena could almost have called it her second home while she was working in London.  Once the money ran out, sex was a common form of currency for just one more hit of Bliss, and Yelena had paid willingly.  Shaking her head, Yelena resists the artificial urge to sink into that den's grasp and be happy and then realizes the source.  Her voice has a strange sort of sad quality to it, as if finally saying goodbye to something that had been lost but might be found if one looked hard enough.  "So even last gift was lie.  Not from remnant of love, but to trick Yelena reveal location    All things you do were for you.  Not for love and not for friends.  Just you.  No trust.  No work together as team, as friends.  Just use Yelena love against her to help prove you dead.  Maybe plan from start?  Use Yelena all the time.  Weak, stupid Yelena.  Fun in bed but too stupid to tell truth.  Is just like sax man.  Lie to Yelena, she not catch on.  Hurt friends.  All part of game you play.  Now Yelena know about you.  Now Yelena know.  Yelena survive betrayal.  Did before and will again.  You could have been great but are now small man."

[spoiler]  Resist Spell:  Resist Spell ( 7d6t5 3
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Blackbird said "Finally you see me, you can keep the comb. I did not lie to you - I did not share the truth with you. It is not the same. I was true to you, still am and I am here to help. The relationship talk we can do later this is not the place and time. We might say things that we will regret them." He tossed her the comb and took a seat.
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Yelena catches the comb then leans forward and places it in one of his pockets.  "Yelena not want.  Keep and remind self how you tossed love away.  Old love gone in wind.  Part of shadow now.  Marco dead.  Yelena regret what might have been.  Regret what Marco did.  Regret own stupidity.  Marco not true.  Banter words.  Yelena know when lied to.  Marco lie and use Yelena.  But done and past now.  That part of Yelena life is done.  Marco killed that when lied and pretended kill self.  Now Blackbird.  So no more talk Marco."
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Blackbird took the comb pocketed it. "I'll hold on to it for a while, until you want to have it."   He looked at Yelena and said "You are hurt and angry, I can respect that. What you say is one legitimate perspective to events. There is more than one side to that coin. Perhaps a different day, when you are less angry.  Perhaps understanding a second perspective would make you happier.
Still I came here, for you. Is my help wanted? Can I leave peacefully if it is not?"

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Well, this certainly sounded like Marco.  Marco had such a strange way of seeing things, Jed didn't think someone else who hadn't spent time with him could imitate his mind set so well.  Jed didn't trust Nicolai, and when Marco had shown up suddenly not dead, he suspected Nicolai as planting an imposter in the group to keep an eye on them.  Maybe...

Marco gestured and a wave of Euphoria began to cloud Jed's mind What the fu......  Jed pushed back against the fog covering his thoughts and slowly his mind cleared.

[spoiler]smilinirish:7D6E5 → 3( (5, 4, 2, 6, 6, 1, 4→ 3 successes against 5) ) ([/spoiler]

He saw Yelena's face go slack for a moment before her gaze sharpened again.  What was he thinking.  Was he drive her back to the drugs?

Marc....Blackbird!  Please, do not ever cast that spell on me without asking.  This is most certainly not the time.  What are you trying to do to Yelena with that?  You know her struggles.  Jed takes a few breaths and tries to make sure he was calm.    I have something I'd like to ask you, can your please use you mind spell?
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Marco said "But you asked - you said to kill me if I did not cast a spell, you should be more specific with what you ask for. I wanted a spell that is discreet to digital audience"   He quickly linked his mind with Jed as he requested - these people are not going to allow him to sleep.
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Yelena considers her answer to Blackbird's question.  She is glad for Jedediah's interruption and looks carefully at the older man.  Perhaps there is something there that she has missed.  She looks back to Blackbird as he and the PI man talk by mind.  She knows that he can carry on that conversation and still talk to her.  At least she believes he can.  "Yes.  Blackbird help wanted.  Yelena not know if Blackbird allowed to leave if not want stay.  Not Yelena house.  Yelena would talk Nicolai for Blackbird safety."

Yelena takes a chair and moves a few feet away before sitting down.  The past few minutes have been emotional.  From trying to hide what she still felt for Marco so she would not go insane from the grief, she has progressed through anger at what he had done to her and the rest of the team, and now to indifference.  On the rooftop, she had forced strands of shadow to bind the wounds to her heart and to conceal the spark of love that she still had for Marco, but now she looks into her heart and there is nothing left to hide.  The revelations of the past few minutes have completely crushed that spark and there is now simply a void where that love had been hidden.
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It took a moment for Arc to register the voice that was hovering by her shoulder, but when she did she moved quickly.  Darting her head over, she saw the peacock...a majestic looking thing, preening itself as it's presence occupies some space.  With everything else going on, she felt she should freak out at this...but with two mages in the room, a magic bird seemed like a trivial issue.  Still, the conversation went on without her, leaving her to think on the current situation.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  Marco didn't think like we did, and Blackbird is giving all the social queues of that theme too.  Frag.  Well if he's here, the help could be used, but we gotta get on the same page...or liability is the best thing we can hope for...wha?

[spoiler]Log + Will ( 9d6t5 3[/spoiler]

Arc felt a wave of some odd sensation passing over her, a heady aroma that tried to make her weak at the knees.  Steeling herself, she grit her teeth and shook it out with one snap of her head.  Growling quietly, she let it go with a sigh before nodding to Jed.  "Shpells without permission, that'sh Marco alright.."  When she saw Jed linking up, she let the conversation stay there, instead going over to stand beside Yelena.

At the moment, words were hard to find to deal with this situation...and the mechanic was pretty sure the Russian wasn't looking for words right now.  So, she closed her eyes, placing her left hand, her real hand, onto Yelena's shoulder, squeezing gently in support.  It's gonna be alright...if we let it..
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Yelena feels the touch of her friend and looks at her, talking softly.  "Yes, Srui.  We get through.  Never be alright again with him.  But Marco really dead now.  Dead and gone.  Now must deal with Blackbird.  Same man but different.  Still not show care for feelings of others, but different."
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Blackbird smiled now finally some peace and quiet, he said softly "Few things, one I feel bad from playing chess with your emotions, two I am not sorry as I would have done so again had the circumstances been the same, I believed that to be the best way at the time. " This is as close he could do apology without starting to lie, but perhaps honesty was not such a good policy anyhow.

One disturbing thought that came into his head was "I must kill Nikolai..." . Perhaps new kind of desires appear after you cross a certain line. Or perhaps Nilolai was an exception.
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Velenkoradi says, "Truth is like beauty. Always in the mind of it's beholder." He fades rapidly then as he stops manifesting,
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Yelena looks at Blackbird for a few moments then says, "Is only best way in your mind.  Yelena have no real friends for may years.  Then come Seattle.  Meet Arc, Feathers, Sam, Jedediah, others.  Friends.  Yelena thought Marco friend and more.  Friends not do what Marco do.  No matter risk.  Real friends go end of world and risk everything.  Not lie and hurt then use excuse for hurt."  She shrugs and takes a deep breath.  Now Marco dead.  Blackbird here.  Blackbird skill can help get justice.  Yelena thank for that."
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Blackbird sighed, he was long way from home. He thought: Truth was selfish, truth got Arc to spend a night in jail. Had they lied to Arc, she wouldn't have spent that night. That was a truth that just led to more convoluted lies, had Marco just stolen the mage without telling anyone things would have been simpler, perhaps Sam/Shilla whomever that was was not so bad. In that case, truth could get them killed - people that take lives would not spare lives to get their prize. Had they suspected that his friends 'knew' these days might have been completely different.

You cannot trust someone like Marco, like Sam - and you cannot trust someone like Yelena, or Arc for that matter. Maybe it is impossible to trust other people in that line of work, perhaps once you step into the shadows emotions become liability.... No I do not accept it - they only become a liability if you let them control your actions. Some things need to be worked from the brain, not from the heart.

He looked at Yelena with pain in his eyes, perhaps there was no point in explaining she has her version and do not see things from other perspective. She does not see how easy it is to make her disappear especially with her new habits. How many possible hooks and leverages someone can have over her. No, Marco could not trust her, he loved her but could not do that leap of faith. Perhaps that was why he did it. Blackbird felt like someone that has gotten the bill and hangover for a night of drinking that he was not invited to. He knew that him and Marco were the same person, he was not delusional. That drastic move has just changed him so quickly and so drastically that Blackbird found it difficult to identify with Marco.
He sat on the bed and tried to clean his mind before speaking to Jed, one thing he did not want to is that thoughts starts spilling out.
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Arc lowered her gaze, keeping her contact with Yelena with her left hand as she listened to everything.  So much hurt...I've seen him feel, he cannot deny the hurt he sees.  There's something else going on, he's made that clear.  Need to focus...

Squeezing once, the human cleared her throat.  "I don't think we can resholve thish in a small room in Poland, yo.  But yeah, the help will be appreciated. Bout all we can eshtablish at thish point, tch..."

Turning her gaze, faced to the side as she muttered down into Yelena's ear.  "I'll deal with him.  Focush on those that are here, that care about yeh, Srui.  We gon' get through thish"
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Blackbirds use of the focus meant that he was undeniably Marco, and Jed had spent to much time with Marco to fear his spells. Marco's reasons may have been twisted, confused and just plain wrong. But Jed trusted his soul, and his soul was the soul of a man who wanted so badly to love and be loved in return, that he couldn't willingly hurt another. Jed let Blackbirds spell take hold of him. And in a few dizzying moments he could hear him, the 'voice' was Marco's voice, but, older? jaded? bitter? tired? ill? Jed couldn't quite pinpoint the difference, or differences, just yet. He just knew he needed to listen. "Hey buddy. I'm here. I'm listening." he told him. Jed had spent to many years lost to judge another man's trip into that void.
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Marco did the mentally equivalent of a sigh "Was there anything you wanted to say?"
Out of all the people in their small group, Jed seems to be the only one worthy of trust. The rest? They were at the mercy of their own emotions, unworthy to hold on to a secret. Many people were like that - but many people did not depend on his trust. How can Marco trust others when he barely trusts himself ?  The rest were after all angry and offended for being out of the loop

- not for the brilliant course of action!

It was all ego and emotions. Marco should have figured that scene out, defused it, he have done that before. Something was lost though, perhaps a man that showed no compassion on himself, had very little left for others. Perhaps Marco tried to be honest, with people he respected, as much as he could. Perhaps that was a bit too honest for their delicate emotions. His compassion was something that needed to be relearned, or perhaps it was lost - lost to make room to some other key emotions, it was too early to say.

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I don't trust Nicolai.  I was afraid you were a plant by him to keep tabs on us.  I am worried that he will try to eliminate us when this is over.  I've even laid plans to get us out of here without him if we need it.  I needed to see you activate the focus to that I knew it was you.  The "kill him" comment was to see if it affected Nicolai at all.  It obviously didn't.  My focus is getting us all out of here alive.  I'm here to support Yelena, but success isn't my priority.  It is preferred, so we don't find this bitch on our tail, but getting you all out alive is what's important to me.  Also, I don't have any hard feelings for the way you handled things.  That's your business.  But Yelena is going to see things differently, because of the relationship.  As recent as New Year's ya'll were pretty hot and heavy.  I'm not saying you're wrong, just be sensitive to her right now.  Oh, I didn't tell you to cast a spell, I asked you to activate your focus.  I think that spell of all the ones you had available was a poor choice for the situation.  Let's try to put our conflicts aside though and get this job done.  I'm glad you are here.
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Marco thought at Jed: Marco answered " I am certain he will, the man is a psychopath and we are not part of his family. If Yelena dies, he owes us nothing. I do not believe that people that do slavery and murder have any sense of honor toward outsiders. In fact, I am uncertain if this is really about some old feud... He needs something from Tsina, something practical.

Your kill him comment and Nikolai's volunteering to torture me has taken me off balance... I did this meetup so poorly, got tricked into an argument instead of leading the conversation - it is not like me.

What is the plan ? I have five bounded spirits with me they are not as big as the ones I can summon but all are adorable and they did not leave me even at the brink of death. If anything happens to us I should be able know - I have plenty of services so I can watch the rest for a while.

About Yelena he thinks:

"Go figure... I fall in love with a cold and calculated Russian assassin and few weeks later I get the relationship talk, where she goes on and on... So emotional, just like my clients, I thought I found a soul mate - someone that can control her emotions that I can relate to. Someone that I can be honest with. "

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Glad to know that you get the same feeling about Nicolai.  I don't have a plan yet, that is Yelena's department.  I'm hoping to trail from a  distance so that I can see what is going on better, and not be seen as part of the group if anyone else observes.  I have one bound spirit of man who can cast healing magic and move things with its mind.  I also keep another summoned spirit of man who sustains a spell on me to expand my awareness.  I seem to have trouble summoning here.  Probably just tired.  I probably need a short nap after we plan.  I've got a little headache from summoning earlier. 

As far as Yelena, you fell in love with a calculating Russian assassin, but the other side of the coin is that you got a cold assassin to fall in love with you and become vulnerable.  Maybe you aren't accustomed to real attachment due to your line of work, but what you got from Y was something special.  Expect some big reactions if she got hurt while she was vulnerable.  But that is conversations between you two later.  We need to pull the girls into this conversation.
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Marco mentally giggles "I never had a serious attachment in my entire life. I honestly do not know how to behave. If I did not jinx it already - there is no way Yelena or Arc are going to agree to hearing my voice int heir mind. They can barely contain my voice in their ears and I got a bloody nose to testify for it. Perhaps if you ask them...

I summoned one for each kind I can, my spirit of man can do the shape change spell - it seems to be my most versatile spell. It does not take such a great skill to perform. I'd prefer it if somehow nobody dies in this gig - though I do agree it does not look promising."
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Jed looks at the girls.  We are here.  I think our chances of success are greater with M..Blackbird with us.  He brings unique talents.  Are we able to shelve personal issues until we are back in the states?  We need to plan, and we need to do it privately.  I suggest we let Marco link all our minds.  You know it doesn't let him probe your thoughts.  It's just for communication.  Can we do this?
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Arc snapped to at the moment Jed spoke up, about to make some sort of response before she stopped herself.  Whether it was the sternness in his voice or the way the older man presented his thoughts wasn't certain, but Arc felt a bit cowed by the request to put personal feelings aside. Closing her eyes, she realized that she did indeed let feelings flow.  I didn't even just happened.  With a deep breath, she squeezed the Russian's shoulder once before she centered herself, the way she always did whenever a job was present.

"Aye.  Can do that."  She offered a little smirk before adjusting her hair, taking a seat where it was available.  "Jus' bein' clear here.  I got no beef wit' thish mojo mind talk drek, 'long ash I know it'sh comin', ya feel me?"  sighing as she relaxed herself, the human let herself integrate into their mind connection network, using her experience communicating via datajack link as reference for how to express her thoughts.
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Yelena shrugs.  "Yelena not have problem with spell.  Is different from try change Yelena thoughts.  And Yelena talk better in spell."  She takes a seat near Arc and waits for the link to expand to include her.
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Marco replaces the mind-link with Jed, 8 mind links are needed to link all of them and enable them to talk freely, that is too clumsy and near impossible for a single mage to sustain. No - there was a better solution the mind net, at the time Marco has surveyed multiple formulas and did not fancy either. Once he encountered the mind net however it simply made sense. Create a network so a group talks together - perhaps like that they could understand each other.

The power focus has made the casting task easier - Marco was not sure that such a difficult 4 person mind-net was easily established without the mind link.  "It is going to be unlike anything we did before, you will not just hear my voice in your mind. This time you are going to hear each other as well. I think you'd like the freedom to speak that way - but I can understand that it can be intrusive or overwhelming" 

Should the rest agree to the suggested flavor of the spell, Marco would successfully cast the mind net spell. Linking the four of them in the most secure communication network Marco could imagine.
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Yelena nods.  "Spell is good.  Yelena not afraid.  Can let talk more.  Is impossible that others hear?"
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Arc gives a nod as well, affirming her consent to the spell.  Better get adjusted to this mojo while I can.  If we working togethet, I'll need to extend that trust.  Closing her eyes, she held her breath as the mind net was cast over them.

At first she wondered if the spell worked, since she heard nothing in her head right away.  So she decided to test it.

"so a duck walked into a duck bar and looked to the duck bar keeper and said "hey barkeep, got any grapes?"
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Marco casts the spell and remains silent, he thinks at Yelena " Impossible I would not say... anything is possible - but I have yet to encounter a spell that allows one to listen on a mind link. Technological methods also do not work... so I think it is as secure as it gets. "

Then he hears Arc's joke and grows silent, is she nervous? could she be this comfortable after all the grief he had with the mind-link? He listens carefully waiting for the joke to end before commenting.

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Around them the sounds of the other bratva members were dimly heard through the walls. But, no one was knocking on the door. They were apparently being left alone for the moment.
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"So what did the bartender say?"
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Well, if Arc and Yelena were telling jokes, that had to be a good sign.   Jed directed an amused and expectant smile at Arc, glancing at Marco Blackbird to see if it was easing the tension.
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A glance over Arc would tell that the human girl was trying to be calm and focused, something weighing on the back of her mind but kept from the surface.  The smile from Jez was a bit encouraging as she cracked a tusked grin, going on with her joke.

"So the duck bartender said "do I look like a grocery to you? We don't have any ducking grapes!" And proceeded to throw a glass st the duck, who had no choice...but to duck."  she let that linger for a bit, letting them react before moving on.

"tch, yeah that was bad.  Anyhow, we know this spell worked.  Let's get down and get a plan together.  Get in, do this thing, then head on home.  We all have a good idea what we can do...Yelena, how ya wanting us with you on this?"
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Yelena gives a mental shrug.  "I confess that I do not know.  This is mostly Nikolai's show.  He has invited help so that I can participate in seeing justice done.  I want us to stick together as much as possible so we can support each other.  We can make a strong team.  Do not let your minds be confused by the apparent strength of the Bratva here; we are a strong force when we work together.  Nico is not a foolish man and will want to make good use of us.  I am sure that he will summon us soon to do some sort of planning."
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Blackbird remained silent, he had nothing more to add - nothing good to say or think of Nikolai. Whatever he had to say, Yelena should not hear from his own thoughts - it would just create antagonism. Therefore, he chose to remain silent and let Jed lead the conversation.

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Jed realizes that no one is talking and sighs thinking to himself. Young people, so wrapped up in themselves and their own hurts and needs they can't see past them to reach out. They think unconditional love means they'll be understood without explanations.  He sakes his head. Well, it's not like I didn't make my own mistakes in that department. But, there's no sense in a mind link if nobodies talking. And if Marco's not giving any explanation as to why he needed to hurt Yelena that badly, maybe it's because the truth of why he did it is so much worse than having her believe he doesn't love her or trust her that it would break the team permanently. And if that's going to happen, it's going to happen. But I'd rather it happened after this job.Jed continues to think to himself. His abilities and power are impressive. And they might make the difference between dying here and getting out safely. Jed sighs and decides to end the conversation. Yelena and Arc had made a step in the direction of trust. And he didn't want Marco doing something again that would break that fragile thread. Truth to tell, if Marco had successfully cast that manipulation spell on them he could easily have had them all dancing to his tune. He deliberately shifts his thinking so that he can be heard inside the mind link. "Well, I'm glad you girls are willing to give Ma, . Blackbird a chance. He's got such unusual magical talents that there's no way the enemy can anticipate and prepare for them. I think he's going o be our ace in the hole. And just in case we're being watched by that impressive surveillance bank."  "It's been a long night and I've got a feeling we need to get as much rest as we can while we can.", he says out loud. Jed doesn't trust NIkolai any further than a halfer could throw him and wouldn't put it past him to have them bugged and monitored ten ways to Sunday.
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Arc leaned forward a bit, crossing her arms under her chest as she bit her lip, working through her mental curiosities as she tried to form the words.  But as she was about to speak up, Jed beat her to it, then responded with a verbal response..likely a cover.  "Aye...I'll try...regulator makesh too much shleeping hard, but I'll try..."  Going along with it, she coupled her response with some thoughts of her own.

"Aye, any help we can get to finish this and get home'll be good.  With the drop of our additional help, looks like i may need to hang back to cover the tech.  Jed, if memory serves, you like that spot too, so maybe that'd be best.  I'll be able to help Yelena on the front with my aerial drones as well as keep eyes on.  I think that'll work.  But yeah.
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All right, how are we going to do sleeping arrangements?  Are we piling up in one room, splitting up, what's the plan?

Yep, if Nicolai was listening, there needed to be some conversation.

I would like to fade into the background.  If the group is made, I'd rather them miss one of us.  I also need to make contact with my coyote here to put him on notice if we need him, but I'd rather use a comm Nicolai doesn't know about.  You haven't seen me in action much, but I can make someone invisible, float them in midair, heal wounds, shoot lightning, and nudge someones thoughts in a certain direction.  But as you saw before, scouting is where I'm best.
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Blackbird kept his thoughts to himself until he finally thought "No Vodka? "
He was worried, everyone seemed to be sober. Yelena and Nikolai have just reunited - why isn't he finding them at the end of the bottle thinking about old times. Or at bed together... no - stop that thought. Why not? She thought I was dead. 

What about the rest - does Yelena even know any of them? So many years have passed.  Arc also seemed to like hard Liquor - why is she sober? Sure they needed to be alert, but were Bratva's always this stoic? There should certainly be more Vodka around, he thought.

In his lips he said "I am already sleep talking."
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Seeing that he got no reply for his Vodka comment Marco added " Are Bratva's always this stoical? I pictured this place as one of Vices... Was it always like this?"
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Yelena laughs.  "No.  Sometimes is much drinking and sex.  But not so much before important mission.  But after.............yes.  Much drinking and maybe sex.  Now is planning time.  Nicolai bring us in for planning when ready.  Sleep and rest now is good.  Only one bed each room but large enough for two.  Stay ready and rest as much as possible."

She stands then looks around at the others.  "Yelena thank all for coming Poland.  Much help for Yelena.  Important we work together.  Get past pain and hurt to be team.  Past is past.  Hurt may come up again, but after mission."
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"When do we leave ?" Asks Marco, wondering if the doubts about Nikolai should be shared.
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Yelena walks over to Jed.  "Yelena special thank to PI man.  All not need come but did, but Jedediah barely know Yelena.  But come anyway.  You are good man."  She takes one of his hands in hers and raises it t her lips, the very faint scent of jasmine reaching his nose.  She drops his hand and goes to the door.  "Yelena go room.  Someone welcome sleep with Yelena so ready go when Nicolai calls."
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"I'll sleep on the floor - I got used to it, I lived very modestly most of my life." Said Blackbird, and crushed in one of the corners of the room with a blanket.  He thought to the rest  "I did not bring equipment with me, I could appreciate an automatic gun for self defense". .

Looking at Yelena and Jed he thinks to himself "perhaps it makes more sense that way, it is easy to forget but they are of similar age" Still, he feels heartbroken - but some things are difficult to fix.
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Arc cracked a little smile at Yelena's show of appreciation, but didn't think of anything to add to it.  When things went public, she hopped up off the bed, stretching her back with a slight pop as she shrugged.  "Aye, we could all pile up in here or shomethin', or I can hang wit' Jed, y'all'sh call.  I don't take up much shpace, heh.."  Sighing, she glanced over at Marco and his thoughts, nodding her head.

"Gotchu fam.  I'll getcha my SMG as we're rolling out.  Think I've got five clips for that thing." 
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Yelena nods at the others and leaves the room, headed for hers, where she lays down on the bed and controls her breathing in an attempt to stop the whirling emotions that threaten to fill her mind with unnecessary clutter just when she needs to be calm and ready.  **Frag the man for coming back.  Lies, lies, and more lies from him.  Nothing but lies and excuses.........feeble attempts at justifying his actions.  I have to get Marco gone and Blackbird in.  Different man.  Different.**  She finally manages to settle her mind and drift off to sleep.
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Before the mind link dropped, Jed had one last question.
does everyone have a tranceiver?  This would let us talk without Nicholai.  Or, if I'm separate from the group, if one of you have one we could stay in touch.
Milaya, I just want to make sure you come home alive. Maybe I'm trying to succeed where I failed earlier in my life, but I'm here for you.
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"I can cover that too.  Got a small set, think I can outfit everyone with those.  If I jump in I can wire mine into my jack too.  Null sweat"

Arc flashed a smile as she casually brought her cyberarm up to the back of her head, tapping subtly where her transceiver was already in place.  Letting Yelena do her thing, Arc bit her lip and gave a nod.... Rough time...will have to deal with this all eventually, but it's gonna be rough....
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Marco thanks Arc and falls a sleep almost instantly. His dreams are lucid and the content is Marco falling from a tall building desperately trying to save himself but cannot cast a single spell.

Blackbird is unsure whether it is the loss of magic that scares him so much or the fact he is going to crush on the ground. Perhaps it is the combination of both - and regardless of the reason he awakens fully alert and pale after a short scream. Calming his own breath, he tries to relax and hopes he did not wake anyone.  He rolls over and struggles to go back to sleep.

"Go to the big tree Blackbird, you are safe there" He mumbles.
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Yelena is up and back in the other room, large pistol drawn, almost before the scream ends.  "What is trouble?"
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Marco whispered "Shhh... just leave me alone." If anything he wanted to disappear at that moment. The last thing he needed was to hear at that moment of horror was Yelena's version again. The version that makes him nothing, nothing at all. That claim that had she known the details she would have come up with a better way to pull it off. That all his pain and all his self inflicted sufferings were for nothing.  To himself, Blackbird repeated the same mantra in his mind "I am at the big tree, I am safe there, Marco cannot hurt me again."

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Yelena stops and puts the pistol away.  "Yelena alarmed at noise.  Blackbird get rest.  Yelena go back to room."  Matching her words, Yelena returns to her room and the bed there, once again settling her mind and going to sleep.
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Jed was suddenly awake and he didn't know why.  He heard Yelena call out something through the door.  He heard Blackbird nearby "Shhh... just leave me alone."   He could hear Blackbird turn over.  But his breathing was wrong.  He didn't go back to sleep.  Whatever it was, it was over now.  If he was going to keep up with these young ones, he needed his sleep.  As the thought entered his mind, Jed was already asleep.
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The walls between rooms were by no means soundproof in the underground bunker Nicolai had taken them to. And at 03:17 an ear-splitting scream split the air. It was coming from somewhere near where they'd been brought in. Nicolai was working. In a small circle of light a young man and woman were trussed up. Yelena had seen Nicolai work many times. The Ghost was the finest torturer the bratva had ever seen. He'd taught Yelena that torture begins in the mind, and that the mind must be broken. And one of his quirks was that he rarely allowed his subjects to scream, or even speak, and there were few if any visible marks. She'd never really understood his art, but, his results were undeniable. Information from one of his subjects was always relatively quickly obtained and extremely reliable. His reputation had been legendry and was often gone from the bratva on business. He'd been gone for over a month when Tsina had executed her betrayal.
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For the second time, Yelena is wakened by a scream in the night.  But this one is different. and is clearly not coming from the room next door.  She leaves the bed and walks the halls, heading in the direction of the scream, or at least she hopes she is going in the right direction.  Her desire is answered when she comes upon Nicolai torturing a pair of captives.  She is surprised that the girl screamed, as those under his care were seldom able to.  Yelena had never been one for torture, which had been her one real failing as far as Nicolai had been concerned.  Her line of work never really depended on it and she sees little real value in this method of extracting information.
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Blackbird wakes up and follows the scream, spotting Nikolai torturing the pair of captives with Yelena watching. "What a mess, he thinks to himself." and say to Nikolai -"If it is not too much to ask, could you torture them a bit more quietly? Painkillers are just wearing off and I try to sleep." 
In a non confrontational manner he asks "If it is their secrets you require then I can try to speed things up. It does not always work but when it does it is quicker than torture.". Marco stands by Yelena and yawns quietly as a he waits for the response.

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Nicolai answers Marco calmly. "Screaming has stopped. Neither one will scream again. See." He points to their mouths where a tube is sticking out of each of their mouths. It's strapped in place to their heads "Tube guarantees breath, no sound comes out of mouth." Then he looks Marco in the eye with his flat, empty expression. "Quick information not important. Accuracy most important. My method is proven for both." He turns and begins to work on the girl. Marco is unfamiliar with the object in his hands. And as Nicolai uses it not a single mark is left on her body. But it's effectiveness at inducing pain is proven when the girl begins arcing and spasming, her face and body a rictus of pain.  Nicolai is as good as his word, no sound except breathing comes out of either of them. Nicolai does not ask a single question while he is torturing the girl. And Yelena knows that he will not. Not one question will be asked until the man is completely broken. It will not take long, an hour, two at the most. NIcolai is a master at his craft.
     Suddenly from her left side Yelena hears a hoarse voice. " Серебряный скорпион вернулся из мертвых. Tsina умрет кричать, зная, что она не удалась .". When Yelena turns she finds the owner of the voice is a man sitting in a wheelchair. Every visible inch of his skin is covered with scar tissue. It's obvious that he suffered severe burns at one point of his life. "Я старый человек. Но, я переживет ведьму, которая предала нашу семью и смотреть, как она страдает тысячу раз для каждого из нас, что она предала." Only part of his mouth can smile in satisfaction, and it disfigures his face even further. But, the fire that burns in his eyes as he speaks is unmistakable. He lives to watch Tsina suffer.

[spoiler] "The Silver Scorpion has returned from the dead. Tsina will die screaming knowing that she is a failure. I am old man. But, I will survive witch who betrayed our family and watch as she suffers a thousand times for all of us that she had betrayed."[/spoiler]
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The initial screams of Nicolai's torture had ended up rousing Arc as well....she wasn't sleeping, no way to guarantee three good hours, just resting.  Prompted to investigate, she stepped out, seeing Yelena and M--Blackbird already ahead of her.  Stepping lightly, she went behind the pair with a tilted head, peering in to see the sight and sounds of the cold Russian's ministrations to the couple.

She flinched, visibly.  The mechanic's face contorted in a expression of pain and disgust as she bit her lip, her mind flashing back to her treatment while spending time overnight in the jail.  She tried to quell the memories...the pain, the helplessness.  But it was only the two figures in front of her that could mask Arc's reaction from Nicolai...which is what she wanted to avoid. can it be worth it...  She thought quietly to herself.  Touching Yelena's arm briefly, she shared a look that conveyed how she felt about it before turning back, heading back to the rooms...
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Blackbird see that torture as a threat toward them. This is why it is performed right in front of their nose, either this is a test, or it is a warning. Perhaps a bit of both. He listens closely to the astral trying to get some insight on the woman and the man.  He has some plans to shorten their suffering but, is uncertain if he can get away with them. One thing Blackbird is certain, if the woman is not going to make a sound. It is relatively safe to mindlink with her, or perhaps even probe her mind.

Blackbird's face and emotions are a blank slate and give very little insight about the moral outrage he feels, and about his sympathies.

Being a skilled spellcaster, Marco risks a very low force Mindlink spell to Arc. Hoping that her judgement is more to trust than his own.  "Sorry to intrude... Is it okay to talk like this?"  He asks her.
On the woman
Assensing ( 8d6t5 5
and on the man:
Assensing ( 8d6t5 2

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Marco's probing of the couple reveals that both are cybered, the woman more so than the man. But neither one posses any magical abilities.
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As Arc was walking away, she paused as she felt his thoughts connected to her mind, subtly tilting her head in reaction to it.  Gonna take getting used to...  Resisting the urge to turn back to make eye contact, she sidestepped into her designated room, slumping herself against the wall with a sigh.

"I'll have to get used to this before being fully okay...but yeah, thanks for apologizing for it.  On that note..sorry for hitting you, that just kinda came out.  And I ain't going back there.  No matter what this job is about, I am not about that kind of work.  That's for them"
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Marco heard a terrible whisper in his ears "They are cybered... both of them...  The woman more than he man...  The woman is in good health - none of them is awakened."  They had a tone, but at their emotional stress and essence loss it felt off, the terrible whisper was all that Marco could hear. A whisper that he once went to great distances to silence - because it always made Marco uncomfortable - even when saying the most mundane things.

The woman indeed did not scream and Arc did not try to shake the spell - it was such a low power that Marco had no doubt she could shake it off, his voice in her mind was weak and so was hers in ease. Intent was understood, but it lacked the bandwidth of doing so in a non discreet manner. It was nothing like...  "Stop dreaming... focus,  you are conditioned to think of passion every-time you are at emotional stress. Stop thinking about Yelena, it is too painful." He thought to himself as his mind wandered to a significantly more successful mindlink that augmented his and Yelena physical emotions.

Marco organized his thoughts into patterns that Arc could understand, it took effort to down the intensity into something understandable.
 " I did not want to say anything earlier because Yelena was connected, but I do not trust Nikolai at all and  I think that he might want to eliminate us
once the deed is over.

Anything he respects, we are not. The only reason we are here is Yelena and the Yelena that lived with these people would have never been friends with us.

I did not come here to help kill Tsina, I do not think people should physically harm each other - it is an odd place for me.

I came here to get you home safely.

I may be paranoid but I think that Nikolai is torturing on purpose right out of our doorstep.  He wanted us to see his art.

It is a statement, a threat or a warning.

A guy like him with all his experience only need a single glance to know that we are not his comrades.

Can you think of anything we can do for these poor fellows?

I mean - it seems so wrong - they are clearly suffering.  Everything I can think about is dangerous. I feel that I am capable of anything but not  in that self help bullshit, in a dark and terrifying manner... I am kind of scared of the ideas I am going to come with.

Oh... do not worry about the punch... you have the unique ability to punch like a girl - even if you use a bulky chromatic cyberarm. This story is going to make quite an impression... It may even help me to get lucky... so in a way thank you.

At the same time Marco asked with curiosity "Thank you,
you seem to be very proficient at your work, I am sure you figured everything out, but I have never seen this kind of thing in my life. If the tube prevents them form speaking, how are they going to tell you their secrets ?"
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Yelena watches the torture with little passion expressed on her face or in her body language.  She has seen this sort of thing many times and her dark soul is pretty much inured to it.   It does bring back memories of her life working under Nicolai in the prison.  First there was some sort of information gathering, often by torture, then the killing, and then the sex that always followed.  Somewhat dispassionately, Yelena notes that Nicolai's technique has only improved during the years they have been apart.  She no longer considers herself the student, but realizes that her mentor can still teach her things.  Not about torture, no, because Yelena had never shown a penchant or aptitude for that.  This had been a slight disappointment to Nicolai, but her other skills more than made up for the deficiency.  Even now, he does not offer to turn the woman over to her, but is satisfied that she watch.

Yelena knows when Jedediah and Arc leave, but she remains.  She knows nothing of these people other than they have been targeted by Nicolai, and that is enough for now.  Ostensibly, they might be key to getting information on Tsina Molovna.  The man in the wheelchair fascinates her and drags her attention from what Ghost is doing.  She kneels at the man's side and looks into his eyes.  She had thought him dead many years ago, burned up in the fire that consumed the safe house they had been living in.  She bows her head in obeisance to her former Bratva leader and lover.  "Я подумал вы мертвых в результате пожара. Я видел предателей наливания топлива на ваше тело и был вынужден посмотреть как Tsina Molovna горит матч и подбросили его в комнате. Я стыдно, что я не смог бы сделать все возможное для сохранения нашей семьи из ее. Я убил несколько, но не достаточно и не в праве. Она убили меня в том, что ночью, как безусловно как она убиты вас. Правосудия уже давно предстоящие и необходимость его обогнал моего желания в течение многих лет. Мы по-прежнему семьи. Я по-прежнему ваша дочь?"

[spoiler]I had thought you dead by fire.  I saw the traitors pouring fuel on your body and was forced to watch as Tsina Molovna lit the match and tossed it into the room.  I am ashamed that I was not able to do anything to save our family from her.  I killed several, but not enough and not the right one.  She killed me that night, just as surely as she killed you.  Justice has been a long time coming and the need for it has fueled my desires for many years.  We are still family.  Am I still your daughter?
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Jed wakes with the feeling that he heard screaming again.  Blackbird is gone.  Rather than exposing himself, Jed decides to scout first.  Closing his eyes he attempts to send his vision away from himself and out into the hall.  As he begins to push through the wall he finds he is unable to progress.  Dropping the spell, he opens his astral sight to find that the room is warded.  Closely examining the ward he sees that it is not an incredibly strong ward.  Fortunately, he has a new trick up his sleeve.  Using a spell to extend his astral sight away from himself, he presses against the wall, this time able to push through.  As he begins to survey the scene before him, he feels like he is peering through smoky glass.  One, two three...all his team is acting fine, but are focused on Nicolai. It quickly becomes evident that he is working on two individuals, and that is where the screaming must have come from.

Jed looks intently as he surveys the scene on the astral, but is frustrated by the fogginess of everything.  Dropping the spell, he recasts it hoping to defeat the ward more soundly...and recasts...and recasts.  Finally, he pushes through well enough to see clearly.  Everything seems to be under control, and everyone is just watching Nicolai. 

Time to take a look around...

[spoiler]  Assensing roll  smilinirish:11D6E5 → 5( (5, 1, 2, 5, 2, 3, 6, 6, 6, 3, 2→ 5 successes against 5) ) (
Multiple castings of astral window result in one drain. 
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@ Jed  Right away Jed realizes that all the walls, ceiling and floors are warded against assensing. The wards are only on the walls and aren't meant to prohibit magic being used inside the rooms.

@ Marco  The man and woman's soul are both dark with the deeds of their past. But nothing compares to the darkness that is Nicolai and Yelena. Nicolai does not even look at Marco as he answers. "When ready I will ask."

@ Yelena  Hellfire reaches out to Yelena and places his hand on her head. "позор Tsina только. И она умрет тысячу смертей. Я думал нанять убийц. Но, щедрости я предложил принес то, что осталось от моей семьи мне. Это справедливость. Tsina умрет, и все, что она работала, предал нас за, мы принимаем, и она будет знать, что она потеряла все, прежде чем она умирает."

"It is Tsina's shame. And she will die a thousand deaths. I thought to hire assassins. But my bounty has brought what was left of my family to me. This is justice. Tsina will die, and everything she has worked for, betrayed us for, we take and she will know she has lost all before she dies." [/spoiler]
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Yelena remains kneeling at the side of the wheelchair but twists a bit to be able to watch Ghost work his magic on the man and woman.  There is no place in her heart  for mercy towards them.  After watching dispassionately for some minutes, she places a hand on Hellfire's arm and looks up at him.  "Ghost и серебро Скорпион будет делать эту вещь для семьи. Для жизни и мертвых. Я помню их всех из них. Я все еще может вызывать их имена и даже мало Иван Krilenko, которые должны были быть дома с его матерью в эту ночь, но хотела бы так много сделал для оказания помощи с празднованием и умер. Почему более семьи позволить этому произойти к нам? Почему они не закон? Знаете ли вы? Я уже говорил слова мои клятвы в каждый день моей жизни с тех пор как я слева. Я по-прежнему Vory."

[spoiler]The Ghost and the Silver Scorpion will do this thing for the family.  For the living and the dead.  I remember them, all of them.  I can still call out their names, even little Ivan Krilenko, who should have been home with his mother that night, but wanted so much to help with the celebration and died because of it.  Why did the greater family allow this to happen to us?  Why did they not act?  Do you know?  I have spoken the words of my oaths every day of my life since I left.  I am still Vory.
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((Placeholder until I get the time to flesh the post out. Noting that Arc's aura confirms her leaving the scene for Jed.  Continuing conversation with Marco, discouraging interference with interrogation for sake of the group's security.  I'm having a rough week energy wise, but I will get back to this!))
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Disappointed with Arc's lack of sense of adventure, Blackbird goes back to sleep. She is of course right in the sense that sticking his nose into Nikolai's affairs is dangerous and unfair to the rest of them. Yet, he is curious as to what sort of information does Nikolai want and if there is a hint that may give them some chance.

