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Shadowland/Jackpoint Members List (Updated 4/23/23)

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--- Quote from: Texas_Tarantula on ---Seriously, he's still around? Hell, I thought he'd died, or ascended to another plane of existence, or retired, or whatever it is immortal elves do.

--- End quote ---

Um, what they do is hang out forever, pretty much.  But yes, the Laughing Man is alive and reasonably well last I heard.

I just thought they spouted off random Earthdawn-era wisdom from the boards and sounded cryptic.

And do lots of crossword puzzles.


--- Quote from: Mooncrow on ---Didn't you just chew her out over not submitting her Running Wild draft, Fast?


--- End quote ---
That reminds me, still waitin' for that article on the Princes...

There is a book not sure which one it has to jackpointers useing symbols for names of alpha and omega and they are discussing immortal elves I think


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