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Title: 6e Sleeping Tiger
Post by: Aria on <06-29-20/1540:23>
Firing squad seems to have missed whether this armour (now significantly cheaper) has any mods with it, like ruthenium as it did in 5th... or have I missed it somewhere? Personally Iím not too worried if it doesnít, it always seemed a bit too good before unless the GM had a strict interpretation of the corp chic...but Iím trying to fill in my excel generator and it would be nice to get it right  ::)
Title: Re: 6e Sleeping Tiger
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on <06-29-20/1646:38>
What's written is that it has 6 capacity and no mention of any modifications (such as Ruthenium) being incorporated.

The fluff mentions that it does still possess "color shifting abilities", but since it does not say you get Ruthenium then you do not.  This bit of lore/fluff is, imo, now mechanically represented in contributing to its Social Rating (see the chart on pg 55).

Opinion-wise, I'd say that it'd be reasonable to say it has the electrochromic features (pg. 265 SR6W) modification for free... but that's my opinion/suggestion for a house rule.
Title: Re: 6e Sleeping Tiger
Post by: Banshee on <06-29-20/1700:19>
Per the author it's supposed to have the Programmable Camouflage Package
Title: Re: 6e Sleeping Tiger
Post by: Aria on <06-29-20/1751:16>
That works for me, thanks Banshee!