Blackbird thinks He is torturing people!!! how am I so powerless to stop it?! Where am I and why on earth did I come here? Do they even need me here?

His refuge is that of the powerless, prayer. He prays for the prisoners, for Nikolai and for Yelena. For people that dwell on the past and miss the present. Whose soul is so dark that people become nothing more than tools for their desires. He then prays for himself never to reach their sate of 'evil', by now Marco understands Russian all the time and as Yelena confessed to never stop being Vory he cringed. How could he be so blind to see her for what she really is... a mass murderer and a monster - how can she be so lost and yet such a monster.

How come he still cares ?

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@ Yelena  Hellfire's eyes grew dark with the fire of his revenge, "Я не просил их. Я не буду рисковать предупреждение Tsina. Ее пытки и смерть должны быть на наших руках. И когда Дух нашел тебя Я знал справедливость, а не только месть будет нашим. За все, что она будет взята из нее."

[spoiler] "I did not ask them. I will not risk warning Tsina. Her torture and death have to be on our hands. And when The Ghost found you I knew justice, not just revenge will be ours. For all that, it will be taken from her."[/spoiler]

@ Jed  Jed's sight expands to take in the rooms all around him. As expected most of the rooms around him were small bunkrooms. His sight could take in a few of the people sitting at survellaince camaras but not many. And of course the torture. Nicolai left no marks, but the pain he was inflicting was absolute. The girl was dying, slowly. her body jerking less and less. Until she died and Nicolai turned to the man.
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Yelena nods at the words of her boss and watches as Nicolai finishes the girl off and turns to the man.  She has noted that her companions have all left the room and she shrugs.  They do not have to witness such an event to still be her friends.  She treasures them, perhaps even Blackbird, although he has a ways to go to earn her trust.  Still, he came, for whatever reason he thought was important...............but he did come to help her and that has to count for something.
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Soon Nicolai has what he's after, Tsina's itinerary, the new codes and the soul of the man he's torturing. He turns to Yelena, "Там, мы должны двигаться быстро. Коды меняются ежедневно и момент нашей атаки должен быть точным." He nods to one of his minions and in a moment Arc, Marco and Jed receive a knock at the door. "Go time plan." They're led to a small conference room where Nicolai, Yelena and a man whose obviously been a burn victim is sitting waiting for them. Nicolai begins immediately. "Tsina is moving shipment of slaves and drugs by train today. Is new business partner and so she will be there personally with many extra guards for possible double cross. Train is underground most way. But, vulnerable here, when it comes out. I have boys who will place charges. My plan is to meet her here. As new business partner. Yelena will be my bodyguard. When she steps from train and sees us she will know we have come to extract justice. At same time charges set when train comes out go off to take money from her soul. My family will use codes to enter her stronghold while forces split and weak. They will who they must. Targets already identified. Yelena says you are here to help. What assistance will be added?"

[spoiler]  "There, we have to move quickly. The codes are changed daily and the time of our attack must be exact."[/spoiler]
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The girl was dying, slowly. her body jerking less and less. Until she died and Nicolai turned to the man.

As Jed watched the woman and Nicolai, he became caught up in the interplay of their auras.  As the brightness of her aura dimmed, his brightened.  As hers began to pulse, dimmer, then re-surging, the intensity of his matched in answer.  This wasn't a man using his tools, this was a something else.  He fed off the misery, fueling his hate with it.  Suddenly, her aura dimmed without pulsing, and before Jed could look away, it flickered and died.  For a moment Nicolai's aura flared, in...ecstasy? 

Profound sadness suffused Jed as he was pulled into a memory of another time he watched an aura die from the astral.  He thought of HER.  That time it was his fault.  He was supposed to protect HER.  But he failed. This one wasn't his to protect, but watching a life dim and die with the Sight was always profound.  The horror of the changes to Nicolai's aura was too much.  As he turned his sight from Nicolai, Yelena was there.  And Jed was disturbed.  The similarities were too striking to ignore.  Yelena's aura was darkening as well.  No ecstasy there, but no emotion for the loss of life.  Satisfaction...maybe? 

How could he look at Nicolai with revulsion, and not feel the same with Yelena?  The difference with her and Nicolai was a space of centimeters.  Jed told himself that the difference was that Nicolai fed on the suffering, and to Yelena it was colder, less passion.  But looking at their aura's the results were not much different.  Maybe it was because he had seen her do good for her community, watching her connect with Arc, form relationships, make sacrifices for another.  He couldn't imagine Nicolai making a sacrifice for another.  But she was too close to what he was.   They would have to hold her, keep her from falling into that abyss.  That was the difference.  Yelena had a lifeline to her humanity because she still cared for some people.  Her dark past was a tool she employed to sustain herself, and to protect those she cared about.  But that link was tenuous.  Ever more so after dealing with her feelings of betrayal by Marco.  He needed to make sure that she came home alive, but he also needed to make sure she came home still Yelena.   
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Yelena says you are here to help. What assistance will be added?"

I am a mage.  My skills lean toward scouting, surveillance, and support.  I can also heal wounds, and I can make someone invisible.  Jed decides to stick to English.  Nicolai probably knows who speaks Russian, but just in case, Jed decides not to tip any more of his hand than he has too.
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Marco wakes up and begins dressing, he combs his hair and wash his face. He walks silently to the meet and then tells Nikolai " I am a man of subterfuge and my methods are soft and delicate. I can be of little help with this plan as described. Could you please explain in more details?"

Marco then explains "I do not want a plan where you make new enemies, where you get your justice. Only to be retaliated by some angry client that lost millions because of you. I suggest we figure out a plan with more subterfuge and less explosives, as there is also the day after justice to worry about and Tsina is clearly part of some bigger ecosystem. "
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Yelena feels a need to step in and say something, but is unsure of how to phrase it until Blackbird talks and provides her with an opportunity.  Yelena here for justice.  Not vengeance.  Not killing of innocents.  Tsina must die to pay for crimes against family.  Against honor.  Many supporters of Tsina will die protecting her.  That is expected from members of her Bratva.  Others can be taken into another family.  No pride or value killing Tsina's slaves.  Many people freed may give help to cause and perhaps strengthen family.  Others just go home."
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Nicolai shrugs, "I am new business partner. No new enemies, only justice. Killing slaves will show her money is not important. She can not buy me. But, if mojo can do same, then slaves can be sold again. Am open to new plan ideas."
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Yelena nods.  "Is good.  Not need kill slaves.  Is not justice.  Blackbird can help by use magic.  Adapt plan but hurry.  Time is short.  What can do to help, Blackbird?  Jedediah?"
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Blackbird looked at Nikolai and said  "I have been a mage long enough to figure out that magic is not always the best solution. As tempting as it is to use it to solve every problem.  Yes, I can fake explosives, and yes it should be reliable for a while until something breaks the illusion. However, it would be by the end of the day an illusion a ruse and should it be detected Tsina would be very suspicious and the entire scene deteriorate to violence.

The most convincing illusions are technically true. If money is not important, we should let the slaves go - in fact have Tsina's men do it. It would keep them occupied while you extract her.
How are you going to bribe an altruistic goody two shoe ? With filthy blood money? Tsina would be surprised, off guard. She expected many things, but not this. This disorientation could be your window of opportunity to make Tsina disappear without a bloodshed.

No bloodshed also means that Tsina is less likely to warn her people in the stronghold, would give your family a better chance of survival. If you need more time for the illusion, I could possibly impersonate Tsina after the meeting so that you can disappear from the scene. Their reputation would be ruined, they would be humiliated for freeing slaves without getting paid for them and losing their boss at the same scene.

You could always come later for the slaves, how far would they possibly go?"
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Arc was caught a bit unprepared as they were summoned for the briefing, having been spending the last few minutes making a few last minute adjustments to her arm to pass the time...and collect her thoughts.  So when the Russian bratva member called her in to join the others, she had to hastily finish up and close the paneling before joining the rest of the group before Nicolai.

When he looked at each of them, asking for their skills, she felt the cold icy gaze, making her own expression harden up.  She already knew how she was going to help.  Not too far away, she would operate her new drones to back up her Srui'ken, adding an extra silenced gun without an extra body.  Chewing the inside of her lip, she opened her mouth to speak...

..when Blackbird went into a big spiel.  She stopped herself...not wanting to interrupt the flow.  But either way, it seemed like her short mechanic hoop had been forgotten for the moment....maybe for the best...
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Do you know if Tsina has magical support?  I can scout the train while it is in route and get an accurate count of people.  I may even be able to tell which one are guards.  Once the fighting starts I can throw some mana around.  Once we are done, hopefully I can make sure we all come home alive.  Looking at Marco Jed says in a low voice  I know you abhor bloodshed, but if you suggest that they not kill Tsina, they won't take anything you say seriously.  Focus on the slaves.  You might find a way to preserve their lives.
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Nicolai looks at Marco flatly, "Stupid is same word for dead. We will have only few people there. All of Yelena's bratva who are not stupid. Me. Hellfire. If Tsina's bratva who go on train are not all dead, we will be dead when she see's me and Silver Scorpion. My bratva will use passcodes to enter her bratva and kill all lieutenants and any who resist after Tsina's death as a betrayer is known. Two-pronged strike is necessary so no warning is called."
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Marco sighs "I take it that Tsina does not know who the client is right?"
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So the plan is set, and this Niko hoop ain't budgin' on it.  We are taking the train through an exposed part.  Plan is to isolate her and take the opposition out quickly and efficiently if possible.  Hmm...

As they were all conversing, any glance back towards the short tusked mechanic would see her cybereyes focused on the space in front of her, a pursed frown on her features and a narrowed brow, arms crossed under her chest as she seemed to be working on something.  Occasionally her gaze would shift slightly, as if focusing on something else as she worked in her now multiple private AROs she has opened. 

"....Well, if the team spread ish how it soundsh, then my help ish shtickin' with the Silver Scorpion..."  Silver Scorpion.  Gonna have to rib Yelena for that later, heh   Arc chuckled inwardly as she stepped forward, cracking her neck as she started opening her windows in a local broadcast...visible to those Matrix capable in the room.  A rough drawing depicting the scene description of a train exposing above ground for a moment was the first to show, along with a cutout simulating the potential meetup.  Taking a moment to get her AROs in order, she made sure she had the group's attention before continuing.

"So thish ish how I undershtood the sitch, feel free to shift it ash needed.  Y'all gon' be in the train when it movesh, then we hit here and boombah.."  A quick activation, and the simulation showed charges going off to halt the train.  "The game ish on.  Here ish where you gotta isholate and neutralize Tsina and her croniesh.  I can help in two ways..."

She pulled up two images: her rotodrones, one fitted with a silenced assault rifle, the other a silenced sniper rifle.  "Shuppresshive fire and outside shupport, windowsh pending, at y'allh dishcretion.  Obviously, I'll need a shecure shpot to work with these, but I can, null shweat.  Now, jusht had another idea to help with isholatin' yo mark."

A list then appeared, showing an itemized bill of materials for a few basic parts...a couple cell batteries, the transmitting antenna of an RF generator, about 2m of insulated copper wiring, a tin can, a couple bandages, a binder clip, and three paper clips.   "Give me twenty minutesh, I can make a jammin' grenade to muck up they wirelessh devicesh.  Think we can get that to work?"

She paused, looking between Nikolai and Yelena to see how her ideas would be received.  If nothing worked, she would be little more than dead weight in her mind, so she did hope for the best.  Ain't no sense being here otherwise
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Yelena looks at her friends and smiles before turning to Nikolai.  "Yelena friends can help.  Good ideas.  Nicolai can incorporate into plan?"
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Very impressed with Arc's sketches, Jed adds I'd like a couple of thermal smoke grenades on hand as well.  Never know when those are helpful.  My astral vision lets me see through them somewhat.
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Nicolai listened to Arc and when he saw the list looked over at MadDog and raised an eyebrow. "Twenty minutes, all got." Then looking at Jed he said, "All grenades not problem. Astral sight is good." Finally looking coldly at Marco he said, "Tsina thinks she knows my face. But always beard and ARO glasses. When she steps off the train and greets me. Then, no beard, no glasses and Silver Scorpion and Hellfire come forward."
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Marco look at Nikolai back with a blank expression. "How about I meet her instead and you guys shoot her from ambush while I capture her full attention.

Having Tsina sees Hellfire and Silver Scorpion before she is captured is dangerous - you are letting your personal feelings compromise the plan. Tsina would be armed and she is dangerous. You do not just show up in front of a person like that with the kind of history you guys have. Also she might still recognize you but would definitely not recognize me.

I would talk to her, while you take a good aim - if you really have taught Silver Scorpion how to shoot I am certain that two sniper rounds would hit her. She is an incredible shot, and nobody survives two sniper shots.
I know...  I know...

You want her to know why she is dead. This has a simple solution, use gel rounds or stick and shots.
Tell her all about your motivation and reasons while she wakes up in captivity.

... I can use magic to quickly remove Tsina from the scene while you guys exchange shots with her body guards. Just retreat, I'll use an illusion to replace Tsina and cover your retreat and by the time her bodyguards figures out my ruse Tsina would be in your hands already.
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Marco listened as Blackbird presented his counter plan.  The ideas weren't his to approve or deny.  Blackbird had some unique talents.  Maybe Nicolai would listen, but Jed had a feeling he was looking for utility assistance for his plan, not for someone to offer a different plan.  Regardless, Jed planned to be nearby and invisible.  Hopefully they didn't have a mage.  That was his first priority.  Assessing that threat and eliminating it was key.  That was his job.

Nicolai, do you know if she has a mage?  My primary use to you would be identifying the mage and eliminating it.  Some mages can throw magic like a grenade, so you may want your crew spread out.  I can only attack one person at a time. 
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Nicolai looks at Jed with his dead, flat eyes and says, "Da, is certain she has mages. But, which will come the subject does not know." Nicolai turns to Yelena and says, "Может ли он быть доверенным с планом? Я могу использовать его части. Но, если мы хотим иметь законное право на ее Братва и все, что она владеет.Оно должно быть неоспоримым, что один из нас убил ее. Оно должно быть неоспоримым, что один из нас убил ее. Она взяла нашу семью. Она должна умереть, зная, мы взяли ее в качестве оплаты."

Can he be trusted with the plan? I can use a part of it. But if we want to have the legal right to her family and everything she owns. It should be indisputable that one of us killed her. She took our family. She has to die knowing we took hers as payment.[/spoiler]
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Twenty minutes...I've done more with less, and the concept is simple.  Aye, this'll do...  Arc cracked her neck,offering a faint smile back at Nicolai as MadDog went to fetch the parts.  Leaving her sketch AROs open, she gave a nod of her head.

"Once I get the partsh, I'll get on it.  You got my two waysh to help in yo plan, I jusht needa know how to position myshelf.  If ya got a shecure locale within a kilo of the op point, that'd make things eashier for me, ya feel?"

She let it go at that, keeping an eye on the doorway where the source of her parts went, awaiting his return...
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Yelena nods at Nicolai.  "Да. Вы можете доверять любой из этих людей с планом. Они имеют наилучшие интерес на сердце и не будет мне в опасность еще больше необходимого. Я настоятельно призываю вас прислушаться к их и адаптировать свой план как вы видите установите. Я понимаю, что мы должны быть те убить Tsina Molovna и что она должна знать почему. Я хотел бы, однако, предупредить, что принимая все это вклеена не действительно необходимо. Это удачное дополнения к этому вопросу, но реальная конечный результат - это то, что она знают, что мы требовательный правосудия по делам семьи она приняла от нас и за честь и клятвы она предано. Если есть некоторые Баунти, я бы стремиться к справедливой доли для моих соратников и от себя лично, но реальная цель - правосудия, да?

[spoiler]Yes.  You may trust any of these people with the plan.  They have my best interest at heart and would not put me in more danger than necessary.  I urge you to listen to them and adapt your plan as you see fit.  I understand that we have to be the ones to kill Tsina Molovna and that she needs to know why.  I would like to caution, however, that taking all that is hers is not truly necessary.  It is a happy adjunct to the issue, but the real end result is that she know that we are exacting justice for the family she took from us and for the honor and oaths she betrayed.  If there is some bounty to be gained, I would seek a fair share for my companions and myself, but the real goal is justice, yes?
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Nicolai looks at Yelena coldly. "Ты ушел долго из семьи. Вы забыли наши законы. Если цари поверить, что мы убили Tsina нашу жизнь и жизнь каждого в наших bratvas являются неустойка. Я знал, что она сделала всего три года назад. До этого я думал, что все мертвы. Я пытался убить ее сам. Я Призрак. Но, я не могу скрыть от маг с астральной sight.So теперь все или ничего. Убиваем ее публично. Мы идем к царям. И когда они ставят под сомнение вас, ваше свидетельство будет неопровержимым. Хелльфьере Свидетельство  будет неопровержимым. Ее предательство, наконец, будет известно. И все у нее есть наш. Все, что меньше не наша справедливость. "

[spoiler]"You were gone a long time from the family. You have forgotten our laws. If the kings believe that we murdered Tsina our lives and the lives of everyone in our bratvas are forfeit. I learned her betrayal only three years ago. Until then, I thought that all had died. I tried to kill her myself. I am The Ghost. But I can not hide from the magician with the astral sight. So now all or nothing. Kill her publicly. We go to the kings. And when they question you, your testimony is irrefutable. Hellfire's testimony is irrefutable. Her betrayal finally be known. And all she has is ours. Anything less is not our justice. "[/spoiler]

Hellfire looks at Yelena and says, "Серебряный скорпион теперь социальный работник, желая только безболезненные ответы."

[spoiler]Silver Scorpion is now a social worker, wanting only painless answers.[/spoiler]
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Yelena looks at both men.  "Серебряный Скорпион забывает ничего. Я уже сказал мой клятвы в каждый день моей жизни я впервые говорит их. Я знаю правосудия законы и что они означают и рисков мы если мы не считает. Я хотел бы также знать, какие призы. Я разочарован тем, что двух мужчин Я восхищаюсь наиболее так меня неправильно поняли. Я считаю, что Tsina Molovna потребности умереть и что мы делаем это публично и поэтому она знает почему. Я также считаю, что солдаты, защищать ее должны быть убиты. Где в этом социального работника? Я не выступать за нет ненужных смертей среди рабов или гражданских лиц. Это между Vory и должны находиться там. В клятвы спроса, что мы защитить все эти люди зависят от нас. После Tsina мертв, мы будет народа они зависят от и оно не будет служить делу справедливости убить их. Никогда не сомневается в том, что я Vory. Как никогда."

[spoiler]The Silver Scorpion forgets nothing.  I have said my oaths every day of my life since I first said them.  I know the justice laws and what they mean and the risks we take if we are not believed.  I also know what the rewards are.  I am disappointed that the two men I admire the most have so misunderstood me.  I believe that Tsina Molovna needs to die and that we do so publicly and so she knows why.  I also believe that the soldiers that defend her should be killed.  Where in this is the social worker?  I do advocate for no unnecessary deaths among the slaves or civilians.  This is between Vory and should be kept there.  The oaths demand that we protect all of those people that depend on us.  After Tsina is dead, we will be the people they depend on and it does not serve justice to kill them.  Do not ever doubt that I am Vory.  Ever.
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Feeling ignored, Marco replied to Nikolai, his Russian is a bit awkward but he clearly understands.
" "Вы не можете скрыть от мага, мало кто может. С технической точки зрения я не могу скрыть от волшебника, а также. Тем не менее, в то время как ваша собственная аура черная от лет убийства и пытки и от пересечения любых моральных границ. Я молод и никогда пролил кровь и никогда не пытали. Маги, глядя на вас будет звучать сигнал тревоги, вы до ничего хорошего. Тот, который смотрит на меня, нашел бы меня вряд ли осуществлять какую-либо насилия. слабости, имеет свою собственную силу вы видите, и правда самый мощный обман ".

"You cannot hide from a mage, few people can. Technically, I cannot hide from a mage as well.  However, while your own Aura is black from years of murder and torture and from crossing any moral boundaries  . I am young and have never spilled blood and have never tortured. A mage looking at you is going to sound the alarm, you are up to no good. One that is looking at me, would find me unlikely to exercise any sort of violence. Weakness, has its own strength you see and the truth is the most powerful deception."
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Jed leans toward Marco and quietly urges him  If they have a mage, it could be more important for us to double team him and take him down quickly.  They have the advantage, because we will be at a fixed location, he can scout us easier than we can scout him.  We'll be trying to scout him on a moving train.  He just has to check our location.  He would know before they arrive that we are awakened.  I'm not sure how we can get the jump on him.  I can have a spirit conceal us, but it won't be fool proof.
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Nicolai turns to Marco and spears him like a fish with his gaze, "Can use part of plan. You will be me  Use mojo to conceal Tsina. We take train. We take Tsina. We torture her for the kings to see. She will confess her crimes and beg Yelena and Hellfire for her death. "
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Marco has kept his discomfort to himself, he had full control of his display of emotions. His outside emotions,  did not have to match these on the inside, it helped a little against assensing as well - but not to a point that Marco could trust his abilities.

He told Nikolai "What you do with Tsina is none of my business, I am going to do my part as I promised Yelena.

You need to understand that mages are difficult to hide from, even expirenced mages cannot hide in the astral plane, if you escape you are visible. Yet, I have a solution for that as well, we need someone to free the slaves and we need to make sure they run in your general direction. Tsina's guards would think it is a distraction, and you could hide in plain sight.

You see, while nobody can hide their aura in astral space, it takes concentration and effort to see someone in a manner that you can recognize a specific person. In a large crowd it is going to be very difficult to signal you out from the astral. Their freedom is your exit plan. I suggest you guys, wear something worthy of a slave, so that you bland in very well, and that you get far enough from the scene to remove Tsina without any mages following you.

I anticipate that Tsina's crew is going to think that the escaping slaves are a distraction, so they are going to look for a ruse somewhere else. Hiding in plane sight and avoiding magical signatures is how you remove Tsina. Me and Jed are going to leave so much mojo behind us that your escape is more likely.

Can someone free the slaves in coordination to the sniper shots? Perhaps encourage them in running in a specific direction?
. "

To Jed he softly said "Lets discuss magic stuff once we finish here, handling a mage is obviously going to be our own responsibility."
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Yelena watches the byplay and smiles.  Blackbird and Jedediah are doing their part.  They are the experts and she can trust them to come up with a good idea that will account for the enemy mage.  She looks over at Nicolai and nods.
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Nicolai looks at Marco coldly, "Explosion that kills all on train also prevents mage from assensing. Also prevents any help to Tsina."
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Marco smiles and say "Either you want to torture Tsina at the cellular level...
 or blowing up her train is a terrible idea. You said that you failed the previous time because she had a mage. Well a mage can continuously watch the meetup location without leaving his bed and I am not speaking on drones and other methods of surveillance that I am sure Tsina has access to.

But lets assume that you can rig the meeting place with explosives, or that you already have rigged it and nobody has found out about it. Good for you! Who exits the train first in your scenario?

Tsina the notorious arch criminal with many enemies or her security?

Right... I did not think so. Security comes first - especially when dealing with a client for the first time. So many of her security are going to be out of the train when it goes off,  What happens to me when the train blows up? They all shoot at me - and I die as I cannot exactly dodge bullets .
I die so quickly that basically, you better make some other plan to get Tsina. I died once and it was not very fun.

Scenario 2, the slaves escape - are you to blame for Tsina's men incompetence to keep their package secure? Are these guns going to be pointed at me? I do not think so, her security is going to round up the slaves and when you take her off with a sniper rifle I have a good chance to disappear in the general commotion. "

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Nicolai looks at Blackbird. "Charges are set. Each side can only have seven people.Weapons and double cross are expected. What is not expected is to kill slaves. Expected to steal slaves. Some guards will stay to keep from stealing. They will not expect explosion. We will. We kill all when explosion happens. Then torture Tsina until she confesses."
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Marco said "Look Nikolai, although I'd much rather have you amend your ways and dedicate your life to charity than blowing off trains, killing and torturing people. I am committed to the plan. I ask so many questions because I do not understand what the plan is.

I seem to have a role in the plan, and I am a mage and a prime target. So I'd like to understand what is going on in order to improve my chances of survival. In fact, Jed and I would like to analyze the plan in order to understand how an opposing mage can interfere with it and what we can do to counter it. I completely trust you to be capable of handling security and given your experience and badass nature I completely trust your man are capable of handling anything reasonable. Yet, magic can sometimes be a real wildcard... it can change everything...
 and you have already failed once because of magic.

This time you have two talented mages at your side, it'll be a shame to fail again for the same reason, just because we did not understand enough of the plan to do our job. Even small details matter. For example, it matters if I meet Tsina out in the open or in a building, it matters if I wait for her in a car or not.  I need to keep my magic secret for as long possible - and for that every tiny detail matters.  "
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Yelena feels compelled to say something at this juncture.  Yelena not understand kill slaves.  Why necessary?  Is not way to slaughter so many innocent people.  Must be different plan if think enough.  Yelena ready kill Tsina Molovna.  Kill guards and lieutenants.  Why kill slaves?  Is not justice."
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Arc remained silent during this discourse and arguments regarding the plan.  Stepping back, she crossed her arms under her chest, bringing her cybernetic hand up to her chin in thought.  It's clear that Nicolai is not open to a different plan, which is causing the frustration now.  Great.  Besides that, I'm still waiting on those parts, and I haven't heard nothin' about a secure place to stick my hoop to help.  This ain't looking good.

Glancing over to Yelena, she made sure to catch eye contact for a brief moment, her expression conveying such concerns while she stayed back, observing the unfolding situation...
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Post by: ismilealot on <09-02-16/1538:36>
Nicolai looks at Yelena and then around at the group. "Plan is simple. Tsina coming with train to finalize deal, receive last payment for shipment of slaves. Double cross always possible. But, slaves have already been paid three payments. This is last payment. Negotiations have begun for next shipment if this satisfaction. She feels secure. As you say, we are stationary, she is moving. We can be easily located before meet. Again, she feels secure. You want to be me. Sure, maybe. But, mage not expecting angel buy slaves. No. Is better you stand back as guard. But, guard will have hat and glasses. Guard will be looking like Tsina. During negotiations I will signal. You will be ready. Train will explode. In one moment two of her guards will die on train. The others will react quickly, but not quickly enough to save one, maybe two more from rigger with sniper drones." he says nodding towards Arc. "Maybe she has men sneaking to meet. Take money and keep slaves. But rigger is watching. Killing with sniper drones. Mage is watching. Technology can not hide from mage. He can show rigger where to shoot hiding men." He shrugs, "Maybe Tsina knows men are dead, but, can not confess to those men. She can only pretend nothing is wrong and take last payment as negotiated." he says. "Then explosion happens. You step forward." he says pointing at Blackbird. "You are fake Tsina beside me pointing gun. Confusion, they hesitate. They will not fire at fake Tsina. Yelena kills last two before confusion ends. In six seconds we have won. We take Tsina. She will know that we killed slaves because two million nuyen already paid mean nothing. She will see Silver Scorpion. She will hear Hellfire pronounce judgement. Fear will own her soul. I will torture her slowly, filming all for kings. She will confess. She will beg Yelena and Hellfire for her death. Justice." He nods at Marco, "If you use mojo for illusion explosion is ok. Slaves are valuable and can be sold. But, they are not important. Tsina is only goal."

Nicolai stops speaking after he's outlined the plan, looking at each in turn. A few moments later Arc has a bag of supplies quietly handed to her. "Is all." MadDog says to her.

Jed had poked around earlier. He knew how small Nicolai's staff was. Assuming that this was it. Maybe he had more people in another location. But, what had amazed him was that there were no cameras within the compound itself. With Nicolai's level of paranoia that in and of itself was surprising.

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Jed listens intently to Nicolai.  He still can't shake the feeling that Nicolai may eliminate them and try to bring Yelena back to him.  He quietly asks Nicolai Do you have any awakened on your staff?  It would be a shame for me to mistake one of yours for the enemy...
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Yelena nods.  "Is good.  Plan uses Yelena friends.  Blackbird use magic for fake explosion?"
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Marco replied "How can I refuse... I prefer less collateral damage.

I can indeed make a firework display worthy of a dragon... That said - it is difficult to convince people that they are dead. It may have some benefit - but it is high profile illusion and will not last long.

How about I fake a sniper ? different location than Yelena, have it so the most obvious cover from my fake sniper is to be fully exposed to the real one. Our chances of pulling of this kind of illusion are considerably higher, and any bullet fired on smoke and mirrors increases our chance of survival.

Some other idea to fake is, handcuffed Tsina being forced into an empty van.
Illusion ends once fake Tsina is in the van. Then the van doors close and we can pilot it remotely. I only need to fool Tsina's men for a few second, then the plan is completely mundane. Even their mage cannot uncover that ruse easily as he cannot assense inside the van.

If we fool them, they are going to fire everything they have on that van.  Keep your slaves alive and your people safer.  How about it? You can still kill the guards that are chasing the van if you prefer - or escape with Tsina whatever you prefer. "
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Yelena smiles at her companions.  "Nicolai, is good plan.  Get Tsina.  Kill guards.  Save slaves.  Can do this."
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Nicolai shrugs. "Two awakened. But they will be with group attacking Tsina's home base. Only group with Yelena is her bratva. Two prong attack necessary or lieutenants kill you to take ownership." He motions you all to a table and in a moment has an image of the train station up. "You will explain your plan and timing. Each of your parts. If possible to sell slaves is good. But, Tsina must believe them dread. Torture begins in mind of subject. She believes we killed them for her she will know she can not beg or buy freedom. Only pain and confession will earn her death.
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Yelena nods and looks at Blackbird and the others.  "Can use some explosives and illusion make Tsina believe?  Would help."
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Arc set her jaw as the plan was outlined.  She felt the weight of the role that was imposed on her.  Better hope my practice holds here...nnh....and if this plan is set, that everyone else goes with it...  Her gaze passed over the other two, the human doing her best not to show her apprehension about the operation in general.

But, just in time, her parts arrived.  Nodding her head, she mouthed a thank you before taking a step behind the group, finding a flat place to set the parts down and getting to work right there.  Laying the disparate components apart, she started working with the tools and compartments fitted into her arm.  Cutting, twisting, bending, soldering...she seemed like a sculptor, the final image in her head coming together bit by bit as the others worked things out.  At least  I can guarantee this bit..
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The train arrives, Tsina drops from the train with her security.

Nikolai takes Tsina to the office to make the transaction.

At they are walking two things happen - almost simultaneously.

Yelena takes down Tsina with gel rounds and a sniper rifile.

** right about here - Blackbird said and pointed with his hand to a place in the map with a clear line of fire.

At the same time, my bird spirits are going to create chaos at the train by releasing the slaves, and harassing the guards. They are going to attract so much attention to themselves that it is going to be impossible to worry about anything else.   

This means that Tsina's men are going to be distracted by magical birds, escaping slaves and would need their entire composure to understand that a sniper is hunting them one after one.

After Tsina is out, Nikolai is going to load her into the van and I am going to quickly replace her.
Loading Tsina to the van is also our plan B - if things do not go as we plan, we have Tsina, we have a car and we have a gifted driver to drive that car to safety.

Plan A is to keep Tsina at the back of the track while I try to assume command of her men, to confuse them long enough for Yelena to finish the job. My own safety is augmented by Arc's obscuring communication and Jed's job is to make sure Tsina's mage is dealt with. Even if the mage understand the ruse, with no communication he cannot warn the others.

In six seconds that I plan to have Tsina's guards scratching their heads and trying to comprehend what is happening. Yelena should be able to take all of them out. She will still have gell rounds loaded - so I anticipate that none of Tsina's guards is going to actually die. If Jed can augment Yelena to be faster it should also help her finish the job so quickly.

Freed slaves will not get very far in six seconds either, so if we got this far we won. We round the escaping slaves back and keep them in that valley over there, hidden from sight from the van. We load the train with Tsina's unconscious guards and I use illusion to replace the slaves on the train.

Once we are ready, we use a medic kit to bring Tsina back to the living and allow her to witness a real explosion of the train.  She can see her men and the fake slaves die in the explosion.  Perhaps Nikolai would like to give her a choice - confess and save her men. Perhaps not, I really know very little on torturing people into confession.

We get a wonderful distraction out of the slaves, we do not kill them, we convince Tsina that we did. The explosion is real and her men are really on the train. Just the slaves are fake. Tsiana is probably going to look closer at her men, than on the slaves. Her mage is going to be out of the game, I think she will believe us.

Arc's job is going to be two fold, for once if things do not go up as planed I want Arc to drive the van, with Tsina and Nikolai until safety, possibly remotely. If things go as planned than Arc can help us with creating enough noise to prevent communication between Tsina's guards - if they cannot even hear each other it is going to be very difficult for them to communicate with each other and by the time they understand what is going on they are dead.

As for Jed, there is a mage somewhere in there and mages are wildcards, Jed job should be to knock that mage out, prevent him from outing me as a fake Tsina. I should be able to fool all mundane eyes at lest for the time of the combat.
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Nicolai studies the board going over Marco's plan and timing and listening to the others as they add their comments on what they can do.
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"Tsina Molovna not care about guards.  Not try save them.  Blackbird plan mostly good."
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Arc listened to Blackbird's plan unfold as she was coiling the wires around each other, creating a tightly bound loop before soldering them onto the signal generator.  She pursed her lips a bit at a few points, particularly where her role would play.  When there came to be a pause, Arc piped up with a few comments.

"That's a few thingsh ya be wanting me to do.  And to throw into that, my dronesh could be used ash a backup fire shupport, null shweat.  But to have me doing that, producing noishe and driving?  Shtill need a secure location within a kilo.  Learned my lesshon, remote work on the go without security can be bad."

She trailed off, remembering the incident that happened just weeks felt so far away.  "...Firefly did show me a few pointersh, but I can't guarantee a good noishe jamming from my bugsh other than thish thing..."  She tapped the can she was working on.  " we know if Tsina be havin' shome Matrix security with her?  Might make thingsh...difficult..."
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Blackbird looked at Arc and softly said "I know... I personally do not like all this violence, but we go a long way for the people we care about. You do what you can, and keep safe - place yourself where ever you feel more useful."

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Nicolai looks at Arc, "Is certain to have matrix security."
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Arc nodded, her expression a bit grim as her hands kept working, the sound of bits and pieces tapping together as her creation continued coming together.  "It's what I figured.  Tch.  I'm no decker, sho my only real defense apart from jamming thingsh up is to make my toys unsheen."  She sighed, her shoulders slumping a bit as she looked things over.  Looking over the map, she gave a shrug, looking over to Yelena.  "I can work from the getaway car.  Probably the besht bet for what we doin'..."
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Blackbird thought"That is strange, I thought that Firefly was planning on joining..."  He then asked Arc "Do you know that many years ago, the planners of Disney world, had a method of hiding things would have otherwise break the illusion. They painted ugly things with a color they named "go-away green". Apparently, some colors attract less attention when we look at them. My spirits can do the same thing. It is not invisibility, but if people casually look at the direction of your drones they are psychologically less likely to pay attention to them, as long as you play stealthy it improves your odds."

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Nicolai says,  "Your plan is complicated. Relies on luck. Tsina not hesitate to kill own. Put that in plan."
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Blackbird said "It is very simple, and has many improvises we can use. It is hard to spot a mundane sniper or cloaked drones. The danger is real, simple one, but can you see a hidden sniper when magical spirits are making Tsina look bad?  Can you hear someone sneaking up on you in a middle of a rock concert? Because these people are going to get a distraction of a lifetime. "

Jed, their mage is probably going after me with so many active spirits linked to me.

Arc, since we do not have a decker - we need to minimize dependence on things that can be hacked and turned against us. Don't you think? "

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Arc grimly gave a nod at that, keeping her hands and half of her vision focused on the little object before her as she started twisting around one of the paper clips.  "Aye, stealth I can do no problem.  Placing me in the getaway car would help minimize my cyber preshence, ash I could jusht drive that off grid...everything elshe, I know how to keep my dronesh quiet.  Since it sheems thish ish what I'm doing with either plan, I'm down with it.."  She lowered her gaze, her expression showing her resolve in the matter.  In her eyes, her role was set, and what would come would come.
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I'm not clear on the layout of the area we are talking about.  Maybe I can be somewhere blocked from astral vision, using my assessning spell to watch.  When her wizard reveals himself, I can strike.
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Nicolai's head moves subtly, an almost involuntary reaction to a comm call and he says, "We go now. Cameras say Tsina men placing cameras at train now. We try you plan. But it goes fubar I blow train. Tsina must die."

[spoiler]Hi guys. I realize y'all need a visual, so, I've made one for you.  You'll probably have to join the site to see it, but it is free and no soliciting. There is a small scroll bar to the upper right hand side of the image. Use that to take the size down so that you can see all of it at once.[/spoiler]
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Yelena nods and looks to her friends.  "Yelena thank all for come.  We go.  Get justice.  Go home.  Now get things and meet in hall."  She nods to Nicolai and leaves the room, headed to where her things are stored to pick up her weapons case.  Returning to the hall, she waits for the others to join her.
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Blackbird stood up and examined the sub-machine gun Arc has handled him, it seemed adequate. He nodded at Arc and smiled briefly, perhaps to reassure her that it is going to be alright - perhaps to reassure himself.  The entire scene felt off to Blackbird, and he felt as if some manipulative and cynical man, has taken over his judgement. "It is almost like it is someone else pulling my strings..." he thought.
The broken young mage could not comprehend how he felt so comfortable with a Vory commander like Nikolai. One who tortured and killed with no emotional connection. Oddly enough, Nikolai had something that non of his other colleagues had, emotional restraint, control, detachment. Blackbird could not hate the man - he was a sociopath - but still had some good qualities.

 "Have I no fear left in me?"  he thought and the thought is cold, alien almost.

"One can only read Nietzsche for the first time once..."    he remembered himself explaining - but the person that so passionately said that - was not himself. Not the one that feels comfortable around Nikolai and Yelena and Arc and... no Jed was something different. That man would have been comfortable with Jed.

"Unless one has Alzheimer" said Agrat but Blackbird could barely hear her voice. She was a whisper or a mirage.  Had Blackbird not known her already, he'd dismiss that fraction of a thought as a figment of his own imagination. Actually conversing with Agrat felt incomprehensible - and the thought of making love to that tiny voice seemed unrealistic.  "Perhaps I really am a different person... " Thought Blackbird and there was deep sadness in that thought.  Blackbird felt as if he lost something very dear for him but could not place the finger on exactly what was lost.

He got ready professionally, his reagents and comb were safely stored in his armored suit. The sub-machine gun was neatly placed inside his coat. It created a bulge that sharp observers would identify as a small weapon - but that imperfection did not particularly disturbe Blackbird as nobody expected him to be unarmed during an illegal criminal transaction that is worth millions.

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Jed re-assesses the diagram as the team geared up to leave.  My priority will be the enemy mage.  I'll hide myself and using my astral clairvoyance spell to watch the astral while remaining unobserved.  When the mage reveals himself, I'll strike.  Some really advanced mages can mask their abilities, but my talents lend themselves to seeing through their disguises.  Yelena will be up high.  Blackbird will be in the line of fire.  I have one summoned spirit that can Heal once before it is released.  I have a bound spirit that I will utilize in neutralizing the mage.  I'll take out the mage and then focus on getting everyone out alive.
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Nicolai looks at his lieutenant and says, "Все идут в настоящее время. Скрыть, мой сигнал, убить их всех." His lieutenant nods and begins giving orders. In moments weapons caches are opened and enough armament to take out a small army is loaded and ready.

