Finding a Hacker

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Hey I know this topic is a bit old but ...

You've mentioned in these posts that you might want the Hacker to be trying to make a name for himself. And cracking the doors of a Korp to get there info is really tough. So instead of just busting in there with brute force hacking skills and nabbing the data, maybe it could be that the job took a lot of planning and leg work (similar to a typical shadowrun). Here are a few ideas:
  • He used some sort of botnet to slow the host down or flood it. The botnet could have been self made or rented out. He paid some 3rd party to flood the host. Track down where the botnet orginated
  • Potential he paid off/black mailed some guard to sneak a comm-link into the korp to disable/weaken the defenses. And wasn't able to clean up everything properly/remove the comlink
  • Someone mentioned that there is a junk com-link in a dumpster for a data-haven buy. Instead of delivering it himself to the dumpster maybe he got a courier to deliver it and they left the receipt or some sort of notice that "ABC Parcels" delivered it.

Basically what I am getting at is that it wasn't a perfect job and there are bread crumbs. Maybe not in the host itself, but around it.
I'd love to hear how the final story ends up playing out.
So, as I've mentioned previously, I'm currently doing a bounty hunting campaign for some of my friends.  Their next target, I've decided, will be to find a hacker who made too much trouble for Knight Errant.

In order to find the hacker's location, it's pretty simple:  Link-Lock and Trace User.  But, finding their Persona is the hard part.  I'm not sure how that can be achieved.


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It is possible by RAW to burn a point of edge and get 4 hits to log out. Then the PC's have a limited amount of time to get to his last known location. When they get there they find some clues that point out where he likes to hang. Matches or something from a club. A wrapper from McHughes. Something. A stake out later they see him. They try to nab him and he tries to get away and has hired some muscle to protect him. Can go anywhere from there. He can have the data on a chip that he has hidden some where. Can even if caught ask to make some trade for the data to be freed.
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