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I have a couple questions about Dragons in SR, and as I understand, the info is scattered among a heap of sourcebooks and novels.
Could any of the more experienced players answer these for me?

1) Dragons (or Immortals such as Harlequin, for example) are "reborn/reincarnated", or have been hiding/sleeping/astral travelling since the 4th World?

2) Regarding to that, would it make sense that some Great Dragons from 4th World are probably still around, just not yet active/reanimated?

3) Do dragons reproduce at all? Would the idea of a "dragon egg" be too absurd?

4) Are there any official statements on how Great Dragons create Drakes?

5) Is there any official information on what happened to All-Wings?

6) In a reductionist point of view, could it be stated that the Dragons metaplot mostly come down to "Dragons and their aeons-long stategies against Horrors?"

More are probably to come, but these are the main ones as I read through Dragons of the Sixth World and get inspired in their schemes as background for a campaign.

Thanks in advance!
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« Reply #1 on: <08-18-13/0957:16> »
1:  Dragons slept, IEs hid.

2:  Possible, but not likely.  They might, however, be keeping a low profile for a variety of reasons.

3:  Nope, one novel involves a hunt and rescue of dragon eggs ("Never Trust An Elf"), and they've turned out a few times otherwise.

4:  Very carefully.  ;)

5:  I plead the Fifth.  "You can't do that, Ray, you're Canadian."

6:  And personal interests.  And boredom.  And whatever looks shiny.  And dinner.  And whatever else interests Dragons.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-18-13/1533:13> »
3: In Storm Front, one of the dragons on Alamais' side tries to grab her eggs and run, finds out she got tricked and gets killed for treason.
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« Reply #3 on: <08-18-13/2155:05> »
1)Normal elves can actually reincarnate... IE hid IH hid Immortal Changelings hid the last Immortal Dwarf sank with atlantis. Dragons hibernate in a state called Shal-Mora. Longer periods and harder for them to wake from during the downcycle probably. There is even an immortal pixie queen out there.

2) The only dragons not up yet are those that are fresh out of adolescence and cocooned in the astral or missing for other reasons.

 3) Females in their adult years of dragonhood mate and lay eggs about every 100 years. 

4) Renaming is used to create true drakes (I think) and they usually share traits with the dragon that made them.

5) Metahumans killed her. She got a bit arrogant.
I know of three of her children. The big D and Ghostwalker have a sister I think. She is still around, I do not know her name. She is not really that powerful. All-Wings heart was used to create a tree, now its ashes are in amazonia. Eyes of All-Wings probably both in Ghostwalkers possession. You can thank her for teaching Ghostwalker and the Big D that metahumans are more than just food.

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