[spoiler] "All available go, hide, my signal, kill them all." [/spoiler]
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Yelena makes sure her weapons are ready then goes to where the team vehicles are waiting. 
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Arc was hastily putting her preparations together when the call went out, her eyes snapping up to Nicolai as everyone scrambled to head out.  Nodding grimly, Arc passed off the submachine gun to Blackbird before checking her own pistol and clips.  check...though from the setup, this is last resort drek...good..  As she was in her room, she glanced down at herself, teeth gritting as she bolstered her courage, her resolve.  "I'm going home..frag it all, I'm going to shurvive thish..."  She whispered it out before getting her gear on her body...medkit on one hip, auto kit on the other.  The drones she stowed into the bag after one last cursory check, but she was ready.

Finding Yelena, she followed her while carrying her stuff, her right hand offering the tin can she had completed.  From the outside, it looked pretty nondescript: A pair of wire twisted around each other coiled around the can once or twice before disappearing to the interior, the binder clip over an opening in the lip with its outside arm lifted up.  "It's ready...just flick the arm down againsht the can and it will go off...thinking about 15 sheconds of good jamming, hope it helpsh..."  She tried to mask the concern in her face, but didn't voice it as they headed to the transport vehicles...
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Yelena accepts the device and stows it in a pocket.  "Srui is Yelena's best friend.  Yelena get you back to rigger man.  Yelena want to see young Arc grow up."
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Jan 2      7 am

Jed gathered himself and followed the girls outside.  The last time he went toe to toe with a mage he came out on the losing end.  Right before he met the team a toxic mage put him in ICU for the week.   The cost drained his reserves and was part of the reason he had to go looking for work from less than legitimate sources.  This time he wasn't hunting the lion in its own den.  We was going to ambush.  Hopefully that would be enough to make the difference.  As soon as they were away from Nicolai's base he would make contact with his coyote contact. Couldn't hurt to take the first step that direction first.
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Nicolai led them to a van. It was specially equipped to accommodate Hellfire's wheelchair. But, otherwise it was a plain black panel van. Once the team was loaded he signaled to Arc. "You drive. Ok?". Over a dozen vans left the secret base after them. A vengeance over twenty years in the making was now in motion.
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Yelena sits in the van and casts her eyes on her companions.  There is a shared history with each one; some she has known for only a short time, others for more than twenty years.  Each is special in his or her own way..  She leans over to Blackbird and taps him on the knee.  "You made wrong choice when lie Yelena.  But Yelena make many wrong choices in life.  Some to be fixed.  Others not.  Blackbird stay alive.  Not die again.  Not die here.  Agreed?"
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Arc couldn't help but crack a smile as they walked, slinging her bag over her back and shrugging.  "We all comin' back.  You wanna shee me 'grow up', Srui?  That means we're all going home.  I'll make it happen."  She trailed off as they arrived at the van, mouth parting slightly as she hugged her jacket about herself.  Glad we got the cold suits...frag all.   Getting inside, she looked at Nicolai and nodded grimly as she stowed her gear, waiting for Hellfire to load up before hopping onto the wheel.  "Yeh, null shweat..."

With the couple of minutes she had, she looked over the van, determining its capabilities...rigger interfacing, relative speed and handling, etc, that way she knew what she was driving.  Arms flexing as she gripped the wheel, once the door was shut, she fired the engine up and started driving, noting the ARO map that was forwarded to her to navigate.  On the road, Arc's attention was focused solely on driving, working through the icy terrain in the vehicle as she flexed her skills.  One step at a time...let's get there...
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Blackbird looked at Yelena and said "Lets not discuss it right now.  I'll do what needs to be done." He was careful not to enter any sort of conversation or discussion, in light of the lack of progress he made with previous discussions.
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Looking at Blackbird, he realizes that this change in persona has so many implications. Leaning in close, he says When we get home, you're welcome to crash at my place as long as you need.  Joshua moved out.  When this is over, are you coming back to Seattle, or are you needing to completely change venue to complete your disappearance?
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Blackbird said "I am never going again to Seattle, too many people there know Marco, it is too dangerous."
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Nodding, Jed closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the side of the van. Jed pulled a disposable phone out of his pocket and paired it with his trodes. Considering his words briefly, he composed a message to the coyote that Mike had set him up with. i find that I may be in need of your services for a long trip. Your info was given to me by a detective named Anatoli. I'm here for a client of my own, but my return arrangements could become uncertain. I may need to arrange transport for myself and 3 others (no trolls) back to Anatoli. Thanks for your consideration.  After proofreading the message he decided it was vague enough. He didn't discuss with Mike how he knew the guy or what name he used then. He was hoping that it was enough to  elicit a response.
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@ Jed >>How soon, how discrete and where?<<

The sky is grey with the early dawn light. Arc finds herself going slower than their driver of the night before as the thin sheet of ice has built up in the ensuing hours. It's not nearly enough to be impassable. But there is no prize for no shows and she makes sure she's careful.
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Arc had gotten quiet as soon as the road hit, the grip of her hands on the wheel tightening just subtly enough to show her focus on the road.  The ice proved to be a challenge to her, who was used to coastal Seattle winters of wet, wet, and more wet., and none of this ice drek.   But, her resolve was strong, and her motions came naturally as she navigated down the road, following the paths to get to the rendezvous point to start this little operation.  As the miles wore on, the short human found herself calming, her focus shifting into the mentality that got her through so many jobs before...focused on the goal, focused on the objectives, meeting each problem as it came with the main point of resolving them... for it all to happen...
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Yelena closes her eyes and pulls the shadow to her, both as armor and to calm her.  She opens herself to the streams of the shadow that respond to her demand, forcing them by strength of will to do her bidding. 
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Considering a moment, Jed replied Our arrival was privately arranged, so the return would need to be equally private.  As for time, we are at your mercy.  We have no deadline to return, but may need discrete accommodations while we wait.  Our client may decide that termination of employment is easier than paying invoices.  As for location, that can be supplied should service be needed, but suffice to say Europe to North America.  Rates?
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@ Jed  >>Got it. 2,900 per person or 4,500 each if one of your party is a wanted celebrity. But security and accommodations for that rate are top notch and very private.<<
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <09-29-16/2053:01>
Currently no celebrities. I'll provide my companions with your contact info. Reserve under the name Boyscout. To be clear, this is a contingency plan. Please incur no cost for yourself prior to confirmation of reservation. . Dropping a message to the others he typed in case we get separated, I've reserved a table for 4 under the name Boyscout. .  Playing with his comm, he leaned on Yelena's should and started showing her beautiful landscape photos. He briefly flipped over to the message chain and pointed out the price.  Just in case... we are ever there, we should check out the scenery
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Yelena looks at Jedediah's comlink as he shows it to her and nods to him.  She understands what he has worked out and supports it as a last resort if things go south.  In her consideration, the plan is solid and she trusts her companions to pull off their parts, just as they trust her to do what she needs to do.  She does not share Blackbird's thoughts that Nicolai will betray them, in fact the thought is completely foreign to her and does not weigh on her mind.  He is Vory and has sworn the oaths, just as she has.  Just as she still does every day.  Tsina is an anomaly in the Vory world, where traitors rarely exist.  She has every confidence that Nicolai will treat them as promised.
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Blackbird continues silent the entire trip his mind wonders and he thinks about roses, beautiful red roses, once this is over he dreams of having a garden with roses.
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@ Marco As Marco was meditating on the roses to take his mind off the task ahead a ghostly face slowly appeared. It was "The Lady" His Lady, the wealthy client who'd only ever wanted to talk and to have his help with projects like the soup kitchen he'd had to abandon. In his mind her words were desperate and afraid.  Marco! Marco! Please! Please! You have to be here! You said I could always contact you this way and you would help me! They've taken me! But, I don't know who they are. You said be careful. And I was! I was very careful Marco. I rented different rooms. Hired more security. And my new security man said he'd seen something and to stand right against this wall and he would shield me and they came right through the wall. They look like priests! But, priests could not be so evil. They showed me a picture of us together and said you were evil and your taint was on me and you had infected me and I needed to be "cleansed for humanities sake". But, the way they said it, "cleansed", I think they mean to kill me. Please, I don't know who else to turn to. Who else to trust! I need you. And as Marco focused and looked at her he saw much further away another ghostly apparition. A priest. He'd been afraid they'd take Yelena. But, Yelena had been recent. The Lady he'd known and worked with and been close to for a few years now. Of course they'd known this, and where one mage can go in the astral, another can follow.
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Marco's heart raced softly not only did the Vatican knew he was alive, they also knew where he is. They pressured lady and then followed her as she asked for help in a manner that only she could. Marco thought that the powerful mage could protect herself, she had rare magical talent accompanied with actual wealth and resources. Marco's defeat was no complete, everything he did was pointless - he was right the first time when he refused to disappear. Marco speaks and due to his lack of experience in astral communication his lips are softly whispering the same words "I love you Lady, somehow I always did from the moment I saw you. I look at you and think about the person I could have been have I never become a priest." He sighs "Yes, I confess I am one of these people.  My only comfort love is that they are not going to kill you. You were never their goal, it is me they are after.

He sighs and continues  You see love, they know me better than I know myself, and I love you more than I realized. I dream about you when I sleep, you are the best possible leverage they now have on  me and as long as they have you I will have to do what ever they want.

He then address the priests and coldly say "I assume you are here to tell me what happens now?"
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@ Marco She will be cleansed of all unrighteousness. That's always been our goal Marco. And once all her memories are gone. We will make her in our image. The cold smile of the priest as he says this brings a rush of memories to Marco. Memories of others who'd been "cleansed". They'd always been completely broken afterwards. Broken and all to willing to do the bidding of the priests in charge of the program. Several times over the years the priests had brought someone in who'd been subjected to the cleansing, a lesson in humility they called it. The subject had learned to be humble above all else is what they said. But really it had been a lesson in just how depraved the orders of the priests could be. One such subject had rushed to eat the still warm shit of the priest who'd brought him in. Several of the boys had vomited seeing that, but the priest had only said, "The animals do it. we should never despise any part of the body. Or refuse any order of the priesthood." Marco shuddered. They'd marked her for cleansing because of him. They'd break her and make her do anything they wanted. Everything they wanted.
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Marco said "Open your eyes, the world is filled with evil, every way you look the devil gets his way. People are abused, killed or enslaved and you do nothing to stop that. I am not without sin but at least I struggle, stumble and attempt to truly amend my ways to be the best I can be. It is not easy, and whereas you see things in black and whites in your ivory tower I only saw grey in Seattle.

You cannot do bad things for a good cause as this is exactly how the devil seduce and corrupt you. Believe me - I know something about seduction, this is how it works.  So in all this darkness, you choose to 'cleanse' a talented mage, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.  Nobody is completely without sin but if you can justify doing anything to anyone, you are just as bad as the daemons you are trying to stop."

Marco had to try and get his truth heard, perhaps someone will eventually understand. So far the only one mildly receptive to his point of view was Gabriel the head of the program, but Marco did not know if it was genuine or just  another mechanism of control to form an emotional attachment.

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@ Marco  The mocking grin on the ghostly face of the priest flashes for only a moment and then it is gone. The Lady looks confused for a moment and then realization hits. They weren't after me. They were after you. And now that they know where you are, they have no need of me. She appears infinitely sad as she looks at Marco. I will die because I know you. Because I've loved you and tried to be your friend. You don't remember me brother. I don't know what they did to you to make you forget me and our parents. Or if the night of their deaths is just to painful for you to remember. But, if I am to lose all that I am. I want you to . . . . She disappears suddenly from Marco's view.

@ Jed, Yelena, Marco, Arc  "Here is good to park." Nicolai tells Arc. "Good eyes on meeting. Room for guns to fire. Yelena, ladder leads to roof."
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Yelena nods at the others and goes to each one to give them an embrace and a word of comfort.  She is concerned when Blackbird does not immediately respond, but puts it down to their past.  She opens her weapons case and removes the sniper rifle, assembling it in quick, loving movements that waste no energy or time, leaving the scope unattached, which she puts in a pocket of her parka.  She slips into her camouflaged snow pants and puts a pair of foot warmers in her boots before putting them on.  Taking several extra sets of hand warmers, she shrugs into her parka and looks around.  "Yelena thank all.  Justice served tonight.  Long time needed.  Back soon together."  She wlaks close up to Arc and leans over to whisper in the human's ear.  "Srui, leave if all goes bad. Shadow protect Yelena.  Arc must go home to rigger man.  Leave Yelena if have to.  Take PI man and leave.  Promise Yelena."

She then goes to Blackbird.  "If goes south.  Get Arc and Jedediah home safe.  Know Yelena forgives Marco.  Hurt not forgotten.  But Yelena forgive."

Jedediah is next.  "Yelena not know long.  But like PI man.  Get friends home safe.  Tell Mike do for justice.  He might understand."

She looks at Nicolai without saying anything.  After all, what needs to be said between them?  Yelena leaves the van and walks to where the ladder is, climbing to the roof and crawling her way across it to a hide that gives her a great view of the killing field.  Uncapping the scope ends, she uses it to sight in to several locations, taking meticulous care to note the ranges to each one and setting them in her memory.  Personal issues are put aside.  Marco/Blackbird are both forgotten.  Even her Srui and the PI man are placed out of thought as she forces the shadow to come to her.  She is concealed, warmed, and protected by the one constant in her life, the shadow.  It has always swirled about her, bringing life, and death.  It has rewarded and punished her, but it has always been there for her to reach out for and grab hold of.  She believed in shadow long before she met Nicolai and would believe in the shadow until she dies and is taken to be part of it.  She attaches the scope to its mount and slips her mask on, breathing into her parka to reduce any tell tale sign of her being on the roof, trusting in the thermographic signal reducers in her snow gear to keep her undiscovered as she lies in wait.  She is an assassin and is doing what she loves, living the life that the shadow has prepared her for.

And she waits.
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Jed was so laser focused that Yelena nearly finished talking before he snapped back to hear what she was saying.  Smiling tensely, he whispered Tell him yourself Milaya, I'm getting us all home.  He'd better.  Jed didn't think he could cope with the loss of another woman who was relying on him.  No time for that now.  He needed focus.   Running his hands over his pocket, he felt to make sure his stims were there.  He'd likely need them...

As they are pulling up to park, Jed uses a spell to extend his astral sight without projecting outside his body.  Carefully looking around, he searches for any projecting mages, spirits and lastly for any living being. 

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@Marco looks at Lady and the priest as they fade away, his last words are "I love you sister". Somehow he knew, without knowing and the suggestion that his own memory was edited is not new to Marco. Marco has suspected manipulation, but he did not suspect external manipulation. Marco thought that he did things to himself to survive the pressure. His gaze is blank, he feels completely lost and struggles to find a reason for going on.
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Arc pulled up to an easy stop, just out of reach of where the train would pull in.  Double-checking the weapon systems on the van, she powered down the engine, and proceeded to cut the van's Matrix presence, rendering the vehicle virtually undetectable from prying cyberspace eyes.  Looking to the others, she offered a reassuring smile as she fished in her back, cyberarm pulling out her weapon drones while her real one offered some microtransceivers to her friends.  Once all were connected, she stopped Yelena, bumping foreheads as she brought her voice low.

"...we all going home, Srui.  I need a Tary'ken, and you don't gotta choice on it, ya feel?"  Thumping the elf's shoulder, she nodded to the others as she set her drones down outside, closing up the doors behind her.

Booting up the two rotodrones and the fly-spies, she set the latter on a distant perimeter check, running them silent and integrating them into Jed's camera network.  From there, she set her gun drones to silent, adding markers on the map to interface with Yelena.  Her AR windows in place, she set back in her seat, hands on her stomach as she activated the comms.

"Check check, Em'rald Team, come in.  This is A.  J, B, camera drones are circling for another view, running in a pattern.  Adjust as see fit.  Y, coordinate with me on where you want suppressive support and fire support.  Latter will be long range, to stay out of sight, former mid-long range for proper effect.  Ready once in position, over"

The kid gloves were off, and with a deep breath to calm herself, the tusked human rigger plugged herself in... It's go time...
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Yelena is a bit surprised at the effect of having the drones on watch for her.  She has always worked solo on missions and this type of support is new.  She organizes the feeds on her 'link to take advantage of them, but still relies on her own gut and experience.  She uses the sub-vocal and says, "Y in place.  Move long distance support fifty metres to the right.  Mid-range support is fine where it is.  Over."
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Marco sobs quietly in the car and feels completely helpless. "This nonsense has to be stopped... but how? I am an adept and a mage and yet so powerless so nothing." The SMG Arc has handed him suddenly  seems attractive. Marco pets the bulge in his jacket and can feel the dark temptation of the sub machine gun - 'use me'. Depressed he summons a spirit of air.
Summoning F6 ( 15d6t5 8
spirit defense ( 6d6t5 2
drain resistance ( 11d6t5 5
six services optional powers psycokinesis and fear.

There was the air lady, and seeing her turned Marco's sob into actual tears. The air spirit looked so similar to Lady, with her constantly moving constantly swirling essence. A more objective viewer would say that she look nothing like lady but had some cloudy quality to her nature as different viewers saw different things in her. "Six services mage, and if it makes you feel better you can call me Lady- though I prefer something more... windy..."

Marco replied "No that would be too painful to call you that, how about Wendy." 
'Wendy" replied: "I'll be whomever you want me to be for six services."
Marco said "I appriciate it wendy - could you conceal Arc's drone, Arc, Yelena and myself. I want nobody to see these tears, not now."
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@ Jed  Few train stations are busy at five am and this one is no exception. So. finding the few people there is easy for Jed. There are of course the workers. Men and women in offices, security shacks, loading docks. And a few more getting coffee in the back room. This isn't a public ticketing station. It's strictly for loading and offloading cargo in order to limit the number of prying eyes who may see it's illegal traffic. And Jed finally spots him, the mage, he'd been looking for him, and still might have missed him. He'd placed himself high up, a good football field away from the scene. Still, he had a good birds-eye view of the big picture which at this point was probably better than the minutia, and an excellent place to hide himself.

Nicolai lights a cigar waiting for the team get into place. The veteran of many missions he knows better than to relax. When he is done he reminds them on the private comm channel. "We came early because her gang was placing camera's. Assume she has seen all of your preparations. But, preparations are good. Expected of professionals. And watching us will reassure her she knows what to expect and she is in charge."

@ Marco  Wendy cocks her head sideways and says, You're emotions are a storm. Storms are powerful, but only when the wind moves as one force. Stop scattering rain and gather the storm. That said she moves to obey.
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Jed conveys the presence of the mage to the group. Obviously the mage will know Blackbird is awakened.  Blac...  where was he? Jed could see him in the car.  He seemed to be praying.  Arc, can you place these cameras?  I'd like one on either side of the tunnel, where we can look down either side of the train after it pulls in.  I'd like one each to the front and back of the car so we can make sure they aren't blocking us in.    He shares the network keys for the cameras with the team, so they can use them as well.  He then sets his agent program to helping keep an eye on the car and loads programs on his comm to increase this firewall and mitigate static.  He instructs his summoned spirit to keep an eye on the team and heal Yelena, Blackbird or Arc should they be injured.  His bound spirit is instructed to attack the mage on his signal.  We have to consider the possibility that the mage won't arrive in person, but is only on overwatch, and will direct his spirits from the astral.  Let's hope that isn't the case.
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Yelena's mind is firmly in the moment and in the shadow..  She has already considered that Tsina would have eyes on the place and would know that there is someone on the roof here.  Such a precaution would be expected of someone meeting with her to spend a truckload of Nuyen on slaves.  What she is hoping Tsina is also expecting is that the unknown sniper will have already located and scanned the routes to two alternate firing positions, one on the top of a small stone outbuilding just below her current location.  A quick drop of less than ten feet into snow and Yelena will be in a new hide and can still cover the targets.  Beyond that, Yelena is already considering what she would do if she was Tsina.  In light of that, the assassin has already discounted her current and both alternate positions as hazards. 

Her trained eye has caught sight of a pair of barrels sticking out of the snow and marked them as her real firing position.  In her mind, Yelena believes that Tsina would have placed explosives on this roof and near both of the obvious alternatives in case things went south for her.  Only an inexperienced or extremely skilled sniper would choose the two barrels.  The cover provided would be much less than at any of the other positions, and it would be a remarkable shot to cover where Tsina is expected to be standing.  But............and this is a very large should give Yelena an excellent shot at the guards Tsina would have with her.  The traitor would expect to be the prime target and has probably taken steps to reduce her risk, but most thugs do not really consider the risks to their subordinates, and Yelena would have very good shots indeed at those.

Yelena keeps these decisions to herself, not because she does not trust her team, but vocalizing them might be overheard or intercepted and she would prefer that the enemy remain ignorant of her plans until it is too late.
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As Jed explained that the mage was watching from the astral, Yelena offered to change her primary target to the mage.  Jed considered it briefly, but discarded the idea.  He may not even be here physically.  You might not even recognize him if you see him.  No, leave the mage to me.  Hopefully he'll see that Blackbird is awakened and think that is all the astral support we brought.  If you see someone throwing around balls of fire, go ahead and shoot.  Hopefully I can neutralize him on my turf and they'll never realize their support is gone.

Jed knocked on the window to get Blackbird's attention.  "M-Blackbird.  They've got a projecting mage on overwatch.  I'm thinking that as soon as Tsina is off the train, my bound spirit and I will try to take him out.  Maybe you should make a show of assensing for awakened without looking up.  Put him off guard.  I'm going to take another peek and see if I can discern anything useful about him. 

Jed carefully extended his awareness toward the mage and began to sift through his aura. 

[spoiler]smilinirish:16D6E5 → 5( (3, 1, 1, 4, 5, 1, 3, 3, 1, 6, 5, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6→ 5 successes against 5) ) ([/spoiler]
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Blackbird assesses the perimeter without looking up, it mainly confuses him, but it is a good practice.
assensing ( 8d6t5 1

"As if I'll ever do it like that, first I'd send a spirit that has complete freedom of movement and is not confined to the ground to assense - then if it find something interesting I would have looked at it myself. "

Jed could probably see that Blackbird does as he asked so no need for conformation, speaking is hard to the broken man as it is.
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Jed is perceptive enough to tell something is wrong.  Sliding into the seat next to his friend, he speaks softly.  I'm not going to press you now, but I can see the pain in your eyes.  Once we get done here, you and I can talk if you like, I'm a great listener.  But I need to know:  can you push through this?  My goal is to get us all out alive.  But I need everyone functioning.  You have a unique way of seeing things, and we need that perspective for success.  Can you do this?
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Blackbird was silent and did not respond, his mind was somewhere else. There will be helpless slaves and they need to be spared that is all that mattered, all the rest were criminals that deserved to die.
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Arc kept nodding her virtual head back and forth as she slipped into VR, her form taking on a more orkish version of herself as the AR windows she had open melded into a cohesive view in front of her.  Everyone was getting into position, doing what they needed to do to be ready.  Nicolai's words chilled her a bit, her eyes narrowing at the thought of being observed...especially when one of her jobs was to be an observer.  Since the train wasn't coming for a bit, she tilted her head and started playing with the cameras, using their network to poke into the 'Trix.

Let's see if I can see where they're watching from...hmm...
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A horn sounds behind the car. "Idiota! Nie ma tutaj park!" When Arc looks she sees a large pallet loader behind the van.

[spoiler]"Idiot! No park here!"[/spoiler]
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Yelena notes the arrival of the van with interest.  At this point, even a kid spitting on the ground could be something important and she focuses the scope of the rifle on the pallet loader, just in case.
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Jed jolts as the horn blares.  They can't afford the attention.  slipping from the middle seat to the back window, he sees a short, stout man beeping and yelling at Arc.  Something about not parking here, if he isn't mistaken.  I need to give this guy a nudge  Jed weaves mana into the shape of a net.  The web of mana drifts to the man, and rests on his head, sinking down into his mind, suggesting that the man has seen one of the bosses talking with people from this van, maybe he should pretend not to notice them.  That spell is so subtle, hopefully our projecting adversary doesn't catch it.

[spoiler]smilinirish:12D6E5 → 6( (5, 5, 5, 2, 3, 5, 4, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5→ 6 successes against 5) ) ([/spoiler]
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As the spell takes hold of the man's mind a look of confusion crosses his face. Suddenly Arc hears Nicolai's voice in her comm, "Move van now! Fast!" In Yelena's ear she hears, "Kill человек."
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Jed sees the spell take effect, and hopes it has the desired effect. We don't need anything to keep this from going smoothly.
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Yelena looks at the man through the scope and notices nothing that would indicate he is anything more than a loader driver.  >>No. Этот человек не похоже на угрозы и Елена не убивать мужчин, которые не являются угрозой. Один из других может убедить его покинуть. Убив его будет только предупреждение других является то, что замышляется. Человек не заслуживают умирают только для быть здесь и делает его задания. Оставьте его в покое<<.

She sends a message to the van.  >>Blackbird.  Can see man?  Convince man he should go away.  Yelena not want to kill him.<<

[spoiler]>>No.  This man does not appear to be a threat and Yelena does not kill men who are not a threat.  One of the others can convince him to leave.  Killing him will only alert others that something is amiss.  Man does not deserve to die just for being here and doing his job.  Leave him alone.<<
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Filled with self-confidence Blackbird approaches the man as if he owns that place and is not impressed by some noise. His Polish is rudamentary, but what he lacks with language skills he makes up for with his subtle magic words. "You should not be here right now, didn't you get the memo? All loaders are on strike due to wage cuts, now get back out of here before you have problems with the union." 
Figured out if the driver is convinced he sees his bosses speaking to the people, they might as well be worker unions so it blends up. Of course, Marco is unaware of Jed's magic.
Con - fast talk ( 19d6t5 6
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The frag

It was through the numerous cameras that she heard the blaring of the horn, pulling her back into reality as she pulled the seat up.  Hearing Nicolai bark orders in his broken English didn't help either as she grit her jaw, muttering something in Or'Zet that was best left untranslated.  Firing up the van, she was about to shift it into drive to move when she heard the door open and close.

Wha?  Glancing in a mirror, she spotted Blackbird approaching the van, staying her movement as she glanced back to Jed, exchanging a glance of uncertainty.

"B just left the vehicle, I ain't leaving him behind.  Stand by"
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Nicolai is already moving as he barks out orders, but Yelena's answer shocks him into a momentary stillness. In an instant he recovers and turns to move again, only this time he's running in a different direction. In just a few moments he's once again in position to shoot the load driver and his arm goes up. The report of the silenced weapon is barely heard among the other noises of the morning. A small rose appears on the right cheek of the load driver and the driver screams, a high pitched howl that shatter the predawn darkness, in seconds the driver is helpless in a rictus of agony with the pain. Nicolai yells, "Беги сейчас!"

[spoiler]Nicolai yells, "Run NOW!"
( (
( ( I placed several negative modifiers and increased the number needed for success based on the teams actions in confusing the load driver.[/spoiler]
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Yelena mentally shrugs at what Nicolai has done, wondering if the man's penchant for causing pain and death has affected his mind.  She pushes any further thought along that line away as she swivels the gun back to the kill zone in preparation for Tsina to arrive on her train.
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The barrier of not understanding what the drek this Nicolai was spouting off was not a factor, the urgency in his voice enough to communicate that they were in a bad spot.  Quickly firing up a quick ARO map, she shared with Jed as she tried to work on a spot to recover.  "J, ideas?"  Firing up the engine, the tusked mechanic tried not to rev too much as she peeked out the driver's window to see Blackbird. Thumping the door, she motioned him back in.  "Come on, time to move!"
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Suddenly an explosion rips through the night and wooden shrapnel from the pallet it had been loaded on showers the car and Marco.
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Marco looks around in confusion trying to understand what just happened.
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Yelena is watching her kill zone when the explosion rocks the night.  She is a trained sniper, an assassin of significant skill, and she does not remove her eyes from the target zone.  She does however, take note of things happening via the feeds from the drones and camera bugs the team had earlier seeded the area with.  Something went wrong at the loader and she does not know the status of everyone or the even if the plan is still a go.  Trying to interfere with what her team is doing will only add to the confusion.  She waits to hear from Arc about what has happened and how everyone is doing.
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Marco gets up from the floor and thinks "What a mess..." He sees the burning vehicle and is still confused on who blew it up and why, he runs to the van enters in the back and locks the door behind him. Marco then listen carefully to the explosion from the windshield and as examines the astral for possible wounded, he combs his hair and cleans his clothes.  "A car explosion is no excuse to appear dirty" he thinks with a silly smile. He has no idea what is happening but is uncertain if any of it is going to change. "If there are survivors I'll just have a spirit take them to the van, I am not going out there again until I relax a bit or I understand what is going on." He thinks.

Marco uses assensing that is especially sensitive to living critters to look at the burning car.
Scan vehicle for survivors ( 8d6t5 4
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Marco sees the area with eyes that change the world into shades of grey, only life and magic truly appear in the astral, and right now there is no sign of either in the mess that is the former pallet loader.
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The moment Marco gets back into the van, Jed casts his astral awareness out searching for the projecting mage. 

[spoiler]The hits on the spell create the limit for the assenssing test.  Unfortunately the spell wasn't very successful.  Limit is 2 
smilinirish:16D6E5 → 5( (5, 4, 4, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 6→ 5 successes against 5) ) ([/spoiler]

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It was just moments after she had closed up the window that Arc felt the concussive blast of the explosion rock the suspension of the van, followed by the pattering spray of shrapnel against the plating.  "Gah, what the?!"  She shouted out as she gripped the wheel, eyes wide as her adrenaline kicked in.  With a quick snap of the controls, she flung the side door open, thankful to see Blackbird pile in quickly.  Closing up, she popped the van into drive and started to move, her eyes scanning over every eye she had in the area.

"Y, thish ish A.  That van wash rigged, we've been had.  Moving from stop point, awaiting ordersh, but be ready to bail.  Thish looksh bad, Y"

[spoiler] General Perception to gain visuals on what may be opposition moving on us:

Perception ( 7d6t5 3[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-19-16/0134:44>
Yelena's mind is factoring the situation even as she goes on the move, heading for her planned firing position near the two old drums.  The explosion had not been set off by Nicolai, which leaves Tsina.  The van would have been the buyer's back up and support and removing it would send a clear message that Tsina is in charge and don't anyone forget it.  Taking out the van would be calculated to remove support and cast doubt and perhaps even fear into the mind of the buyer.  In a similar vein, taking out the sniper would add insult to injury and Yelena does not want to wait on the roof to find out if that part of the building is also wired to explode or not.

Once in place, Yelena sends a response to Arc.  "Srui.  Is flex of muscle. Not end of deal.  Yelena think Tsina want show buyer she is in charge.  Show she smarter than buyer and know where he puts men.  Yelena think we should stay.  Saw Nicolai near loader when blew up.  He get away or is dead?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-19-16/1020:49>
Arc read the message at the speed of thought as she repositioned the van, taking a glance through the cameras to the wreck of the former loader.  Scanning, she looked for the elf's Russian assassin friend, but finding nothing through the clearing smoke.  Gritting her teeth, the human took a deep breath to center herself, calming down.

"Y, statush of N unknown.  Holding for meet, will await inshtruction."  Her mind was a whirl, but settled on two logical conclusions about Nicolai....either he was faking it for Tsina, bought it, or, that'd be too insane...
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-19-16/1839:47>
The bullets are flying even as Yelena is moving and she feels them thud into her. As Arc steps on the gas Nicolai hurtles into the van right after Blackbird landing on top of the elf with a solid thud. Blackbird notices that he doesn't weigh as much as he would have guessed. Arc sends the car hurtling along the lane in the loading zone and suddenly see's a black panel van pull out ahead of her it's side door opening up to reveal men wielding . . The frag! Rocket launchers!

Jed knows the mage is out there somewhere, but having his body hurtled and bounced isn't helping his concentration.

Arc hears Nicolai yell, "Убивайте их! Пожар!"

[spoiler]( (
( (
( (
DV 11P, AP -2 for the shots.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Arc hears Nicolai yell, "Kill them! Fire!" [/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-19-16/2038:51>
While her physical body was relaxed, slumped down and strapped into the van as it was, Arc could feel her virtual eyes go wide, her ork persona adopting a defensive stance as the situation emerged.  She heard gunfire whizzing through Yelena's comm, gritting her teeth as she hoped the upgrades and her tenacity to survive prevailed.  Her inner view of the van confirmed Nicolai's presence and barking as she zoomed ahead, seeing the van.

"N is here, we got company.  B, J, N, take the cannons, watch the flanks"

With a mental flick, Arc activated the van's defenses, the side-mounted Krime Cannon handles popping in the back and extending outwards to the cannons themselves, whilst the HMG facing forward popped up.  Grabbing the virtual trigger and keeping half an eye on all her cameras, Arc could tell she had the quicker trigger, and as the panel opened, she only had to freak for a moment at the sight of launchers to go into defense mode.

"This momma ain't going down that easy!"

The gun sent out a vicious rapport of fire centered on one of the launchers, a hail of bullets peppering him and signaling that they, too, had teeth...

[spoiler]Full auto (10 round) burst on one of the launchers:

Gunnery (RPK, VR, hotsim, jumped in, full-full auto) ( 13d6t5 7

Defender gets -9 defense dice.  Damage is 12P + net hits, at an AP of -4.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-20-16/0019:23>
Marco looks confused at Nikolai and suddenly understand if he is on top of him then something has gone terribly wrong.
"Velenkoradi , help me make the van disappear" he said and meant the invisibility spell that he was already casting. Just like that the van vanished in thin air.

Marco called arc >> Van is invisible do something unpredictable with it, so it is difficult to guess where we are.

Marco casts a low level invisibility (F3) and sets the limit with 10 reagents. He uses a bound spirit service to enhance his spell (with 3 more dice).

Invisibility + spirit aid ( 18d6t5 8
drain ( 11d6t5 1
he takes 1 stun drain and the van is invisible, anyone that wants to see the van need to roll intuition + logic and get 8 hits. 
Attacks on the van without seeing are a guessing game and thus take -6 dice pool penalty from blind fire.

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-20-16/0326:32>
Yelena completes her move and drops prone even as the shadow forms about her and protects her from the murderous incoming fire.  She is using her links to the sensor grid to try to find one of the assailants.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <10-20-16/0332:32>
As Jed is bounced around he hears Arc warning that they have company.  Dropping his assenssing spell, and looking out the window he sees the door of the black van sliding open.  Shit shit shit  Like Arc, he hears the report of the bullets around Yelena.  Throwing a mental shove at his spirits, he reminds them of their orders. 

His summoned spirit materializes near Yelena, assessing the order to protect her.

His bound spirit hesitates, processing the standing order to attack any awakened.  You have to find him first...quickly please 

As the bound spirit leaves the van looking for the mage, Jed feels the benefits of his active spells, times seems to slow.  He considers his options...He could try to tip the hand as a rocket is fired, possibly exploding it in their van, but all he can see is the tip of the launcher in the dim light.  He can just make out the driver.  If he is fast enough, maybe he can immobilize the van by taking out the driver.  Jed is a fully trained mage.  Although he hasn't operated this way in a very long time, with the adrenaline his instincts from his former time running the shadows kicks back in.  As he prepares to cast a spell, he reserves some awareness to counter anything the mage may throw at them. 

Focusing all his will against the driver, Jed sends weariness and exhaustion his way. 

On initiative 27 I rolled  for stunbolt using push the limit.  It is too many rolls, but the result was nine hits.  Love those exploding 6s.  Smiles, driver is resisting 9 stun with willpower.

My summoned spirit materializes near Yelena on initiative 23

Bound spirit stays astral and looks for the mage on initiative 21 with 4 hits on the assenssing roll.

smilinirish:13D6E5 → 4( (2, 2, 5, 1, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2, 6, 1, 3, 2→ 4 successes against 5) ) (

Also, as a free action, I am declaring spell defense.  I can choose up to six people in my line of sight to protect.  I am designating myself, Arc and Blackbird.  Alright, Nicolai too.   I will utilize my entire counterspelling pool of 6 on the first spell cast against any of these targets this round.

Jed has one stun from drain earlier.  2 edge remaining and 40 reagents

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-20-16/1030:01>
Yelena makes a calm call to her team.  >>Is Yelena.  Sniper shooting from above Yelena.  Can use spirits and drones to find?<<

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <10-20-16/1107:14>
Jed hears Yelena's request and gives a short response. Milaya I can start looking just as soon as I'm sure we aren't getting a missle up the tailpipe. [\color]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-20-16/1147:40>
Marco thinks at his spirits "My birds of paradise, find up whomever is trying to hurt the love of my life, Yelena and manifest for Yelena next to the one that is shooting at her."
Once the spirits were on their way to fulfill their service Marco texted.
>> Loved one, I asked my spirits to manifest (and stay in the astral) so you should see half transparent birds circling your attacker. Stay safe. 

The sniper may be almost invisible in the material plane, but his astral aura should be visible to the bird spirits.

Marco asked his bird spirits (4 in number) to find the sniper and manifest next to it (not materialize) that way the birds are less vulnerable to mundane threats like gun fire and the like.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-20-16/2203:37>
Jed's spell hits the van driver like a sledge hammer and he slumps over in a dead sleep and overshoots the lane. The hail of ammo from the HMG shreds through the van as it speeds past Arc, guaranteeing that no one will be leaving in it. The van crashes into a warehouse, spilling it's contents into the street like a flower girl throwing petals.

Looking up towards the rooftops to spot her would be killer, Yelena's sight is hampered by the street lights shining into her eyes. The spirits may be up there, but only semi-transparent and in near darkness on the roof Yelena can't spot them.

Marco's spell takes effect and the van disappears from mundane sight.

An order is given and suddenly all around the train compound gates close, barriers pop up, and lights flare brightly illuminating the lanes as if it was full day.

[spoiler]( ( I crit glitched the driver Irish giving your spell an extra boost of awesome. My ruling on the drive test is a fairly obvious no test is possible and as the direction of the van did not change there are no minuses to the HMG fire and the van is shredded. [/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-20-16/2258:28>
Marco calms his mind and closes his eyes, his breathing rhythm becomes calm as he taps into the existence of all living things around him, trying to focus on these that are of threat for him, or on Tsina. His sight is crystal clear, but the spell ripples through his body and takes its toll.

Marco casts an extended detect life spell Force 5 - that  allows him to become aware of a ball of radius 300 meters around himself. He'll burn 10 reagents doing so - his spirits are away looking for a sniper and Marco being linked to them should know if they found him.

The rolls:
Detect life ( 15d6t5 9, Incredible !
---- edit forgot that Marco was sustaining the invisibility spell in that case he is down to 8 hits.

Drain (vs 4) ( 11d6t5 2 - 2 drain taken by Marco.

The spell is opposed with:
Willpower + Logic (+ Counterspelling if available) [Mental] and the net hits are taken from the detection spell table where 4 net hits gives detailed information (with 9 hits to begin with I assume that Marco is likely to stay above 4 hits for all but the smartest and most strong willed people in that ball around him. Marco is going to sustain the spell for the rest of the combat and provide the rest with intel on ambushes and the like.

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-21-16/0609:57>
As the spell takes effect Marco's senses ripple outward and he sees the beautiful firefly like glow of the lives all around him. Some are clearly part of Tsina's gang, their life force is so dark with the changes wrought by violence Marco can easily identify them. Others, seem to be running away. And still others are very still and Marco can't tell if they're waiting for orders or hiding in fear.

Jed is confident in his spirits ability to carry out his orders and in mere moments one is shielding Yelena with an invisible blanket of protection. And then Marco's spell ripples outward and Jed "hears" a triumphant, "Gotcha!" and his spirit reports, "Found him! Found the mage!" as his weak counterspelling defense ironically makes him easily visible to the spirit.

Arc barely has time to register the growing pools of blood underneath the bodies of the gangers thrown from the vehicle she'd just destroyed as she flashes past.

