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« on: <08-20-14/1919:17> »
Please! Let me throw my money at you!  A pack of mission expansiosn would be great.

I'd love Crossfire mission tailored to emulate a novel, or even a season of missions.

At the end of a 'season' of Missions, sell a Crossfire version, with tailor made obstacles and mission cards that would allow Crossfire players to play out a season of Shadowrun Missions. Maybe the same thing for a plot sourcebook or novel/anthology.  Format PDF, sell online, then duck as we throw money at you.

Maybe even variant /special race/archetype cards, new abilities, new black market items for that release...


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« Reply #1 on: <08-20-14/2000:39> »
Why wait, I'm gonna start crafting my own missions as soon as the full game gets here!

I'm hoping the community will share adventures here and places like for all to enjoy.

The Tekwych

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« Reply #2 on: <08-23-14/2243:39> »
Hey Bull, welcome back from Gen Con. Caught up on sleep yet?

Any chance of seeing mission files as crossfire missions at some point? What are your thoughts in cross population with these two lines?
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« Reply #3 on: <08-24-14/0047:35> »
I have some ideas, but dunno when/how these will work yet.  For one, I need to play a LOT more so that I can get comfortable with it.  Secondly, I need to find out the logistics of things, since this was done with a secondary company (Fire Opal), so I'm not certain how all this will work yet.


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« Reply #4 on: <08-24-14/0407:04> »
Some random ideas about expac's both official and un. Mini bosses, (boss rules slightly harder than 2 bullet), obstacles with randomized damage tracks, rules for chaining missions together (you keep some gear/nuyen after finishing a mission but don't heal to full. Like heal 3 gain nuyen equal to 1/3 of you total purchases and try another mission.) I also like the way portal pulls out cards to add theme. You could flip extraction make the Client another rival runner team that steals your obstacles and tried to beat them . A clue gathering mission or more team based one where to progress to the next sene a specific role has to beat an specific color, etc. a  mission where you had to gather materials to perform a ritual- when defeating an obstacle flip up the next obstacle and add it to the ritual stack you need 2 of each color before moving to the final scene. I could go all night


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« Reply #5 on: <08-24-14/0922:30> »
I'd love to see some mission packs that explore some of the older campaign arcs...a wealth of material to draw on. This is one is one of the things I've liked about the using an established story/plot, they been able to focus on the game mechanics and done surprisingly well in re-telling it (IMHO).