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Hey chummers,

We have an updated Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide. We have the inclusion of one new book: Sixth World Companion. In addition to the new book, we gathered together lists of your questions and added these to the Guide. Included are guidance concerning what types of gear will get the attention of the local authorities, number of mentor spirits, and how to light a Molotov. But the big part is the addition of the Companion where the metavariants, metasapients, and changelings are missions legal.

Stay safe in the shadows!

Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide 1.7:
Character Journal:

This mission is part of the Seattle story arc of Shadowrun Missions for Shadowrun Sixth World edition. For rules on creating characters for this arc, please use the latest SRM Guide.
Shadowrun Missions Guide:

Interesting to me that More Machine than Metahuman was banned.  (btw it's on pg 134 not 133).  Seems pretty harmless to me, just a way to help heavily augmented chars heal.  Lord knows it's practically  impossible to heal them now.

Edit: Ah I see now it's because First Aid for the Augmented optional rule was put in play.

Also a little surprised there was no adjustment made to the nuyen amounts awarded in point buy since 20,000 per BP is like double what it probably should be.


--- Quote ---Burning Out(pg. 146):
If your rank in Magic or Resonance ever reaches 0, you beco
me mundane.
Incompatible with Latent Awakening.
This includes during character generation.
Latent Awakening
(pg. 146)
Characters can purchase this optional quality at character generation or
after character generation to Awaken or Emerge.
Cannot be taken if the character has done Transhumanism attunement.
--- End quote ---

Since both of these are legal in SRM, does this mean if you take Latent Awakening, Burning Out doesn't apply to you?

We definitely talked through the nuyen for point buy system, but we opted to leave and check with folks on errata to take a pass on it. As for Latent Awakening and Burning Out, it's a bit on the fuzzy side. The easiest way to handle this is that you can buy this later and that once you gain the Magic attribute, then taking any essence loss after buying the quality would burn you out. During character generation, buying qualities is in the step prior to buying gear. Practically, folks will buy the quality at some later point.

I will fix the page number and add clarity about the combination in the next version.

The sharp eyes of Shadowrun Missions Online caught a couple of weird bits that we have fixed.

We have a patch release on the SRM Guide (1.7.1) with a patch for Latent Awakening and dealing with different Loyalty levels for Covens, Conclaves, and your healthcare plan


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