Wendy comes to Marco and says, The guy you're looking for is on the move on the roof to the northeast. Marco sees his life force, as well as the life forces of others positioned in various spots all around them.
( (
( (
( (
( ([/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-22-16/0012:07>
Marco texts on the team channel >>Y, I can sense the sniper he is running on a roof to your north east. He is not the only sniper, I can sense multiple snipers all around us.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-22-16/1159:35>
As Arc registers the bodies to take a count, she takes a moment to course correct the van, keeping it in control.  She recalls the invisibility effect placed on the van, much like the last chase they were in.  Virtually nodding, the tusker dialed back on the engine, keeping a good clip but minimizing excess noise as she turned her attention to Yelena.

<<"Copy that B.  Y, find some cover, gonna try and pin this badboy.  Immediate threat to van neutralized">>

Maneuvering the sniper drone she placed high up and away, along with her bugs, she flipped their sensors over to thermal vision.  With the lights all facing downward, she shouldn't experience any noise from those and simply register the heat of the bodies below.  Turning attention to where Blackbird indicated, she prepared for a counterattack...

[spoiler]:  Free action to change drone sensor modes and throwing Perception into that.
Perception ( 7d6t5 3
The rest of this pass will cover the driving action tax as well as indicate stealthing.
Sneaking ( 7d6t5 4[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-22-16/1254:58>
Yelena might not be able to see the sniper yet, but is confident that her companions will help in that.  She cannot sight in on anyone from her position but feels that the field of fire may have some soon if she is patient.  She holds her fire to wait for targets to appear.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <10-22-16/2215:51>
As Jed cycles through his choices he quickly asks the spirit Is he astral or back to his body?. Jed expects to hear astral and straps himself into a seat belt in preparations for going astral himself
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-23-16/2123:31>
Jed hears, He came fully back into this world when he saw me. in response to his question. He is in the building that's warded.

Arc sees someone running along the roof. Oddly enough it's the snow that's telling her where he has to be as even on thermographics nothing is showing up. But, there's enough snow being thrown around to make tracing his path childs play.

As Yelena watches the gangers that had fallen out of the van, the only thing she sees move is the slowly widening pool of blood staining the snow around them.

Nicolai lunges forward off of Marco to Hellfire riding shotgun in the front passenger seat. "Засада. Вы были преданы. Позвоните своему народу обратно, прежде чем это поздно." Hellfire tells him. Nicolai wastes no time in making the call. Long minutes pass where he is silent and then in a voice that is almost unrecognizable with anger and pain he tells Hellfire, "To поздно, большинство из них мертв.."

As Marco studies the beautiful pattern of lights that represent life he realizes that most of them are fireflies, but there is a larger grouping of them and they are speeding towards it.

[spoiler]Hellfire tells Nicolai, "Ambush. You were betrayed. Call your people back before it is to late." Nicolai answers, "To late, most are dead."[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-25-16/1005:20>
Marco said to Arc "Arc, we are heading straight into an ambush, so change direction please, there are so many of them that I cannot count."
Marco did not doubt Arc's evasive driving skills but being fired upon was no picnic and she needed to know that they are likely to die. He continued to browse the surrounding trying to come up with a suggestion for a path that does not get them out numbered.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-25-16/1531:39>
As Marco studies the pattern of lights it seems as though there are almost no lights representing lives to the southwest. All they need to do is make a wide U-turn to get away and it would only take them past a few people.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-25-16/1642:34>
Marco shared the information with Arc and said "Take a U -  there is little to no resistance behind us. Have them break formation to go after us."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-25-16/1753:58>
Arc received both nuggets of information quickly, her map updating with her thoughts to visualize the situation.  Without braking hard, she started to veer, heading back in the direction they came in.  She pinged Yelena''s feed with the new info, as well as the team''s map with her idea of where the sniper was.

"Roger that.  Y, think you can make it en route?  You're safer in these wheels.  B, is this where you say the sniper is?  I may have a shot.  Someone get on those cannons if they spot and chas us, I'm doing my best to avoid noise..."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <10-25-16/1842:49>
Jed hears Marco tell Arc to turn around.  We should grab those launchers if we can do it fast enough.  We may have to blast our way out.  Warded Buildng?  Jed launches his consciousness out of his shell.  Ah, the freedom of the astral.  Here he is quick.  here is strong. As Jed orients himself, and begins to look for his spirit, he senses him begin to attack the ward.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-25-16/2150:00>
Marco spoke  "Perhaps he is he invisible or something? I sense that he is right 'there' to the northeast" he adds a location of approximately where he estimate the sniper to be, he is running - so it is odd that none of you can see him."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-26-16/0035:59>
Yelena is holing her position, waiting for some of the people that are showing up on the sensor feeds to come into sight.  >>Not yet, Srui.  Yelena not have justice yet.  Yelena can give cover for van escape if you leave.  Maybe is time Yelena go shadow.  What Nicolai say?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-26-16/0114:08>
Marco adds >> Yelena, plan was a bust, most of Nikolai's men are already dead. Right now surviving the next moments becomes the priority.  Tsina has so many people here that I cannot count them all, if you stay you will be overwhelmed we must remain mobile and fight in our own conditions.   
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-26-16/0127:28>
>>Yelena died when Marco jump off building.  Only shadow left.  But Yelena come."  Yelena rolls out of her position and races up to where she can intercept the van.  She carries the weapon as if it is an extension of her and is ready in case someone decides to step out of cover and give her a shot.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-26-16/0936:49>
Arc could feel her hackles rising at the exchange on the team comm, her virtual legs flexing as she bounded down the roadway, seeing Yelena''s blip on her feed.  Since their van was being concealed, it would take careful coordinating to pick her up efficiently.  But those words...

"Sryu, you betta stop this fatalistic drek right now.  Running ain't an option right now, so we gonna survive.  You got friends that are waiting.  Eth, family, that needs you.Fight for your revenge all you want, but fight for the life you've made as well.  I and mine are with you Srui!"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-28-16/0305:15>
Free to move as quickly as thought, it's child play for Jed to find the warded building. He watches the brilliantly scintillating spirit as it counterscribes the runes of the wards and the explosion as the wards fall rivals the Northern lights. But, the attack is not without cost as Jed watches the spirit partially fade much of it's strength spent in that casting.

When Arc checks her map she sees that a U-turn will either place them in a dead end against a wall of freight cars, or on the tracks themselves.

As Blackbird studies the lights  that represent people he begins to pick out more distinctions. Some of the still figures don't seem to be tainted enough to be gangers, as the ones he would guess to definitely be gangers are much dimmer and their light is tainted.

As Yelena studies their battlefield she sees a shadowy figure step out.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-28-16/0340:30>
Marco studies the auras and searches for the darkest of them all, he expects that one to be Tsina.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-28-16/1007:29>
Yelena stops moving and brings the rifle up, aiming in on the figure but waiting to pull the trigger until she identifies it as foe or just a man working on the tracks.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-29-16/0257:49>
Yelena sees the figure kneel and bring a rocket launcher up to bear. She fires without thinking, releasing her messenger of death. She hits, she's certain of it. But, the figure does not fall and a moment later Yelena sees the fire blossom that signifies the rockets launch. The rocket is but the first shot in a hailstorm of bullets and grenades as gangers move from their hiding places.

[spoiler]Successes on rocket launcher are 2 DV is  the machine pistols, successes for full automatic bursts are 3, 7, 3 DV 6 AP-, Successes for grenade launchers are 4, 2 at a 10m radius. All shots are aimed at the van with penalties for invisibility factored in, you are being tracked via your tire tracks in the snow.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <10-29-16/0337:49>
Noticing the forming ambush with his detect life spell, Marco quickly offloads his sustaining sells to his minor spirits. "Misguided fools, choosing violence over compassions." These can only sustain the spells for several seconds, but that time frame seems very long when bullets are flying around.  He is angry but still hopes to minimize casualties, Marco peeps out of the window and selects one of the front gangers, he attempts to levitate that ganger and place him between the bullets to the escaping van. Hoping that these people will avoid further risking their friend, and that the levitated ganger will distract the rest and make the van harder to follow.

Marco will try and spin that man so that the gangers get see his face, and that the levitated ganger cannot target the van.

I rolled 18 dice, but then I realized action economy is problematic, so Marco will not get spiritual aid in this phase.

So my actions are : command spirit sustain these spells for me for a while. (3 combat turns per spell, per service).
that is a simple action. The next simple action is a reckless spell casting (levitate).
Marco gets 15 dice,

Simple action - command spirits
Simple action - recklessly cast levitate. 
Free action - Probably say something.

Marco will cast: F6 - Levitate
url=]Opium Den[/url]: 18d6t5 6
18d6t5: 6 [18d6t5=6, 4, 5, 4, 1, 1, 3, 5, 5, 6, 6, 2, 1, 1, 3, 1, 1, 2]

so he keeps all successes.
Drain is increased by 3 so we are talking about 7 stun drain.
Drain ( 11d6t5 6
Marco takes 1 stun drain.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <10-29-16/1611:56>
Yelena reasons that the man with the rocket launcher must be well armored and she takes a better aim and fires again, hopefully before they man can reload his weapon.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-29-16/2231:07>
As Marco lifts the ganger in the air and spins him about he screams, arms and legs flailing in mid-air. And as he realizes he's been placed in the line of fire he screams again in terror.
The hail of bullets causes numerous small indentations on the van's armor but are no more than a nuisance. The grenades explode and suddenly the world around the van turns dark grey as the smoke is released.
Yelena has the satisfaction of seeing the rocket explode against the wall of a nearby warehouse.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <10-30-16/1120:16>
Arc blinked only once as she started to hear the discharge of rocket fire, her memories flashing of all the hijinks and work she had to do as a wheelgirl for the Howlers.  The image of her ork persona lowered her head once as she gripped the ground, letting out an exhalation of breath as she let instincts take over.

"Nope, gonna need to be better..."

The van seemed to move with a subtle grace with Arc at the controls.  The doppler-effected sound of the rocket flying past whizzed by the side panels whilst the machine pistol fired danced on the outside paneling.  For Arc, it felt like an itch placed on her side, little sparks flying along her physical cyberarm and hair from the effect.  And as the smoke popped, she sighed, blinking twice and turning on her thermal vision, using the map as her guide whilst the cameras to identify her opponents.  Doing the same with her camera drones, she started tagging them on their HUD display left and right, identifying for her friends as she used her last bit of attention towards a forgotten party...

Guiding the drone, the silenced barrel of the sniper rifle extended from the device, leveling on where she believed the sniper was.  With a mental squeeze of the trigger, she sent her own little delivery to the figure on the rooftops...

[spoiler]Okay, Super Awesome Driving Skills Go!

On the rocket:
Vehicle Dodge! ( 13d6t5 3
missed, but mute point.

On the machine pistols: (target hits 2,2,3]
Vehicle Dodge! ( 12d6t5 4 Miss
Vehicle Dodge! ( 11d6t5 3 Miss
Vehicle Dodge! ( 10d6t5 3 Glancing shot, chipped paint but no damage.

Grenades are smoke, so no damage caused, but -4 to perception to anyone that doesn't utilize alternative vision

Free action to swap vehicle vision to thermal to circumvent smoke.

Complex action to take a drone shot at the confirmed sniper on the move.

Drone Sniper fire ( 12d6t5 8 (ACC at 8 due to smartgun linked to drone)
Damage Value is 12P + net hits, AP of -4
I am sure that some concealment penalties are in order, so the hits would go:

-1: 8 hits
-2: 7 hits
-3: 6 hits
-4: 5 hits

Please also note that the drone is being aided by magical concealment, and also uses a silencer, so the shot should not be anticipated.  At all.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <10-31-16/2242:30>
Marco watches the light dim and go out of the ganger he's suspended in mid-air.

As Arc watches the rooftop where the sniper is she sees a trail of sparks as heat blossoms and then is snuffed out by the snow.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <11-01-16/0509:06>
"Dead, dead dead..." whispers Marco as he drops the ganger on top of his friends. Hoping to demoralize and distract them. In the meanwhile, he tells Wendy - "Nobody threatens the wind lady with smoke, Let's give them a taste of their own medicine... blow this smoke in their faces so that they cannot target us as easily. It comes from a grenade you should be able to pick"

He placed a man in the line of bullets and he feels nothing... Not even the slightest bit of guilt.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <11-01-16/1626:56>
The astral fireworks make it quite obvious where the warded (or previously warded building) is located.  Jed wills himself to be there, moving at the speed of thought.  Poking his face through, he sees the mage booking it for the North exit.  As his spirit enters the building in pursuit of the mage, Jed positions himself in front of the man, and manifests himself before him.  We are coming for you.  There is nowhere for you to go.  The sad part is, you won't even see them.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-04-16/0204:32>
Suddenly Jed's spirit materializes in front of the mage in the form of an Anklesaurus and bashes him in the face with it's club like tail.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-05-16/1003:44>
As her vision shifted, an overlay of the streets mixing with the thermal projections, Arc was confidently able to ignore the smoke the pervaded the van.  Her ork persona grinned as she shifted her weight, facing the group of opposition as she growled.

"Got a hit on the sniper, no confirmed kill.  Y, providing cover!""

With a roar, she unloaded on her HMG, unleashing a spray of suppressing fire over the multitude firing on her vehicular body...

[Spoiler]Suppressive Fire ( 13d6t5 6

Opponents take -6 to all dice actions for the round.  ADditionally, those not in cover must make a Rea + Edge roll or suffer 12P with AP-4 [/spoiler]

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-06-16/0116:08>
Arc's thermal vision registers widening pools of heat around the targets of her HMG fire. And suddenly the fog begins to swirl around the van in a slowly widening circle.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-06-16/1343:09>
From her vantage point, Yelena is mostly hidden in the snow from the attackers, but she is fairly certain the sniper has transmitted her location so she grabs up her shell casing and rolls a few feet to the side and brings her rifle up to sight in on a target. Cycling through the vision enhancements on the rifle scope, she uses the thermographics to aim in on the wounded rocket launcher carrier.  Taking aim, she sends a second messenger out to the target, already chambering the next round.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-08-16/2118:40>
Yelena has the satisfaction of seeing her target go down through her sights.

Suddenly Nicolai shouts, "Look out!" as he gazes through the front of the van window through the clearing smoke he sees what thermographic vision can not, a sudden barrier in the road.

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-09-16/0753:31>
"what!?  OH frag. HANG ONTO SOMETHING!"

As Arc registered the barrier, her instincts kicked in, taking over as she read in every factor, pooled into one response.  The vehicle weight and capabilities, their current speed, the icy conditions, the nature of the barrier...

Her figure crouched low, not unlike a skateboarder, as she went onto action.

The sound of tires on snow and ice screeched mildly as she banked right, the weight of the van swaying left.  But before it could right itself, she was already making a hard left turn, finding a patch of ice in the road to lift the right side wheels into the air.  Balanced on the two left tires, the hard left lined her up perfectly to graze tire on barrier with their obstacle, using it to bounce off of and pull a dime sized U-turn...

Now righted and clear, she gave a smirk with an exhale of breath.  "Everyone aight?"

[Spoiler]Pilot Ground (push the limit) ( 18d6h5 11

Using one point of edge to push the limit, 3 remaining.

...given the roll results, I took some liberties on my performance ^^ lemme know if I need to edit.[/spoiler]
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Post by: gilga on <11-09-16/0939:45>
As if the bullets and automatic fire were not enough, Marco was unaware of an obstacles but he was very much aware of his body and the entire van spinning. He did not have time to put on a seatbelt with the heat of battle and now with that kind of maneuver he was thrown to one of the walls of the van. Barely protecting his face from impact.

Marco desperately grabbed one of the seats, and stabilized himself. "I am okay..." he replied to Arc and then puked his previous meal all over that seat. The meal itself was far from gourmet and was no loss, but Marco felt dizzy and sick.

On the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse on Nikolai, the man seemed broken, defeated and now partially injured from the tilt. He remained silent and passive while the bullets and missiles were flying around, and Marco was wondering if the man really had emotions left in him and was mourning, or if he was coldly planning yet another revenge.
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Post by: ismilealot on <11-09-16/1948:44>
The mage jumps back startled at the sudden appearance of the anklysauros. And then an ugly look crosses his pimpled face as he pulls out a knife as quickly as thought and in an elegant graceful gesture says, "Hyvardemudelamvah." and suddenly three spinning scythes of flame come flying out of the weapon expanding to become an inferno in the small space. He looks straight at Jed and says, "Możesz umrzeć następnego."

[spoiler]  "You die next."
( (  [/spoiler]

The van dances around the barrier, it's tires just barely clearing the spikes meant to shred them and as it spins Nicolai throws himself over Hellfire shielding him from any harm. When Arc finally rights the van he rights himself and lifting up from protecting Hellfire, his face a stone cold mask, he tells Arc. "I will take rear guns.". "Is trap. Get Yelena and get out." Getting to the rear guns is easier said than done and Nicolai fights to get to them in the back.
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <11-09-16/2157:33>
So the mage didn't bite on his little ploy.  Sending his will out to his other spirit, Jed called to him Maintain any aid you are providing to Yelena, but I need to you come and trick this mage into looking into the astral 

As his spirit slips through the door, Jed hovers menacingly over the mage, and saysNie umrę. W tym czasie wszystkie one są zrobione z wami, tsina nie będzie nawet w stanie powiedzieć, że tu jesteś.  Przez czas zrozumieć, będzie już za późno.

[spoiler]I won't die.  By the time they are all done with you, Tsina won't even be able to tell you were here.  By the time you understand, it will be too late.[/spoiler]
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Post by: Qwikfix on <11-10-16/0925:52>
While her physical form lay dormanr, strapped into the driver''s seat as it was, Arc's virtual self was alive and active, eyes of that of the defiant wolf, refusing to be caged.  Keeping the pressure on their ambushers, she registered Nicolai''s words with a little growl.  "she ain't gonna like that, but I'll tell her.  Get me an exit."  Adjusting her course, she activated the team comm again.

"Y, N is calling job a bust.   COMING to you, be ready to pile in."
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-10-16/0940:46>
Yelena is placing the casing from the second round in the pocket with the first one when Arc's message comes in.  >>No.  We have advantage.  Tsina Molovna already lose many people.  We can do this.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-10-16/0946:48>
Arc let out a sighing chuckle at that response, virtually shaking her head.  Switching back to the van comm, she relayed the message.

"She ain't budging, omae.  She is in this and I ain't leaving her behind."
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Post by: ismilealot on <11-10-16/2204:50>
@ Arc, Yelena & Marco Outside in the train yard the smoke hides gangers diving for cover.

@ Jed When his spell has no effect on the spirit the mage suddenly looks afraid and his head goes back and forth trying to find where the voice is coming from.

@ Yelena In her ear Yelena hears, "Если ты умрешь, никто не знает о её предательство.Мы оставим теперь и она будет знать страх. потому что мы не будем останавливаться, пока правосудие написано в ее плоти."

[spoiler]"If you die, nobody knows about her betrayal. We leave now and she will know fear because we will not stop until justice is written in her flesh."[/spoiler]
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-11-16/0217:17>
Yelena considers pounding the snow in frustration but that is a pointless gesture.  Seeing that the enemy had taken cover in the smoke, she rolls to her feet and lopes to the van as she sends Nicolai an acknowledgment.  She remains alert to any one jumping from concealment and holds her action for the time being.  >>Srui.  Yelena coming van.  Have door open.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-11-16/1000:55>
Arc barely concealed her surprise at Yelena''s change of heart, but maneuvered the van while keeping the pressure on.  Sliding the side door open, she reduced her speed while pinging Yelena''s overlay, their distance closing rapidly.

"I hear you.  Get in here.  N, need an exit.  Suggestions, anyone?"
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-11-16/1053:52>
Yelena climbs into the van through the open door and finds a seat to strap into.  She looks at Nicolai and snarls, Почему мы? Мы здесь. Tsina Molovna вниз несколько солдат и у нас все еще есть автомобиль и его вооружения. Она не имеют усилители так близко как получить здесь прежде чем мы будем принимать ее? Вы не умаляя способностей и resourcefullness моего bratva группы. Это ваш играть, но вы реагировать плохо? Мы все еще могли это делать."

[spoiler]"Why are we leaving?  We have the advantage here.  Tsina Molovna is down several soldiers and we still have the vehicle and its armament.  Does she have reinforcements so close as to get here before we take her?  You are discounting the abilities and resourcefullness of my bratva team.  This is your play, but are you reacting poorly?  We could still do this."
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Post by: gilga on <11-11-16/1110:57>
Since the van was still invisible, Marco signalled the car briefly by pulling his SMG out of the window. "who is wining? " he asked once Yelena was seated, there was no fear or thrill of the fight. Blackbird was distanced and detached as if it was all a dream.
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Post by: ismilealot on <11-11-16/2208:25>
Nicolai thinks for a moment and then answers Arc. "Is trap. Make own exit. All roads will be guarded." The he turns to Yelena and slaps her hard, "Tsina предателя. Но это не глупо, полагаться на людей только. Вы говорите, что у неё нет больше людей закрыть, чтобы помочь ей. Нет людей осталось, чтобы помочь нам. Моя семья мертва. Теперь мы должны удивить ее с нашей тактикой, если мы хотим добиться успеха. Ваша семья является слабой. Они не могут сделать это.".

[spoiler]"Tsina is betrayer. But is not stupid, not rely on people only. You say that she has no more people close to help her. There are no people left to help us. My bratva is dead. Now we must surprise her if we want success. Now we have to surprise her with our tactics, if we want to succeed. Your bratva is weak. They can't do this."[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-12-16/1515:38>
Yelena turns her head to roll with the slap, but the long years in Camp 17 and the prison hell that had been her home for a decade, courtesy of the merciless Russian State Security Services, has trained her to roll with the blow and she absorbs all but the sting to her pride.  She turns back to Nicolai and her words are calm and clear.  "Николаи, вы были в моем наставника, советника и любовник много лет назад. Что Елена умер на банки Москвы и новый Елена закрывается от холодных вод. Я позволит это правонарушение один раз, но не более того. Вы не имеете права делать вид выше мне. Я осмелился глубоко в тени и многое узнали в ваше отсутствие. Я учусь, но я не ребенка быть лектором. И не быть слишком быстро, чтобы закрыть моя команда, моя bratva. Они являются верными и нет предателей здесь и они оказались в состоянии делать многие вещи. Вы живы прямо сейчас по причине их. Мы не работаем как и вы, но мы очень эффективным. И мы живы".

"Где мы и есть ли у вас лицо влево, что вы можете доверять? Я даже если предположить, что вашей фермы базы является открытым и что нам нужно будет скрыть куда-то. Теперь мы будем работать как партнеры, хотя. Расскажите нам все и никаких секретов".

[spoiler]"Nicolai, you were my mentor, adviser, and lover many years ago.  That Yelena died on the banks of the Moskva and a new Yelena rose from the frigid water.  I will allow this offense this one time, but no more.  You do not have the right to pretend to be superior to me any longer.  I am still learning, but I am no child to be lectured.  And do not be too quick to dismiss my team, my bratva.  They are loyal and there are no traitors here and they have proven capable of doing many things.  You are alive right now because of them.  We do not work like you, but we are very effective.  And we are alive."

"Where are we to go and do you have anyone left that you can trust?  I am supposing that your farm base is exposed and that we will need to hide somewhere.  From now on, we work as partners, though.  Tell us all and no secrets."
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Post by: ismilealot on <11-13-16/2335:12>
Nicolai looks angrily at Yelena and says, "Вы думаете, как снайпер. Вы видите только цель. Лидер семьи должен сначала увидеть семью. Моя семья мертва. Ваша семья должна выжить если мы хотим, чтобы продолжить охоту."

[spoiler]"You think like sniper. You see only the target. A bratva leader must first see to bratva. My bratva is dead. Your bratva needs to survive if we want to continue the hunt."[/spoiler]

From the front seat Hellfire speaks up, his voice hoarse from the damage done by the fire years ago, but it still commands. "Николаи, вы хотите, чтобы выжить, чтобы сохранить честь членов семьи вы оставили. Но, если мы умрем и Tsina живет, никто не будет знать ее предательство и ваша семья умирает в позоре. Мы должны убить ее сейчас. Ее смерть это единственное, что имеет значение. Если она не умирает, даже если мы живем, мы мертвы.

[spoiler]"Nicolai, you want to survive, to save the honor of the bratva members you have left. But if we are dead and Tsina lives, no one will know her betrayal and your bratva dies in shame. We have to kill her now. Her death is the only thing that matters. If she does not die, even if we live, we are dead."[/spoiler]
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Post by: ismilealot on <11-13-16/2353:55>
Suddenly the van is hit with a pulse and everything goes dead.

[spoiler]This is Tsina's action. Boom, you'll need to beat a threshold of 5. The gangers action was to dive for cover.[/spoiler]
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Post by: Qwikfix on <11-14-16/1011:41>
As Arc drove, all she could hear from her virtual seat was the sound of passionate and heated chatter in a tongue she could not understand.  Gritting her teeth, she found herself growling before she couldnt take it, her Matrix-integrated voice bellowing into their comms.


Her instincts kicked in as she felt something about to happen, a sixth sense honed in by years of dangerous gang ops she never wanted to be a part of.  Shifting, she pulled a hard drift, scraping by an electrical pulse that created a black Ness in the attached field in the Trix.   Holding her breath, she scraped by and just made it clear.

"Gah, Frag all!  As I was sayin, they ain't gonna let us out, so the way I sees it, we gonna be fighting them.  SO lead, follow, or get yo Mal'vut-Ken Lupal outta the way.  We got work to do!"

[Spoiler]Vehicle dodge ( 14d6t5 6
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-14-16/1127:36>
Yelena feels the van start to slide and is glad that she is belted in as Arc sends the vehicle into some sort of controlled spin.  Her face is red after her Srui says her piece, but she nods, sending a message out.  >>Just arguing best way get Tsina.  Please slow down.  Yelena get out.<<  She unbuckles the seatbelt and takes up a better grip on her rifle in preparation to open the rear door and exit the vehicle when Arc slows it down.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-14-16/1300:07>
Jed sees the knife go up in a circular sweeping motion and a shield begins to form in front of the young mage. But as close as the spirit is to him, he's not fast enough, and an arc of lightning gets past the shield. A sharp, "Ghhgr!" is all Jed hears as his body absorbs the damage and then Jed sees the Influence spell strike and the young mages' head goes back and his eyes glaze over as he fights the effect of the spell. In a moment it's over, and his mind is still his own and an ugly sneer crosses his face. "Zabiję Cię za to!" and his body slumps to the ground, an ungainly sack as he launches his spirit out of it.

[spoiler]"I will kill you for that!"
( (
( (
( ([/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <11-15-16/0946:28>
The moment Jed had been waiting for was upon him.  Jed watched as both attempts by his spirits failed, but Jed was confident he would not fail.  the moment the mage's spirit crossed into the astral, Jed was waiting.  Swinging the cane like a baseball bat, he struck out at the mages head.  Once, twice.  Jed felt his focus connect and hoped it would be enough to end this now.

[spoiler]smilinirish:9D6E5 → 3( (5, 4, 5, 3, 6, 3, 2, 4, 4→ 3 successes against 5) ) (

mage is dodging 3 hits with logic plus intuition, damage is 7P plus net hits

smilinirish:9D6E5 → 5( (5, 5, 5, 1, 1, 6, 1, 2, 6→ 5 successes against 5) ) (

mage is dodging 5 hits at -1 to dodge, for damage of 7P plus net hits.

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Post by: gilga on <11-15-16/1440:34>
Blackbird joins Yelena getting out saying "You are not going alone. Don't argue no time" He follows her waiting for the lead, his spirits take care of the invisibility for a while - but otherwise he plans to follow her lead and keep her safe.
agility boost ( 10d6t5 3
Agility increased by 3 - for 6 combat turns.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-15-16/1940:33>
Jed's first blow bounces off the young mage but his second strike slides past all the young mages defenses and Jed "feels" the cane connect with the mages jaw, shattering it. The astral body tumbles back into it's body and for a moment everything is still and then Jed sees the young man take a breath.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-15-16/1942:46>
Nicolai pauses for the merest moment and then swings out after Yelena and Marco. Looking at them he says, "Tsina is probably green building. Best comm systems, central to all exits."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <11-16-16/0007:25>
Marco looks at the ruins of the other van trying to scavenge a proper assault rifle.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-16-16/1033:52>
Arc kept silent for a brief moment, wanting to protect her team as she has been, but she relented, using a momentary lull in the fight to slow down enough for the, two of them, to bail out the side door, where the soft snow wasn't as pcked for fear of footprints.  Mentally, she tied in a couple measures of her own.

"Sight Srui, N and I'll handle these hoops here.  But I'm not letting you go without help.  I'm tying my assault drone ad a camera drone to you.  Use the camera as your own, I'll help if I wrap up here.  Otherwise, just indicate where it shoots and it will go.  Keep in touch..."

[spoiler]pre-spending next round''s free action to tie in those drones to Yelena.  Theyll follow her commands with autopiloting unless I intervene
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-16-16/2151:20>
Yelena ties the feeds into her 'link as she makes her way to the green building with Blackbird and Nicolai.  >>Yelena thank Srui for drones.  Nicolai with Yelena and Blackbird.  We go to green building so you know where we are.  Keep safe.<<

She is carrying the sniper rifle in both hands as she moves quickly to the building Nicolai has indicated, using the drone to assist her. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <11-18-16/0947:29>
Jed feels a moment of triumph as he sees the mage crash from the astral.  Victory!  He feels vindicated from past failures.  That feeling of triumph turns to concern as he sees that the aura dims, but is not extinguished.  Looking at his spirit, he asks Finish the task please.  We can't leave him to track us down later.  The spirit hesitates.  "You instructed us to defeat the mage.  He is defeated.  The task is complete"   With the adrenaline surging, Jed's anger surged.  I told you to kill the mage, and he isn't dead.  Finish.  Now.  The spirit looks at Jed for mere moments.  "Your instructions were to attack any awakened.  I have done this.  If you want me to kill a helpless human, that will require another task.  I didn't expect this type of order when I responded to your call.  But I agreed to follow you.  Do you order me to kill this helpless human?"

Jed felt the emotion bleed off.  The mage was defeated.  His injuries would keep him out of the fight for at least a few day.  Several weeks if Tsina didn't have access to magical healing.  They would likely be gone before he could so much as cast a small spell.  Jed looked back at his spirit.  I understand your hesitation to kill the helpless human.  If you look at his aura, you can see he is a cruel person.  It is imperative that he not be able to retaliate.  I sense that his ego will not allow him to let this defeat go.  I will look up some day, and catch a glimpse of his face as my own life ends.  Consider this a new task if you must, but please, finish the mage, and bring any astrally active items to me..

Looking around one last time, Jed launches himself back to his body.  Opening his eyes, he realizes his neck is killing him.  Arc must have done some crazy driving while he was out.  The mage is out of commision.  What's our status
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-18-16/2000:12>
Yelena, Nicolai and Blackbird move toward the green building Nicolai had indicated. Blackbirds detect life spell shows him several still bodies in the building.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <11-19-16/0402:56>
Blackbird signals the other two, saying "There are still bodies in there, perhaps an ambush." He takes his comlink and position the bodies on a map. Asking for the more tactical of the group the figure out how to approach the building.

In the meanwhile, he tried to located Tsina herself -- all that Blackbird wanted was for this atrocity to be over as quick as possible and it was not happening before they confronted Tsina.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <11-19-16/0934:58>
Yelena nods at Blackbird's information and goes to the door to the building, remaining next to it as she whispers to the others.  Yelena send camera drone inside.  Drone look around to see what cover Tsina has."  She sends the small camera drone in through a crack.  She wants to have it look around and identify what sort of cover each defender has.  She shares the feed with Nicolai and Blackbird.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <11-19-16/1048:24>
Just as Arc was pulling out, she heard Jed''s voice picked up in the van''s cabin.  He must have finished his thing.  Good to know.  as she picked up some pace, keeping tack of the current opposition, her voice crackled in through the radio for him.

"I'll give ya the short version.  Y, B, and N are going after the boss lady.  That leaves you, me, and H to clean up the people trying to blow us to hell.  Got a few with guns, a couple nade launchers.  I shot the sniper, but unable to locste. Think he is concealed."

[spoiler]For some reason I thought we were already on the next CT.  Since I'm wrong, this action will double as driver''s tax and sustaining suppressing fire[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <11-19-16/2124:18>
As the drone moved down the hallway it passed a room where two bodies are slumped over their desks and a second room where three more are passed out on the floor. As it gets to the doorway of a third room Yelena sees Tsina's face for a split second in profile and then the image goes black.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <11-21-16/1155:08>
Jed considers her words briefly and says he shouldn't be concealed now because the mage is out of commission.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <12-01-16/0226:29>
Arc looks for the sniper again but all she can see are the heat droplets as he loses blood. I seriously need that tech. Between that and magic no one could ever find us. We'd be fraggin' ghosts. she thinks. Her face grim with determinations she continues to analyze their relative placement compared to the train station and the city looking for potential exit points.

As Jed watches he sees the spirit attack the downed mage, the battle is over before Jed has time to rethink his decision.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <12-01-16/1006:21>
As she surveys the many windows into the real world, the orkette figure crouched low, adjusting her course to make use of where the snow fell least.  She was growling a little in frustration at the situation, but otherwise was calm.  Her voice crackled in, the slight hint of bemusement in her voice as she lowered the engine's noise.

"Tch, the fragger's got stealth tech, no mojo here.  I'll see if I can pin a shot, meanwhile we got a few down here...4 I think.  Cannons're in the back if you want"

[spoiler]CT3, IP1 action: driving tax as Complex Action, rolling in a stealth check while I'm at it, combining with Marco''s sustained invisibility effect.
Sneaking ( 9d6t5 4
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <12-01-16/1023:51>
Yelena, still protected by the spirit, moves father into the building, heading to where the drone had last spotted Tsina.  She keeps her rifle at the ready as she walks, aware that her foe will probably get the drop on her but relying on her own skills to be able to react.  She feels a slight itch on her chest and wonders if the three scars are telling her that the woman who put them there is near or if she is just imagining things.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <12-01-16/1218:20>
Blackbird follows Yelena with the gun readied in his hands.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <12-05-16/1417:03>
Jed cast his astral vision out with a spell.  Quickly taking note of the sniper, he also tried to note the locations of the other gang members.  He felt better knowing that he had a spirit helping Yelena, but they needed to clear the field so that Tsina could be dealt with.

Okay Arc, I'll focus on the sniper.  There are gangers behind those crates, one by that barrel over there, and the rest are scattered among the shipping containers.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <12-08-16/0208:10>
>>Target lock acquired.<< The voice is crystal clear and Hell Hound smiles. >>Fire<< he answers. From out of seeming nowhere a missile streaks out homes in on the van.

[spoiler]( ( Dmg is 12P AP9
Inside the building Yelena creeps in on her target with Blackbird behind her and then comes to the room where Tsina is directing the attack like a spider in her web.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <12-08-16/1513:05>
Blackbird nods to Yelena and then, without any ceremony or remorse opens with full automatic burst fire at Tsina.
agility boost ( 10d6t5 5
agility raised by +4 .
full auto burst (-5 to dodge) ( 17d6t5 6
Initiative ( 10+1d6 13
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Bullets fly and find their target only to be absorbed by a very expensive jacket. Designer. Marco notes. and then suddenly Tsina becomes a blur of movement as her reaction enhancers kick in.

( (
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Well there was some remorse, filling such a nice and designer clothes -   Tsina seemed to go down, but no she did not when the burst is over it only seemed to get her angry - and that jacket was now decorated with a nice lead flower. "That was some fine shooting, the bullets are only few centimeters apart... " He thought with pride and re felt a rare feeling of warmness from the early days when Marco was barely big enough to hold the SMG and yet seemed to have a natural gift to hit the targets... Perhaps, Magic was indeed pacifism and life and all that hippy bullshit - but perhaps a person, even with the most wonderful gift is more than just a gift.
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Meanwhile, back outside...
[spoiler] [/spoiler]

Arc gave a virtual nod to Jed at the plan, her personal crouching low as she identified each of the targets.  "Gotcha.   Hold tight, this could get fancy...FRAG!

She barely registered the streak of missile fire as it arced towards the van, and her motions were quick and automatic, barely thought as she hit the brakes, slowing just enough for the antivehicle prohectic to scrape across her hood.  Growling, her adrenaline was pumping as her meat body started to sport what looked like a cut across her cheek.

"I'm done with you!"  with Jed on the sniper, Arc instead turned her sniper drone''s attention to one of her foes, manually snapping her aim before firing a round at his form...

[spoiler]Dodge (using edge)
Vehicle dodge (ptl) ( 18d6h5 10
Miss, scratch is for fluff.

Second pads action: fire sniper drone at "HellHound"
Drone sniper fire ( 13d6t5 5
Damage code 12P, -4AP.  Note the drone is still concealed.
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Yelena calmly steps to the side and raises her rifle, aiming before tugging enough on the sensitive trigger to send one of her small agents of death towards Tsina Molovna.
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Tsina's screeched curse lets Yelena know she hit. A second scream follow as Nicolai's shot grazes her and it's message of pain fires along her nerves. And then Tsina's hand flips back at the wrist and her raised arm shoots a full semi-automatic burst.
( (
( (
( (
Damage is 8P AP -4
( (
( ([/spoiler]

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Outside Arc sees two bodies sprinting towards her and bullets pepper the windshield from an unseen source. As soon as they're close enough to the speeding vehicle they flip to land on the vehicle and clamp explosives on. Mission accomplished they jump away. Beside her Hellfire says, "Bastards!" and a litany of curses in Russian follows and then he says, "Is way to knock off?"

[spoiler]( (
( (
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Yelena realizes that Tsina has three targets to choose from and has selected Nicolai.  She keeps her aim on the other woman and fires a second round at her.
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The scream is wrenched from her soul and Yelena and Nicolai have the satisfaction of seeing the light go out of Tsina's eyes as she crumples to the floor.
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To Arc, the vision of the explosives clamped on her was, to say the very least, alarming.  In her view of things, it was like some vile tempestuous creatures had latched onto her body, ready to tear her apart at any moment.  She growled, quickly observing her surroundings.

<<"T'chae, worth a shot.  Jed, got a launcher coming from the buildings.  Check here, Find it and I'll sort it out, but first...hold on">>

With a slight screech to the wheels, Arc turned down a narrow alley with an overhang, with spots of questionable clearance as she stepped on the accelerator.  Ahead, she saw where things had gotten close...and with the bombs attached to the side and roof, it was perfect:  Slamming into a light slide on the side of the vehicle, she swung the inertia to press the bombs into the wall, tearing it apart just in time for the overhang to collide with the one on top of her.

[spoiler]Used another Edge on this one.

Stylish driving! (PTL) ( 18d6h5 8  Given that and driving thresholds at a -1 for me rigging, I think we're good :D

Also, apologies for the slow response.  Bout of bad weather unplugged me past few days[/spoiler]
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The polymer/synth skin, even augmented as it was, was no match for the metal of the overhang and cargo pod as Arc slid the vehicle into them, and it buckled and sheared. But, the clamps disconnected with the strain and reconnected onto the other objects. Hellfire in the front seat frowned, concentrating as Arc maneuvered and when he saw and heard the explosives disconnecting from the vehicle he turned to her and nodded. "Da. Is good."   Moments after speeding away the car was hit by the concussion of the twin explosions and Arc fought to keep the vehicle under control on the ice. Jed found his body whipped and spun about, even his seat belt wasn't enough to save him from getting banged about.
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If Arc weren't currently jumped in, a running armored orkette in cyberspace, she would have exchanged a confident glance with Hellfire.  As I stood, her sound crackling through the radio agreed with him as the concussive blasts echoed behind them.  Grunting, she felt the van fishtail, but with a couple turns of the wheel, she managed to right the controls.

