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Holostreets Products / Zero's Grimoire
« Last post by FastJack on <11-25-23/2321:09> »
A slightly different approach... Here's **Zero's Grimoire**, a tribute to one of the first character's I played, and a Sixth World update to classic spells from old editions!

Character creation and critique / Re: SR6 - First attempt at a Detective
« Last post by Ajax on <11-25-23/2015:39> »
Ooh. I like that interpretation of DependentsÖ Iím out of room for more Qualities, but I think Iím going to flavor a bit of his ďHooderĒ Quality that way.

I considered both Alcohol and Tobacco Addiction, but decided against it. Iíve always felt that an Addiction Negative Flaw shouldnít simply be about the dependency but also about the addition being either difficult to feed such as illegal narcotics (BTLs, nova-coke, heroin) or have some serious mechanical impact for using it even if legal (Longhaul, prescribed painkillers). Alcohol and tobacco are legal and readily available, regular use isnít too much of a mechanical drawback during play, et cetera. Plus, SR6 limits you to six Qualities total, the other qualities just seemed to be more fitting. YMMV.

I find that for legal addictions the Dependents negative quality does the job.  Mechanically it's a cash drain and the fluff is 100% up to the player.  So have a bartender, stripper, bookie, VRgirl, whatever as your 'Dependent' and call it a day.  I did that and SINner for my similar 'hard boiled' detective pre-gen I use to represent minor gambling, drug use, and child support.  Where does the Nuyen go?  Who knows, it's just gone instantly.
Character creation and critique / Re: SR6 - First attempt at a Detective
« Last post by Ajax on <11-25-23/1212:58> »
I’ve always tried to make the chrome-less, magic-less Runner viable. SR5 and SR6 are the only ones that have really be able to handle it, thanks to their Edge mechanics… Although in either edition, it requires a campaign that’s going to place more emphasis on the social, investigative, and exploration aspects of gameplay than combat. “Lucky” can hold his own against a couple of thugs, but he’s not going to be the guy you want in a heavy combat campaign.

I considered both Alcohol and Tobacco Addiction, but decided against it. I’ve always felt that an Addiction Negative Flaw shouldn’t simply be about the dependency but also about the addition being either difficult to feed such as illegal narcotics (BTLs, nova-coke, heroin) or have some serious mechanical impact for using it even if legal (Longhaul, prescribed painkillers). Alcohol and tobacco are legal and readily available, regular use isn’t too much of a mechanical drawback during play, et cetera. Plus, SR6 limits you to six Qualities total, the other qualities just seemed to be more fitting. YMMV.

Thanks for point out the problem with the Table Header row on his Contacts section… Not sure what’s causing the formatting issue there. I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Edit to Add: Seems like this forum isn’t setup to use [ TH ] tags, which is kind of annoying… But what can you do?
Adept AR hacker (that got as high initiative score as a VR decker with the help of the improved reflexes adept power) was a bit easier to accomplish in previous edition.

In previous edition you could either go for a primary physical infiltrator adept with just mediocre hacking investment that abused physical direct connections (which in previous edition let them ignore host ratings while still gaining access to the insides of a host) and then used that to enter the host to gain direct connection (and again ignore host ratings) to all slaved devices out on the grid that was slaved to the host. With direct connection devices typically always only opposed with 4 (or perhaps 6) dice.

Or a burn-out adept with an armored 9 agility cyberarm of death (and possible also armored used hands and feet and cyber eyes etc) that then used customization karma to raise magic rating from zero to get the improved reflexes power.  Which basically turned your average fragile hacker into a combined fast-moving-AR-hacker-street-samurai-gun-bunny-tank-bad-ass.

Or even combine both.
I really enjoyed the read. You put a lot of thought into the character and the concept. Close to 4 years by looking at the timestamps from your previous post :-)

I also think that SR6 is a really good edition for this type of character. Not investing into magic or chrome would typically game mechanically punish you a lot more in previous edition than it does in this edition.

