6E Anti-Spirit-Bullets

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« on: <09-10-22/0638:23> »
Now that all spirits have allergies, players are off course asking if they can buy bullets that use those allergies, so they can shoot spirits with their firearms and avoid the "immunity to normal weapons" power.

What do you think?

Spirit of Earth: Allergy Electricity: Should be able to use "stick-n-shock" rounds to hurt earth spirits. They do (e) damage, thus apply the electricity effect.

Spirit of Kin: Allergy Iron: Should be able to have a pure iron bullet. Stats as regular ammo, Avail 4, price x 2,5?
Spirit of Beasts: Allergy Silver: Should be able to coat a bullet with silver. Stats as regular ammo, Avail 4, price x 5?
Guidance Spirit: Allergy Gold: Should be able to coat a bullet with gold. Stats as regular ammo, Avail 4, price x 7?
Guardian Spirit: Allergy Wood: Use a wood bullet. Stats as Gel ammo except Damage Value -1, Avail 4, price x 2,5?

Spirit of Water & Plant Spirit: Allergy Fire: I would assume that normal explosive ammo is not sufficient, as it does not apply a burning status. Would a "Napalm bullet" be possible? Damage Value -1(f), Avail 5, price x 4??

Task Spirit: Allergy Corrosives: I would assume that you cannot pack enough corrosives into a bullet to affect that spirit. However, could you fill a corrosive into a dart and use a parashield dart weapon? Special corrosive resistant dart, Avail 4, price x 2? Plus corrosive filling, Avail 4, price 100 Nuyen? What would be the damage of such a configuration?

Spirit of Fire: Allergy Cold and fire extinguishers: I would assume that there is not enough water in a gel bullet to affect the spirit. So your weapon of choice is a fire extinguisher. However, there are nor rules for such. Proposal for a small hand-carried one: 2 Liter "Waterfog" fire extinguisher, 7 "shots" (means spraying for 3 sec), SS, Damage Value 4 stun, Attack Rating 8 / 4* *max range 5m, Avail 2, Cost 100 Nuyen, diameter 23cm, height 39cm?

Spirits of Air: Allergy Toxins: I cannot immagine a way to put enough toxins into a bullet to affect that spirit. However a gas grenade with some toxin in it should do the trick.


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« Reply #1 on: <09-10-22/0932:49> »
"Hand Loaded" rounds out of Firing Squad would work for Iron, Gold, Silver.  If you want to apply an up charge for precious metals, go for it.  Many melee weapons could include Gold or Silver, in addition to Iron.  I'd suggest the Custom Style modification out of Firing Squad, p. 58.

Real World incendiary rounds are a thing, just haven't been stated out yet in 6E.  But, again, see Firing Squad for assorted Exotic weapons and Grenades that cover Elemental damage (Fire, Cold, Electric) if you want a RAW option.  Otherwise, whatever homebrew option you've got is fine.

Wooden bullets, not a thing at all, they'd likely burst into flame in the barrel.  But see "Glitter Grenades" out of Firing squad for splinter grenades or just use a club of some sort.  Wooden Arrows and bolts also a thing.

Toxic, yup, Pepper Punch is cheap and is in the CRB.  Variety of delivery options including Bullets, see Injection Darts entry under "Ammo" on p. 262.  Or Gas Grenade on 263 CRB.

Stick and Shock for Electric, also a variety of melee options.

A typical Street Samurai with multiple combat skills can easily cover all these.  Pack an Ares Predator (or whatever) with Stick and Shock, Pepper Punch Injection Darts, Hand Loaded Iron, Gold, Silver, rounds.  Fire, Cold, Corrosive and Wood require Melee, Archery, or Grenades for a RAW solution.  A home game can easily come up with other solutions.

Injection Arrows and Bolts out of the CRB can also cover Toxins (and possibly Corrosives if the GM lets you buy Acid), and gold, silver, iron, wood tips are also options.  An Archer easily covers all but Fire, Corrosive and Cold, and theoretically Fire Arrows should be a thing.  I Recommend the smart quiver out of Firing Squad to help with Arrow selection.


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« Reply #2 on: <09-10-22/1411:38> »
Thank you for the ideas and tips.

Wooden bullets are kind of the early day gel-mun, see So I doubt that they would catch fire. Likely they will flatten on impact, which causes the reduced lethality and increase knock down. Thus the proposal to use gel-mun rules.

I would assume that Pepper Punch administered via an injection bolt does not count as "Inhalation vector toxin", thus does not trigger the spirit of air allergy.

I would assume that injection darts can only be fired by the Parashield dart weapons, not by an Ares Predator.

What substance could someone fill into an injection dart, arrow or bolt to affect a spirit of fire? Liquid nitrogen may be possible, but has a transportation issue.

Still a street sam can cover all with a firearm (stick'n'shock, silver, gold, iron, wood, incendiary), a dart weapon (corrosive) plus gas and kryo grenades.
Considering task spirits are an unlikely choice for a combat spirit, I probably would not bother about that corrosive dart.

Just wondering what it would mean to range of an arrow if you would glue a mini-grenade to its tip?
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« Reply #3 on: <09-12-22/1126:48> »
I agree injection darts shouldn't work, because it's delivering by injection and air spirits have vulnerability to inhalation-vector toxins.  The point of the vulnerability is aerosol in the air.