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New adventure series starts! A Fistful of Credsticks (Horizon 1) is on sale now

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--- Quote from: Bull on ---So yeah, if you want to see the Missions adventures bundled up in hardcopy, keep telling Jason about it! :)

--- End quote ---
Can I press him on it like I suggest he's going to do with the novels Post-GenCon?

And will you post bail if I do?  :P



--- Quote from: Bull on ---Behave.

--- End quote ---
I'll take that as a "No."

Pity.  No one ever wants to bail me out of anything...   :P

Thanks guys, i realize that it couldnt be in just one "Missions" book way to much data there, but a Missions seasonal in print would be nice especially when i'm looking at over $20.00 a mission to print them at Fed Ex Kinkos

and i'll bail you out canray, if only so i can get more DDH stuff out of you, and i'll even help with the lawyer you'll need if jason actually caves in and does it.


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