Battle of Manhatten (Potential Spoilers)

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« on: <06-18-15/1430:14> »
I am about to run Scene 3 The Quiet Job and I wanted to ask If any of you fine game masters have any advice? I have read the scene numerous times and still feel under prepared. Any suggestions to make it run smoother? I am not sure what to expect but so far the party is having a great time. Thanks in advance.


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« Reply #1 on: <06-18-15/1838:36> »
The scene was written to give GMs a LOT of detail to work with. If you're feeling a bit of data overload, by all means slim things down a bit to make it workable. Trim the security procedures needed to get into the vault if necessary. Also, try and plan out what the guards will be doing during "that shift" when the players make their move. A few cheat sheets would help. But most importantly, if you feel it's necessary: WING IT! If the players are at least trying to make a plan and try the sneaky way, roll with it.

I didn't write this for the players to fail, just be challenging.   ;)
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