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Coming back to the topic of "stolen gear"... I think a "stolen gear" 20 would be impossible to play. Basically the game master would need to attack the charakter with the negative quality every gaming session, with a capable bounty hunter team. This may result in the death of some charakters, but it definitively will take away 2-3 hours of playing time, thus the players may not have enought time left for the run at hand. Also, as this is EVERY game session, it will be quite boring and/or deadly soon.

There is a proposal in the FAQ of Shadowrun Missions, which moves those attacks into the "off time" and deals out damage as a result:

--- Quote --- However, every X SRM (where X is the number of game sessions listed in the Hunted Frequency column) that you play, you will start the Mission with 1 box of Physical Damage per threshold of the quality. This damage can only be healed naturally. You also start with a box of Stun for every Karma point above the minimum Karma for that threshold. This damage represents being attacked by a bounty hunter and escaping just before the Mission, and is what remains after applying triage healing methods (such as first aid or magical healing).
Examples: At 1 Karma, you start every 4 th  SRM you play with 1 Physical Damage filled in. At 7 Karma, you start every 3 rd  SRM you play with 2 Physical Damage and 1 (7-6) Stun Damage. At 14 Karma, you start every other SRM you play with 3 Physical Damage and 3 (14-11) Stun Damage. At 20 Karma, you start EVERY SRM with 4 Physical Damage and 4 (20-16) Stun Damage.
--- End quote ---

This may be better than killing the play time, however a Level 10 "Stolen Gear" would deliver every 3rd game session 2 physical damage (one nights sleep) and 4 stun damage (one hour rest). Combine this with pain tolerance (bio, cyber or adept) and you gain 100.000 Nuyen basically for free.

In my view this quality is completely breaking the balancing of the priority system.

Michael Chandra:
Some SRMs take place in a single day, so resting off the physical damage isn't possible in those. It's risky. But it's still real cheap.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

--- Quote from: Robert on ---In my view this quality is completely breaking the balancing of the priority system.

--- End quote ---

I hear ya, and I completely agree.

Errata takes time to go official though.


--- Quote from: Sir Ludwig on ---
Short Term:
I get the math and how it looks broke.  However, if you use Markelphoenix post that SSDR just referenced. 

Long Term:
Every other game the player would have a Hunted Event.  I don't know about you, but I would assume for 100k (Typical bounty per Stolen Gear Table) you are going to get a series team/group to come after the player.  I would also expect a team of that level not to do it when they are fully healed, but maybe after another big fight.... or during. 

If that were the case, that 150k in gear may not be worth fighting or the team may decided the player isn't worth the extra heat.

To buy it down the player would also have to pay 2x original Karma. Assuming 5 Karma a game, that is going to take 6 games AND 3 Hunter Events.  Additionally, that Character is now 30 Karma behind other players. 

Just my thoughts,

--- End quote ---

My favorite meta game thought exercise was to have Players coordinate Bounty characters and Bounty Hunter characters and have 1 or more team members turned in by the rest of the team for the bounty.  No sane GM would let it happen, but it gave me a chuckle. 

SSDR / Market Phoenix have the correct reading, near as I can tell, and that's what I would recommend for Genesis.  That's how Missions is going to do it until Errata hits.

Personally I would suggest banning or at house ruling it to something that works for the table for home games.

Sir Ludwig:

Agree RAW is what SSDR/MP have stated.

In the discussion, I hadn't thought about player A ratting out player B for part of a bounty.  That is kind of funny.



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