"Hoo boy, this is getting drek quick.  Y better be cakewalkin with all this heat on us!"
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Yelena listens to Arc and smiles.  >>Tsina Molovna is down.  We are checking to be sure she is dead.  An announcement of her death might get some relief from her people.  Can you broadcast that to everyone in the area?<<
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Arc gave only a slight pause, her reactions the speed of thought as she gave out a triumphant bark.  "Pa'taq!  Maybe we can pull this after all.  Broadcasting their channel sounds like Firefly territory, I'd make it messy.  See if she has a comm there, would be quicker."
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Jed felt ice in his stomach as he realized that they just had two mines stuck to the side of the van.  This is gonna hurt.  His head snapped sideways as Arc scraped the wall.  Searching desperately for the source of the rockets, Jed strained his astral vision to no avail.  His eyes caught sight of the sniper again.  Better to get an alternate than no target at all.  Jed focused his will at the target, sending exhaustion its way.  Just in time, as the van started to fishtail, Jed lost sight of the sniper again.  Hopefully this time he was as effective as he was against the driver. 

[spoiler]smilinirish:13D6E5 → 7( (2, 6, 2, 3, 5, 3, 6, 5, 4, 5, 2, 5, 6→ 7 successes against 5) ) (
Used a point of edge, so 6's explode.  Rerolled the 3 6's
smilinirish:3D6E5 → 1( (2, 3, 5→ 1 success against 5) ) (

Sniper resists 8 stun with Will.  No dodge.  Just soak.  This is stun damage.[/spoiler]

Arc, I got him, but lost sight of him.  Not sure if he is out of commission or not.  We may need to verify.
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Blackbird looked at the crime scene, a single tear wet his right eye, but his left one remained dry. "Perhaps I should still impersonate Tsina? If you take me 'hostage' they might be reluctant to shoot at us, or to blow us with missiles as we get away. I can make her body look like mine. "  He disarmed the decker, and looked at his comrades asking if any of them had some restraints.
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Power rolled out of Jed like a tidal wave and moved unerringly towards his target. The sniper may have had every technological bell and whistle at his disposal. But technology was no match for magic and Jed saw the aura change as the sniper went down.


The decker, as powerful as he was in cyberspace, was no match for Marco in realspace and was quickly disarmed and tied down. Nicolai listened to Marco's plan and said, "Da, is good, but you will take me and Yelena."
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Yelena motions to Tsina's body on the floor.  "Yelena thought need Tsina Molovna body?  Not leave here.  Need for trial."  She turns to Blackbird.  "Why not tell all Tsina dead?  We are new bosses."
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Marco said "Because big organizations tend to have a chain of command, especially when their leader enters combat."
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Nicolai answers, "Da. First lieutenant now in command of Tsina's bratva until generals declare her traitor. We must go now. All bratva's now will kill us. My people all dead. Nothing to slow them." Nicolai begins heading towards Tsina's body.
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Blackbird said "Allow me..." and touched Tsina's body, "Yelena, perhaps you want to impersonate Tsina? I would not like to disarm you and your russian is better than mine. As for myself, I am probably an equal threat with or without a gun in my hands.". He searched for small objects that may be needed to complete the disguise, visible jewelry, tech items or a comlink. Anything that might be visible.

Should Yelena agree Marco will perform two physical masks spells - the first to disguise himself or Yelena as Tsina, and the second to disguise Tsina as either himself, or as Yelena.
Physical mask ( 15d6t5 5
Physical mask 2 ( 13d6t5 5
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Yelena nods.  She realizes that she is a bit out of her depth.  She is used to the plan, the set up, the kill, and the departure.  This is so different.  They had been working under Nicolai's plan and that had gone all to drek.  Now she needs a new plan and Blackbird offers the means and the idea.  "Yelena agree.  Blackbird be Tsina.  Only one spell that way.  How get Tsina body out?  Can change to mouse?"
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Nicolai shoots the decker in the head. "Change me to him." He says nodding to the body.
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Yelena looks at Nicolai then shrugs.  "Was not necessary, Nicolai."  She shrugs again and steps closer to Tsina and takes a picture that she uploads to Virtual Goddess.  Looking at Blackbird she says, "Blackbird do spells of disguise?  I tell Arc coming out."  .  She sends a message to Arc in Or'zet.  >>Srui, we come now.  Disguise like Tsina and decker man have Yelena hostage.  We go to van.  Can bring near?<<
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All the incoming information, all needing to process.  Arc rolled through it all as quickly as she could as she responded first to Jed on the van's radio.  "Aye, if we stick around enough.  We gon' needa bail soon, so getting everyone out is priority..neh?"  She stepped a bit on the gas as Yelena's message came in, her virtual orkette persona grinning as she piped in.  "Mighta be sooner than we think.  Hold tight, and don't freak!"

Already diverting course, she skirted around the opposition back to the rendezvous point, using Blackbird's concealment as cover while she responded to Yelena in kind.

<<"T'chae, good news, van'll be in the same spot in a few.  Get there fast">>
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Marco changes Nikolai to the Decker and Yelena to Tsina. He tosses Yelena the SMG and say " I guess you captured me... I surrender."
Both spells has 5 successes. Marco takes no drain.
drain ( 2#11d6t5 5 6
Physical mask 2 ( 13d6t5 5
Physical mask ( 15d6t5 5
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Getting everyone into the van is easy. Marco's concealment spell makes spotting them difficult. But, Arc's drones alert her that every exit is sealed. And when she spots another rocket launcher near one of the exits she knows it's unlikely that they're going out without shots fired.
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Yelena is still tied in to Arc's drones for visual and she notes the rocket launcher man.  >>Srui, can use machine gun on rocket man?  If not, Yelena can leave van to deal with problem.<<
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I could not sense an opponent with my Sight.  The rocket may be on a drone.
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Arc felt a bit of relief as she saw/felt the others enter the van, sealing the door up once the trio made it inside...even if they didn't look like her allies, she knew they were.  Sighing, she mulled over what she saw through her drones, and listened to her friends.  "Tch, would be one way, but we just gotta leave...if that exit point is our best bet, we gotta block the rocket...hmm..."

She pinged one of her little bugs, calling it into attention as an idea formed.  "This is more a Firefly thing, but she showed me a trick or two...give a drone a command line, it sends out all sorts of noise..."

With a mental command, she sent the bug flying up to the rocket's point of roost, lighting it right above the window where it was positioned, and with a simple code, she began to make it emit all sorts of would block her use of it for a time...but if it worked...

[spoiler]Source for my move is from Rigger 5.  Basically an Electronic Warfare test (log-1 for me) can turn any wireless-enabled device into a jammer, creating a Noise Rating equal to the hits.  From jamming rules, that tells me that if the Noise of a jammer exceeds the Device Rating (weapons are usually a 2 right?) it effectively is jammed.  Here goes!

Electronics Warfare ( 5d6t5 3  [/spoiler]
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The code works and the drone is emitting noise as far as Arc can tell. But, there's no way to tell if the other device is actually being jammed without testing it.
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The orkette persona pursed her lips as the code went to work, her feed to the drone turned to static as she transferred its control to autopilot.  "That should do it, but I'll be on my toes.  Moving now, need a way out, all roads out are blocked...options. anyone?  I'm not seeing drek unless we can blow a hole in a gate or ram through"
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Yelena smiles.  "What of train tracks?  Can use?"
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Arc raised a brow as she pulled up the map, checking the query.

"Maybe.  The window between tracks and tunnel is small, need to squeeze.  Plus the tracks could murder the tires, not to mention the off road ice I gotta contend with's doable, but only if yall okay with the bumpiness, ya feel me?"
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"Is only way?  Or is other?  What have for guns on van?  Maybe shoot gate to open lock then break through?"
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Nicolai says, "Tires can take bullet. Tracks should be ok."
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Marco was kind of distant and uncharacteristically quiet, he watched Yelena and Arc and Nikolai talk and felt alien - as if he was not really there. If he could project his mind he'd definitely be in Italy right now talking to Gabriel, perhaps surrendering himself for his sister for the slim chance that it would actually work - but he couldn't he was stuck there with possible more hostiles, peoples with guns rockets and all sort of corrupted tools of violence. 

Marco drily said "I can always take us all out with my methods of travel - though we will be missing most of the equipment. Perhaps it can be for the better, we can blow up the van and try to make sure nobody can follow us. We can also save that option as backup - if you prefer driving out of here. "
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Jed's thoughts bring him to a concern.  If Nicolai is betrayed, and his resources eliminated, they may indeed be on their own getting back.  They would need resources to get home.  He had already instructed his spirit to retrieve any foci from the mage, but maybe there would be valuables on the sniper, or elsewhere that could help. 

Reaching out to his spirit, he asked Where are you?  We may be leaving imminently.  Do you have something for me?

I would rather finish eliminating the opposition and leave on our own terms.  Yelena, you should examine the sniper's body.  He may have something that should prove valuable if we find ourselves arranging our own transport home.
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Yelena shakes her head.  "Yelena think go is best.  Killed Tsina Molovna.  Mission done.  Justice served.  Srui, would leaving by tracks ruin tires?  If yes, cannot go that way.  Need van to go."
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The silence that came from Arc practically dripped with her concern as the decision was mulled over.  But as the one on the team in charge of the op spoke, the rigger snapped back to reality.  Smirking, she chimed in.

"Nico says tires can take it, and I can do it.  Take the cannons on the back and cover my six, ready when hall are."

Gripping the road tightky, her persona scanned the cameras for olacement, charting her route to get them safely out...with as little resistance as possible...
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Yelena smiles.  "Cannons in back?  Yelena not use before but how hard.  Pull trigger and watch explosions, no?"  She goes to the rear of the van and straps into the seat that controls the autocanons. 
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Yelena thinks of something.  >>Srui, can use drones take pictures of dead people?  Might use for bounties.<<
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Hellfire interrupts saying, "Sirens"

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Yelena grimaces.  "Arc, can go without headlights on tracks?"
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Arc grinned as she heard her team talking, the new information turning in her head.  "Aye, just rake pot shots, bullets are big enough for it.  Null sweat on the drive.  Get in position, I'm moving out!"

Commanding her drones to follow, she had the sniper and assault drones flanking her on overwatch and vision, providing her with a night view of the compound as she sped around the opposition to the tracks.  During that, her bugs went around to snap pics of the fallen, instructing them to disperse after and regroup when they were far away.

The dice were to see what she could do...
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The van turns in the snowy streets, as a small white plume trails behind them. It's not much, but it's enough to give the gangers shooting at them an idea of their targeting location. The clack of gunfire and ricochets ring out from multiple locations. Most of them miss, the few that hit  pepper the sides of the vans armored surface uselessly. But, the rocket coming from the second story window doesn't rely on meat eyes for it's targeting, and its enough to pierce the armored hide if it connects.

[spoiler]( ([/spoiler]
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-11-17/0226:58>
>>Srui.  Is rocket coming up ass of van.<<  Yelena pulls the triggers on the rear autocanons and hopes for a miracle hit.  Unfortunately, the savage movement of the van coupled with Yelena's totally unskilled shooting mean that her shots appear to go wild, but they do churn up some ground and a building where they do hit.

[spoiler]Shoot Autocanon:  Shoot ( 6d6t5 1     
Use edge for misses:  Edge for misses ( 5d6t5 0  At least it was not a glitch.[/spoiler]

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Post by: Qwikfix on <01-11-17/1814:09>
"Tch, not enough drinks for that kinda action!"

Arc saw the familiar trails of the rocket blazing for their position, using the wild shot from the assault cannons to reference the trajectory as she seemed to glide through a curve, extending her anticipated turn by mere meters as the missile whizzed by, leaving them unscathed.  Panting a bit in her virtual running ground, the rigger took one glance back, flipping the bird with her hand as she kept running, bringing them to the tracks.

[Spoiler] whoops, forgot the roll.

Driving Dodge ( 14d6t5 6  easy dodge

"Keep it up, we're getting out of here"
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Jed's spirit flows in through the door when Yelena opens it to shoot and Jed sees the mages blade in his hands. His spirit wrestled for it, but he was unused to combat with my kind. It says to Jed.

Velenkoradi appears next to Marco and fluffs his beautiful plumage. I have carried out your wishes. Am I not beautiful?
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Post by: Qwikfix on <01-13-17/1138:01>
The streets seemed to flow before Arc as she navigated, making the frozen patches work with her instead of against her, turning what could be a chaotic and hazardous affair into one of grace and beauty as each corner was rounded and cleared.  As she went, the van's radio crackled as her voice came in, humming and chanting what could only be deciphered as an Or'Zet mantra as the tracks came up.

With just a bump, the van transitioned off the road, clearing for the gate...

[spoiler]Drivie Test ( 14d6t5 6

well hot drek~ :D [/spoiler]
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Post by: ismilealot on <01-13-17/1327:48>
The van sped through the street and entered the tracks with only a slight bump heading for the building that opened up into a small plain. Right now, with the ground frozen, Arc thought that they should have no trouble traversing the plain to safety and it had no fencing to stop them. Traveling the tracks at the speed that they were going was no problem, it had been bumpier playing hopscotch on rooftops Arc thought. Then, just as they burst through the buildings entrance, Arc spotted it, a train bursting like a bullet from the tunnel it had been traveling in. At these speeds Arc knew it would be on them in moments.
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Post by: gilga on <01-13-17/1535:51>
Marco looked at his spirit and smiled "always " he said
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-13-17/1602:14>
Jed accepts the focus and smiles at his spirit.  Thank you for your assistance.   
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Post by: Qwikfix on <01-13-17/2113:15>
The reunions that were going on in the van with the mages and their spirits was a momentary...and likely necessary...distraction to draw their gaze away from what was going on around them.  Even Yelena with her focus on the gangers in their rear may have been spared the moment of alarm and surge of adrenaline that now coursed through Arc's veins.  She may not have been through high school, but she didn't need to take a physics course to determine how Newton's Laws of motion would be serving to smear every particle of matter they and the van were made up of on the ice over several square meters.

If anything, there were two indicators that something was going on that might be bad (besides the obvious visual):  One, Arc suddenly sent out a curdling roar into the virtual feed as she dug her persona in, mustering up every burst of speed she could with the vehicle she was tied into.  Sprinting, she was practically horizontal as she fought to close the distance between her and safety.

Two, the engine roared at a volume and pitch well above machine norms as the accelerator vented, wheels screaming as she cleared into the plains and to get off the tracks into the safe open...

[spoiler]Drive test to get through this mess, go!  Using my third point of Edge!

Driving test (push the limit, fragger!) ( 18d6h5 11

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Post by: ismilealot on <01-14-17/0057:16>
Arc clears the buildings exit and plows into the packed ice lining the tracks. The vehicle loses traction, but it's momentum sends it flying up over the banked ice and for a moment it's airborne. It lands with a heavy thud as it's reinforced shocks take the impact. For a moment the van is skidding, but, it's a moment only, as Arc's enhanced reflexes take over and right it's direction even as the train passes them. The faces of children are pressed up against the windows of the train, the only witnesses to Arc's skill as she rights the vehicle and sends it speeding northwest to the roads and safety. The snow is much thicker here on the plains, and it slows Arc down, but not much, and with Marco's snow tsunami blinding the gangers meat eyes, a coordinated assault on their rear is unlikely..
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It may have just been virtual, but Arc was still holding her breath in the tense moments that it took for her to clear the facility.  Note to self: cross playing chicken with a train off my list.  Fraaaag all...   The rigger fell silent for several moments, accepting navigation from Hellfire and Nicolai once  they were a few kilometers out, and back on a road.  They did it.  They entered hell,  got the job done, and left.  Sending the recall pattern command out to her drones, she let them back into the van once they were well out of range of detection, shutting them down after all that.

Some time later, Arc was given the go ahead to pull over, let the van idle for a bit as she applied the brakes.  Setting it in park, her meat body drew a sharp intake of breath as she jumped back into it, the harness seatbelt keeping her in place as she lurched.  Panting heavily, she felt as if she had just finished a big run...something she wasn't accustomed to.  She felt like her arms and legs would have some bruises, and the sting of a cut on her cheek drew her to reality.  "Frag...I'm starving..." She uttered breathily, leaning forward as her hand fished in her pockets.

Drawing forth one of her cigarettes, she balanced it on her lips as she went for her lighter, looking a bit rattled to say the least..
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Yelena is startled by the violent maneuvers Arc outs the van through, completely giving up on any attempt to use the auto-canons at the rear and focusing on just staying strapped into her seat.  Her vantage point does not let her see the train until it is passing the van, but the whistle is loud enough to bring an unnatural silence to the inside as people stop talking long enough to consider the actual margin that they have just avoided becoming flaming wreckage on the tracks.

>>Team [Yelena]:  Fragging great driving, Srui.  We live because of you driving and because of PI Man and Blackbird mojo.  All is well done and justice is carried out.  Nikolai, what is new plan?  Where go and who see?<<

After sending the message, Yelena sits back and lets Arc drive them to a safe place, based on the directions of Hellfire.  When the van stops, she unstraps herself from the seat and walks through the van, shaking hands with everyone until she gets to Arc.  Yelena reacts quickly to the cigarette in her friend's mouth, grabbing it and taking the pack from her.  "No, Srui.  Is wrong for you just now.  No smoking."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <01-15-17/1351:38>
Nicolai says, "Have old drop spot. Keys, nuyen. Head to Market Street." He and Hellfire hold a silent counsel with their eyes. A council that has both men looking grim.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <01-15-17/1427:52>
Blackbird watched Velenkoradi defies gravity and just floats in the van, while everybody else were struggling to just hold to something. The drive was terrible, and he was dizzy afterwards, he felt sick but they were safe. He watched the interplay between Yelena and Arc with curiosity - "is Arc trying to quit? Seriously why is she denying her a smoke... in this proefession she is unlikely to reach old age anyhow..."
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-15-17/1434:56>
Yelena holds Arc's eyes.  "Yelena give up cigars.  Arc give up cigarettes.  At least until cannot stand it.  Deal?"

After getting an answer from her friend, Yelena takes a seat and watches Nicolai and Hellfire talk to themselves.  She cannot make out what they are saying, but their expressions do not look very cheerful.  She shrugs and looks over to Jedediah and Blackbird.  "Yelena thank both.  Mojo was well used and helped much in getting justice for those long murdered.  Thank you."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <01-16-17/0947:50>
The look on Arc's face as the smoke was plucked from her lips, followed by the pack from her hand, was that of surprise, not expecting to be denied of her vice.  That surprise shortly turned to irritation as she scowled at the elf woman, pouting as she gave a sigh. "Hmph...fine, yeah yeah...I don't gotta like it though..."

With a defiant move of her body, she straightened up, fishing a snack from her pocket and munching away, occupying herself as Nicolai gave directions.  "safe house.  Got it.  I'll get us there."  shifting the van back into drive, she was underway in moments, the ride significan try easier this time around...
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Post by: ismilealot on <01-17-17/2244:09>
After an hours drive they arrive at Nicolai's coordinates. They found themselves at a dirty, trash filled lake. "We must drive van into lake to hide it. Then swim through sewer pipe, soon we will come to area you can stand, will have air. I will access key, open safe house. Cold will be very bad, must prepare for shock, tie selves together to help the weak, unused to cold." he says.
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-19-17/0159:31>
This is it, this is where he drowns us.  He wants Yelena for himself.  Jed casts his vision out to see the way.  He needed to see where this was going, and what was waiting for them.  Might not matter.  He wasn't sure he could make the swim.

[spoiler]smilinirish:12D6E5 → 5( (1, 5, 4, 5, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 5, 6, 6→ 5 successes against 5) ) ([/spoiler]
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-19-17/0802:21>
Yelena looks at Jedediah and Blackbird.  "Spirits help?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-19-17/0909:56>
Yes, I will summon a water spirit to help help us through.  It's the only way I'll be able to make it.  Hope the cold doesn't kill me outright.  Jed was feeling particularly crotchety. It was already cold enough.  Now he had to play polar bear?
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <01-20-17/0127:39>
For Jed, finding the hideout was child play. It was the area underground whose wards made it a black hole in the delicate web of mana that they were surrounded by. Getting through the wards was another matter. Jed pushed and pushed, but the darkness held sway and denied him access.

[spoiler]( ([/spoiler]
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Post by: gilga on <01-20-17/0211:25>
Marco sighed "Swimming is a matter of body shape you know, so is heat loss.  I can just change you to some more aquatic form and you will find maintaining your temperature and swimming immensely easier. Why do we want to get into that place again? Can Hellfire get in there on his wheelchair? Also isn't the lake kind of a predictable place for the car and will expose the whereabouts of your little secret hideout?

The van can continue as decoy, we can drive it remotely. Personally, I find it a bit difficult to trust Nikolai's secrets after his entire Bratva has been compromised. I'd rather take my chances with our original exit plan. If we do not have a safe ride - I am sure I can help transfer us to where we need. We do not really require cars for mere transportation."
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-20-17/0232:23>
Jed nods along with Marco's words.   I agree.  You've been greatly compromised Nicolai.  Your hidey hole is warded, so I can't scout it.  With all respect comrade, perhaps you and your associate want to stay there, but maybe it is time for us to part ways, yes?  Jed watches Yelena's face to judge the reception of his words.   Milaya, have you accomplished what you came for?  Is it important for you to retake the entire bratva, or does justice demand only that you eliminate your rival?  I will stay with you, whatever you choose.  But if you are done, maybe it is time to make our way home. Switching to Orzet, he murmured  The emerald city is still home, yes?  Returning to Russian, Jed sighed  I came for you and Ms. Arc. I expect she won't leave without you.  I won't leave without either of you.  It's your call.  Glancing at Marco Jed realizes he is grateful for his friend's perspective and the common ground they share.   His safehouse is warded.  Our spirits cannot follow.  Your spell won't get us past the ward.  We would have to drop all our defenses to enter, and have no way to foresee what awaits.  I can't leave the girls.  But my life is lived.  Yours is beginning, and beginning anew.  Do you wish to stay, or leave?  Jed waited, hoping that he would remain with them.  Glancing at Yelena, he hoped that she would agree they needed to keep moving.  Addressing Nicolai he said  I speak plainly because now is the time for frankness.  I don't say this to disrespect you.  You've been betrayed with dire consequences twice now.  Do you at least know by whom? He carefully watches Nicolai and the old man.  The eyes are the window to the soul.  Does he see defeat there, anger, malice?

[spoiler]I have 14 dice in judge intentions.  I'm trying to get a read on Nicolai and the old man to my statement that he has been betrayed twice
smilinirish:14D6E5 → 3( (1, 4, 1, 3, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, 6, 6, 1, 1, 5→ 3 successes against 5) ) (
I edged to reroll misses and only got one extra hit, so 4.  Considering that I'm confident in the ability, and edged the check, I'd say that whatever you tell me I'll be positive that I'm right.

Jed wondered what Joshua was doing right now.  If nothing else, in his twilight, he had saved that young man's life, and had been a catalyst for his rebirth.  He had dealt with a dragon and walked away, if only because the dragon needed something of him.  He had held Joshua and nurtured him until he found direction.  Hopefully, this wasn't the end.  He needed to get the girls home.  As long as he managed that. 
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Blackbird was silent, and seemed to look at Jed, as if he was considering his response.

In his mind he lied down on the snow and made a snow angle. He looked at the wonderful snowflakes, and felt inspired. He spoke words of thought: "I am not very much concerned about survival. In fact, I am uncertain if I truly exist right now.  I have no past and I clearly have no future...  all that remain is the present - one moment after the next.  I am just like these snowflakes - gliding the air only to be piled up as snow on the terrain.  I think that you and Arc are the only real people in here. I am not sure if there is hope for the rest of us, we are too far gone."

Few moments later he seems shaken out of his day dream. He blinks a few times and say.
"In short -  I am staying. I am not yet fast enough to dodge the rain."

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-20-17/1909:22>
Jed smiled and nodded. It was a typical Marco response. His friend thoughts were deep, and his feelings were deeper still. Looking to Yelena, Jed watched.
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-20-17/2114:28>
Yelena nods.  She is completely unable to understand Blackbird's mind, but she does understand his words.  "Very well, all stay.  Nicolai, Yelena's companion right.  Why trust safe house if other places known to enemy?  And how Hellfire get in?  Why not all go Vory judges?  Have truth and have body."
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Post by: ismilealot on <01-21-17/0136:15>
Nicolai considers Jed's words and looks him steadily in the eye as he answers. "Safe house is from before. All who knew, long time dead. Do not know betrayer. Tsina decker live long enough to tell all of kill. All faces known, broadcast to gang. Safe house has identities, new clothes." His face changes and he looks grim. "But correct. I have not been there, forty years. I do not know if others found. Only know secret alarms never trigger." He looks at Hellfire. "I tie Hellfire to me. He and Yelena must live. Is why go to safe house. Need to locate friend and use to find bosses. If not, no place safe. Bounties on all very high. Pride in kill us higher." He spreads his hands wide. "But, if mojo can change forms, much safer."

Velenkoradi tires of preening in the small space of the van and glides through the van wall into the morning air. He delights in making tiny tornadoes of the lightly falling snow and the newly minted sunrise makes a metallic glint inside one of them. As Marco watches, the glint rights itself, and separates from the rest of the snow to home in on the van.
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Arc is fuming as the plan unfolds, her mouth parted slightly as she locked gazes with Yelena.  The expression she was conveying was unmistakable....concern...and a bit of fear.

"That'sh all well and good omae, but if we change formsh, how we getting the gear in?  Anything I leave behind is a lia-fragging-bility, ya feel me?"  she bit her lip, watching the little swirls in the snow as she started to pack her drones.  "besides....can't swim...never liked the water..."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-21-17/1758:08>
Yelena nods.  "Have seen much danger today.  Yelena also not like going in lake.  Must be other way."
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Post by: gilga on <01-22-17/1512:35>
Marco said "I can keep the van invisible as long as I am awake, I do not have drugs but I think I am going to be up for another 8 to 10 hours.  We can escape with the van. Should be good for a while, if we are discovered or attacked, we can always shape change to escape. Or fight - we are not that terrible at self defense... after all we are still alive...

As a second option if we have to ditch it a spirit can accelerate us to a speed that resembles a vehicle, but running in the snow can get tiresome, and running so fast on the snow may be very dangerous - so I suggest we keep with invisible car... The other way will be hilarious - but Arc is not in the mood for physical comedy.  "
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-22-17/1615:33>
Yelena frowns and shakes her head.  "Yelena not need that fun either.  Invisible van best choice.  Nicolai tell where go to meet Vory judges."  She then looks directly at Nicolai and Hellfire.  "Or someone tell Yelena why not want go there."
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Post by: ismilealot on <01-22-17/1856:51>
Nicolai frowns at Yelena and his voice is laced with the edge of a vibroblade. "We find, we go. But judges always in hiding. Price on all heads very high. Must stay alive long enough to get to judges and present case. You have been in comfort to long. Have forgotten how to survive." Hellfires deep, gravely voice is equally sharp. "You have grown stupid with fatness."

Outside Marco watches as the metallic glint hovers in the air. He loses it when it flies over the van.
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-22-17/1940:32>
Yelena narrows her eyes and her voice is low.  "Yelena owe much both of you.  Even owe life.  But Yelena pay debts in past more than once.  Yelena maybe stupid with fatness, but Yelena looking two men who lose Bratvas to traitors from inside.  To someone trusted.  Not happen Yelena yet.  So maybe Yelena not so stupid."

She turns to look at Nicolai.  "So did not have location for judges when starting this?  Big plan was to kill Tsina Molovna and take Bratva then go into hiding until find judges?  Is right or have plan?"
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Arc grumbled a bit at the joke, but otherwise did not lash out at Marco.  Instead, the human girl was busying herself, hurriedly packing away her drones and confirming her inventory as it was all stuffed into a backpack.  She felt herself growing tense at the exchange between the Russians, and when the realization of what they had in mind came into light she snorted.

"Tch.  Half baked frag up ish what we got.  Only a true pa'taq would go in so blind.  We trushted with thish job.  And I ain't going down for that. What'sh our plan now?"
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-23-17/1208:03>
Maco and I can keep the van invisible in shifts.  If the bratva has any mages or spirits left they can spot the spell though. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <01-23-17/1252:17>
Marco said "Our spirits will spot any astral form that comes close, I have like six of them... difficult to hide from so many sets of eyes... But I am all for crossing the border I am not going to seat and wait for some Vory judge, in fact the less I know about these things the better. "
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Post by: ismilealot on <01-26-17/0126:26>
Nicolai's lips grow thin at Yelena's retort. But he is unable to deny the logic of her words. He pauses, getting control of his anger, then answers, "Plan was torture Tsina until confess. Then post confession and you and Hellfire confirmation in several open message drops. Judges declare us untouchable until they judge. Send for us. We go and prove our words. Now, no confession, only you and Hellfire word. Maybe enough. Maybe not. Must still try or all hunted."

At Marco's side a spirit appears, "Many dark souls are here."
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Post by: gilga on <01-26-17/0202:49>
Marco said "indeed there are... they speak of justice but are oblivious to their own actions...  perhaps they will learn one day...  Who are you spirit?"
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Post by: Qwikfix on <01-26-17/1037:35>
As Arc is listening, she is going through her drone inventory, checking each one with the acuitive speed of one who knows her tools inside and out.  Okay, Roto-1, check.  Roto-2, check.  Fly-1, check.  Fly-2....wait...  she frowned.  She could have sworn she had recalled every drone she had in the where was...

Instantly, her mind pulled up her AR feed, singling out the drone, listed as active..

...and watching the van...

She stood still, keeping her composure as she zippedal the bag up, her mental finger on the drone''s killswitch as she glanced sidelong at Yelena, speaking in Or'Zet as if she is annoyed.

"don't react.  They know we are here, and when I blind them they will strike.  We need to move.  Now"

[spoiler]Perception ( 7d6t5 4[/spoiler]
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <01-26-17/1635:08>
Yelena grimaces and looks at Nicolai.  "Is moot point.  Arc say they know location.  Must be watching with own drone.  She can blind then we must move so keep invisible.  Nicolai and Hellfire think of different place hide.  Blackbird can leave, but Yelena must remain to finish justice.  Have killed Bratva boss, which is serious crime.  All Vory will be looking for Yelena if not prove to judges this was justified.  Part of process."
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <01-27-17/1807:37>
Jed's blood turned to ice at Arc's words.  He needed to improve his ability with those watcher spirits.  He should have known, should have provided warning.  In O'zet to Arc he said hold a moment.  Let me see where they are.  Casually asserting his will, while pretending to argue with Arc about something, Jed cast his astral sight up and away from himself.  The good thing about having learned this trick was that he could assense without becoming astrally active.  He panned the area with the sense, trying to pinpoint which direction they would come from. 

[spoiler]  The spell provided a limit to my assensing roll of 5.  I got 4 hits
smilinirish:14D6E5 → 4( (4, 2, 2, 5, 2, 5, 3, 4, 2, 2, 1, 1, 6, 5→ 4 successes against 5) ) (


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Post by: ismilealot on <02-02-17/1114:10>
When Jed cast his senses out he realized why the watchers hadn't alerted him. The gangers were several blocks away. And different groups of them almost certainly had magical protections, as they were ghostly in comparison to the others. Jed hadn't seen that before, but he'd always remembered that from class, that a wizards strength and skill determined the efficacy of the spell, and could most certainly be detected by another wizard with more skill. It had been a warning not to get over-confident and rely solely on the spell for protection. Now, as he watched, he saw the ghostly movements of the gangers as if they were setting something up. What it was Jed couldn't tell. Spells have limits. But, by their movements, it almost certainly had to be heavy artillery. It was a compliment in a way. The gangers considered them so dangerous that they were going to shoot from a distance. But, given modern technology, that distance was next to nothing when it came to accuracy and destruction if they had a target lock on them.
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Marco said softly "Shell we fly away as birds ?  Before they start shooting  - I doubt anyone can expect this. Flying is fun once you get used to it... And the alternative includes spilling more blood, perhaps even our own." 
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-03-17/0042:12>
Yelena laughs softly and shakes her head.  "No, Blackbird.  Yelena cannot leave like that.  Must stand before judges and face them to finish justice.  Yelena not run away.  Srui get drones in and shut down.  Check for other drones.  Shut them down.  Keep van invisible.  We get away.  Nicolai and Hellfire find judges."
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Post by: gilga on <02-03-17/0153:15>
"This whole plan makes little sense, Tsina was not the problem she was the symptom. Vory kept working with her for all these years. They did not investigate the circumstances of her raise to power - they only cared about their cut.  Nikolai is not much different - a romantic fool going after justice in a game that is rigged to the core. If he is truthful about his intention then he just killed everyone of his colleagues going after his white whale - his lost justice. Let me tell you this much, Vory is not going to help a bunch of fugitives while alienating a powerful bratva that can pad their pockets with riches. 

Vory has done nothing for you in decades, when Vory abandoned you only the Shadow remained. Shadow is your true self. He is your destiny and your only form of justice. No mercy, only justice this is your fate. You live and die by the sword by your own actions on your own power.  These life are all you have left, do not risk them seeking aid from external power.  Live, enjoy what you have left - before Shadow claims all. 

Your daemon is dead, your justice is served. Nikolai is a fool to place his fate at the hands of obscure judges that he has no concrete way of even contacting. He never met them - he just blindly believes that they will share his version of 'justice'.  Don't be like him, trust yourself. You may not love me anymore but you care about Arc  and about Jed - let's figure out how to GTFO before we are involved in another bloodshed. Lady luck is a fickle mistress you know..."
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-03-17/1030:33>
Yelena reacts like she has been gut punched, hunching over a bit and backing against the wall of the van.  She shakes her head and tears flow down her face.  There is much truth in what Blackbird has said, perhaps too much truth.  She has said her Vory oaths every day of her life since the first time.  But what has the Vory done for her.  No!  the Vory is her family, her ......her......her......frag.  What are they?  What is she?  She is nothing more that what they created.  Nicolai had taken a raw talent and a desperate girl and taught her, trained her, molded her. 

The truth is blinding and Yelena gasps.  How does Blackbird know what to say?  What can he know of Shadow.  But he is right; Shadow has been her guide and her religion.  Her punisher and her guardian.  She has searched the world and the Shadow has been her one constant companion and guide.  Not the Vory.  Is she so blinded by her faith in these criminals that she has endangered her friends?  The realization of this truth sends Yelena to her knees and she covers her eyes to try to blot out the knowledge of what Blackbird is saying.  No.....the truth of what he is saying.  Still, she tries to deny it but the Shadow lets her know see the truth when her own mind has refused it.  So much of her life has been a sham.  Too much.  In the blink of an eye, her mind threatens to snap and send her to oblivion and she leans back against the wall of the van, working things out in her mind.
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-03-17/1514:37>
Jed looks at Arc.  They have mages still.  Some of them are hidden.  The invisibility hides us from eyes, but the mages and spirits can follow because of the spell.  But I may be able to lower the astral profile of the spell.  Once we are in the van, they can't see our aura on the astral.  But the spell shines brightly.  I can cast it at a lower power, but use my spirit to make the effect enough to conceal us.  Our best chance to break the ring is that way.  I'll...  A sudden realization struck and he was shaken.  They could be simply tracking their location by the dead mage's focus.  Looking at his summoned spirit, he handed over the focus, gave the order.  When we break, you go that way as fast as you are able.  When we are out of range of our agreement, you will be freed from this summoning.  Thank you for your assistance, hopefully we can work together soon.  He looked at Marco.    We are surrounded.  I can use a spirit to cast an effective low force invisibility spell.  I need to you to cast invisibility on my spirit.  Hopefully they will track him rather than us.  Maybe we can break free from this noose.  We all need to get back in the van.

[spoiler]I realize there may be some more RP, but here is my roll for when we get back into the van.  Low force spells are harder to perceive.  I'll use reagents to set the limit on an F1 spell, and use my bound spirit to boost its effectiveness.

( (

So all that and 4 hits.  Anyone needs 4 hits on Intuition + Logic to see us.

I'm hoping that an F6 invisibility on the spirit will cause them to follow it and miss the faint F1 spell.  Perhaps they really are just tracking the dagger, and will follow it.
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Post by: gilga on <02-04-17/0212:00>
Blackbird said "Jed, wait I have a better idea. They do not know - that we know. Do not do anything rush! They focus on the van,  they are going to ambush the van. Let's hide in this lake as fish, the earth is solid to astral  - so we'll need to keep covered as much as possible.  They will continue following the invisible van until they ambush it - and then if we are lucky and they use such a large rocket or other forms of explosives, there won't be much left of our remains to determine this ruse.  How about that plan?"
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Post by: ismilealot on <02-04-17/0456:05>
Nicolai practically spits the words out at Marco, "What do you know of Vory ways. Vory justice. Nothing! You are pampered outsider. The money means nothing. Nothing! Only the oaths matter. But never understand oaths. Never understand blood. Only privilege and full belly and convenience. Bah! Understand this. We are dead if we do not stand before judges." Behind him Hellfires' lips are a thin line as he nods. But a thoughtful look follows, "Maybe dead yes. All will be tortured for truth. Yelena, Nicolai, I can speak truth with torture. Know truth. But you, you do not. Not Vory."
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Post by: gilga on <02-04-17/1016:06>
Blackbird said dark voice "Everybody dies eventually... but every single moment is ethernity. No point in arguing though,  we are going to meet an ambush long before you meet your judge or I am tortured... any opinions? what plan should we go for?"
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-04-17/1218:22>
Yelena stands and nods, her mind still trying to work through things.  But she cannot give in to despair now, no matter the source.  She gathers the Shadow to her and calms her voice.  "Blackbird.  Yelena not become fish.  Can fish live in temperatures of lake?  Yelena remember how octopus feel in cold water.  And not want leave clothes and things behind.  Yelena like invisible plan from PI man.  We need to leave here."  She looks around.  "Is possible to trace deck from Tsina's man we killed?  If so, do we need to toss it?"
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Post by: Qwikfix on <02-04-17/1349:12>
As the exchange went down, Arc could feel her rage welling, trying to focus as she clicked off her drones one by one, powering them down and removing their Matrix presence.  Given the plan, she knew she would have to operate the van offline...old fashioned way.  Inwardly, she gave a smirk at that...hardlined in without a GridGuide or equivalent...well up her territory.

But as Yelena looked close to breaking, with everyone else giving pressure or beratement, the human couldn't take it.


Her metal hand slammed into the side of the van, her shoulders slump and breath fuming.  As she turned to Yelena, her green eyes softened, relaying her support before hardening on Nicolai.

"Get'yr head outta yo hoop, shmokey.  We 'kin argue thish drek later."  She clicked the last drone in her pack offline, leaving the bugged drone and the van for the split second more necessary.  She gave a nod to Jed, signaling she was ready to move.
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Post by: gilga on <02-04-17/1426:22>
Marco peacefully answered Arc  "Not arguing... We go for Jed's plan no time for discussions." said Marco and made the spirit invisible. He held a small wooden cross in his hands and repeatedly whispered a short prayer, not for himself but for the rest.

"Dear Lord, 
If today is our day to die, help my friends find eternal peace at your side.

Normally, Marco would have prayed for safety, but given the terrible did they did earlier, such a request felt out of place. One does not simply spills blood and then expects mercy - no the world cannot work like that.  Mercy is sometimes freely given but asking for it when one does not deserve it is out of place.
Invisibility F6 ( 15d6t5 3
drain ( 11d6t5 1

Ouch... 5 stun damage for Marco for swapping the invisibility to the spirit. Let's hope that it works.
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When Arc wipes the drones a firestorm is unleashed and a half dozen rockets come speeding through the air.

