Parallel campaigns idea

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Inspired partially by Inception, partially by the Weregeek webcomic, and mostly by Sergei Lukyanenko's (of Night Watch fame) "Labyrinth of Mirror Images".

Game begins as a typical shadowrun. Except that once the players encounter the opposing team, weird stuff starts happening. Opposing runners manage to pull heavy weapons out of nowhere, shoot through walls, the Star shows up and targets just the players...

At the end of the run, comes the reveal: the run happened inside an MMO (I remember the one mentioned, but not its name, unfortunately). As their virtual characters log off, the players switch to their "real world" characters (which they will now have to generate). Looks like someone's been hacking the MMO, and the players are now involved in the investigation - whether on their own volition, or are hired to do that. As the campaign proceeds, it will switch between the RL and the MMO.

Future plot twist (shamelessly stolen from Lukyanenko) might involve the opposing force starting to use malware that would fry the characters' hardware, then escalate to frying wetware, a community of technomancers building a temple in the Cloud, and an AI hiding inside the MMO.
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