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SRM 03-10 - Spin Control - Now Available!


SRM 03-10 Spin Control

--- Quote ---Runners may not have recovered from the art happening of Something Completely Different (Mission 03-09) yet, but it’s time to suit up and get back to work! Mission 03-10, Spin Control, has been released (Battleshop, Drivethru.rpg)! Manhattan hides some dark secrets, but this one’s a doozy. If runners want to survive the secret buried at the heart of this Mission, they’ll need to be tough, determined, and perhaps willing to partner with the unlikeliest of allies.
--- End quote ---

Woot, 10 finally out, and counting down to the Season Finale, 03-12!  Also, check it out!  We have original cover art!  We're not just recycling SR TCG card art anymore! :)


Heh...  Looks great! It's in my cart, just waiting for payday.

(And I beat ya to the punch...)



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