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A legal sin works for the RP side of things but logic says get a fake one for your guy too an thus a fake licence for things it's just better

John Schmidt:
I came up with a set of rules that covered buying and creating fake IDs/licenses. Unfortunately I submitted them just a few months prior to the close of Fasa and Mike was unable to find them a home in any product. Would have to go back through them and see if they need to be tweaked for 4th but I could throw them up on my SR webpage...once the web page is done.  :-[

Don't know if they would pass the sniff test but they would be free.  ;D

We tend to allow the player to have the legal liscenses as long as they have a reason in their history that they would have them. If they wanna use that to get free licenses so be it but they'll have much more trouble when the law are knocking on their door.


I'm with Wayfinder. Charge them 100, since it's a legal license. But try not to ever use it. Think of forensics now. I figure that by 2072, every licensed gun will have it's ballistics on record with Knight Errant/Lone Star.

John Schmidt:
I am going to respectfully disagree with part.

Every legally sold firearm would probably have ballistics registered, along with shell casing marks (firing pin and extractor indentations). However, a technically minded individual with a CnC machine or one of those desktop nano forges with the schematics for lets say a Ruger Thunderhawk would be able to produce that weapon and even put a fake serial number on the pistol. Of course, you still have to worry about your gunsmith getting busted and offering you up for a reduced sentence. Nothing is perfect some are simply better than others.

Ammunition can be handled in much the same manner allowing you to bypass micro stamping on the projectile and the casing...right up to the point where you get to the gun powder. Tagnents are already common place in explosives and I expect the same to be true for gun powder within the next ten years time. Not really sure how to get around this one.

The idea is that you want a clean firearm that you can toss after using. The longer you keep that weapon and use it, the more crimes it ties you too. Steal a registered firearm? Ties you to the original theft. The cops start back tracking and see if they can match a vehicle or picture of you to traffic cams, ATMs, or security cams in the area prior to, during and shortly after the theft.


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