[spoiler]( (
( (
( (
( (
( (
( (
( (
( (
HE rockets 21P AP-2 blast -2m
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Marco sees a faint outline, The Lady, his sister, and a scared voice says, "Fratello, per favore. Non riesco a tenere pił a lungo." And suddenly memories came rushing back. His parents death, them being taken. The things they'd done to him to break him. The things they'd done to her. The unspeakable things they'd done to her while they'd made him watch. They'd made him cry and beg, and hurt until he'd snapped. And started pretending it wasn't her. Wasn't his shy, scared, twin. It wasn't her. She was safe. Still with his parents. They were alive and had kept her. She was safe. It was only him they'd taken.
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Marco thinks quickly, he calls for Velenkoradi and two of his extra spirits and command them, "Play as cars my little birds of paradise, Pick up one of Arc's small fly spy drones and move at random directions, at ground level try to mimic the speed of the van... and I will make you invisible . Be safe my allies."  His head was aching from the previous spell -but his new power focus provided clarity, he weaved 3 spells at the same time, they did not come out that well - but all 3 were successful, and with that 3 more invisible spirits were trying to distract any would be attackers.

"Arc, they are going to physically take your flying eyes and move them around... if they have deckers let them hack these drones it will only delay and confuse our attackers."
 He said - but as the time was dire, there was no time to consult.

Marco can weave up to skill/2 =3 threads of mana at the same action, he will recklessly cast 3 invisibility spells (F1) and use 9 reagents to set their limit to 3, they are F1 spells - just like the one on the car - hopefully it will confuse them once Arc dodges these rockets it will be more difficult to follow the van. (if we survive that is).

He has 15 dice -2 for sustaining a spell -1 for wound penalties = 12 dice/3 = 4 dice for each spell.

Invisibility spells:
Invisibility F3 ( 3#4d6t5 1 3 1
no drain.
drain ( 3#11d6t5 2 3 4

oh and now Marco takes -8 dice for spell sustaining so - that trick pretty much means that he just seats there unresponsive to the external world holding his cross and praying for his sister.

With that deed done "Marco needed all his attention to just prevent the spells from collapsing, four spells were a lot and Firefly was not there to comfort him for doing so - oh how fast did things escalate with that one. There was his sister and that odd link and memories, he was overwhelmed and unaware of his surrounding. He prayed and fantasized and in his mind he was somewhere else... in another world where she was safe and pure and innocent and he was still an escort.

How fucked up is that - that searching his entire life for happiness - the only moments are with Yelena and before that with Shilla. Can't I love someone less dangerous ? Will I never be truly happy? Marco felt as if his shreds of sainity were collapsing - it was all mechanisms of control... religion, memory manipulation, the priests Agrat, Sam and given the situation, perhaps even Yelena - he was a like pinokyo allowing external forces to puppet master him into their own interests - their own desires...

and what did he want? Could his sister even be safe? Perhaps she was the one doing the manipulation in the first place? Was she really captured or did she work with them the entire time? She knew so much more magic then him, she could not possibly be defiant. It took Marco all his learning capacity to fortify his mind - how could she retain herself if she passed the same treatment?  So his sister was trying to undo what Agrat did?!   - Was she like the rest of them? forming an emotional attachment only to bring him back into submission and control?  And Marco? He never was free - his only freedom was to trade one puppet master to another.

He was lost, and flying so much mojo at the same time just escalated his emotions and his paranoia - Perhaps they already have me and this is all a game. Perhaps I am in their interrogation room right now... how else would I hear my sister in a middle of a freaking death... trap.

or did I die and my mind is refusing to let go? Can't move on ? am I roaming the earth like a ghost - oh please ... God? Satan? is anyone even listening?  I just need a rest...  Can't I just forget how to use magic? is this gift refundable? All my problems seem to come out of the same point - I can do extraordinary things. Can't I just be mundane for crying out loud? Why did I get all these abilities if I cannot be free? Cannot harm people and struggle with values that nobody shares, nobody appreciates - what is the point in pacifism when people are launching rockets at  you. When other people are training you to kill, Is that another cruel joke? Why are life so important to me when they are worth nothing to anyone else?



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[spoiler] Rocket dodging ( 12d6t5 5  miss
Rocket dodging ( 12d6t5 5 miss
Rocket dodging ( 12d6t5 5 miss
Rocket dodging ( 12d6t5 5 glancing hit, splash only
Rocket dodging ( 12d6t5 5  miss

collective soak:  vehicle soak AP-2 ( 26d6t5 12

I'm estimating solid damage, enough to cause -2 or 3 to handling and will act accordingly.  Half of damage is delivered to Arc as biofeedback (hotsim, so physical)

biofeedback soak ( 8d6t5 5

Arc felt the hairs on her head twitch as she passed the bag along, ripping it open to let Marco do his thing.  Something's not right....  It was one glance at the cameras that she saw it, the arcing of projectile smoke in the air.  Her eyes widened as she let her reflexes take over, pushing Marco into a seat as she practically dove back to the front of the van.  "Yelena, hold onto me!"  Yanking out the cable from her head, she plugged it into the van, just in time to get things moving as the rockets tore closer.  Pealing out, she felt the explosions rock the sides of the van as the armoring absorbed the concussion blasts, rocking her along the road as she yelled out.  Arcs of static discharge danced over her as she felt every heated blast against their vehicle, burns appearing on her arms and back as she got them out of there.

Only split seconds later did she deactivate her online access, working simply with the hardwiring that connected her to the van and the local cameras in the front, getting them out of there towards safety...

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Without thinking about it, Yelena launches herself to where her Srui needs her, holding her into the seat as best she can, given the erratic maneuvers of the van.  She is unaware of the danger until the landscape beyond the windows lights up in dramatic explosions, at least one rattling against the armor and sending precious Arc into small convulsions.  Yelena absorbs as much of the static electricity as she can, hoping that she might spare her friend some of the pain and discomfort.  This is Yelena's fight, but her friends are fighting it for her and she can do little to influence what is happening, something that bothers her a great deal.
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In an instant the area around the van looks like it's straight out of a Battlefield:Alien Empire XXVII game. But, as the explosions crater the earth and rock the van there is no doubt that this is no game. One of the rockets lands in the lake and a shower of water, mud and debris is thrown up, only to rain back down limiting Arc's vision and her ability to see the newly formed craters around her.
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As the explosions rained down on them from above, Arc felt herself swallowing her panic as she ignored the pain that was being transferred to her.  She knew that of everyone there, she was the one that could absolutely NOT afford to lose her head.  Every life in that van, every single one, depended on her navigating out of that warzone.

So when the mud and debris begin to hit the windshield, all the human does is give and exhale of breath.  Her left hand reached up, squeezing Yelena's arm as she started driving instinctually, navigating the feel of the road to get to safety

"Everyone go dark, no Trix.  Nico-boy, shtart thinkin'a plan B "

[spoiler]Driving ( 12d6t5 6
Reminder control rig is wired in and still gives -1 to threshold[/spoiler]
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Yelena delays only an instant then follows Arc's instructions and goes wireless dark on all of her implants, including the comlink.
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Marco was already offline since he entered the car - no point... everyone that knew he was alive was either in that van - or wanting to capture and torture him.  The shock and fear and aww was big as the rocket hit the van - but the van held true, few extra holes and debris that shock the passenger seat  - but he was still breathing, still sustaining still too distracted to do anything productive but seat tight with his hands protecting his head.

"Is... anyone wounded?" he asked - knowing very well that he cannot move much with this kind of rough driving - but he was always taking things to the limit - perhaps 4 or was it 5 spells ... what a headache. 
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Several blocks away gangers smile as they see the explosions light the sky. But their lieutenants know better than to assume a kill and orders are shouted galvanizing them into action. Instrumentation is consulted, mages reach for reagents and a cocky decker hunts for anything in that area that he can hack.
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A single sentence consultation between Hellfire and Nicolai has him saying, "Center of apartment complex. We leave van. Use invisible to hide all. Get into apartment, steal comm's and SIN's of family. Use to get further away. Steal second families comm's and SIN's. Get to safe house."
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Jed reaches and turns his comm off.  In response to Nicolai, Will involving these families get them killed by the Vor?  I know I can speak for several of my colleagues when I say that harm to innocents is unacceptable.  You need astral and matrix support.  If you want it, we need to know that those who are uninvolved need to be protected.
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Nicolai looks at Yelena. "Это то, что приходит сделать семью из мягкости. Они никогда не будут готовы делать то, что необходимо, чтобы выжить. Вы и я пойду в одиночку и делать то, что необходимо. У меня не будет глупостью, делая вид, чтобы защитить меня." He looks at Jed, "I am Ghost. I will only take Yelena. Less to hide, no suspicion. There will be no witnesses, no communication with other Vory. Only simple family conversation. Simple family plan to go to doctor for sick child. Natural to need cred. Natural to travel. No suspicion."

[spoiler]This is what comes of making family of softness. They will never be willing to do what is necessary to survive. You and I will go alone and do what is necessary. I will not have the stupidity pretending to protect me.[/spoiler]
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"The hell you will."  Arc blurted out through gritted teeth as she avoided a crater, quickly leaving the danger close zone of the initial impact points.  Her eyes didn't move, focused on the task at hand, but it didn't stop her from getting a word in.

"Jed and Blackbird can wait outshide, but I am here to help, frag all."  she let out her breath through her nostrils, catching Yelena''s look.  "Jungle Law.  I grew up in it.  I can do what it takes, you know it."
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Yelena looks at Nicolai and Hellfire then over to Arc.  She shakes her head and speaks in her broken English so that her friends can hear her.  "No.  No, Nicolai.  Yelena not do this.  Yelena not kill innocent people to survive.  Finished that years ago.  Yelena not come here to kill innocents.  Came her for justice.  This is strong way.  Killing families is weakness, not strength.  Is softness.  Yelena friends can help.  We have kept you alive so far.  Would have died without help from Yelena' friends.  We are strong and we do not kill innocent people.  If that means the shadow takes us, then it is our time.  Yelena and friends not do this thing you want."

She turns to the others.  "Arc find way out in invisible van.  Blackbird or Jedediah, can spirit blow up snow to conceal tracks of van?  We leave here and go find place to hide.  Let's go do this."

>>Arc[Yelena]:  No, Srui, that is not way.  Yelena cannot do that.  You cannot do that.  We are better than kill innocent people.<<
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Marco used the mindlink to contact Yelena "Yelena,  Nikolai is the only danger to us. He planned this entire failed vengence. Spent both time and money to track Tsina, infiltrate her Bratva and execute her. He caused dozens of his men to die, perhaps over a hundred even. Not to mention the countless of innocent life that he is going to take if we let him live.

Think about it, you were uninvolved in Vory for decades and Arc is a mechanic from Seattle, I no longer exist.
Our only danger comes from these two murderous clowns,  Nikolai and Hellfire... they are the only living people that link us to this deed. The best course of survival is to just kill them.  If Tsina's bratva knows about some people it is about them not about us.   I would have shot him already or use the spirits but he is your mentor not mine.

It is only fair that you pull the trigger, say your goodbyes or whatever. Do not worry, I will not kill them without your consent - I love you and respect your emotions...  But does someone so weak deserves to live? He keeps mocking us, but he is only alive because of us. His entire crew is dead - he is not the man who trained you - just a sad reflection... a defeated and pathetic man. The Nikolai who trained you would certainly get rid of this one."

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Nicolai's face tightens and Yelena, who knows him so well even after all these years, recognizes his rage. Never has she seen him so angry. And a long minute goes by as he struggles to contain himself. Nicolai never spoke in anger. He'd always said, "Anger is own stupidity ready to knife face."
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Yelena softens her voice.  "Nicolai, remember what you tel Yelena many times.  Anger is own stupidity.  Ready to knife you in face.  Nicolai must think calm.  Killing innocents only make bad situation worse.  Do not need authorities after us as well.  We get van to safety.  Tsina men not find.  Then find good place hide then judges."

**Blackbird.  Yelena not kill Nicolai yet.  Prefer not kill.  They are not clowns, just desperate and frightened.  They think in only way they know.  In violence and death.  Yelena not like them any more, but Yelena cannot kill just to kill.  If I do, then Yelena is no better than they are.  Is not emotion.  Is truth.  And Blackbird wrong.  Yelena still Vory.  Every day Yelena is still Vory.  Not in Bratva, but in Vory.  Yelena must stand before judges or all friends will be hunted.  Came for justice and will get justice.  Be patient.**

She looks around at her friends.  "Jedediah and Blackbird keep van invisible and keep decoys spirits.  Arc drive careful and go hide us."  Then she looks at Nicolai.  "You are angry my old friend.  Give up anger and help find safe place.  Not kill innocents.  Not become Tsina Molovna.  Am Yelena and Yelena has friends who get us out of this.  Teacher trust student."
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Hellfire speaks, "You do not deserve to be bratva boss if do not understand, do not DO, whatever is necessary for your family. Is not game to kill. All actions must be to move family forward. Maybe we need others alive. Maybe we need dead. If can not choose family first. You are not Vory. We go. We hide. We see if you deserve to speak the oaths." Nicolai is still silent, still seething with rage and in his eyes Yelena sees what she has never seen before. The sure knowledge of exactly what tortures he would apply to break her.
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Yelena's heart goes colder at the look in Nicolai's eyes.  She does not want to suffer the tortures he might be able to use on her.  Still, she shakes her head while still holding Arc in her seat then turns to Hellfire first, her voice calm.  "You have no right to say Yelena not Vory.  You have no power to do that.  You have no current influence in ranks.  You have hide for decades.  Yelena respected you, slept with you, killed for you, but Yelena own person now.  Not belong Hellfire to say yes or no.  Yelena take chance with judges.  And Hellfire wrong.  Yelena do anything necessary to save family, but killing innocent people not necessary.  Not needed. "

She next turns to Nicolai.  "Nicolai wrong, too.  Be angry, be violent, kill Yelena if want.  Yelena try stop so maybe not succeed.  But does not matter.  Yelena not do this thing.  Other ways save family.  Other ways family save Nicolai and Hellfire.  So frag you and your death and your torture."  She points to the door.  "If want go own way, there is door.  Nicolai jump from moving van and go.  Take man in wheelchair too.  Be your own family.  If stay, you are part of Yelena family.  Listen Yelena.  Do as Yelena say.  Give advice but obey.  Yelena family in danger because of you and your decisions and Yelena not have time for your drek and your anger.  Stay or go, both of you."

Looking at the others, her family, she adds, "PI man maybe call Mike?  Ask if know anyone here that can help hide us.  Srui continue drive invisible van.  Look for place to hide.  Blackbird keep van invisible.  "

Her gaze flickers back to Nicolai.  "Well, what decide?  Try kill Yelena and family here in van or listen Yelena?"

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Seeing Nikolai silent, and angry, he knew what Nikolai was capable off when he was calm - there was no saying how much violence such a person can exercise when angry. Blackbird's body was ready for action and his hand was ready to pull the sub machine gun. With a mental order Marco told Wendy "If Nikolai tries to harm any of us, kill him."  He thought "I did not survive rockets to only to die by the hands of Yelena's violent sociopath friend/lover/mentor... "
Then another thought "Oh please do not  give up Yelena, I cannot follow you if you do these terrible things... and I am not ready to leave."
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"Van is mine. Go." Nicolai says. And Hellfire says, "I renounce you as my daughter."
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Yelena blanches as Hellfire's words hit home.  They hurt much more than she had thought they would and Yelena feels tears flowing down her face as she wordlessly shakes her head, hoping that she has not heard them and wishing that he would take them back.  But the old man does not seem in a mood to take them back and part of Yelena wants to change her decision but her determination is reinforced by an unexpected source as she sees the knowing face of a six year old girl rise in front of her.  A girl that Yelena killed for nothing more than being human, and killed in a horrible way by leaving her to die in the frozen winter of a Siberia known for its harsh weather.  She had sent bullets that had killed the adults of her family and then walked off leaving her to die alone and hungry.  The ghost of this girl has been Yelena's harshest critic and most earnest foe ever since, until Yelena's last brush with death.  Now, the girl seems to have forgiven her and has appointed herself as one of her spirit guides into the shadow.  Now this ghost rises and stares at Yelena and the Keeb assassin nods in understanding. 

She gathers the strength of the shadow to her and shakes her head.  "Yelena saw Hellfire as father and lover.  Yelena kill for Hellfire.  Yelena not do this evil and Hellfire get rid of Yelena like dirty socks?  Yelena not your kind of killer so not want?  Then Hellfire not deserve Yelena as daughter or lover.  Yelena lived and killed and died for you.  Yelena mourned for Hellfire."  She shrugs her shoulders.  "Very well.  Yelena accept Hellfire renounce.  Hellfire has no further claim on Yelena or Yelena Bratva.  Yelena still not kill innocents to escape.  The shadow not require such evil.  Yelena strong in shadow and not need Hellfire." 

The ghost that only Yelena can see smiles and vanishes.  Yelena had not needed the girl to remind her of her vows, but it was good to see that the ghosts were still mostly on her side now.  Ignoring Nicolai for the moment, she turns to Arc and the others.  "Can Yelena friends carry all with them if leave van?  Can make all invisible to get away?"
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Marco laughed - "The van will not be in one piece once I lift the invisibility spell... but perhaps Nikolai has some aces down his sleeve, being so powerful and all.
There is no problem Yelena,  we can take the bare necessities and important gear and travel using my own methods. Leave these two to meet their fate, they seem eager to do so. "
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Yelena looks at Arc and Jedediah for a moment, but sees agreement in their faces.  She turns back to Nicolai and smiles.  "Frag you, Nicolai.  You are no longer man Yelena worshiped.  Or maybe Yelena not same girl.  Yelena and Bratva leave you at corner.  The shadow will protect and guide us because we are strong.  You and Hellfire think killing is strength, but wrong.  Killing only killing.  Strength is surviving and succeeding without killing everyone.  The van is yours and we are leaving."

Yelena looks at her friends and nods as she moves to where her weapons case is and picks it up.  "We keep clothes.  Bring everything have and want carry away.  Arc let know when can stop so get out."
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Jed turns his gaze away from Nicolai.  Looking at Yelena he says We have options.  Lets go.
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Eyes forward through the exchange, there was only one thing Arc had did during the elf's tirade as she held onto her.  A quick squeeze of the arm as encouragement, relaying that the rigger was behind her one hundred percent.  As she prepared for a stopping point, she checked the vehicle's status....and it wasn't nearly the best.  She was sure the alignment was fragged, the shocks were weakened, no less than two engine leaks, and it wouldn't surprise her if the gas tank was cracked to boot.   Cracking a small, wry smirk, Arc came to a slow, listing halt before unceremoniously unplugging herself from the van.

"Aye.  I've had enough of this rat'sh drek.  Leshgo."

As they departed, Arc brought up the rear, pulling her coat about her before taking one last look at Nicolai.  Even through her cybernetic eyes, the look of defiant passion was clear, conveying how she would defend her blood she was to expect never to see them UCAS side again.  With that, she stepped out onto the snow, pulling her hood over her head to fight off the biting chill before gathering her stuff about her, making sure it was all compact and on her.

Making a circle with her friends, she looked up at each of them with a sigh.  " what?"
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When Arc stops the van, Yelena  takes her weapons case and steps out into the blowing snow without looking back at either of the two men she had once considered icons and now will have nothing to do with them.  Even dressed in her warm winter gear, the shock of the temperature difference between the van and the outside is severe.  She shakes herself and waits for the others to join her, Arc being last.  She points to a building.  "There.  Make way around corner out of wind.  Talk after.  Blowing wind conceal tracks."

She looks at Arc.  "Is safe to turn 'links back on yet?"
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The younger human wasn't going to argue with the direction, trudging off with the group for the shelter from the wind, hugging herself in an effort to keep warm.  "Tch....frag..thought elves...huu...didn't shink in shnow...huu"  shivering, she couldn't even manage a chuckle as they made their way.

She didn't respond to the question until a few minutes after arriving, the howl of wind muted by the wall.  Arc''s mind was calculating as she glanced to the spot they had parted ways.

"Heh...should be shilent...minimize traffic n drek...only an idiot would abandon a vehicle in thish weather, so they may not look for us...shtill, we better move..."

Working carefully, and silently, the rigger checked on the status of her rebooted, carried drone decoys...figuring she would only get static by now...
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Yelena reaches out to touch Arc's arm.  "Yelena think we are fine set of idiots.  We get home.  Keep move to stay warm."  She looks over at Jed and adds, "Can call Mike?  Yelena used to know people here, but was decades ago.  Maybe Mike knows people here now can help us?"

She also sends a message of her own.  >>Virtual Goddess [Yelena}:  Yelena send pictures of dead.  Tsina Molovna one of them.  Check to see if others have bounties.  Please make funds available as soon as possible.  Yelena might need them.<<

The small group trudges off through the narrow streets, looking for a place out of the weather.
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Jan 2nd 07:35
Virtual Goddesses reply comes within a few minutes. >>Be at the state park, north entrance at noon. I have a job that will pay promptly. Look for a jogger in bright orange. Job pays 550,000 upon a confirmed kill.<<

The wind bites into the clothing of the small band and threatens every inch of exposed skin as they watch Nicolai turn the van around and head back the way they came.. As they look around them they see the traffic and apartment lights of people heading into work.
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"Well that escalated quickly" thought Marco "but the further we are from these people the better. They are certain that we are heading toward death without them and yet they toss us out." Marco watched the invisible van gets away. It was cold and he was angry.

"Anyone knows where the nearest settlement is? I have a disguise kit with me, some cosmetics and wigs it should buy us some time."

It was only few long minutes later when Marco was certain that he was not acting in anger - but doing what he felt was right that he gave a mental command to Wendy.

 "Lovely Wendy, it was a process to learn why I came to this world. At first I thought that I came to this hellhole for Yelena - but she was right. I did it for me, because there is truth in life and truth in death. I needed to witness first hand that monsters like Nikolai exist. I accept my role in this world - most people deserve mercy but some people deserve to die.

What good is a pacifist assassin?   Now I understand that I develop exactly as I should have. I am exactly what I was designed to be.   I am the hammer, the left hand used to slay the monsters.  Nikolai deserves no mercy as showing him mercy is showing cruelty to innocents. When confronted by a man like that one, even pacifists must take a stand.  He killed countless of innocents, traded slaves and showed no remorse.  He deserves to die and I was raised to be the person that ends him.

My path is finally clear, I needed to celebrate life to value it. I needed to witness
evil to understand that I am needed, that I came to this world to kill monsters.
I may be a daemon but Agrat taught me that even Daemons have their role in this world.  By killing Nikolai I actually show mercy to many and justice to others. 

My confusion was because, I did not want to kill for the priests that trained me. They were indistinguishable from the monsters they talked about.  They used faith as a mechanism of control but I genuinely believe.  The Lord works in mysterious ways - and my job is that of the left hand. The unpleasant, illegitimate job.

Wendy, your mission is simple. First use your accident power to help them reach the fate they deserve. That vehicle is barely moving as is and the ice and snow can undo even the best of drivers... I am sure that they only need a little push to crush badly. Why do more than we need to ?

If they survive the accident power kill both of them. After that you are free my avenging angel. I am forever indebted to you as it was the interaction with you that taught me who I really am."

For Smiles:
Marco asks Wendy to use accident on Nikolai and Hellfire and then kill them. After that he let Wendy go.

Accident power ( 12d6t5 7

Critters with this power can cause seemingly normal
accidents to occur. The exact nature of the accident is
for the gamemaster to determine, based on what the
target is doing and what’s going on around him. This
power isn’t, in and of itself, dangerous, but circumstance
and environment can come into play to make it so. Tripping on your own feet in front of rush-hour traffic could be hazardous to your health, for instance.
When a critter targets someone with this power, make
an Opposed Test, using the critter’s Magic + Willpower
against the target’s Reaction + Intuition. If the critter wins,
treat it as if the target rolled a glitch on a test. If the critter scores 4 or more net hits, the accident is treated as a critical glitch—it’s not just an embarrassing fumble, it’s a
potential catastrophe. A critter can use this power on a
number of targets at once equal to its Magic rating.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-13-17/1524:16>
Jed can't catch his breath enough in the cold to ask any questions.  The cold causes his stiff leg to lock up almost completely.  Any concentration he had on spells is gone, which slows him down even further.  The pain of the cold squeezes tears out of his eyes.  Dragging bum leg, with ice crusting around his eyes, Jed struggles to keep up. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-14-17/0102:22>
Yelena turns to check on her friends and notices that Jed is falling behind due to an obvious limp.  She goes back to where he is and shifts her weapons case so as to allow her to put an around Jedediah and help support him.  "Yelena think is cold.  PI Man, think same?  We find warm place soon."

>>Virtual Goddess [Yelena]:  Who is target?  Yelena no longer kill without know.  No innocent targets.  How much for Tsina and others in photos?"

While helping Jed, she looks at Arc.  "Srui, we need warm place to hide."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-14-17/0250:47>
Virtual Goddess takes a few minutes to respond, but, soon enough the answer appears. >>The target is a politician. They are definitely not innocent. There is an additional 50,000 if you kill him in front of his mistress. I am identifing all the images and cross referencing them and already have invoices out for the gang leader. I don't have a final tally for you.<<

Wendy nods and says, My service will be done. They will be dead.                                           
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-14-17/0918:21>
"Cold, r-really?  I thought P-Poland wash a t-tropical fragging p-paradishe.."  since she was taking up the rear, Arc saw Jed''s struggle, prompting her to get up against the other side of him for support.  Shivering as the cold bit into them, the short human kept her gaze forward.

"Open to s-shuggestionsh, but I donno this place...huu...but this is inhabited..see the wageslave cars...gah, frag it..."  she closed her eyes, making sure to keep her metal arm covered.  "it's morning.  Work time...just find a place empty...huu...borrow it..."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-14-17/1010:06>
Yelena laughs.  "Is nice in summer but fragging cold in winter.  But Srui should be in middle Siberia if want real cold."

She is grateful for the help in making sure that Jed is able to move.  While walking, she searches for a map of the town and pulls up a shot of the park, examining its approaches and what sort of fire line she could get from the buildings in range of the kill zone.  Suddenly her attention is caught by the beckoning door of a building marked as a laundromat and she nods her head in its direction.  "There.  That door.  No one there this early and door should not be locked.  It warmer and can wash and dry clothes in machines."

She leads the small group to the door, finding that it is, indeed, unlocked as she had expected.  Once inside she feels the warmth of the heaters as she helps get Jed to one of the benches against the wall begins removing her outer layers.  "Wet clothes off.  Stand in front heater.  Use coins wash and dry clothes.  Speak Polish or Russian if someone come."

While doing this, she comes to a different realization.  Her friends have followed her here to see Justice brought to Tsina Molovna, not to help her kill a politician for his jealous wife. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-14-17/1028:01>
Arc seemed to get some renewed vigor in her step as a direction of refuge was located, nodding her head as she bowed against the biting wind.  Wordlessly, she pushed her legs and the group towards the door.  It seemed that traditional laundromat busy hours were a worldwide this hour of the morning, the civs seemed intent on getting to work and sucking down their soycaf instead of washing their clothes. 

Plopping down in front of the heater, the short human stripped out of her parka, muttering as she placed her icy cyber arm in front of the heat source.  The subtle brushing and scorch marks adorning her arms and shoulders glinted a little in the drab yellow lighting, her jaw set as she seemed to be ignoring them, focused on the present situation.  "Y'all do the talking then, cuz I ain't got either, heh..."  she closed her eyes, making room for the others as she collected her thoughts.

"We need out of here...I don't imagine it will be cheap...I got shome cred, but I worry it ain't enough.  Whatsh thplan?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-14-17/1437:06>
Marco is in great physical shape, is only physical flaw is that he is a bit too thin for this kind of cold. Though in most places, his look opens many doors. He feels comfortable in the snow and helps Jed and the rest as much as he can. His face show no sign of the deed that he has done. This is how the man is, more under the surface than meets the eye.

It is only once they are already in the laundromat, and that the van was covered in snow that Marco lets go of the invisibility spell. He kept it calculated and controlled his emotions, the deed is done and  justice was served. There will be no Vory justice for this one... but eventually they are going to see the van with two bodies covered in snow.  Their pursuers will eventually see the accident and find the two most high profile bodies. They may know about more, but will they really take the effort for some hired help? Marco believed that with a little luck they were off the hook. 

Marco said "I speak the local language and somehow I am very convincing in any language. I suggest we do not move at all. Let's check into an hotel our pursuers expect us to run. Staying here is unexpected and the less we move the less visible we are."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-14-17/1655:31>
Jed sluggishly strips off the wet clothes.  I made some prior arrangements on a spare phone earlier.  We need another phone though so I can make contact again.  They can provide transportation and even a safehouse until things cool off.  It will be expensive though.  The three of us may still be anonymous, but they know Yelena's face for sure.  They'll charge extra for her.  Maybe us too.  Y, how much money can you access?  Should I offer our services as payment? 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-15-17/0020:29>
Yelena strips out of her outer clothing and sets it aside open to facilitate it drying.  She looks about and says, "Yelena have option."  She holds up her hand.  "Only an option so far.  Yelena ask questions before agree.  Yelena sent notice of killing Tsina and others to primary contact.  Will get money but not know how soon.  Yelena expect much expense to get home, no matter who we use.  But Yelena contact just call back.  Offer here for contract.  Yelena share is 600K.  We can use money hide and get home.  Yelena ask for more information but how friends feel with help Yelena do this thing?  If not agree, Yelena decline offer."

>>Virtual Goddess [Wanderer]:  Need more information.  Not kill man for cheat on wife.  But no one pay so much for kill cheating husband.  Get more information and Yelena might do.<<

While waiting for the answer to her message, Yelena is looking at the map of the park in greater detail, examining the various locations from which she could make the kill.  If the information comes through, she wants to be ready to move on it and not just start then.  This is her element ans she focuses on her options while her friends talk to each other.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-15-17/0040:23>
Doing a new hit could bring more heat.  Maybe we should see what we get for Tsina and crew first?  No good to get great money but suddenly be too hot for someone to hide.  I did this kind of work decades ago, but our focus was more on making things unpleasant for the corps.  Helping them steal their secrets from each other.  Wetwork is never my preference, but sometimes you've got to eat.  Or not freeze. I'll do what is needed to get you ladies home.    Jed looks to Blackbird trying to judge his expression.  Can anyone get their hands on a burner phone? I'm nervous about using the one I used before.  I need to activate my backup plan and find out the price.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-15-17/0044:05>
Blackbird hands a burner phone to Jed, "Knock yourself out, never been used before. I brought a couple with me when I came here."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-15-17/0114:23>
Yelena shakes her head.  "Cannot wait to find out what get for Tsina.  Timing is critical.  Must be noon at entrance to park.  Yelena already planning with map, but could use help.  Drones help see and may invisibility help Yelena get to shooting place and get away.  All help.  And yes, must eat and hide and go home.  But Yelena not kill another innocent man if can help it.  Am asking contact for more data."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-15-17/0951:21>
Arc was rocking slowly back and forth as she sat, shivering lightly as she tried to warn herself.  Her cybernetic greens glanced ovet at Yelena at the offer of some quick getaway money, making her chuckle dryly.  Her hand flipped to her pocket to withdraw her pack of smokes...but quickly stopped when the same elf looked back at her.

"tch.  If we do it we needabe fasht and quiet.  And right now all I got is my land bugs...I wouldn't expect any of m'flyahs for thish..."  she set her jaw, head tilting to one side as she gave a nod.  "It's either us or our predators at thish point...I'm in"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-15-17/1052:00>
Blackbird said "I will not aid you in killing for money. There are other ways to get money, and seriously we spilled enough blood as is. " Not excluding himself was odd, another line crossed.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-15-17/1141:30>
Jed took the comm and keyed in the contact code.  Good afternoon.  This is the friend of Mr. Nedhofer.  We spoke previously about accommodations and transportation.  One of my colleagues has become somewhat of a local celebrity.  I think we'd like the premium package.  We have another appearance to make here in Poznan, and after that we'll need for you to send a car.  A security driver would be preferred.  Can you confirm the price of $4,500 each?

Jed turned to his friends.  I've tried to confirm our reservations.  At the prices I was quoted yesterday, I'm expecting accommodations and travel to run $20,000.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-15-17/1951:39>
Virtual Goddess replied, >>The lady is extremely wealthy, and at the moment extremely angry. But, if we wait longer they may kiss and make-up and there goes any chance of profit. But, if you won't do it I can give the contract to someone else. You said you needed money quickly. I can arrange a dead drop if you name a location.<<

The drones respond to Arc's mental activation, all the damage that she'd taken had been to the van, not to her tiny minions.

The laundromat slowly warms with the heat of the dryers and as they dry out and warm up their stomachs remind them it's breakfast time.

@ Jed  >>Price is firm unless your celebrity is involved with politics. If you need extra protection that increases to 3k per guard or extra safehouse.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-15-17/2346:11>
Yelena looks closely at Blackbird then nods and shrugs her shoulders.  >>Virtual Goddess [Wanderer]:  Wanderer cannot take contract.  But Wanderer does need the money from the bounties.  Can expedite for a fee?<<

"Yelena cancel contract.  Yelena not do if others do not.  Yelena ask contact to expedite payment for Tsina Molovna.  Not have 20000 on hand just now..  When need it?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-15-17/2350:45>
The human practically bounced in her seat as her drones starred pinging in with their statuses...they were fine.  Her eyes visibly wide, she was mentally going into action in response to this news, her breath held for the next several seconds.

Immediately Arc programmed a reboot into silent mode, to throw off any potential marks she had.  Once they were in silent, she engaged their stealth systems to work an erratic trajectory, eventually leading to near where she was.  Lastly, she instructed them to check their surroundings for any potential pursuit, and alert her if so.

With an exhale, the rigger came back to reality.  "Drones'rea good.  Bringing them here..safely.  huu.  Now then...uh..."  Arc's stomach interrupted her as it gave a growl, leaving her with a funny expression as her cheeks took on a bit of a greenish pallor. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-16-17/0027:17>
Yelena hooks a toe about a small trash bin and slides it over to Arc.  "Srui use.  Not get on clothes.  Is good news about drones.  They help us get out when leave."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <02-16-17/0828:16>
Responding to the message Jed transmits Yelena's question.    We do not need security for protection, we are capable.  No politics involved.  What are your procedures RE deposits payments etc?
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-16-17/0926:13>
Arc nodded sheepishly as she grabbed the can with both hands, bringing it over to her face as she turned away from the group.  A few muffled, restrained dry heaves later she seemed to be done, setting the can down and turning back to the others.

"Yeah shorry.  I jusht need a bite, I'm cool.  Ua...aught I'm here."  she offered a faint smile, her hands still shaking a little.  "Sho we ain't doing a job. Aight, if that how it be.  What's the next shtep?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-16-17/0954:34>
Yelena gives Arc a comforting nod then looks around.  "We get warm here.  Wash and dry clothes.  Need food.  Let PI man contact say when pick us up.  If long wait, send Blackbird to buy food.  He knows language and can disguise.  We wait."  She looks around at her friends.  "Is OK with all?"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-16-17/1140:59>
Virtual Goddess replies, >>I will arrange for a clean credstick. Fee is 10%. Name the location for a dead drop and I can have it there by noon your time.<< This is the first time Virtual Goddess has ever advanced a payment for a hit.

@ Arc  The fly-spies accept the commands and begin following Arc's instructions. And suddenly hunger kicks in like a knife. She needs to eat, and she needs to eat now.

@ Jed >>You can send the cred to account sdrrt23978!!5gh621 using Fargo-Chase. Half-upfront. Once I receive confirmation I'll arrange a pick-up.<<

A woman carrying several baskets of clothes comes into the laundromat. When she sees them she frowns and takes the machines on the far side of the laundromat from them.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-16-17/1841:50>
Arc raised a brow at the appearance of the woman with laundry,making no direct eye contact.  Instead, an intake of breath alerted the others to keep their voices down...and for the sharp pangs that greeted her stomach, an intake of breath she would immediately regret.

Wincing, the human held her side as she leaned forward, chewing her lip with a pained expression as she fumbled through her pockets.  One last soytein bar made its appearance...nowhere near enough, but it would have to do.  Tearing into the morsel, she made quick work of it before letting her breath out.

"Huu...frag it I can pay for the grub, but let'sh do it soon, ya feel???"
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-16-17/2137:40>
@ Marco A message appears for Marco on a comm he hadn't wanted to take. But Shadowdancer had insisted and the events of the past 48hrs hadn't given Marco any place to ditch it safely, and now a message from someone Marco most adamantly did NOT want in his life appeared. >>Extraction successful. Our mutual friend is safe.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-17-17/0006:06>
Yelena looks at the new woman and nods, pointing at the washer.  "Доброе утро. Есть поблизости место для получения кофе? Мы проходим и подумал сделать наши услуги прачечной, чем кто-либо другой здесь для машин."

She turns to Blackbird.  "Возможно вы должны перейти в разделе о получении некоторых продуктов питания? Ваших бедных жена выглядит для голодающих и неудивительно, бедных вещь"

[spoiler]Good morning.  Is there a nearby place to get coffee?  We are passing through and thought to do our laundry before anyone else got here for the machines. 

Perhaps you should go see about getting some food?  Your poor wife looks to be starving and no wonder, poor thing.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-17-17/1515:55>
It took Marco less than a few minutes to change his face. Make the nose stick a bit, the ears a little  pointier - too pointy...  Like fake elf ears.  Not the same guy as before - and once in the laundromat he finished with a some cosmetics. Something to bring out his eyes. He looked few times in his little mirror until he was satisfied. "I look like  a poser... but not a shadowrunner. Strange that I need disguise to look like an elf..."  He gave the weapon to Arc, he did not need it anymore.

Disguise ( 7d6t5 3
He'll augment his disguise with the body language and way of speaking of a metrosexual elf poser  teenager. (how ever they are going to speak so far into the future... ;) )   
Impersonate ( 15d6t5 2

Marco tossed Yelena SkipperTM Velenkoradi was crazy about that stuff and his entire bag was full of that annoying peanut flavored candy.  He then tossed one for Arc and Jed as well.  In so so russian he said: Конечно, дорогая, что-нибудь для вас.    (whatever you say darling.)
He gave her a quick kiss, nothing passionate, more of a ritual than a proper kiss, and headed out, carrying his bag.

He headed up to the streets, looking for some coffee shop or a restaurant.  Then the link he almost forgot he had buzzed:  >>Extraction successful. Our mutual friend is safe.<<
 He texted back >> This is good for mr. Friend - Kisses. he turned off the link immediately afterwards. Marco felt something that he had not felt in a very long time, he was angry.  "Perhaps I did like her more than I cared to admit, or perhaps my ego is larger than I like to admit." he thought as he browsed the streets.

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-17-17/2059:04>
It didn't take long for Marco to find the Polish equivalent of a Stuffer Shack, quite misleadingly named, "Good Eats". The smell of burning soy and old oil greeted his nostrils as he went in and a young woman was berating a teen for letting the soycaf pot burn. The people ahead of him in line were fidgeting in impatience and by the time Marco got to the front of the line to give his order the clerk was so harassed and hurried she didn't even give him a glance.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-18-17/0521:18>
Marco takes his order feeling a bit sorry for the poor cleark. He did not comment her when she got one of the Soycaffs wrong. Vanilla coffee did not sound THAT bad and perhaps Marco miss pronaunced it. He returned with some food to the rest of the group.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-18-17/1458:46>
Yelena blows a kiss to Blackbird as he leaves.  She turns to make sure that Arc is eating some of the candy and even offers some to the other woman in the laundromat, trying to strike up a small but pleasant conversation with her about the town.  She has already used the matrix map to find the location of the post office and the police station.  The former is just opposite the north entrance to the park and the latter is off to the south of the park.  The distance is not great, but the trees in the park might preclude any direct visual link between the two buildings.  But still, talking to the woman is designed to put her a bit more at ease and to try to gain some information that she cannot get from the map.

>>Virtual Goddess {Wanderer]:  I am looking into using the local post office for the drop.  It might be a coincidence, but it is located just at the north entrance to the park.  It might be interesting to observe the actions of another professional.  Unfortunately, my personal situation right now does not give me much opportunity to act independently and for the first time I have associates to consider.<<

She smiles at Blackbird when he returns with soycaf and food.  "Благодарю Вас, уважаемый. Я был очень голоден. Не Якоба сообщить вам, когда он собирается вернуться в машину? Бедных меняется не чувство так хорошо."

