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Earthdawn/Shadowrun conversion?

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Circles would probably be the toughest to add to Shadowrun. Shadowrun's strength is that skills are all available to everyone, Earthdawn keeps most of the skills (talents) from you until you get to a higher circle. I guess you could re-add the "reactive trigger" from 1st edition Shadowrun as an ability. Maybe give (every other circle?) a bonus to either stun or physical damage tracks.

Alternatively, play with everyone as a mystic adept, treat initiations as circles, and hardcap force on spells?

Dropping classes in the conversion would help. Maybe assume you start as an ~5th circle adept in the conversion, if you're using Shadowrun rules?

There's a post on here somewhere titled 'Heretical Shadows' which is a fan conversion of SR to a fantasy setting, might be some pointers?

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but I only came across this just now.

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Warning: talents and skills are different things. Earthdawn has skills. They're barely used, because talents are always better if you have access to them. But if you don't have access to them through your circle and want to do it anyway, you can still use skills.

Talents are quite explicitly magical abilities in Earthdawn. At least this was the case in 1st edition Earthdawn; I haven't been keeping up with later editions.

Of all the RPGs I've played, Earthdawn has by far the most tightly intertwined setting and system. Circles and disciplines are real things in Earthdawn, and not mere abstractions. Talents are magic (everybody is basically a highly specialised kind of Adept in Shadowrun terms). I personally think that converting Earthdawn to any other system would mean basically reinventing the entire Earthdawn system on top of that other system.


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