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Title: New GM & players playing "On The Run" moved to NYC sprawl. Any tips?
Post by: Doom Unicorn on <05-14-13/1440:28>
Hi chummers. I think I've read almost every Shadowrun novel and sourcebook, hiding in the aisles of my local bookstores since the mid-90's, but I've never actually played - until now. I've GM'ed a few other systems, and one of my players is a veteran player and GM of those systems, but the other players are brand new to tabletop. We have a combat mage, a pistol gunslinger, a face, and a hacker/rigger, and I'm going to take them through "On the Run" (moved to Brooklyn) and then the first (free) mission from the NYC season of missions. After that, I'm hoping I'm comfortable enough to take some of the hooks and spin them off into a home brew campaign.

We're planning to focus our campaign primarily in the NY metropolitan area because we're all so familiar with its present-day incarnation. I've re-read Neo-A guide to North America, and got the Rotten Apple, but I haven't bought anything from the missions season. I'm hoping you can share any "gotchas" I need to know about the sprawl. There's plenty of source material for me about Manhattan, but I think the runners won't spend as much time there as they will in the outer boroughs.

So my first question: "On the Run" moved to the outer boroughs of NYC and "SRM 03-00 Everyone's Your Friend" - any tips and gotchas I need to know?

My second and bigger question: where do I need to focus in order to avoid contradicting any canon when I run my players around Brooklyn & Queens in particular, as well as the rest of the NYC sprawl surrounding Manhattan Island? Below are some of the hooks I'm playing with. If there are any named groups / NPCs I'm conflicting with (like the names of the Triads / Yakuza families in NYC), it would be awesome if you could mention them. NOTE TO MY PLAYERS: don't be silly and ruin your fun by reading any of this if you find this forum!


Clearly, I'm very focused on the way the underworld & gang violence would have evolved in Brooklyn & Queens. I'm not sure exactly why they'd need shadowrunners as deniable assets between the various forces -- though it makes sense in the internal conflicts between families -- but I'm working on that!