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Besides the constant outages, the general activity here seems to have diminished a lot. Which is sorta sad because I prefer traditional forums to look up stuff.
Reddits way of organizing threads is a horrible mess.

Yeah activity drop is to be expected when your forum is down more then its up over a period of months.  80% of the time i've wanted to use this forum in the past 8-10 weeks it's been out. I know RL stoners with better reliability. After awhile you just go elsewhere and stop checking. 

Sadly, the drop in quality members predates the server issue. We have lost a lot of great contributors over the last 2 years. Chan and Xenon are gone. A4BG is not as active, neither is Wyrm, and I haven't seen a post from CanRay in forever...

Too bad too, as they were all top notch posters with great knowledge to share and pass on...

Reddit's CEO went ahead and reassured everyone that it's going to continue to promote violence and white supremacy, so as far as I am concerned everyone still using Reddit and everyone at Reddit is happilu complicit in promoting, endorsing, and continuing the perpetration of evil acts and violence.


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