Shadowrun Crossfire

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« on: <07-15-21/0754:34> »
So I'm looking into getting this as kind of an intro to the Shadowrun universe, as I will be GMing the standard 5th edition game and I have five players that don't know anything about the universe.

I figured it would give them a taste of the art and feel of the world.

However, I'm having problems figuring out how many players I can have playing at once.

It looks like the base game is 1-4 players, but they have character expansion packs.

Do these expansions allow more than 4 players to play or just more options for the 4 players to choose?

Bonus question: If all you can ever have is 4, would it be feasible to buy two copies of the game and either combine them into one or have 6-8 people sitting at the same table and run two of them back to back?