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Spells & Chrome wins Origins Award!

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--- Quote from: desdinova81 on ---Me thinks I shall prepare a proposal for some shadowrun fiction... maybe something to do with a Troll street samurai who moonlights as a male escort...

--- End quote ---
Use Fred Garvin as a basis

Prime Mover:
Reminds me of the pic in 3rd edition.  Troll dressed up in the trench coat and bowler with the old english pipe.


--- Quote from: CanRay on ---So, the e-book version has sold well, how about a Dead Tree Format version for us backwards and low-tech types.  Newfangled Computer Thingies!

--- End quote ---

It's out in print! I had a bunch of copies at Origins, and they can be bought through Barnes and Noble. And other outlets, I imagine.

Jason H.

So now that this is officially an "award winning product", there any plans for say, Spells and Chrome II, Martix Boogaloo in the works?


--- Quote from: Mystic on --- Spells and Chrome II, Martix Boogaloo

--- End quote ---

That's just evil


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