With the film noir vibes you seem to be going for I was a bit surprised to not find a mild substance addiction to nic-sticks or alcohol (or both). Could perhaps fit your concept? Other than that minor comment I don't have anything to add.

Good luck chummer and see you in the shadows!

(the format of the header of the contracts section currently seems broken, since the rest of the post had such a flawless editing you might want to correct that).
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: [SR4A] The Party in Aztechnology
« Last post by EltonJ on <11-24-23/1849:39> »
This sounds really fun! SR4A FTW!

Glad you enjoyed it.
Character creation and critique / Re: SR6 - First attempt at a Detective
« Last post by Ajax on <11-24-23/1517:48> »


I needed a drink. I needed a lot of life insurance.
I needed a vacation. I needed a home in the country.
What I
had was a coat, a hat, and a gun.

Personal Data
Birth Name Ishida Ide
Metatype Human Ethnicity Japanese-American
Born 15 May 2051 (Age 39) Sex Male
Height 1.78 m (5'10")  Weight 75 kg (165 lbs.) 

Priorities (Sum to 10)
Metatype D Attributes A Skills A Magic E Resources D

Karma Expenditures
Starting Karma 50
Positive Qualities 13
Negative Qualities -23
Attributes 0
Skills 49
Resources 11
Remaining 0

Attribute Description.....Value....Attribute Description.....Value
Reaction5Initiative10 + 1d6
Strength3Matrix VR Initiative5 + 2d6 (Cold)
Willpower3Astral Initiative--
Intuition5Judge Intentions10
Edge5Lift/Carry90 kg
Surprise10Movement10 m
Damage Resist0Defense Rating6

Core Combat Info
Primary Armor Mortimer of London Greatcoat
Primary Ranged Weapon: Ruger Super Warhawk
Primary Melee Weapon Unarmed

Condition Monitor
Phys 9
Stun 10

Active Skill Name .....Specialization .....Rating .....Dice Pool
Athletics--1 (+1 from Karma)4
Close CombatUnarmed (+1 from Karma)25 ( 7 )
ConActing (+1 from Karma)511 ( 13 )
Cracking--1 (+1 from Karma)6
Electronics--1 (+1 from Karma)6
FirearmsRevolvers (+1 from Karma)58 ( 10 )
InfluenceIntimidation (+1 from Karma)612 ( 14 )
OutdoorsTracking27 ( 9 )
PerceptionUrban510 ( 12 )
Piloting--1 (+1 from Karma)6
Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N), Japanese (2 +1 from Karma); Con Schemes, Gambling Games, Nightclubs, Organized Crime, Police Procedure (+1 from Karma), Sprawl Life (+1 from Karma)

Analytical Mind +3
Candle in the Darkness +5
Networker +5

Honorbound (Code of Wuxia) -10
Hooder -5
SINner -8

If business was as good as my aim with a .44, I'd be on Easy Street. Instead, I've got an office on 7th Avenue and a nasty relationship with a string of collection agents.

Primary Lifestyle: Urban Office-Apartment Neighborhood: Low; Necessities: Middle; Comforts: Low; Security: Middle; Entertainment: Low; Space: Low; Qualities: Bat Cave [1], Reliable Utilities (•3,850 per Month)
Nuyen: •285
Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses
Tsu Do Nym Fake SIN 4; Fake Licenses (Concealed Carry, Driver's License, Firearms)
John Lee Fake SIN [1]; Fake Licence (Driver's License)

Experience has taught me never to trust a policeman. Just when you think one's all right, he turns legit.