She makes sure that Arc and Jed get some of the food and places a comforting hand on Jed's arm.

[spoiler]Thank you, dear.  I was very hungry.  Did Jakob tell you when he was going to come back with the car?  Poor Sliva is not feeling so well.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-20-17/1915:40>
As soon as Yelena started to speak to the woman, Arc came to her senses and shut her trap.  Her lack of speaking native she knew would cause problems, and it would be better to be silent in this case.  However, it did not stop her hunger pangs as she tore into the peanutty treat, enjoying the sweetness though longing for something of substance.

So when Blackbird returned with some food, she felt the promise of relief wash over her.  The human took one sniff at the food before digging was different, but not unlike the quality she was used to at home.  Munching away, she checked on her drones and then their laundry, monitoring progress while the others also recuperated.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-21-17/0111:04>
Marco grabbed some food and listened to Yelena, he was uncertain what she referred to but he nodded his hand and made some small talk as he reluctantly ate the culinary crime that was ironically named  'good food'... but most people could not tell good from bad anyhow.  So the world had more serious problems than over fried poor quality processed soy products.  He fantasized on fresh vegetables, and expensive cheese. Perhaps, once they are safer he can try that Lasagna recipe he got just before he decided to jump off a building...

He said nothing about Sam, not certain how he should break such news to the team - if at all. Yes, Sam was more than an employer to them - but that did not mean that they ought to send him flowers. At the end of the day, they were criminals and he was a federal agent. After you are involved in a rocket fight in a public inhabited place - it was unlikely that federal agents are still your best friends...  Perhaps what happens in Poland stays in Poland - but go figure, at any case he was certain that they should not try to contact that man. They changed so much from their last encounter that Marco was uncertain if they are still on good terms.

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-21-17/0117:44>
Yelena is glad that Blackbird is playing along and moves closer to Arc.  She touches her on the arm and calls her Sliva while motioning her to sit in one of the two chairs available.  This should reinforce to Arc that she is Sliva if Yelena needs to say anything and it should help with the ruse for the sake of the other woman. 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <02-21-17/1020:28>
While she my not be verbally helpful, Arc could pick up the queues she was given, nodding her head as she went to move.  She kept her stance small, almost shylike, as she went, keeping her gaze open as she gave a thankful tip of her head to Yelena.  Instead of responding, she simply gave a little affirming noise before resuming her meal, awaiting their situation to develop.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-21-17/1115:00>
The dryer buzzer goes off, signalling that their clothes should be dry..  Yelena goes to check on them and passes them out so that her team can dress warmly for the next stage.  She turns to look at Blackbird.  "Возможно Якоба - Возникли проблемы с автомобилем. Возможно вы должны перейти см. Если существует отель мы можем остановиться в? Необходимо нечто рядом."

[spoiler]Maybe Jakob is having trouble with the car.  Perhaps you should go see if there is a hotel we can stay at?  There must be something near.[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-21-17/1223:20>
Marco booked an hotel room online in a nearby town, using his burner. Then he nodded at Yelena and went looking for a cache only place to stay in.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-21-17/2138:25>
The woman had been non-committal in most of her answers to Yelena. But, when Yelena had asked about the post office near the park she had told her that the area had frequent problems with sewage backflow in the winter and to go to the post office just a few miles away.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-21-17/2143:58>
When they made it to the hotel, a sad affair that had never seen better days, they found they had little to worry about, the lone clerk was watching the trid and muttering angrily about gang wars interrupting business. He let the automated clerk handle their check-in and had only glanced over to leer at Yelena momentarily.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-22-17/0950:24>
Yelena notices the look from the clerk and ushers the others onto the narrow stairway leading to the second floor rooms then steps closer to the mesh that separates the small office cubicle from the crappy lobby.  She reasons that the man might remember her looks but might forget them if he thinks she is just another working girl using the cheap hotel to service clients.  She gets clerk's attention and says, "Эй, вы хотите некоторые из этого слишком? Я может видеть Вас после я закончить с этими туристов и может быть мы сможем прийти к договоренности?"  The man smiles and nods then turns back to his program, the woman and her clients already forgotten.  Yelena nods and climbs the stair to join her companions.

[spoiler]Hey, you want some of this, too?  I can come see you after I finish with these tourists and maybe we can come to an arrangement?[/spoiler]
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <02-24-17/1126:22>
Marco gets into the room and makes himself comfortable on one of the beds, he picks up a small brochure to examine local sites... "Winter is a bad time to visit" he concludes but there is a science museum in town. "Anyone wants to accompany me?"

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-24-17/1146:54>
Yelena looks at the beds and is reminded of countless times when she would have been happy for the comforts of a room like this one.  It is all a matter of perspective.  She nods to Blackbird.  "Yelena, maybe go.  Yelena contact can get funds if tell where to go.  Was going to use post office, but seems closed for repairs.  Yelena hanging about would be suspicious.  Science museum is good."  She looks at the brochure and get the address.

>>Virtual Goddess [Wanderer]:  Post office not good choice.  Under repair and Wanderer cannot hang about.  Wanderer use science museum instead.  Must be gift shop.  Wanderer wait at door to shop.  Noon, local time.<<

Yelena returns the brochure to Blackbird and nods.  "Yelena need be museum gift shop at noon.  Meet courier."  She looks at Arc and Jed.  "Srui be safe with PI man.  He speaks language.  Yelena and Blackbird go museum.  Can send drone to keep watch us?  Keep others to watch here.  Patch all feed to 'link so Yelena know if Arc in trouble."

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <02-24-17/2105:04>
It takes about twenty minutes, but Virtual Goddess replies, >>There is an alleyway behind the museum. Your cred will be in a bright orange trash bag in the dumpster.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <02-24-17/2144:17>
Yelena smiles at Blackbird.  "We go.  See museum.  Get money. "

She looks at the other two and gives them a thumbs up.  "Rest on comfortable bed.  Get sleep if can.  Yelena and Blackbird back soon."
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Since Yelena seemed to have decided that Arc and Jed are to stay in the room, Marco smiles at them and says "I'll bring you a postcard I promise."  He then does a bit of makeup work to disguise Yelena, mask her distinctive tattoos and color her hair to a less distinctive black.
Disguise ( 6d6t5 1

It is rudimentary but can provide some basic disguise.  Marco and Yelena wanted to use public transportation to the Museum but the train is closed due to some terrorist attack. So they decided to take a taxi. Marco left his spirits with Arc and Jed to not draw suspicion to the two and to keep the safe house - 'safe'. He was left with 5 bounded spirits F3 spirits - one for each aspect of his personality. Mentors to a way of self discovery.

The taxi was automated without a driver and provided some time to talk, in subvocal Marco said "Sam is alive, was recently rescued."
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Yelena turns to face Blackbird.  "Is good news if true.  Blackbird just say this or know?"
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Marco said "The people that orchestrated my demise are his teammates, they rallied that message." He hands Yelena a comlink saying "This burner is linked to his team.  I cannot talk to him... Too many emotions and I might say something spontaneous"
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Jed is grateful for the opportunity to stay out of the cold. Probably good if Arc rested too. How are you feeling. You looked a little pale earlier this morning. Are you coming down with something ?
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Yelena smiles and takes the 'link, making the connection.  >>Hello?  Is Wanderer.  Wanderer hear that Sam is safe.  Is true?  Wanderer worried about friend.<<

She and Blackbird leave the cab and walk towards the  museum while she waits for the response.  She sends a message on her own 'link.  >>Virtual Goddess [Wanderer]:  When money available?<<
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Virtual Goddess replies, >>Cred in place, two hours.<<

And on it's heels the message from Marco's burner phone comes in. >>Codename:Wanderer; Codename:Silver Scorpion; Codename:Death Hand; Born Yelena Petrovna Talinovsky current Assassin with 55 confirmed kills, former Vory with 207 confirmed kills, Known Associate:Ghost confirmed dead, Known Associate:Hellfire confirmed dead; Known Associate:Hellrider reported dead. Bounty posted 3 hours ago on Hellriders killer for 550k cred makes all enemies and known associates of Hellrider suspect. Watch your back Wanderer, that kind of cred turns friends into bounty hunters. Sam says, "Good hunting."<<
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Yelena lifts her head and sends a response to her fixer.  >>Virtual Goddess [Wanderer]:  Situation different.  Yelena need money worse than thought.  Will take contract if still available.  Say if still noon at park and contract still same price.  Confirming Wanderer pick up money at museum in two hours.<<

She also sends a note back on the burner.  >>Wanderer thank.  Can help friends or on own?  Is bounty for Wanderer or others too.<<

As they walk to the museum, Yelena reaches out to take one of Blackbird's hands in hers.  Once they get inside, she reboots her internal 'link and sets it to run silent.  They walk through the museum while she waits for the responses to her messages.
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Jed is grateful for the opportunity to stay out of the cold. Probably good if Arc rested too. How are you feeling. You looked a little pale earlier this morning. Are you coming down with something ?

Arc felt her cheeks flush a bit as she got settled in, having bid Yelena and Blackbird good luck and farewell...and promising that she would attempt to get a drone towards the museum once she confirmed their safety.  Sitting back on one of the beds, she sighed a bit to catch her breath, feeling much better now that there was a meal in her stomach.

She barely caught Jed's words as she snapped to reality, her greens blinking a couple times before she sat up.  "Ewha?"  She tilted her head a bit, before offering a slight reassuring smile, tapping her cheek.  "It's nothing I can't manage.  Remember I got shick on the way over too.  Think I jusht needed a bit, I'll be fine null shweat.  How you holding up, omae?"  Deflecting the question, she scooted back on the bed to give more space, hugging herself lightly after shrugging off her coat.
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As they walk about the museum, Yelena walks past the gift shop and picks up a map of the town and a new Meta 'link then goes to find a chair to sit in while she opens the packaging and unfolds the map.  The detail is not great, but it gives her a good idea of the building in the vicinity of the park and elsewhere.  She checks the sightlines to the north entrance of the park and looks for the best place to site herself and then the second best place.  Starting with these two spots, she examines the sightlines that would give her the best opportunity to observe the two best kill spots.  The map gives her choices and she carefully circles them on the map. 

She does the same with the alley behind the museum, looking to see where she would be if she was going to make that a kill zone then traces back to where she could observe the spots where she would fire from, circling those as well, but putting a small mark in the circle.

Done, she opens the packaging on the 'link and activates it.  >>Arc [Yelena]:  Srui.  Yelena think much danger.  When Arc get drones back?  Yelena need four eyes.  Arc have?  Sending coordinates to send eyes to wait and observe.  Details follow after visual check.<<

In Yelena's line of work, there is no such think as a coincidence, especially a large coincidence and she realizes that she is in a fight for her life and maybe her friend's lives as well.  She grins.  After all, there are few assassins that have survived in the hunt for as long as she has and she relishes the challenge of a new sort of game.  She has long been the hunter and now others hunt her and may the best killers win.  She looks up at Blackbird, seeming almost the most alive he has seen her in a while.  Her eyes scan him and she smiles as she holds up the map.  "Музей был приятный, но небольшая. Теперь я готов перейти в нескольких минутах ходьбы о городе. См.? Я circled некоторых мест я хотел бы взглянуть на. Ты со мной или вы слишком устают от ходьбы уже?"

[spoiler]The museum was nice, but a bit small.  I am now ready to go walking about town.  See?  I have circled some places I would like to look at.  Will you come with me or are you too tired from walking already?[/spoiler]
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In his broken Russian Marco smiled at Yelena and said "Science is interesting... yes the one in the motherland is bigger but this is it... not a real museum just a tourist trap. I am all for walking in the snow.

Did I forget to mention that that we have the money to pay for transportation? Perhaps I just wanted to be around you longer a bit longer. I have some troubles in Italy - but no idea how to tackle them, so I need the wheels to continue spinning.  By the way, you behave just like the day I met the day I met you - calculating the best angels of fire and the best covers and escapes, I find it adorable."
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Yelena smiles at Blackbird as they walk along the streets.  The snow is a factor to be considered, but her primary concern is the sightlines to the various potential sniper locations.  She has to put herself in the panties of the person coming for her.  It would almost need to be someone that was already here or close, someone looking at the same problem but from the angle of killing her.  She needs to go two steps back from the kill zone to find that person.  Using the map and walking about, Yelena discounts three potential sniper pits as too exposed or not enough surety of a way out.  The person after her would have been given a briefing of some sort and would know that she specializes in long range sniper fire.  Finally, looking at the area from the ground, she spies the spot she would select if she was doing this.  She guides Blackbird to a small cafe and they order soycaf while examining the map again.  From what Yelena can see on the map, there are only two locations that would make sense to her as potential hides to kill the original sniper. 

She grins at her companion again and watches him drink his caf.  When done they continue their meandering tour of the town, allowing her to get a look at the possible tertiary sites and picking the one she will occupy.  Coincidentally, one of her sites will give her a good view of both secondary sites.  Although it gives a good shot to one secondary site, the range to the other is a bit long, but still within her capability.  She looks to Blackbird and says, "Мы должны перейти к см. Если Якоба вернулся с автомобилем, дорогие. Другие будут хочет оставить, если он располагает. Благодарю вас за приятной прогулки. Она была содержательной"

[spoiler]We should go see if Jakob has returned with the car, dear.  The others will be wanting to leave if he has.  Thank you for the nice walk.  It has been illuminating.[/spoiler]
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Virtual Goddess replies, >>Contract on the original target gone.<<

As Yelena and Marco walk the foot traffic is what they would expect. Most people are on business, rushing from one location to the next without much thought towards their surroundings. The trid is full of news commentary on the effect a local terrorist attack has had on delaying the trains and it's expected effect on the hockey game scheduled tonight. The owner of the team is going on record to say that he will not allow terrorists to dictate to the team and is even now arranging alternate transportation. Yelena and Marco don't attract any more attention than the other tourists.
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Jed nodded at Arc's explanation.  The cold sapped my strength more than I expected.  Starting to get my legs back.  I'll be happy once we are back on the way home. 
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The younger human gave an affirming nod, offering a tusky grin at the older man's sentiment.  "You and me both, chummah.  Thought of home...basically that'sh keepin' me going, ya feel?"  she paused, the message from their counterparts coming in as she respond promptly.

<<@Y: Stand by.  Will let you know when I have eyes with you.  Be safe.>>

Double checking the status of her toys, she sighed and leaned back on the headrest, one hand on her forehead and the other resting on her middle.

"Vut naray'ya.  Our friends anticipate trouble doing the pickup.  We may need that ride sooner than later.  How much it gon be?"
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As the two hour drop time approaches Yelena still needs to get eyes on her sniper points. As she had expected visibility on those lines of fire was very poor from the ground. She needed the flyspies, or her own eyes on those spots. There were definitely other buildings that she could access to give her those lines of sight. But, most of them were government offices and had built in security to keep people from their roofs.

Marco sees Velenkoradi preening himself atop a nearby bench and hears, Your human places have variety. This towns mana flow is very different.

@ Arc The drones check out. At least as far as Arc can tell.

Jed's comm chirps, >>Passage can be arranged for tonight if cred transferred.<<
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Marco thinks at Velenkoradi "Different how?"
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Even with the all clear apparent, Arc was uneasy about using her drones further, knowing they had recently been targets for hacking.  Even with her repeated reboots into silent mode, she couldn't tell in the datastream if there was a foreign presence in them.  It was here that the rigger came to appreciate the cybersecurity skills possessed by those like the little Firefly, and she mentally cursed at her uncertainty.

But, she had a job to do.  So, feeding her paranoia, Arc did one last silent reboot of each Flyspy before sending them into town, taking one to the post office as a red herring whilst the other went to Yelena's and Blackbird''s locale.

<<sending eyes.  Hope it helps>>  following the elf's lead, Arc nodded to Jed, sharing the image feed with him as well.  "They boutta hit the drop.  Mebbe yo eyes shee better than min..."
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Velenkoradi looks at Marco expectantly. Though their time together had been brief, Marco was already familiar with the spirits body language, and right now it clearly was saying, "Feed me."

The little drones take off without a hitch and soon they are sending images back to Arc. Once they get to the museum Yelena's coordinates are checked and there, well hidden in a shadowed overhang is a prone sniper.
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Marco gladly tosses  the peanut candy treat toward the bird spirit that enjoys picking them out of the thin air. "Why does he keep eating... he is not like other spirits this one."  he thinks.

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Yelena is sad and glad to see the sniper in his position.  Glad because she was still thinking like a professional and sad because it means the Virtual Goddess is compromised or has written her off and provided information to her enemies.  Shaking her head, she feels that a significant part of her life may have come to an end but the funk last all of two seconds before she is calculating how to turn this around.  She reasons that not everyone works solo and that there may be a backup to the primary shooter.

>>Team [Yelena]:  Yelena in trouble.  Yelena enemy use information from Yelena fixer to set ambush for Yelena.  Not know yet if intentional.  Srui can send eye to location attached to see if way to own sniper point?  Then to second location to see if backup shooter is where should be.  Blackbird able to make image of Yelena?  Yelena heading to  hotel for gun case.<<
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Marco's burner phone finally buzzes with an answer, >>Wanderer, scans of footage show only Nicolai and your faces. Top notch rigger as driver. Info being sought on all known riggers capable of that driving skill to find driver. Geusstimates of height, weight, metatype from footage. If Wanderer needs private transportation there's an old friend with a private jet on business nearby that might be willing to give a lift.<< An image is displayed of the old friend. But, it's no one Yelena recognizes. But then, she hasn't had any dealings with priests since she was three.

Velenkoradi tells Marco, Older, less vibrant, less dark, tired.
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Marco whispers to Yelena in his subvocal mic "No need to kill him, there is no 'advance' so we collect what money we have and pay Jed's man. We will be broke but alive. In the meanwhile, do not kill the sniper - your fixer knows you better than most. So do not think like yourself, think like someone else - do not go to the hotel go straight to the meeting point alone. I will go by myself to the hotel and will accompany the rest.  I can mask you as a polish dude and it will keep you safer. It is impossible to just assense every single person in the city because they might be a beautiful russian assassin. "
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Yelena shakes her head.  "Is reason to kill sniper.  Is flip of finger to ex fixer and make others more careful.  Still, is reason be careful."  As they walk back to the hotel, they are still disguised and Yelena is not overly concerned, but she has Arc keep the drone flying about them to see if anyone is paying a lot of attention to them.  She unfolds the map as they walk casually  and she looks for the place where she would be if she was going to sacrifice the first sniper as a pawn in order to have Yelena set herself up to take it out and thus expose herself to a second sniper.  She smles to see that there is really only one good location for the second, real sniper.  >>Team [Yelena]:  Arc can send eye to carefully look at location Yelena sending.  Yelena not want hurt head with many scenarios of layers of snipers, but  Yelena might use sacrifice blind to lure Yelena.  Yelena and Blackbird almost back.<<

She takes the burner that Blackbird had given her and shows it to him.  "Yelena was told maybe old friend take Yelena to safety.  Yelena not recognize.  Does Blackbird recognize priest?"
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Marco recognizes the priest instantly. No amount of years could erase the image of his old "mentor" from his mind.
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and so the betrayal was complete, any illusion of freedom was wiped away. Uncharacteristically for him, he threw up his breakfast looking at the picture and then went silent. He sat on the snow and covered his head with his hands. "It is another trap - this one is for me. " he said and added "we really have no one. Virtual Goddess may have sold you out - but Sam was always working with the people who educated me. It seems that everything in my life is just manipulation and emotional control. All the mojo in the world cannot set me free, I am but a puppet on a string. "

My reference, funny how that was the first thing that came to mind.

Puppet on a String
Sandie Shaw

I wonder if one day that,
You'll say that, you care
If you say you love me madly,
I'll gladly, be there
Like a puppet on a string
Love is just like a merry-go-round
With all the fun of the fair
One day I'm feeling down on the ground
Then I'm up in the air
Are you leading me on?
Tomorrow will you be gone?
I wonder if one day that,
You'll say that, you care
If you love me madly,
I'll gladly, be there
Like a puppet on a string
I may win on the roundabout
Then I'll lose on the swings
In or out, there is never a doubt
Just who's pulling the strings
I'm all tied up to you
But where's it leading me to?
I wonder…
I wonder if one day that,
You'll say that, you care
If you say you love me madly,
I'll gladly, be there
Like a puppet on a string
Like a puppet on a, string
Songwriters: Bill Martin / Phil Coulter
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Yelena bends over Blackbird.  "Что такое этот вопрос, мужа? Что бублик из магазина, возможно? Нам необходимо yo вы получите обратно в отель вы сможете отдохнуть. Загорается."  She helps Blackbird to his feet and continues to the hotel.  >>Blackbird [Yelena]:  Yelena guessed might be priest you know.  Now you thing Sam betray us.  Yelena say not Sam.  He is constant in equation.  No need to do this and no reason.  Sam not do this to us.  Contact not start conversation same way as before.  Yelena think not Sam group.  But think.  If take plane with priest, then can get justice for Blackbird.  And save money.  Can ask Arc and PI man if want to go home then leave with priest.<<

[spoiler]What is the matter, husband?  That bagel from the shop, perhaps?  We need yo get you back to the hotel so you can rest.  Come on.[/spoiler]
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The two messages came in one after the other.  To the first he replied Roger that.  Working to procure funding and shake our shadow.  Will notify you when we are clear and funded.  In response to Yelena's message he sends one to Escher Greetings from Europe.  We completed our show but we can't shake our fans.  I think our problem is digital.  We've tried reboots, but they stay on us.  Can you provide an assist?  Full disclosure, I don't have funding up front, trying to get paid right now, can transfer when we are clear. 

Jed had accepted the explanation from Arc that they had followed through her drones.  He had drawn inward due to the severe cold and pain just walking through it.  It was time to make sure astral wasn't the problem.  Motioning for Arc to wait a minute, he focused his will and called out to the local spirits of man for aid.  Bargaining quickly he obtained the services of a spirit.  My name is Jed.  I'll be needing you to sustain a spell to increase my awareness.  Follow me in the astral for now.  I will not be bargaining to bind you to me.  Thank you .  Turning to his bound spirit, Jed instructs [/color=blue]Please standby to heal any of my friends who need it.  I'll give further instructions if I need you to defend. [/color]  Smiling at the spirit, he said I think I've up about half of our agreement.  Hopefully you've found the time well spent on your part.

Jed gathered himself and projected his assensing outward to look around before they exited the room.  Hand on Arc's shoulder, he is on high alert, looking for anyone suspicious. 

[spoiler]Hits on the astral window spell create the limit for the assensing test.       smilinirish:15D6E5 → 3( (3, 5, 1, 1, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 5→ 3 successes against 5) ) (                                                                            [/spoiler]

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Arc nodded after the few moments of respite, gathering her things as Jed made the motions he needed.  Sitting there as the mage went into the astral, her bright aura belied her level of fatigue and mild uncertainty at the situation, but her expression showed concentration and determination.

Limiting comm traffic, she simply sent a blipped ping to Yelena affirming the instruction, redirecting the flyspy to scout the indicated locations.  As soon as it was time...they'd be ready to move.
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Marco stands up silent and said bitterly "The devil always wins, and always finds such willing souls to do his bidding. Sam used you and then sent you here to die, when you did not die he now attempts to send me to die - by linking me with my baggage. However, I am not a man of vengeance, but one of forgiveness.  I would not act violently against the priests and I am powerless to dismantle an organization full of much more experienced mages even if I tried. If we do meet that pilot - he is my old mentor and whatever is left of my freedom is at stake, I have a feeling that this is going to be the price.

Since we are more desperate now, perhaps we go check that hideaway and try to remain hidden there for several weeks? I do not believe that your old mentor needs that place anyhow - and even if there was someone waiting there for him - they are long gone now - might find new SINs and resources to continue."
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As Jed casts himself into the astral he is no longer bound by the limitations of his aging flesh and the wonder, mystery and magic of the world around him becomes manifest. He is more free here, more powerful, the taint of the Barrens, so pervasive in his home, is gone. But, the world here is more grey. It lacks the deep shadows of the Barrens, but it also lacks the bright energies of new life. Still, he was hunting, and he needed to focus. The spirit beside him, seeing him gather himself responded to his instructions and augmented his senses and as he cast himself out, expanding his search further and further, the death cries of so many made themselves manifest, tainting the ground where they had died. As Jed examined the area he realized it was recent, Nicolai's group? No way for him to be sure. And it was not what he was hunting for. So he continued to search, intil he was as certain as he could be that whatever magics the enemy possessed, it was not the ability to hunt them in the astral.

Velenkoradi flew around Marco immediately, comforting him.
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As his vision returns to his shell, he takes him hand from Arc's shoulder.  I'm as certain as I can be that there is nothing watching us from the astral.  I don't believe there are any mundanes watching us either.  Odd thing I saw, but there are echos in the astral of some kind of recent massacre.  I don't have any reason to believe it is related, but there could be other dangers here we haven't run across.  Lets find Y and Blackbird
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Marco strokes Velenkoradi and subvocally asks Yelena "Perhaps I'll go alone to check the safehouse? I can be very sneaky when I wish to. You seem a bit distanced."
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Yelena smiles at her companion and nods.  "Yelena not distanced.  Yelena right here thinking what to do.  OK.  Blackbird go safehouse and Yelena go Arc and PI man.  Be careful.  Yelena not sure Nicolai dead.  He may be there.  Please do not kill if he is hurt.  Ha and Yelena maybe not lovers any longer, but he was teacher and friend."

She watches the man leave and continues on to the hotel, continuing to check the drone feed to see if there is a second shooter to back up the first one.  At the hotel, she slips in unseen as the clerk is still glued to his vid screen.  She knocks at the door and goes in when Jed opens it for her.  "Blackbird go see safehouse of Nicolai.  Yelena came for guns.  Need decide what do.  Yelena ex fixer send men to kill Yelena.  Yelena think should kill assassin but want ideas from Srui and PI man."
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Arc closed her eyes, visibly exhaling as Jed gives the report.  Flickering a little smirk, she nodded up to him as she gave a thumbs up.  Before she could respond, she head the door knock, her right hand slipping back to her pistol.

When it was Yelena who appeared, she relaxed again, taking a deep breath.  "Ai...safehouse what ain't compromished be good to hole up, but we need a move at shome point.  I got a little cred for a trip out bit no contact.  Ash for that hitslitch..."  she paused, pursing her lips.  "we may need to decoy or jusht shlip out.  Attacking might jusht draw more hitslitchesh..."
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As they review the drone feed there is definitely a second shooter to back up the first and Yelena had to approve of the choice of weapon, Ares, with a top of the line scope and silencer as well as a top notch body suit that effectively camouflaged him. Yelena would have missed him if she hadn't been looking very specifically for him in that exact spot.

Blackbird had no trouble navigating the city. He passed workers in the street who gave him no further thought than it took to move past him. As he got close to the spot where Nicolai had his safe house, he saw small groups of gangers. But they were relaxed, looking for a bar or just looking for trouble. And even bundled up against the cold there was something about them that made average citizens give them a wide berth.
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Marco parked in view of the safehouse and kept his distance. A conflict with gangers was only going to draw attention. He observed them discreetly trying to figure out if were parked there or just passing through.
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Yelena nods to Arc even as she pulls out the map of the town.  "Srui, Yelena hears and knows what you say.  But this is betrayal.  Virtual Goddess not just letting Yelena go.  Virtual Goddess send assassins for Yelena.  Yelena wish make point.  Arc help?"  She points to the locations of the two shooters.  "These are known assassins waiting for Yelena.  This place is best place to see both shooters and Yelena should be there to kill both.  But Yelena suspicious of such a good location.  Yelena not like think three layers of assassins as that is hard to arrange, but Yelena careful."  She points to a location on the map.  "Yelena go here instead.  Forget about first shooter and go for second.  Better hidden so first shooter is sacrifice.  Maybe second shooter sacrifice, too.  But is more important sacrifice.  Yelena go here and kill second shooter.  Not be able to kill first one from place, but not expose as much if third shooter.  Arc can send eye to this place to watch as Yelena go?  Leave other eye on second shooter so Yelena know if move."  She takes her case and goes to the door before turning to face her friends.  "PI man is good friend.  Please get Arc home if Yelena guess wrong and another shooter waits for her.  Maybe have spell of invisibility for Yelena?  Srui, help if can, but Yelena understand if cannot.  Yelena go out to end a life.  Show Virtual Goddess she was wrong."
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <03-08-17/1025:24>
Jed nodded at Yelena.  Of course Milaya.  Whatever it takes to get home.  These men know the risk they are taking.  It is only innocents that I refuse. Let me scout this area for astral activity first.   Jed gathered his will and felt the flow of mana around him.  Jed drew the mana around him again, and sent his astral sight out and away from himself to scout the area.  In particular he was looking for any active spells or foci, and any awakened metas.  Satisfied that the snipers had no astral support, he called to his bound spirit and asked for assistance.  He pulled the mana around him and formed it into shape around Yelena, bending the light around her to hide her from eyes both physical and digital.  He felt satisfied that he formed the spell well, he brought it to completion.  But as the mana flowed from him, so did his energy.  Jed caught himself on Arc's shoulder, and steadied himself before letting go.  Jed was confident that he pulled the spell off to excellent effect, but at a small cost.   Must be the cold, but that one took something out of me.  I don't need you within sight Milaya, I can maintain the spell as long as you need.  I'm a little tired from that, but I'll be fine.  I've got stims if I need them.  Jed smiled encouragingly at the girls.  He didn't need them worried about him.  He wasn't out of gas yet. 

Casting Mana window ( (
This grants a limit of 5 to assenssing with the spell
Assensing roll ( (

Casting the illusion spell:  ( (
Drain:   ( (
I didn't actually do it right mechanically.  You cast at force one and use the reagents to raise the limit.  I should have been resisting drain at F1, but I'm leaving it this way for story. 

To see through the illusion spell requires 5 hits on Logic + Intuition, or DR x2.  Then they still contend with her Stealth roll.

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As Marco watched it was obvious the gangers were moving away from Nicolai's safe house and within an hour only trash remained to move across the landscape.
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"Finally! gone..." He thought as he approached the safehouse. He felt a bit paranoid and that deep fear of uncertainty... Can he really get in ? He takes off his clothes and without thinking too much enters the icy water for a swim. "Darn... That is so cold... but if Nikolai can do it with Hellfire on tied to his back - then so can I... I hope...

Can you feel the cold Velenkoradi?"  

He explored the lake trying to find an entrance to the safehouse.
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Yelena smiles at Jed.  "PI man sure alright?  Yelena worry.  Arc get eye on Yelena hide sight and keep on place of second shooter.  That one is Yelena target.  Might work in favor even if Yelena not kill.  Bounty on Yelena is very large.  Many assassins will want a chance.  If Yelena shoot assassin but not tell VG then other assassins now watch over back for their competition to kill them.  More assassins look for other assassins than look for Yelena.  Dead man not collect or spend bounty so maybe not as many try.  Yelena go."

Yelena leaves the hotel room and slips out the door unnoticed by the attendant.  She makes her way to the building she has selected as her hide spot and begins to ascend the stairs carefully and quietly.  Her only company is a couple of rats as she walks to the roof access.  The door is secured on the inside with a simple latch and she opens it after checking the feed from the drone that is watching this building and noting that no one is on the roof.  Yelena notes that some snow is brushed away by the bottom of the door then checks to see that there are no recent footprints in the snow beyond the arc of the door swing.  Stepping across the threshold, she slips sideways away from the door and looks around the roof.  It is not that she distrusts the drone feed, but some things are best when double checked.  Satisfied that no one is on the roof with her, Yelena walks to the narrow parapet overlooking the street and checks the feed on drone 1, which is watching the second assassin.  This person is good and Yelena nods approval at the choice of hides he or she has made.  The assassin is nearly invisible, which is a good sign that this one is a professional.  Yelena also approves of using the cutout as a sacrifice, which is tough on the first shooter, but is a good plan from the perspective of the second assassin.  Yelena settles down on the roof back from the parapet and opens her case, removing her sniper rifle, smiling at the feel of the weapon in her hands,  She quickly assembles the rifle and snaps the first magazine into place.

Yelena moves to the parapet and sets up her firing position while monitoring both drone feeds.  She spins up the wireless components and takes aim at the target.  She zooms the magnification is as much as she needs to be able to see the breath of the shooter and flips the sight to thermographic capability to make sure that the target is a person and not a dummy, which would be a serious issue.  Yelena nods at the lack of thermo heat signature, again congratulating the shooter on his choices.  She focuses on the head and is pleased to see the narrow cloud of breath that gives her the idea that she is looking at a live target.  She still has a few minutes until ten, so she begins the steps to control her breathing and shits her aim to the target's exposed head.  She plans on taking the shot after several seconds of aiming at the target and gently squeezes the shot off.

She knows that shot was accurate but is prepared with a second one.

[spoiler]Pre-edge this shot for maximum effect and to remove accuracy limit.  Selecting Called Shots - Vitals and aiming for several rounds to get compensating mods for the attack:  Shoot ( 21d6h5 11  Good shot.  DV is 15 AP-8[/spoiler]
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Arc seemed to sport a blank expression for a bit as she mulled over what Yelena was about to do, thinking hard and fast as befit the situation.  Finally, the rigger closed her eyes and mentally reworked her flying drones, rebooting once more before following along with Yelena's plan.  "We'll needa kip hella quick after.  We'll be ready..."  as the elf turned to leavr, Arc shot out, her left hand grasping the woman's arm gently.

"Don't miss."

After she lefr, Arc shut the door, able to monitor and adjust the drones without much mental capacity as she turned her attention to the mildly dazed mage before her.  "Easy, omae.  Lasht time I shaw a mojoman look like thar, Merlin about fell on me.  Here"  Offering support, she guided him to a seat.  "Resht up...cuz I don't shpeak native, sho I need yall in the next shtep...aye.."  she held her head, stepping g back as she steadied herself.  It's been a long half day...
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Jed smiled at Arc, patting her arm as he took it.  Although his sight was extended somewhere else, he could hear her just fine.  You know, it would be a good idea for me to get some dark glasses and a blind man's cane for moments like this.   Jed continued to alternate his attention to hover over himself and Arc, then back over Yelena.  He was focused on looking for awakened in general, but when watching Yelena, he also was on the lookout for anyone sneaking up behind or above her.  Don't worry Ms. Arc.  That didn't take much our of me.  But a couple more like that and I'll be worried.  The stim patches last an hour at a time, but wear you down more.  I can keep using them to make it to a safe space, but eventually I'll drop from the exhaustion.  Lets hope we don't reach that point.    Jed considered their resources.  Tiredness was started to creep in.  He could count the tasks owed by his bound spirit on one hand now.  They did not have any cash as of yet, but hopefully would rectify that soon. 
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Kill shot. Yelena knew it the moment the bullet left the chamber. And an instant later saw her would be killer drop, no tell-tale rise of breath in the air around him.

Velenkoradi swam effortlessly around Marco's form. Heat, cold, light, dark, these are the illusions of your world not mine. There is only the flow of mana in all it's forms. That is the only truth. And as Velenkoradi's form highlights the flows of mana in and around the water, Marco sees it. An alteration in the flow of mana that signals a man-made structure. Marco at first swims into what seems to be a water overflow outlet pipe. It's several long minutes down that pipe that his form senses an alteration in the water pressure. He swims down, down, and then up and comes up into an air pocket and a dark featureless wall greets him.
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Marco observes in detail the wall, touches it and even knocks of it for any hints of its secrets. One of his senses should teach him something - and there had to be some entrance of some sort. He even listened to the astral world to see if perhaps things look different in there.  To Velenkoradi he replied "Illusions or not, the cold is getting in my bones...
I do not know much about your world,  I used to hear it as muffled voices. I am uncertain why but I somehow turned completely blind and recently it became vivid enough to understand the basics. It also manifests for me in an almost visual manner. Though I know that what I sense is neither heard nor seen...  Your world is alien to me and perhaps my mind translates it to something that my regular senses understand. "
His thoughts move on and he thinks I wonder where the old man hides his door."
Perception + actively looking ( 11d6t5 5
(I would not give Marco 'actively looking' bonus for the astral because he is uncertain what he expects to see there).
assensing ( 8d6t5 3
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Yelena is satisfied with the shot.  She says a short thank you to the shadow and picks up the brass that had been kicked from the rifle.  She is a bit disappointed that she cannot see the first shooter from her current hide, but reasons that her plan took into account some worst case scenario issues and the plan is still sound even though those issues did not come up.  She is happy enough with the results and moves back to where the gun case is, carefully scraping one foot in the snow to make it impossible to get anything like her boot size.   Sitting, she disassembles the rifle and stores it in the case, along with the spent cartridge.  Standing, she makes sure that she is leaving nothing up on the roof and sends a message to Arc with her implanted 'link.  >>Team [Yelena]:  Is over.  Yelena kill shooter.  Leave other alive.  He will check soon and find companion dead.  Srui move eye from second shooter to first to watch reaction.  Yelena heading back.  Meet outside?<<

Yelena goes back inside the building through the access door, descending as quietly as possible to the ground floor.  Outside, she finds a quiet place and uses the burner to send message to Sam's people.  >>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena kill one assassin who try kill Yelena.  Action confirms that Virtual Goddess has betrayed Yelena.  Is possible Sam can spread story that Virtual Goddess willing kill loyal contractor for money?  Might hurt reputation.  Business built on trust and she broke trust.  Can spread stories?<<
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Marco search is thorough despite his shivering and at last he finds it. Three slender holes in a triangular pattern and when he extends his fingers as far as they'll go he feels the slight give of buttons depressing. It takes a few tries but eventually he pulls hard enough and the entire wall swings out and around from a central axis point. When it opens a small, soft light turns on and Marco is privy to Nicolai's hideout. A concrete bunker, it's somehow warm, or at least warmer than the water, and there are panels inset into the walls as well as some antique metal cabinets.

Yelena receives a message from a familiar voice. It's weaker, and ragged, and the breathing pattern is that of a man who's every breath hurts, but it is most definitely Sam's voice. >>Do-able. And if you need an extraction I happen to know that the business that supposed priest is on does not permit him to have much security. But, it still has all of it's immunities no matter who's on board.<<
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"So typical of that man to not come up with a reasonable method to enter his safe house. Then again, if Nikolai is dead and he really is the only one that knew about this place it is my safe house now."  

"Finally..." he thought as he managed to open the secret door. Not freezing was a big plus and Marco's mood improved, he searched for some doormat to not leave wet footsteps on the floor - but could not find anything.

Marco quickly went to the metal cabinets and then the panels trying to get himself comfortable. "This place is going to be home for awhile - at least until I figure out how things work out for me. What good is crossing the border if I really have nowhere to go - stick to the crime scene is the last thing anyone would expect anyhow."

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Yelena smiles at the message from her friend.  >>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena very glad hear Sam voice and hope Sam gets well.  Let Yelena know if Sam needs any personal TLC to help healing.  Yelena never doubted Sam alive, but no one tell Yelena who to kill to get you back.  Priest at plane is enemy of my friend.  He knows that Blackbird is Marco and did not die.  Priest is part leader of church assassins and wants Blackbird to go back to him.  Blackbird not killer and not go back.  Priest way is out unless you want him dead.  Yelena has way out, but needs money.  Virtual Goddess was sending money bet was trap so Yelena killed one assassin and left other.  Yelena earned bounties but cannot go Virtual Goddess to collect.  Yelena believe bounties were for deaths of Tsina Molovna and some of her companions.  Yelena not on contract.  Can Sam get Yelena's money and send it?  Yelena can send proof of death.<<

As she walks towards the hotel, Yelena is still scanning the feeds of the two drones.  One is watching the actions of the first shooter and the other is keeping an eye on the people around her.  She is interested in finding out if anyone has managed to penetrate the invisibility.
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Clothing was easy to find. And soon Marco was warmly dressed. The panels had military rations and a couple of weapons as well as some ancient pieces of tech, including a credstick and a couple of weapons. But Nicolai had said the safehouse was well outfitted with everything they'd need, ID's, nuyen, disguises. And Marco knew he was a man of many secrets so he kept hunting, and hunting, and hunting. And finally he found it, secrets within secrets within secrets. Platinum credsticks from banks that were known for being completely inviolate and completely trustworthy. Multiple ID's that had enough corresponding documents that they wouldn't be questioned, and he'd thought ahead enough that there were a variety of ages, as well as an excellent disguise kit and more clothing that had such classic styling it wouldn't attract much attention even today. And weapons, a very large variety of weapons. It didn't match a firearms store, but it was more than enough for each of them to have several weapons of varying abilities. Nicolai had indeed planned well.

