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Lupin III

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The Castle of Cagliostro: greatest shadowrun ever or most awesomest shadowrun ever? You decide!

Seriously, this movie has it all: sneak-thieves, gadgets, heavy weapons (an anti-tank gun!), spies, dastardly counts, explosions galor, AUTOGYROS (for riggers), mysterious rings, car chases, hidden identities, ninjas, fabulous treasures and even a real ronin with katanas that can cut anything.

The only thing it was missing was dinosaurs.

Sweet Mother of the Italian Job I'm going to run this as a shadowrun soon.

Lol. That show's pretty awesome.

I have a hard time watching any anime with that style of animation. Doesn't matter how good the story is, I just can't get past the low framerate/jerky motion.

I watched the HD version and it seemed very smooth in most of the scenes, though there were a few times it was choppy. YMMV.

Dead Monky:
The greatest Runner team is without a doubt the A-Team.


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