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Title: Miles Lanier and TLE
Post by: Angelone on <10-30-10/0839:20>
I have a theory and would like your help to see if it's sound.

Trans-Latvia which Villiers used to shield some of his assets, was owned by someone he trusted enough that he was confident to get his stuff back. However, it changed hands before he could recover his assets and owned part of Novatech and now Neonet. This is canon fact. Villiers has Lanier investigate TLE to see who the owner(s) is/are (fact) so he can do bad things to them and get his shares back (speculation). Miles goes missing during his investigation (fact).

Now here's where I need your opinions. Who owns Trans-Latvia? My guess Lofwyr. Here's my reasoning behind it, he was definitely Johnny-on-the-spot with that Thor shot (big expense) that took out Art Dankwalker(did I get that right?) and blocking KSAF from the scene. Why would he do that without having some kind of stake in (at the time) Novatech? He got wind of Villiers deal with TLE and swooped in after the deal was done and took it over. This gives him shares in two megas which are right now number 1 and 2 in size. Not sure if he somehow divined the formation of Neonet but if he did it gives him a fairly safe platform from which to snipe at Celedyr using TLE as a front.

As for Lanier? I figure he's making his way through Loffies small intestine.

So what do you think? 
Title: Re: Miles Lanier and TLE
Post by: Eisenbeiß on <10-30-10/1839:24>
Take a look at p. 44 in the Vice sourcebook.
Title: Re: Miles Lanier and TLE
Post by: Angelone on <10-31-10/0454:46>
The Mafia thing? It's speculation and the time-line doesn't add up. The guy in charge is 25 meaning he was 10 or so when they acquired all that stock. In Corp Guide it's also speculated that the Catholic Church owns Trans-Latvia. The only thing I know for sure about the owners is it isn't Richard or Samantha Villiers, Richard for obvious reasons and Samantha because she was thinking about selling her Novatech shares to them to buy out Renraku.

It's stated in CG that the only person Richard trusts besides family is Miles Lanier. He trusted whoever waas in charge of Trans-Latvia enough to let them hold a considerable amount of assets. So the owner could have been Lanier or Darren or Martin Villiers, Martin is the longshot because he's never really been involved with Richards' business.