Contact's NameContact TypeExpertiseConnectionLoyalty
Dan WILSON Corporate Manager Corporate 4 3
Rosie BACKO Corporate Hacker Corporate 4 3
Mary-Anne SALGUERIO Corporate Secretary Corporate 2 3
Bonnie KOWAL Police Detective Law Enforcement4 3
Wayne KEESO Beat Cop Law Enforcement3 3
Katherine MYLETT Forensics Expert Law Enforcement3 3
RENTA Hiro Fixer Street 3 4
"Mr. Hyde" ID Manufacturer Street 3 4
Billie PETRIE Bartender Street 2 3
Jim McCOOEYE Taxi Driver Street 2 2
Shep PRESTI Bail Bondsman Street 2 2
Bill HARROUCH Bookie Street 2 2
Alexander McENERY Gambler Street 2 2
Jake ABRAHAMSON Street Preacher Street 2 2
Troy MAYBEE Snitch Street 2 2

Colt Secret Agent Hold-Out Revolver
 w/ Hidden Arm Slide
 w/ Regular Ammo, Caseless (x6, loaded)

Ruger Super Warhawk Heavy Revolver [4P, SS, 13/15/—/—/—, 6(cy)]
 w/ Personalised Grip, Short Barrel, Smartgun System (internal)
 w/ Concealable Holster
 w/ Stick-n-Shock Ammo, Caseless (x6, loaded)
 w/ 2x Speed Loaders: Explosive Ammo, Caseless (x6 each)
 w/ 4x Speed Loaders: Stick-n-Shock Ammo, Caseless (x6 each)
 w/ 2x Speed Loaders: APDS Ammo, Caseless (x6 each)

AK-97 Assault Rifle
 w/ Smartgun (external), Vision Magnification, Underbarrel Weight, Regular Sling
 w/ Regular Ammo, Caseless (x38, loaded)
 w/ Spare Magazine: Regular Ammo, Caseless (x38 each)

Grenades: Thermal Smoke (3x)
Grenades: Flashbang (2x),
Grenades: CS Gas (1x)
Grenades: Glitter (2x)

Berwick (Mortimer of London) Business Clothing
Mortimer of London Greatcoat
 w/ Cold Resistance 1, Fire Resistance 1, Chemical Resistance 4; Water Repellent

Other Gear
My buddies travel light and they're fun to have around. One travels in a holster and the other travels in a hip flask.

Alcohol (•50 worth)
AR Gloves
Bug Scanner
Commlink: Metalink Disposable Commlink [R1, D/F 1/0, P0]
Commlink: Renraku Sensei [R3, D/F 2/0 (2/3), P1] w/ Sim Module, Biometric Reader, Browse, Signal Scrubber
Contacts [2] w/ Imagelink, Smartlink
Credstick, Standard (1x)
Credstick, Silver (2x)
Directional Mic [6] w/ Audio Enhancement, Select Sound Filter [5], Laser Mic [6]
Earbuds [2] w/ Sound-Link, Audio Enhancement
Flashlight (IR)
Flashlight (Lowlight)
Flashlight (Standard)
Glasses [3] w/ Lowlight, Vision Enhancement
Glow Stick (5x)
Local Area Mapsoft
Magnesium Torch/Flare (3x)
Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic
Microflare launcher w/ 3 Microflares
Plastic Restraints (10x)
Pro Camera [6] w/ Internal Smartcam, Vision Enhancement, Vision Magnification
Respirator [6]
Stim Patch [4] (2x)
Sungard Jewelry
Survival Kit
Tag Eraser
Tranq Patch [6] (2x)
Trauma Patch,
Vehicle: BMW Tsarina II Coupe  [H3/5, A18, I25, Sp220, B12, A4, P3, S2, St3]
Weapon Cleaning Kit

“Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. He is the hero; he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor—by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world.

“He will take no man’s money dishonestly and no man’s insolence without a due and dispassionate revenge. He is a lonely man and his pride is that you will treat him as a proud man or be very sorry you ever saw him.

