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Title: Homebrew Mission: Hack 'n' Run
Post by: Grinning on <02-22-15/1629:38>
Hi everybody!

I picked up Shadowrun: Crossfire recently and I'm loving it. I've always like the Shadowrun universe and games in which a great deal of thought is necessary in order to maximize your moves.

I have 4 games until now - 2 aborts and 2 losses and I'm looking forward to playing it with a full 4 man party.

So I'm reading the forums in order to familiarize better with the game and other people's opinions about it and I see the Glitch Homebrew mission. It really inspired me and showed my how the game's mechanics can be used for making really interesting and unique mission. Of course I had to try it myself! Here's the mission that I created:




I guess here is the place to note that I don't have much experience with the game. This means that the balance of the Mission will most probably be non existent. However, I'd greatly value any feedback from you and hopefully together we can polish it so that it becomes a great experience for other fellow runner!

Hope you like it.

Title: Re: Homebrew Mission: Hack 'n' Run
Post by: Jamelfr on <02-22-15/1721:09>
I am happy that my Glitch missin inspired you!

The mission cards look great (I wish I had that kind of graphics skills), I will try it when Real Life gives me some break.
Title: Re: Homebrew Mission: Hack 'n' Run
Post by: Namikaze on <02-22-15/1757:15>
I love the design of the missions card!  Very very cool stuff.  If you make more of these for other homebrew missions, you might have a portfolio to send to Catalyst for this.  :)
Title: Re: Homebrew Mission: Hack 'n' Run
Post by: Grinning on <02-23-15/0334:29>
Haha, I'm glad you like it :)

The artwork isn't mine, I just combined them in the way I think the mission card should look like. I'll make sure to credit the artists when I have time.

I plan to play-test it soon and I'll share my thoughts and observations.
Title: Re: Homebrew Mission: Hack 'n' Run
Post by: iduno on <11-01-15/1037:50>
I like the idea of the run, but it's really difficult.

I just ran through 2 plays with 4x 20 karma characters (everyone had +2 cards). Both runs I was lucky enough to be able to damage the mainframe on the first 2 tries, and cunning plan helped late the second run.

The first run I had a successful abort. The last hard obstacle was finished right after my Ork sammy went down. The second run, the don't hold back (damage based on the number of cards in your hand) showed up while I was waiting for the decker to be able to finish off the mainframe and staggered half of my characters. I had no way to heal (doc wagon showed up late, and I couldn't afford it at that point) and no way to defeat all of the hard obstacles in the 2 rounds (1 with half the party staggered) I needed to. TPK on that run.

The first round is fighting a large, specific enemy (no grey damage), that gives no nuyen. I was broke the whole run, and hoping the crossfire deck didn't kill me before I could finish off the mainframe. Not getting at least one level of the mainframe each round means you take damage and face another hard obstacle in the next round, which is probably going to get someone killed.

Maybe make the last 2 levels of the mainframe decking, star, grey and decking, decking, star, grey? Having the mainframe send out an alarm (maybe crossfire +1 normal obstacles) instead of damage when you don't get through a level could help with the double punishment aspect and help get some nuyen flowing. Maybe also increase the expected starting karma, reward, and the karma before a penalty to at least 10, 5, and 20.

Anyone else have thoughts? It's a good run, just brutally difficult right now.