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A beef with some missions: Amount of Pay

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The Masked Ferret:
I have been running missions for 4-5 years now, and I just ran 5 games at Dragon*Con here in Atlanta, GA. One of the things that bothered me is that some of the missions will pay out X * (TR) per person (explicitly), and others simply pay X *(TR) total. No difference in the amount if you are running a table of 4 or a table of eight. Should the pay always be scaled per person? Should I go ahead and run it that way even if the module does not say 'per person'?

Hrmm.  Good catch there.

Unless pay specifically says that it's a lump sum for the entire group, you should always assume that it's "per runner".

I'll try and make sure future missions are a bit clearer about this.

Also, on a personal note, I'd like to say "thanks" for running some Missions at D*C.    I'm very appreciative of all the hard work our GMs do at conventions and at Open Play games at Firebases.  :)

How did the convention go?  I assume you were one of Kai's GMs?


The Masked Ferret:
You are quite welcome. I enjoy running Shadowrun at D*C. I learn a lot. Plus, I get my badge for free for running enough games.

Shadowrun was, yet again, the first system to sell out all of the games at D*C. It helps that we have a large, dedicated group that comes in and plays together every year. We are the only game group at Dragon*Con that gets its own separate, special room at Dragon*Con.

Everyone was busy. I would say that the average table size over about 30 games was 7 runners. We could always use more GMs down here. :)

Unfortunately, there is not a place that I know of that would serve as a firebase close to my house - all of the gaming stores that I know of are an hour from me - so I can't run too many Open Games. ::sigh::

Now if I could just get some of the gamers and GM's to come to Megacon and help pump up the Shadowrun presents here.

An I just heard from my friends that were there SO Bull get ready there are questions comeing ...... ;D


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