So long and thanks for all the NERPS

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I'm not saying I don't believe you, but...  Can you show me where it's been attempted, and what the results were?
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Email would be the method of choice, not public forums.

If you want simpler and more concise, FATE is a good option
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If you want simpler and more concise, FATE is a good option; I love the Dresden Files RPG.

FATE Core is indeed an awesome system, and all around good option. Dresden is also a good choice.
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I love Shadowrun but I feel the rules were always really bad. Sure, if you want to have you and your group make a massive effort to learn all the rules, it's possible, but most groups barely know the rules because they're too confusing and there are too many of them. 5th edition is my favorite edition but again, way too many rules. Having hundreds of actions to remember, tons of very detailed and impossible to remember rules, etc, just makes the game a big mess. But for me, I play for the game world, the experience of running the shadows, and while many rules suck, some are really good. Overall I find the game really fun to play, especially since I got the GM screen (which makes things way easier).

My big hope is that in a few years 6th edition comes out and has simple but satisfying rules. Look at D&D 5th edition, the rules are really simple and sessions run much smoother than Shadowrun. Character creation lacks the breadth of options Shadowrun has, but the games don't require tons of book referencing during sessions or having to memorize many large tomes. I feel that somewhere in the middle would be best, retain the meat of character creation and advancement but make the rules for actual gameplay really simple and easy to memorize.
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I actually quite enjoy the current Shadowrun rules as a concept.  I like the variety of actions and dice pool fluctuations.  Situational modifiers are amazing. 

I loathe how the game has been treated, however.  How the necessary support and corrections aren't being made. 
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