Tracking edge and actions

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« on: <10-26-19/1128:03> »
So I've tried a few things, so far the short campaign I'm playing in didn't get too overly complicated combat-wise so we didn't need it there, but for edge I used a bunch of colored stones. I now bought a bunch of Edge tokens at Spiel (4 sets, so that's 28 chips and 48 dice on top of the 12 dice from Beginner Box, so yay!), the chips have different images on their two sides so the whole '2 new edge per turn' can be partially tracked with the sides. (Note that I am leaning heavily towards '2 edge per action max' houserule-wise, but let's focus on RAW for now.)

What about y'all, do you find it tricky to keep track of how much Edge someone already earned, or how many actions they kept for later use? Or do people easily remember? And what kind of Edge tokens do you use?
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