Whats your SR6 Corp Host Security looks like?

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« on: <11-07-19/0916:04> »

I always find it difficult to creat a security environment for a host. Did anyone of you already planed a run that included decker/matrix activity when breaking into a corp site? Or any decker resistance during legwork in foreign hosts for example.

Although I have enough fantasy for the optical look-out of different host designs/themes, I do lack in creative resistance rule-wise.


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« Reply #1 on: <11-08-19/0147:17> »
From what I understand it works like this:

Each host has a patrol IC and potentially one or more spiders. Once hacker presenced is detected via matrix perception the host begins deploying IC at a rate of one per combat round, up to the maximum allowed for that host. IC are deployed in strategic order based on what the host designed wishes to accomplish. Sparky or Black IC could come quickly in a hardcore host, or not at all in most hosts. IC selection can be used to boot users or kill users. You can also use data bombs on files, which must be detected via matrix perception. You can encrypt files, which require decryption.
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