Sam's reply is succinct, >>No way of collecting without alerting a contact, of a contact, of a contact of a woman whose paid by the people who want you dead. No where to hide on the 'net love. And that priest is not a friend of mine. You may kill him or not kill him as suits your needs. But, he also has a price on his head and that bounty doesn't lead to your former trigger happy friend.<<
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Yelena smiles to herself..>>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena thank Sam.  Bounty on Tsina not important.  Yelena want ask if Sam know who and where Vory Judges are?  Yelena need defend killing of Tsina Molovna.  If not, All Vory hunt Yelena and friends until dead.  Yelena must find.<<

>>Team [Yelena]:  Yelena nearly at hotel.  What is plan.  Blackbird, Yelena hear from Sam that priest has bounty.  We can kill for the money.<<
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@Marco's eye lit as he found the disguise kit - proper cosmetics... he missed proper cosmetics.  He asked one of his bound spirits to notify Jed of the find. He said "Find the man I refer to as Jed, he is probably not far from the hotel, manifest for him and let him know that the safe house is safe and well equipped."  the strange thing was "How did he get all these things in here... there must be a more reasonable way to get out... Sure quality makeup can survive water... but seriously how did all these things get in here in the first place..."
[/color] Now fully clothed, he cleaned the water marks on the floor and begun looking for some alternative exit.
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Arc couldnt help but bark out a laugh at Jeds remark, shaking her head.  "Tch...that'd be shomthin....I'd have to play off ash a mute...what a pair we'd make eh?" 

Her aura did seem to fluctuate a bit whenever Jed was looking at them, as she focused her attention on moving her bugs where Yelena needed them, constantly checking for outside influence...even if her results showed they were clear.

Her stomach growled again before long, and she found herself snacking on the rest of her food by the time Yelena confirmed she was returning. Wiping her mouth, she fired back.

<<"We're standing by for confirmation of options.  Looks like we have two routes out...I'm good with either as long as we get home.">>
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As Arc watches the drones there is no sign that the first sniper is aware that the second sniper is dead. As the drone monitors it the weapon does not move, and there's very little movement from under the stealth drape the shooter is wearing.

Jed sees a spirit begin to materialize and is immediately on the alert preparing a defense, but, once it manifests it says in Marco's voice, "The safe house is safe and well equipped."

Marco's search is unfruitful, it does not appear that there is another exit out. But, he finds yet two more secret entrances, one to a small bathroom and another to a bedroom with a wall of plain cots and blankets as well as a few wetsuits and waterproof cases.

Sam replies, >>They are not known for forgiveness and I don't particularly want you dead. There's not enough of you in that vid to positively ID, and nothing of your friends. A little cosmetic surgery and some creative SIN's and you won't have to see the inside of a coffin.<<
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Yelena stops and turns her head against the sudden cold that sweeps across her.  But the real cold is not from the weather, but from inside, and it was heralded by the message from a man she considers her friend.  >>Sam [Yelena]:  So Sam advice is Yelena must not be Yelena.  Yelena not sure, Sam.  Yelena not sure.  Means much change.  Sam help make Yelena change?<<

She walks slowly to the hotel and enters, still unseen and unnoticed by the clerk.  Climbing the stairs, she knocks on the door and waits to be let in.
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Arc lifted her head at the knock, stealing a brief glance at He'd before nodding and heading to the door.  After confirming that it was indeed Yelena on the other side, she pulled the door open to let the elf in.  Grimly, she shut the door behind her and checked the drone feed again .

"Other fragger's none the wiser.  Think we can get away, but we got an expiration date on that.  Jusht need statush on Blackbird and we can go."  hastily wolfing down her snack, the human started fathering her things, ready to shrug her coat on once they were ready to move.
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Jed nodded at the spirit I understand  Looking to the door, where Yelena had just entered he said Blackbird says that the location is safe and dry
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Marco enters a wet suit and then exit to fetch his clothes inside in one of the water proof cases. The second time is less terrible because of the suit, kind of nice actually. He then makes himself comfortable. He takes a long shower and then dresses and head back to one of the bedrooms. Who knows how much sleep he'll have in the near future....

and to wake him up, someone need to actually swim in ice cold water... paradise on earth!

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Yelena nods and looks at the other two.  "Yelena think we should go Blackbird.  Need talk all and decide what do."  She looks closely at both.  "Can make swim and cold?"
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@ Yelena  Sam replies, >>You're skills are as valuable to me as they are to you. And, I have friends in enough places to help you out.<<
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Yelena smiles and taps out a response.  >>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena thank Sam.  Will make a date when get home.  Yelena knows just the dress Sam like.<<
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The thought of the cold water was unpleasant I can make the swim.  It won't be peasant, but I can make it.
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Arc sighed, recalling the fact that it was the very safe house that they refused to go in with Nicolai only hours prior.  Mulling over their options, she simply gave a shrug before giving Jed a look.

"I ain't a shtrong shwimmer, and we may have a bad time with the cold.  It will take all of ush together to get in there I think...but what options do we have?  Our hoops be kinda hot right now"  she paused, casting a glance off to the side.  "Shoon as you call it, I'm recalling my flies.  Less tme active the better now"
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Yelena nods.  "We should go.  Bring eyes back to rest in arm."  She looks at Jed.  "PI man send mojo spirit to tell Blackbird we come to him.  Maybe he can help get to safe house since we do not know where to go."

She opens the door and looks out in the corridor then leads the way down the stairs and out of the building.  Once outside, the three companions once again go into the cold, none of them actually looking forward to making the trip underwater.
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It took only a moment for Arc to be weather ready, zipping up her coat and pulling her backpack onto her shoulders.  Nodding to Yelena and Jed, she followed them out, letting Jed do any necessary interaction.  Once outside, she pulled her hood up, keeping her eyes down as they trudged on.

As they went, she was checking her feeds and began the careful process of withdrawing her flyspies.  Leaving the one still trained on the living shooter, she had the other quietly work back to them through the shadows.  Aligning herself, she allowed the collar of her jacket to part slightly with an intake of breath...just enough to have the drone slip right in.  Once they got close to the safehouse, she then confirmed she was pulling the other drone, repeating the process.

With a sigh as she saw the familiar pool, Arc looked up to Jed, knowing the invisible Yelena was near.  She spoke quietly.  "Guessh we get it over with..?"
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Yelena had been walking in Arc's footprints to avoid any issues with extra prints in the snow.  Now that they are near the lake, she speaks softly to avoid anyone else overhearing.  "PI man get answer from Blackbird?  He knows where house is.  Can help us find."
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Jed looked blankly at Yelena for a moment.  He had expected to walk directly back to the safehouse, but now that they were here, one section of shore looked pretty much like the other.  It then occurred to him that they had not cleared the astral of their trail when casting spells earlier this morning.   Looking about, Jed saw the faintest traces of mana from when he had cast invisibility on the van.  Leading the team to the spot, he sat cross legged on the shore while he projected himself out of his shell to look for the entrance.  Jed found the entrance and the mana barrier that covered it.  pushing against it, he attempted to enter to let Blackbird know that they were here. 

Charisma + Magic vs Fx2
smilinirish:10D6E5 → 3( (3, 3, 4, 5, 3, 5, 1, 5, 1, 4→ 3 successes against 5) ) (
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On the back of his mind this pesky Velenkoradi was singing... Marco has never experienced an happy spirit before that one - but he could not mistake that emotion it was happiness. "Your friends are here, Marco" he said.   "Yet, I changed more than you since I bounded we met. You are not like other spirits are you? I'll miss you when you return to your world."  thought Marco.

He got into his wet suit again and carried as many begs as he could as he exited, and almost passed right through Jed's aurra. Marco was swimming toward the shore with what he could carry.  "I am getting tired from all these swims perhaps I should take some swimming lessons. Might be fun to have a swimming pool... besides swimmers are always so masculine... "

His idle thoughts only carried on until he was shore. "You are early, I am glad you guys are still alive.  I brought what I could to make the trip easy. I hope you do not bring too much equipment." After his declaration he looked at Arc that seemed a bit pale, he remembered her being sick earlier, and asked  "How do you feel Arc?"
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Given the limitations of travel for them the trip back to the safe house took several hours and the sun was high in the sky by the time they got to the lake. But, they were sure they hadn't been followed and Jed was confident of his actions in cleaning up their mana signature.
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Yelena touches Blackbird on the shoulder as the others begin changing.  "Blackbird, Sam say is bounty on priest at plane.  Yelena ask if Blackbird want priest dead."
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Blackbird said "Never... I want him to repent his sins and choose a better path in life. that line came almos automatically, instinctively. A moment later he added  " It is unwise to replace an adversary that I have intimate knowledge about with someone I know nothing about...

I grew up with that person...  he was like a father to me and I don't even know how successful their education was.
I mean, a while ago I was pacifist and today I am killing people. That man is the one with the answers for me.
" he laughed sarcastically.
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Yelena nods and does not mention it again.  She changes into the wet suit and helps get all of the gear into the safe house, letting Arc and Jed warm up.  Once inside and able to look around, she nods before going to the weapons area and opening her case on floor under that small shelf there.  As she pulls the rifle out she says, "Is good place.  What Blackbird find.  Nicolai said money.  Is enough for buy passage?"  She puts the pieces of the rifle on the shelf and begins to strip the weapon down in preparation for cleaning it.
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It wasn't until Marco had arrived did Arc let herself breathe easy, her shoulders slumping visibly as she set her pack down.  With all her kits and drones within, the 15 kilo pack was starting to get a bit heavy.  She blinked twice as Blackbird inquired about her health, her cheeks flushing a bit --from cold or otherwise-- as she leaned against the wall, taking the wetsuit and beginning to get changed.

"Ah...yeah, jusht needed some food I guess.  Nothing to worry about, I'll be fine" She passed off her reasoning as she busied herself with getting changed, squeezing into the oddly-fitting wetsuit before diving in with everyone else, carrying her stuff and whatever needed.

Upon arriving, she overheard the two elves conversing as she undressed, appreciating the internal heating of the safehouse as she slipped into her casuals.  Wiping her brow, she slumped against one of the walls as the weariness of adrenaline withdrawal overtook her, the rigger focusing her attention on being aware of the conversations...
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-17-17/1719:19>
Marco replied "Well alright, there are beds there, two rooms so make sure that you get some rest. Only military rations though, unless you like peanut snacks.."

Marco replied to Yelena "Found money and SIN's did not count, I assume we have enough. Kind of wanted to stick around for awhile until things calm down. " He helped as much as he could for the rest to get to the bunker and make the swim safely.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-18-17/0040:02>
Yelena nods as she begins to clean her weapon.  "Is good.  Should count money.  Check SINs and IDs.  See if any can use.  How long Blackbird want stay?  Sam offer help Yelena become someone else."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-18-17/0823:34>
Marco said "Either we go in a few hours or we wait a month or so. How lucky do you feel? Justice is for you Yelena, I have just seen my share of it for a lifetime....

I may want to visit my old mentor, but only to interrogate him - break his spirit until I can steal his secrets and find some clue about the leverage I need to get the priests to leave me alone...

(I do not think that Yelena knows about the sister thing, it happened during the last few hours and we were shooting our guns. Did I miss anything?).
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-19-17/1247:11>
Arc gave a bit of a snort as she pulled herself back to her feet, shrugging off her coat.  "Tch, what I wouldn't give for shome crickets right now...not complainin'.  I'll jusht be ready to get home all the more."  Sighing, she left the two of them to their conversation, nodding to Jed as he seemed to be working his own recovery from the trek.  The safehouse wasn't large, but she still wanted to take a peek around.

So it made sense that it wouldn't take long for her to find the modest arsenal stored in one of the side compartments.  Setting out a low whistle, she tried to distract herself from their situation by taking stock.  "Now what toysh did you leave behind, Nicky-boy..."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-19-17/1549:01>
Marco handles Arc all the credsticks and SIN's he uncovered. "These are the secrets I found but perhaps you will find things that I missed."

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-20-17/2154:25>
It took a bit of orcish ingenuity to read the data on the antiquated data sticks. But, Arc had all the time and quiet she needed down in the hidey-hole they now found themselves in. And what she found caused her a low whistle of admiration. Nicolai had planned well. They had enough cred for each of them to have 20k nuyen even after deducting the cost of the extraction by Jed's contact. And the SIN's had enough variety to give each of them a reasonably passable identity. Arc was certainly no expert on SIN's, and these were from a foreign country. But, they even looked legit. And that meant they'd pass muster at checkpoints.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-21-17/1002:54>
As everyone settled in, Arc too the SINs and the credsticks and set herself to work.  Her face was fairly blank, a small frown on her features as she focused on her task.  Connecting to the universal ports on the sticks, she tried to lull them up, only to meet a syntax error...

"Shazbot..." the human muttered to herself as she pulled up the source code in the sticks.  Of course...these things were older than her, so this money was likely pre-Crash 2.0. Of course they wouldn't be compatible.  Determined, she fiddled arund with the sticks, grabbing a ration pack to eat as she continued.

And, as she was about to throw the foil wrapping away, see had an idea.  Forming a few prongs with the foil, she placed them into the sticks, then touched her access cable to them.  With a slight spark, she was able to get a reading, her eyes widening at the result.

She lost track of time, so she did a quick check of who was awake before clearing her throat.  "We can get outta here, with a bit of jing to take home to boot.  And passes in case our coyote needsh ush to legit travel.  Dunno about the rest, but I think we have a good setup here..."
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-21-17/1028:29>
Yelena looks up from where she is cleaning her rifle.  "So Arc think we stay here to hide?  For how long?  PI man already call friends so needs tell them to wait if we stay here."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-21-17/1134:03>
Blinking twice, Arc chuckled to herself with a shake of her head.  "I'm all for leavin', if it's safe to.  Sooner we'really back UCAS side, the sooner I'll rest easy.  I leave it to all yas to figure out when we move.  I'm jusht telling that we have a good haul."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <03-21-17/1138:41>
I'm all for heading home. Blackbird, what do you want?  You expressed earlier that you didn't think you would be returning to Seattle. Did you have somewhere else to head to, or were you thinking of staying here?
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-21-17/1149:02>
Blackbird said "I am going to show my old mentor how much violence I learned by kidnapping and interrogating him. I am sure that he will be proud in his own twisted way.
After I steal the secrets from his head. I'll know where my next step is. My guess is Italy, because the priests are after me now so I might as well get to the bottom of it all. Find out who I am and what do I need to know to be free. "

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-21-17/2212:39>
Yelena looks over at Jed and Blackbird.  "Blackbird need help?  Yelena better at killing than capturing but can learn."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-21-17/2222:11>
Arc couldn't help but raise a brow at the new development, slumping back into a small chair, her cybernetic arm flexing a bit as she let out her breath.  Already she could see their departure getting delayed.  But after parting her lips as if to respond, she stopped herself.  She could see the look in Yelena's eyes...the same look she herself got when she pledged to help the elf get her revenge.  If the help was accepted, she wasn't going to back down.

Letting out a little chuckle, she sat back, closing her eyes and fishing out her pack of smokes without a thought.  However, she caught herself after receiving a look, groaning as she tossed the pack away.  "Pft.  Tchae, alrighty.  So what's the play then?  We shtick around to get thish done then call our ride?"
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Post by: gilga on <03-22-17/0236:01>
Marco said "Let's begin at the beginning, while we were busy hastening the demise of certain notorious criminals. My sister contacted me. I am certain that she is my sister but until that moment I could not recognize her as a family. She was just another person in my life.  The priests used my affection for her to discover me, so all the killing myself and disappearing it was for nothing really.

Now the thing is, brute force will not work here. Mages are powerful individuals and a cabal of experienced mages is beyond our capabilities. They educated me since my formative years, so they understand me better than I do myself. This whole sister kidnapping thing is probably just another manipulation, control. My guess is that my sister is also one of them like me and she was activated when they needed to find me. The very emotions that make me powerful brought my demise - my hubris that I can help her or rescue her.

My point is, I need to become something else if I want to be free. Something that they cannot understand or anticipate - so I already have no contacts. I am basically dead and even you as the last people that know that I am alive do not like me very much. This is the high time for acts of pure insanity - to behave in such a chaos that they cannot anticipate.

I do not ask you to join me, I spent all my life trying to avoid a destiny of violence and murder and now I might actually do these very things to be free. My aim is to understand this organization and its political structure and dig out some leverage that is powerful enough for these people to give up their young prodigy and write off 15 years of direct investment.  This is insanity, it is not just kidnapping a single priest. This is about confronting a secret society of awakened assassins that torture their own like Nikolai tortures his prisoners.  I do not understand their motives, resources or even know how many of them there are - they can be several dozens of people or perhaps thousands.

So, this is my fight, and I am only fighting it after I failed to run from it. You guys already have the Vory after you and I cannot possibly
expect you to go down this rabbit hole with me."
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Post by: SmilinIrish on <03-22-17/0927:31>
Jed's breath caught as Marco unfolded his plan.  Yes, still Marco.  Helping Yelena take out some Bratva thugs was one thing.  Jed understood going in that the situation pulled at him because of his past.  Now they had finished what they came to do.  Jed leaned on his special abilities as an edge over mundanes.  He was old and slow, but he had mana.  He had never pitted himself against an entire group who was young and strong, who also had mana.  Realizing the bratva may have a couple of awakened had been no major hurdle for him.  But in an entire organization of covert awakened assassins led to a very high chance he could be tracked down.  Any one of them could remember his aura and find him.  The very thought chilled him to the core.  After Arc said her piece, Jed just sat quietly.  He absolutely did not want to do this.  He absolutely felt this was suicide.  They would need more astral support for sure.  He felt a connection with Marco.  He would not abandon him.  And it seemed the girls were willing to back his play.  He couldn't abandon them either.  Holding Marco's gaze, Jed nodded once, decisively.  And felt very old and tired. 
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-22-17/1048:57>
Yelena listens to Blackbird as she finishes cleaning her weapon.  There is a moment of tension when he finishes talking and Yelena breaks that by slipping two parts of the rifle together with an audible snap.  After putting the rifle back into its case, she turns to the others.  "Arc want go home rigger man?"

The question said enough by reminding Arc of her family life and the child she is carrying as well as letting the others know that she was going to help Blackbird.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-22-17/1336:32>
Arc could feel her breath freeze at being put on the spot so, and it must have shown on her face.  Her eyes were widened, and she quickly looked down, hands folded on her lap as her expression--and aura--belied her inner conflict more than before.  She was torn...and Yelena's note created that rift...was it really worth risking everything she'd built up, throwing herself into greater dangers?

"What you're ashkin' for.  You don't honestly think you'll be able to pull off the whole shabang by yourself?  With us four?"  She sighed, pinching her brow as her cheeks paled, as if she were getting nauseous.  "I do wanna go home. I missh my family.  But I have family here, and I'm damn sure I'm going home with them."

She took in a large breath, composing herself before looking Blackbird dead in the eye.  "As we are now, you can't hope to win.  What you can do ish build up.  If they're poking at you, it's cause they expect ya to poke back.  I shay prove em wrong.  Build up a force, do the reshearch.  These last months have taught me that at least"  She pinched her brow, looking at each of them in turn.  At Blackbird's self-viewing resignation, at Yelena's tireless devotion, and Jed's weary wariness.  "...You value life, Blackbird.  Would taking three with you into thish be worth it to you?"
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Post by: gilga on <03-22-17/1800:12>
Marco said "I think that it can be done, he is just a person and I have people skills and the element of surprise. I have pretence to approach him and surrender myself. Why wouldn't I cave in ? What hope do I have? All my contacts think I am dead, my sister is taken away  - I travelled half the world only to discover how powerless I really am. Yelena rejected me - everything broke apart...  why not yield? 

A friendly advice? Go back to Seattle, remember the sweet Marco that prefered killing himself than being the tool of evil men. Because, I choose to do whatever it takes to gain my freedom. Even if pursuing it will make me as dark as the people I go after.

The plan is like that, we weaken the mentor and I hack his brain. Doing research is nice and dandy but we do not have anything to begin with, not even a name. I can steal bits and pieces from his brain and then find some brainiac to put the pieces together, a decker to use them as leads and we can do research.

This place is magically warded, I think that it is going to be home for a while. At least until we can come up with a plan that does not get us killed.  The mentor kidnap and interrogation - it must happen now. Who knows when we are going to have access to someone that we know is part of that secret society again. "
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-22-17/2229:47>
Yelena looks at the others and nods.  "Yelena not help torture mind.  Yelena not kill innocent people to escape.  Yelena not use torture like Nicolai.  Does Blackbird need help capture priest?  If yes, Yelena help then go so Blackbird do what he needs to do.  Blackbird find Yelena, PI man and Arc when have information.  Then Yelena come help.  Is plan?"
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Post by: Qwikfix on <03-23-17/0919:14>
Arc closed her eyes, doing her best to keep her composure at the situation unfolding.  Focus...focus...  she repeated to herself as she calmed her breathing, opening her eyes to make eye contact with Yelena.

Giving a nod, the mechanic leaned forward a bit.  "Compromise then...the safehoushe ll go to Blackbird once we finish here.  That way Jed'sh travel agent won't be misshing us, and you get what you're after."

Getting up, she moved calmly over to the safehouse''s armory, taking stock of what was in it.  "Maybe somethin' in here be helpful...let me see..."
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Post by: gilga on <03-23-17/0946:44>
Marco said "I am not going to torture or kill anyone. There is no need to, I'll magically enter his mind and see for myself what he knows about this organization. The man will be drugged and barely conscious and with the right chemicals, he won't remember much of the entire episode. But I am glad that you developed a moral code Yelena, I think that it is a positive development for you.
We'll need drugs, lots of drugs to restrain him. Mages are difficult to restrain otherwise - I wonder if Sam can help with these kind of things. "

He wirelessly logged in to the burner to send a message:
>> Sam, I wish I could be there so I could punch you myself, hug you and punch you again.  Do you happen to know someone that can sell me powerful sedatives and perhaps Leas in this part of the world?
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-24-17/2217:06>
@ Marco  >>I didn't know you cared dearest. And I know people that could sell you the costume off Maria Mercurial while she's performing for the Queen. It's just a matter of the price.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-25-17/1703:00>
@Marco texted >> oh you knew darn well that I cared, it is your job to manipulate people and while I improvise to get by, you play for the long game.  Words are cheap so, glad you are alive and I still feel that you are a jerk. 
Feelings aside, I got the Yeltz, give me a connection.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-25-17/2301:37>
@ Marco  >>DF556-GT978-JH8821 Give the Queen my love and tell him he's a bastard.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-27-17/0119:07>
Marco texts the address
>> Dear Queen,
I am having a party and I am low on candies,
Please instruct me the appropriate order procedures.
Yours truly, 
Mr. Black

I am away from books so I hope these are the right drugs...
Marco wants these items:
1. Leas
2. Narcojet.
3. Deepweed.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-27-17/0936:02>
@ Marco  >>I'm sorry. I'm afraid you've been given the wrong number. I'm not in the sales business.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-27-17/1413:59>
Marco texted >> Dear Queen,
Have it your way...  I am sorry for bothering you.
 If it changes anything:
 my contact sends his love and also mentions that you are a bastard. 

Sincerely yours,
Mr. Black.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-27-17/1426:04>
@ Marco >>I'm quite sure I can make an exception for my dearest friends. What were you thinking to procur?<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-27-17/1429:23>
>> Leas, Narcojet and Deepweed.
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <03-30-17/1456:20>
All the while the team rested, recovered, and debated their next moves, Arc had busied herself with taking stock of the other things squirreled away in the safe house. Occasipmally, small noises of exclamation or surprise would be heard from her general direction, but thankfully nothing denoting alarm.  After a time, she came back into the group with a few bundles in her arms, clearing her throat before beginning to reveal what she found.

"These just be samples, I found more than one o each. They old as drek, no Trix accessh, but they work.."

Turning things over, she began showcasing the pieces.

 To begin she pulled out what looked like a small handgun, not unlike a Colt or an old Sig, but when the action was pulled back it revealed a set of taser darts housed inside.  The name "Cavalier" was etched on the butt of the grip.

After that came a sizable, full sized handgun, similar in size to a Predator and with a familiar feel in the hand.  Along the sliDE was the brand "Savalette",  and a quick field strip showed the gyro compensator housed in the grip itself.

Following the handguns she proceeded to place a plain looking assault rifle on the table.  Simple and easy to clean, the look of the AK-97 didn't need much in the way of introduction, particularly to a street dweller like Arc.

After that the mechanic plopped a slim briefcase on a table, the metallic sheen glinting dully.  Pointing to an inconspicuous button, she proceeded to avoid it as she undid the clasps, revealing an smg housed inside, seemingly integrated into the case.  A few deft movement, and it was out, laser and stock activated, a glimpse of a familiar Ares logo on the side flashing as she set that down too.

Afterwards, Arc began to place several different melee implements..knives, knuckles, the well as a few various patches...stun and stim clearly labeled.  After that came the clips and ammo, and Arc then tossed a few boxes to Yelena.

"The shniper here is broken as frag all, but the ammo'sh good.  Even got shome gel in there.  Okay, what'sh the plan now?"

[spoiler]Each gun showcased here is 1k or less, and availability for suppressors and other basic attachments are available.  Enough ammo and spare clips for five full clips of each, though I'm sure allowance can be used for extra rounds.[/spoiler]
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Post by: ismilealot on <03-30-17/1711:02>
@ Marco  >>When and where do you need delivery?<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <03-31-17/0355:11>
Seeing the diverse collection of items the team was pulling from the nooks and crannies, Jed decided he had better have a look.  Shifting to astral perception he began to look, and began to explore the limits of the mana barrier.  As he looked in cabinets and sifted through dusty old war surplus, he finally found what he was looking for aha!
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: gilga on <03-31-17/0734:26>
Marco searched the matrix for a nearby restaurant with a high yelp score. Finally he found the Dom Polski - an ethnic polish restaurant or perhaps in this part of the world it is simply called a restaurant.  Once the private booth was booked he texted:  >> Let's meet at the mall in Szkolna street, by the entrance there is the Dom Polski, where I rented a private booth. Polish cuisine... should be interesting, you are invited to stay for dinner if you feel like it.

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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-31-17/1004:32>
Yelena looks over what Arc had found.  She keeps a serious face as she jokes at the gel rounds.  "Srui, what are?  Yelena not ever see.  What use for?" 
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <03-31-17/2337:15>
@Marco >>19:00 I'll be wearing one of Morgana Tain's new collection.<<

@Jed The pull of mana was unmistakable, there were several deeply personal objects in the room, which meant they could be used as reagents. Jed returned to his body and went to the first object. It was in the case that the SIN's had been in. There were quite a few small, personal items in the box, designed perhaps to help make them look legitimate. The item Jed was looking for was a small, gold, heart shaped necklace. Studying it he found the initials S.K.M. as well as a date on it. SKM? Jed looked through the SIN's to see if the initials matched any of them and finally he found it. A SIN with a birthdate that matched that of the heart. A birthdate of some 23 years prior, the SIN was legal, and would pass any inspection! And then he spotted the heart once more, on a trid cube he'd just activated while rummaging through the box, a smiling mother and baby. The baby was wearing a set of pink bunny ears, the glint of the heart nestled on her white dress. The rage that hit Jed was a palpable living force as his brain put two and two together and the cube broke in his hands.
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Post by: gilga on <04-01-17/0129:46>
@Marco texted "Great!" he then asked "I am going to experience the local food in a restaurant, ranked 5 stars and good review. We'll get the drugs in dinner... anyone feels hungry?" Looking at Yelena he said "I can try and get you a doggy beg - would be challenging but I'll do that for you. There is a microwave in the kitchen."

Marco then held the assault rifle and examined it briefly it was manufactured in 2052 but robust enough to last no fancy matrix features to go bad and the design is solid enough to even fire underwater without jamming. Still, it was not the appropriate gun for a dinner date. A summoned spirit would give better protection and be less conspicuous.   He placed the gun back on the table and looked at Arc and Jed "Care to try the Gołąbki or Bigos ? It seems that half the dishes has cabbage  in them. Kind of strange, I did not encounter this veggie much in Seattle at all." 

There was still some time before the date the date, "Perhaps we can contact the priest and establish a meeting for tomorrow? We'll keep it plain simple and mundane. "
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Arc blinked twice, about to respond in some incredulous manner to Yelena, but caught on and instead snorted, shaking her head with a grin. "psh.  Away with yeh."  she blurted before Marco announced his plans.

Shrugging, she sat back.  "probably besht I don't go with ya,
Just because I shtick out like a sore thumb.  Long as we keep the pace I'm good."
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Post by: gilga on <04-03-17/1302:55>
Marco said "Jed what about you ? Are you willing to swim out and in again for some dinner?"

Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <04-03-17/2228:20>
Yelena begins to walk about somewhat aimlessly, looking in drawers and cabinets, as if searching for something.  She nods her head at Blackbird's offer for food.  "Take case bring food back so stay dry.  Contact Sam to see how talk priest."
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Qwikfix on <04-04-17/1011:28>
Arc looked up, raising a brow as the team seemed to be wrapped up in stuff...and with the talk of food.  Wincing, she felt a pang as her stomach growled low, making her get up.  "Lettush know how it goes...frag all, gotta eat..."

Sweating a little, the human scrounged through, eventually finding the preserved foodstuffs.  MREs....taste like drek, but full of nutrients.  Grabbing a package without checking the contents, she popped the heating element, feeling the foil wrapped bag warm up as the foods cooked.  Absorbed in her rask, she huddled off by a side table to devour her hasty meal, oblivious for now to her environment...
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Post by: ismilealot on <04-04-17/1946:52>
The safe house was quiet around them and the gentle heat made a cozy comfortable environment.

Yelena gets a message from Sam. >>We're planning on getting you in to rehab. soon and keeping on eye on gang activity in your area.<<

@Marco  >>Hello Sir, this is the auto-hostess for Dom Polski, traffic in the area is light and parking is readily available on the corner lot a block away. Would you like to pre-order your hors-de'ourves and drinks for a certain time? You may make any changes or even a cancellation up to 15 minutes prior to your reservation.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <04-05-17/0028:53>
Yelena grins to herself as she continues to search the safe house.  >>Sam [Yelena]: Yelena not need rehab.  Yelena need Bliss to calm down.  Cannot find any here.<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <04-05-17/2037:03>
@Yelena  >>How does good sex, good Vodka and a high dollar target in your sights sound?<<
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: Mercy Merchant on <04-06-17/0058:01>
Yelena smiles to herself.  >>Is sound much nice.  For that, Yelena do rehab.  Yelena hate addiction to drugs.  Can Sam really help?<<
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Post by: gilga on <04-06-17/0118:40>
Marco said, "Fine - it seems like it I go alone, but then again I am never alone." he said indicating to Velenkoradi.
He got dressed and then wore a dry suit on top of the dress, Marco picked up two suitcases, one for his dry suit and the other as a doggie back and went the way out.

Once out he quickly fixed his suit and stored the dry suit in one case.  "This place is a bit uncomfortable but I guess it'll be good for a while longer." he texted Sam >> Dear Sam, you mentioned an old pilot/priest friend. How can I contact him?
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: ismilealot on <04-06-17/0614:12>
@Yelena  >>Of course I can.<<

@Marco  >>He'll be at a small private airfield at 4am tomorrow morning. Sending link with all known details.<<
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Post by: Qwikfix on <04-06-17/1007:50>
As she was preparing another MRE for herself, she realized everyone had sort of absorbed into their own thoughts.  Jed seemed puzzled about something he had found, Yelena was rooting around still, and Marco was busy preparing to meet someone for the tools he'd need.

And here I am stuffing my face..  snorting, she took a bite of burrito as she stole off to a corner of the safehouse, pulling out one of her bugs.  She kept her voice low, but it seemed like she was recording herself for a little bit, taking advantage of the lack of attention...
Title: Re: Long Kiss Goodbye (IC)
Post by: SmilinIrish on <04-07-17/0947:34>
As the realization of the picture hit home, Jed felt the anguish deep in his soul.  There was no mistaking the mother.  How many times had he laid next to her and let his eyes wander over the shape of those lips, those ears, those eyes?  But the little girl?  Was she his?  Surely Bunny didn't leave because she was carrying someone else's child?  But he saw her die!  He watched from the astral as her aura winked out.  Jed heard nothing in the room as his entire being was drawn inward considering the implications of this revelation.  How could you do it?  How could you fake your death and not tell me, include me?!  After all we'd been through together?  My heart is torn in half.
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Yelena ceases her fruitless search for Bliss and relaxes a bit................until she notices Jed go stiff as he looks through a box of  things.  She goes over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.  "Something wrong, Jedediah? 
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Arc had hidden herself away for a while, closing off in her thoughts and doing whatever it was she was up to. But after she was done, her food consumed, she had poked her head out, seeing that Marco had already gone.  Sniffing the air, the human girl started to poke around to look for her two older companioms, finding them engaged in some intense ckmversation.  Seeing this, the human backed off just out of biew, a brow raised in curiosity...
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I watched her die...she wouldn't do this to me.  How could she even think of doing this...hiding her...holding the locket in his hand, he looked at Yelena as her face blurred through the tears.  He could feel the mana bound in the locket, in a way that left no doubt.  This was the locket he had given her.  His daughter?  Momentary doubt was expelled as he looked at the eyes.  Those features were her mothers, but the shape and color of the eyes.  His daughter.  Hidden from him.  Looking at the ID, Jed tried to do the math to be sure. She would be 19, maybe 20 now.  Unless....

I have to know.  I don't understand how she came to be here of all places.  Why is this ID here, where is she?  Where is the girl.  I have to find out.  I can't leave without knowing.  Yelena folded him to her chest as grief overcame him.
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Yelena listens to the man as he talks, grief and disbelief coming out in every word.  The man is shaking and seems about to collapse as Yelena steps forward and puts her arms around him, pulling him to her chest.  "Yes, Jedediah.  We find your woman or what happened to her.  Must be something else here to say more.  Yelena help."  She continues to hold him to her until he is able to pull away then she begins to search the rooms for anything that might have something to do with the woman or girl in the picture.  She stops for a moment and looks at the man.  "Can PI man send picture to Yelena?  Yelena send off to someone who is smart man.  Maybe he knows something."
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Arc could feel the expression on her face showing surprise at Jed's breakdown, her brief memory of the PI solidifying him as a normally very grounded person.  To see him so vulnerable seemed off, and the human stood in the background, uncertain of how to respond.

But when Yelena spoke, offering help, the little mechanic picked up the queues.  Wordlessly nodding to the keeb, Arc would dart into action, only stopping to place a small credstick in front of them: their payoff for their ride home.
Without delay, Arc started a search through the safehouse, using her eyes and goggles to seek out something, anything, that may be a clue to this mystery.

After all, lost family is not something she's unfamiliar with, and so she understands the importance...
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Yelena sees the box of items that went with the credsticks. And her long association with killers searches for a reason for it. Some killers liked to keep trophies. And this looked a lot like that, trophies. But, Nicolai had never thought of himself as a killer, and indeed had never killed any of his subjects accidentally as some extractors were prone to do. No, he killed only when the contract called for killing after the information extracted had been verified as complete. So, these wouldn't be his trophies. Were they perhaps the trophies of another killer? Entirely possible, they lived in a world where lives were worth far less than a hit of Bliss. But, Nicolai wasn't careless, a box of trophies in his safehouse would incriminate him if they were discovered. Hmmm, Nicolai wasn't careless, maybe he'd placed personal items to help his future self establish legitimacy. There was just no knowing from the meager box of goods.
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Yelena takes the pictures that Jed sends her and forwards them on.  >>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena send two pictures.  Woman was supposed to be dead.  Girl never born.  Girl maybe twenty now if alive.  Yelena find personal items and pictures in Nicolai safe house.  Sam know anything?  Is important to Yelena.  Can ask around?<<

She turns to Jed.  "Yelena send off message to man who might find out things.  We look for more things here."  She begins to do just that, helping Jed and Arc search the rooms of the safe house with a fine toothed comb, looking for anything that might give them a clue to why the pictures were here.
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Sam responds, >>Got it. You'll know something when I do.<< After a thorough search the room reveals nothing further.
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Yelena finishes looking about then goes to stand near Jed.  "Jedediah.  Yelena want ask question.  How sure is PI man that woman in picture is yours and girl is your child?  Is possible that woman was wife of Nicolai and girl was his daughter and you fell in love with daughter?"
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Jed held his hand out to Yelena, with the small heart charm in his palm.  I is definitely her.  I gave her this charm on a bracelet.  We ran jobs together, and become involved.  I had an offer from another source, solo job.  I took the solo job and planned to provide some astral overwatch to the team remotely, since their job was supposed to be an easy one.  I was watching from the astral when she died.  The others were not able to recover her body, but I never imagined she would have faked her death.  The child...She looks mostly like Bunny, but she has my eyes.  Maybe I'm only seeing what I want to see, but I have to find out what happened. 
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Wiling her brow in frustration, Arc caught her breath as she joined the pair as they talked.  She frowned, recognizing the resolve in the mage''s look and tone as she nodded.  can't blame him.  First thing I did once free was poke into my past.

Clearing her throat, she put her left hand on the guy's arm.  "And we doin' that.  I jusht cleared the place.  If there was any more heah, we'da found it by now.  If Yelena ashked who I thought, we will get more info.  What do you wanna do now?
 Blackbird be checking in with ush soon I think..."
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Jan 3rd 2076 03:00

>>The woman is Maisel Grey-Tierney-Walsh. she was a secretary for small accounting firm before her militant beliefs in environmental purity had her joining a group of ecological terrorists. From there she is on record as having joined with several different groups with varying degrees of violence in order to funnel money back into her core group. She landed on several watch lists during that time. Last known whereabouts was in Tir-Na-Nog where she is said to have retired with a commune that believed in environmental purity and freedom from technology. She gave birth to a child approximately 6 months after retiring. The child is listed as Jemma Grey-Tierney-Walsh, no father on record. The commune is known for it's strict isolationists policy and it's members keep very low profiles.<< Sam
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>>Sam [Yelena]:  Yelena thank Sam for information.  Sam really want Yelena work for you?  Might be bad choice with others looking for Yelena.<<

Yelena turns to Jed and looks at him.  "Jedediah, Yelena man send information about woman in picture.  Yelena forward information to PI man if want.  Maybe woman still alive.  Still not sure why things here in Nicolai place."

She copies the information Sam has sent and forwards it on to Jed without providing the com code for Sam.
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Jed pushes aside his emotions and reads over the information.  Tir.  Ok, that's somewhere to start.  When they are through, he has some investigating to do. Thanks Yelena.  Sorry, this caught me very off guard.   Lets wrap this up.  Has anyone heard from Marco?
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Arc felt herself relax as the moment moved forward, shaking her head at the older man's question.  "Nah, and he likely won't comm us.  Dude's paranoid ash drek about trix use."  she smirked, tilting her head as she heard a splashing noise coming from the entrance.  "Well speak of, there''s the frsgger, tch..."

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