Continually sustaining spells.....

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You can't sustain a spell able asleep




We are NOT going down this road again! And for anyone who even CONSIDERS this.... I'll tell you how it ends right now:
15 pages of people politely telling "No. You can not sustain while asleep". Followed by 5 more VERY less polite variations on that answer.

And if its still not through your head (as it was for one special snowflake), yet an other page where some of us happly take the 30 day ban to call you <redacted>, <deleted>, <made sailors run covering ears> and worse.

And you get to join that snowflake in "ignored" obscurity for the rest of you time here. (And for him, that was 3 months more of unanswered drivvel)
Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

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<made sailors run covering ears>
Aw, ain't that cute. You keep telling yourself that, Cupcake.  ;)