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Title: Finding Shadowland BBS
Post by: Lagernoggin on <06-06-21/1032:40>
I am running a game set in 2049 with a group of players that range from virgin to not-deeply-informed about the Shadowrun world. The Decker has come across paydata within which the Shadowland BBS is discussed, and he is interested in discovering more about it.

It's my understanding that one can get on the Shadowland BBS in one of two ways: by invitation, or hack your way in. The team doesn't have the rep for an invite, yet. So, he'll likely be hacking.

I'm starting with the assumption that the BBS LTG changes, probably weekly, and that authorized users are informed of the current LTG via electronic dropbox. Do I have this wrong, and it is actually open to whoever wants to look?

Assuming it is exclusive, I'm soliciting ideas on how to make the research, discovery and penetration of the Shadowland BBS interesting; likely spread out over several sessions.

Any ideas?
Title: Re: Finding Shadowland BBS
Post by: Reaver on <06-08-21/1235:10>
Trying to dig back in memory 15+ years...

As I recall, you are pretty much on thr mark with everything.

If I recall correctly, shadowland operated on a "Hack for entry" basis. Meaning they didn't have account access for the most part. If you desirved to me there, you proved it by hacking in. Captain Chaos would extend a temporary invite to someone ONLY if the were providing data dump that HE felt was of benefit to the community at large. (AkA sourcebooks).

Not sure that helps you or not.