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--- Quote from: Casazil on ---I'm a member of a site called Deviant Art (it's Free!)

There is a pic done by that to me is all Shadowrun

--- End quote ---

Oh!  It always amazing to me how many amazing people are on that site - I browse it a lot, and I still find "new" fantastic stuff all the time.

Thanks for that link =)

Yep there is a whole Shadowrun art group too

The other two sites I visit a lot are and

Epilogue and Elfwood are two of my other favorites. 

Kirsi Salonen is another favorite artist, though the work is more fantasy than is probably appropriate in most SR games^^

Caine Hazen:

--- Quote from: John Schmidt on ---The galleries are free.

What Caine is talking about are the 3d models that Stonemason sells on another part of the site.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I'm actually thiking of all the money I spent on his stuff at Daz3d; but its REALLY good stuff.

Reminds me, might have to start up a new 3d art thread here....


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