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Affiliations question

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Let's say I start the missions (something I've haven't had a chance to do yet - regretfully). My character comes into the game with no affiliations whatsoever. Now, he does one of the things that catches the eye of one of the Affiliations. When they come and offer me the affiliation, do they also offer me the prize (if it's listed)? Kind of like a signing bonus?

Nope.  You aren't eligible for your first mystery box until the mission after you sell out.

Yeah, you can pretty much "Stumble" into the affiliations, though it seems to get a bit more difficult to do that in later Missions.  Early on, a lot of times it's as simple as "Public acts of violence" or some such.  Later on, you start getting specific assignments from the corps, so unless you have an affiliation already, you'll miss out (One advantage to playing them in order! :))


This seasons affiliations just seem off to me how they work but then again it is a corp run city so not really my idea of Shadowrun what with the whole selling out thing an all.

Corps have always had semi-regular Runners that they would keep tabs on and work with, going back to 1st edition even.  It was just less common to see that in places like Seattle.

It was an interesting idea, and a change of pace from the regular Shadowrun Style, which I think was cool.  I like stepping out and doing something a little bit different.  Plus it was a way to get cool rewards and to have personal "side missions" for various characters.  In theory, it added depth.  But, it also added complexity to the games, and that made things get a little wonky sometimes.

That's one reason we're dropping affiliations and switching to a vastly simplified Faction system (More on that soon, I hope!)



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