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Hello all!

I'm essentially creating (and influencing) the history of SR through a fic I've been writing. It has already been heavily derailed from canon. I thought to approach the SR forums for some likely world reactions/repercussions of what is going on, but don't know which sub-forum would be the best for it.

- Gamemasters' Lounge - because I approach it as a 'world campaign' and I'm my own GM?
- The Secret History - because it involves the history of SR?
- Fan Fiction - because it refers to a fic?
- General Discussion - because it doesn't quite go anywhere?

Here is an example of what I mean...

In the end of 2057, due to various reasons (which is a chapter in itself), the feathered dragon Dzitbalchén was executed/sacrificed, a magical backlash killed blood mages (with cranial bombs) within a few hundred kms, AND Ghostwalker popped out of the DeeCee astral rift early... Which poured out a mass of shedim, starting a small zombie apocalypse. (A mass of Humanis Policlub protestors around it were gassed and killed just prior.)

Most of the upper ranks of Aztech are wiped out, except for Oliver McClure (the supposed 'nice guy' from Quebec), from a blood mage sourced purge prior to the sacrifice/execution.

The zombie apocalypse and astral barrier were contained, but Ghostwalker was a... BIT... More brutal in taking over Denver this time. Aztlan will have a harder time taking over the Yucatan, especially since Oliver (new CEO/chairman of the board) adopts a 'defensive stance'... With a small batch of mutant fast-growing Sangre Del Diablo trees that are available early due to increased worldwide magic.

HOWEVER... Somebody in Amazonia freaks out, and the Ghost Cartels start the tempo release program earlier. Soon Aztlan will find out that tempo is ALSO being produced in the Yucatan, prompting an (more brutal?) offensive approach in there.

On top of all that, the Mob War is in full swing and Rowena has already united the three mafia families through a one-day bloody purge.




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Sooo ... um ... not sure what you're really trying to ask.  I mean, you posted here, so go with what you've got.

As an analysis, though, some of the things you've decided happen are simply going to shut down a lot of RP options (such as the blood mage issue and the whole Mob War thing), while others are just going to open them up early (e.g. the tempo bit).  Most of I'm seeing is that you're paring options away to make things a bit (or a lot) more ... clear ... for the PCs.
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It's your fic. Do with it what you want. I'm pretty much doing the same thing, except I'm creating new lore starting in the year 2090.

What you've posted sounds awesome to me, but I'm always cool with turning blood mages into chunky salsa.  ;)
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