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Dead Monky:
Dragon Age just kind of dragged for me.  I was really into it at first, but I rather quickly lost interest in it.  Eventually it was just my stubbornness and obsession with finishing every game I buy that got me through it.  I can't really place why though.

I really wish they'd have done more with the darkspawn and made it more focused on survival, social collapse, and the chaos in the wake of the advancing blight.

I'll still probably get this new add-on though.

Max Anderson:
Just a tiny little correction from a french speaker : it is "douce-amère", not "douce-amyre" :p

John Schmidt:
Sorry Max, too late now...but at least I know for next time.  ;)

@Dead Monky
I would have liked it far better if the base game had not been so closed ended and gone with a format like Oblivion. It is a game that has some warts, no doubt about it.


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