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John Schmidt:
I hang out and do some biz over at a pretty cool

If you like sci-fi vistas I would urge you to visit and check out the work of a great artist...stonemason

His gallery is full of some great pieces, although at least three of his pets are slightly disturbing (the cat with the dead mouse in its mouth ranks up there...and a hairless cat). *shudders*

Since Renderosity doesn't allow me to link to them the quickest procedure goes like this...

go to         Click on the silver button labeled 'Members'          Drop down menu, click on 'Member Search'          Type in stonemason in the Username field
Click on the red demon photo         Then click on Gallery

And there you are!

Caine Hazen:
Stonemason has already raped my bank account for...

WHat's that; new ruined buildings for city blocks.. yes, I'll gladly put down money!!!!

You interesting as that would be to go to....I have tuition to pay yet this semester...
I think I will pass....  ;)

John Schmidt:
The galleries are free.

What Caine is talking about are the 3d models that Stonemason sells on another part of the site.

I'm a member of a site called Deviant Art (it's Free!)

There is a pic done by that to me is all Shadowrun


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