“The story is this man’s adventure in search of a hidden truth, and it would be no adventure if it did not happen to a man fit for adventure. If there were enough like him, the world would be a very safe place to live in, without becoming too dull to be worth living in.”
― Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder (1945)

The Private Detective is a staple of the cyberpunk genre, owing both to the film noir and pulp fiction roots of the genre as well as to the genre's seminal work Blade Runner. The first two editions of Shadowrun included a Private Detective as one of the sample characters and has always sort of epitomized the role for me. The Private Dick should eschew both cyberware and magic, relying on his wits and his innate talents more than anything. He isn't typically heavily armored or armored (but he keeps a rifle or a shotgun stashed somewhere in case SHTF). He's no great keyboard cowboy, but he knows enough to do some basic snooping. He's no great warrior, but he can hold his own in a fight. He's no forensics whiz, but he knows how to snoop around a crime scene. Most importantly, he knows what he doesn't know... but he knows a guy who knows a guy. The Private Detective is the ultimate in legwork.

He's not the guy you hire for a purple mohawk, neo-anarchist, smash-and-grab. He's not the guy you hire for a black trenchcoat, black ops, wet-work job. But if you need something or someone found (especially if they don't want to be found), then he's your guy. Provided you can pony up •500 a day plus expenses, chummer.

Honorbound (Code of the Wuxia) seems like a perfect fit for a Chandler-meets-Cyberpunk Private Dick. He won't harm innocents, he won't accept bribes (but he's not above greasing the palms of others), he won't serve the truly corrupt (but he knows everybody in thsi world has an angle), he won't back down from a fair fight (but he's not suicidal deathseeker). Hooder fits this attitude as well, he's a man of the streets and man of the people, even if he remains somewhat apart from them and somewhat distant. He's a SINner, but he mingles with the SINless, his business is legit and his gear is legal... But he packs a false ID and some phoney paperwork just to avoid prolonged entanglements. He's got a reputation - Candle in the Darkness and Network - for being a hard guy to like, but being a harder guy to hate.

Comments, criticism, and optimization advice welcome!
wrong term on my part -- the whatever it is that sustains homunculus when they are not being used.

And yes, I didn't say that they could succeed but that particular mage could best be described as auditioning all the 'evils' until they decide what their super-villain origin story will be :p  (which is to say they've accumulated a treatise on how to become a radiation/toxic mage, frenemy Mantis spirits (with a willingness to go that route if the bugs get out of control -- you and I know that after Detroit that isn't going to happen, they don't), some vampire contacts who would not be against converting them, etc.  And they are angling to make some variant of their mentor spirit (spider) the new city spirit of Chicago by connecting and consuming all the other contenders (who are themselves mostly on the dark side of the spectrum). 

They will try to put a possession spirit into a homunculus.  I'll tell them that it can't possess it.  They'll try to figure out why.  They may literally choose to try and travel to Dis to see if they can make this work, all while justifying it as fighting fire with fire.  They may just end up with another treatise to sell (on the difference between Disian and mortal magic, or something), but I'm confident that they won't stop trying until they understand why they can't do it.
You would have to be on Dis to actually 'kill' a Disian. On the material plane you could destroy the homunculus to force them into the astral and fight them there, but the best you could do is to disrupt them and send them back to Dis. They can also just pop back to their home metaplane whenever they want, itís getting to other metaplanes that take some work. (For shedim, they donít have a way back to their home metaplane, so they can be destroyed here, not just disrupted).

Disians are similar to possession spirits, but they do not actually have the possession power, so they will not be inhabiting except a specially prepared homunculus vessel. No body swapping and no wondering is they are possessing your buddy. They are also not standard spirits, no actual magic rating, so they canít be summoned. To start with no one on the material plane has a formula to summon them and with an internal mana pool they would probably be too powerful to do it anyway (a 50 magic spirit anyone?).

ďOf course, the possession-spirit summoning mage in one of my home games is 100% going to want to get their hands on a homonculus (and stasis tube) of their own :pĒ

Like most of Disian technology a homunculus would only work for a Disian, they are never going to be something available to players. Also no one in their right mind would voluntarily get into a status tube. (The main only function of a tube is to keep someone alive while whatever device itís hooked up to drains their essence.)
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