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Conspiracy Theories bring the crazy--it's out now!

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Well, I had to do it. I needed the laugh. The Gnats of Doom are officially (unofficially) statted up and on my blog if you're interested in stupid, silly, NPC bad guys.


I should probably finish that Anne Penchyk writeup, at least for internal consumption.

What bugs me aboutt he book is the "Bubbling to the Surface"-chapter: its introduction is written by Snopes, but the single theories aren't written with his voice all the time - should it have been that other posters like Plan 9 should have written them, but it just got mixed up?

What are HEADS? Mentioned in the DeeCee-chapter, but no explanation given (it's a common of pattern of James Meiers to use acronyms wihtout explaining them....).

Homeland Enforcement And Defense. Federal Law Enforcement Agencies info box. Page 122.


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