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Conspiracy Theories bring the crazy--it's out now!

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--- Quote from: Grinder on ---(it's a common of pattern of James Meiers to use acronyms wihtout explaining them....).

--- End quote ---

Prime example for this:
--- Quote ---The Annex is home to the Courtís SEC, Crisis
Coordination Committee, CCMA (including GOD), and other
--- End quote ---

I may have glitched on my data search test or it's just "too many acronyms".  :P

Off the top of my head, I'd say that SEC would be Security Exchange Commission, CCMA would be the Corporate Court Matrix Authority, and GOD is Grid Overwatch Division. Corporate Guide has a bunch of info on the Court and some of its agencies.

See? I glitched. ;D Still I think it would be nicer if stuff like Corporate Court Matrix Authority would be written out once and used as acronym then.

I would have to concur.  Not everyone reads everything, and in my case, some of us have memories like sieves.

Just once, the first time, in a book. Then use the acronym afterwards.  For example, I learnt what GOD was from a discussion I read here in the foum... otherwise?


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